In His Footsteps

Shooting Star

The Lantern Corps Academy…

After a very long day, all of the young Lanterns are in their quarters, sleeping and resting out of their uniforms. Harold, however, had a hard time sleeping, still coping for that fact he was summoned in the Lantern Corps Academy, and is a few galaxies away from his home planet. He just lay on the bed, and looked around him, he sees Kihwog snoring across from him, and Walter, who is sleeping on the top section, but in a meditation position, he couldn't tell if he's meditating, sleeping, or both at the same time. Then he turned to the window behind him, staring at the stars, though a lot closer than when he used to stare at the stars with his father few years ago. Then his mind thought about is family, of how much he's going to miss; his mom's birthday, his sister's upcoming school-play, his grandparent's unexpected visits, his dad's… uh...

He sighed, he can hardly think of anything about his dad, all he can think about is the last thing he said to him before he came here. Now starting to feel guilty about it.

Outside the ship…

Though, Harold isn't the only one not sleeping, as the Red Lantern girl, Rayza, stood on top of the ship's logo, gazing through space, passing each star as the ship moves. She caught one of the stars, and slowly gazes at it's bright beauty up close, it reminds her of that memory she had as a child from home…

(10 years ago, in the Forgotten Zone

Rayza, 5-years old, wearing her native clothes, as she's playing in the field of flowers at a hill, having fun and being happy while she's with her family at a beautiful evening. Her Volkregian father, Razer, also wearing his native clothes, standing next to her onced artificial intelligent mother, Aya, wearing a similar clothes as Illana's, but more of her style and design, as she is sitting on a stone under a tree, holding her newborn brother, Blayd, who just fell asleep in her arms. As Rayza plucked a blue flower off the ground,

"Rayza, time to head home," her father called her, as she began to ran up the hill towards him, her eyes were set to the evening sky, she stopped when she saw a shooting star just passed by,

"What's the matter?" Razer noticed his daughter looked surprised,

"I just saw a shooting star," she said,

"Really now, did you made a wish?" he asked as he kneel down to her,

"Oh no! I forgot to do that… but I don't know what to wish for. What wish would you make father?" she asked him. Razer smiled and he picked her up,

"I don't need a star to make my wish, because I already have what I wanted… and I'm looking at her," he said, making Rayza smiled and gave him a hug for that.)

Rayza rested her eyes when she remembered that time she spent with her father, long before 'they' came and took him away from her years ago,

"I should've made that wish back then," she said. Then she slowly opened her eyes,

"But now, I must do whatever it takes to find you and bring you home…" her eyes slowly glows red and black as she clenched on the star, "Even if I have to crush those who dare gets in my way," she growled with anger, before she gathered her strength, and threw the star, hard enough to create full speed through space, and passing by the other side of the ship, where…

Meanwhile, back in the quarter…

Harold still staring at the stars, until…


He quickly sat up after he just saw a flash of light passed by,

"A shooting star?!" he said, as he never once saw a shooting star before, let alone up close.

The Counselor's Chamber…

The Three guardians, along with the other Lantern counselors, debating on the matter of young lanterns being part of the classified mission,

"We must discuss the strategies of whether or not we train new recruits in time for the mission," the First said,

"There are some in a good process, though some shows poor efforts," the Second said,

"I still think we should send in the trained Lanterns, considering certain recruits having a hard time following, let alone listen to orders," the Third said.

"If you're referring to the young Lantern from Earth, the status shows he hardly recognize our facility and he is considered a new beginner," the Second said then turned to Kilowog,

"Which is why I'm recommended Kilowog to teach him the ways of serving the Lantern Corps."

"You don't even need to ask, that kid needs to learn the basics if he ever want to be the best, like his old man," Kilowog said.

"Even as Mr. Jordan is starting from the basics, there are other sources of young Lanterns, such as the Reds," the First said, then noticed many began to murmured when he mentioned the Red Lanterns,

"We're aware not many of you are content of the idea of enlisting Red Lanterns in the Academy, but this is a chance of rehabilitating them for a better future," the First said,

"And we owe the idea to the previous Red Lantern Razer when he participate on stopping the Manhunter's invasion," the Second said,

"Speaking of Razer, have any of you heard any word from him? We've been trying to contact him through messages, but received no response from him whatsoever," the Third wondered, none of them replied to his question, since none of them have heard from Razer since then,

"I wish I knew," Kilowog whispered to himself, as he hasn't seen Razer since he went into space in search for Aya.

"Well… besides Razer, I do have news that relates to his daughter, Rayza," the Yellow Lantern said,

"If it about her Field Practice for the Reds, we're already aware of that," the third said,

"No, it is about her test scores at the Technician course… she broke the record," they all gasped and murmured again,

"No one have ever broken the record in centuries, not even the Guardians themselves," the Orange Lantern clarified.

"Evidently, she does demonstrate the strategy's of converging machines and computers, creating a software enough to control the system; possibly the ships itself," the Green Lantern said,

"That would make her the youngest Lantern in history to have ever mastered advance technology," the Star Sapphire said.

"Would it be possible of having her to partake on this mission?" the Second asked,

"I don't approve!" they all turned to the Third, who has his arms folded,

"Why is that?" the First asked,

"In case you have forgotten, we knew very little about her. She refuse to explain more of her background information, she shows no respect to the other Lanterns, including her own, and her behavior is considered inadequate, showing no effort to have, let alone be part of a team," the Third explained.

"Now that you mentioned it, the specialist are still dealing with the damage she caused last year back in Oa," the Second recalled,

"Which is why she is unfit to partake on this mission," the Third pointed out, the First sighed,

"You may have a point there, she may have the skills in combat and have excellent scores in all courses, though her temper and rage needs to be taken control," the First stated.

As they talked about Rayza, Kilowog is lost to his own thoughts, remembering the time he first met her years ago…

(2 years ago, at the Mess hall…

Kilowog came to the mess hall, to check on his children, as he noticed them at the table, where the Red Lantern girl was sitting, and saw his son looking angry,

"Brother, no!"Khalia trying to prevent her brother from causing any violence,

"You got a problem poozer?" Kihwog said angrily to the Red Lantern girl, who was eating her meal,

"Only that I dislike clumsy, six-footed piglets," she said, pissing Kihwog off, aand about to give her a punch in the face, until…

"Kihwog!" Kihwog stopped when his father called out to him,

"What do you think you're doing? You know you can't fight here," he said to his son,

"Come on pops, we were just messing around… right?" he said to him before he glared back to the Red Lantern girl, as she glared back,

"Like I never heard that before," Kilowog said before he turned to his daughter,

"Khalia, why don't you take your brother elsewhere, I take it from here," he said, and Khalia took Kihwog away from the table, leaving him alone with the Red Lantern girl.

Kilowog turned to her, as she just finished her lunch,

"I don't know what just happened, but you're new here, so I suggest you be careful of certain people you mess with; and I'm not just talking about my son just a moment ago," he said to her,

"I am not a small hatchling that requires mothering," she said to him, wanting him to leave, but now she just pissed him off.

"What the… hey kid, I was trying to…" Kilowog stopped himself as he took a closer look at her,

"Wait… those same eyes, the attitude, that look on your face…" he said, noticing she bare a strong resemblance to a certain Volkregian he knows,

"State yourself, where you from, and which corps are you serving under?" he asked,

"Rayza, from Volkreg, serving under the Red Lantern Corps." she answered.

"Rayza… that sound a lot closer to…" he said, and then it hit him,

"If I didn't know any better, you're Razer's kid aren't you?" he asked with a smile, Rayza didn't say anything as he mentioned her father. Kilowog laughed,

"Well that son of a gun, I never thought he might actually find someone who would have a kid with him. Wow, you look so much like him, except for the uniform… and your nose… and the fact that you're a girl," he said, causing Rayza raised an eyebrow on that last comment,

"Where is you're old man? Is he even around? I haven't seen him in years," he asked, hoping to see Razer again, but Rayza didn't answer but rather got up from the chair and walked away.

"Hey, where you going?" he asked but saw her left aleady, leaving Kilowog surprised, learning she is Razer's daughter and she acts much like him.)

"Every time I asked about her old man, she just walks away… whatever happened to Razer?" he wondered.

Meanwhile, further away from the galaxy…

An unknown ship passing through the galaxy, owned by a mysterious Captain, and ships members following orders, one of them walked up to the Captain, who is looking at the stars through the large window,

"We've collected the equipment you requested," the ship member said to the Captain,

"Excellent, be sure to scan it before connecting it to the controls," the Captain said,

"Yes, Captain," the member bowed to his master before he left.

"Soon, my plan will be a success," the Captain said, before turning around to a cell, where the once Red Lantern, Razer, sits on the floor, chained and incarcerated in this ship away from his home and family,

"And with your help, I'll make sure it happens," the Captain speaks and received a glare from Razer.

"Don't tell me you're still mad about few years ago are you? I kept my word of sparing your family from harm… especially that lovely daughter of yours," the Captain said, causing Razer to clench on his knees when his daughter has been brought up.

"I have my sources checking in on your daughter, and I have to say, she takes a lot after you… and somewhat after her mother, considering she's not fully an 'organic being,' now is she?" the Captain stated, aware that there's more to Rayza than what she appears to be. Razer wanted so much to take down the Captain, but since he doesn't have his ring anymore and is chained up, he can't do any harm whatsoever,

"But in a way, I won't be surprise if she were to follow in your footsteps, just like you were back in the old days, and you know what they say, 'like father, like daughter'," the Captain chuckled evilly as he left Razer alone in his cell.

Razer turned his attention to the large window in front of his cell, staring through space, then at that moment… he spotted a 'shooting star' in a far distance passed by. Brought him thoughts about his daughter, when she onced spotted a shooting star as a young child,

"Rayza," he whispers, missing her everyday, along with his beloved wife, Aya, and his son, Blayd. Though he did what any husband and father would do, in order to protect the ones he love. Even if he may never see them again, he did it for their sake... for Rayza's sake.

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