In His Footsteps


The Lantern Corps. Academy, seminar…

All the young Lanterns, back in uniform, assemble to the seminar, many taking their seats, in their colored sections; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Star Sapphire.

Harold yawned while sitting next to Kihwog and Khalia in the upper Green section,

"Didn't have enough sleep?" Khalia noticed,

"Not very much, I'm not too crazy about sleeping in flat beds, not as comfortable as my own back home," Harold said, missing his bed,

"I know that feeling, but give it about a week or 2 and you'll get used to it," Kihwog said, before they all turned to the Three guardians.

"Attention young lanterns of the Lantern Corps Academy, I wish to thank you for your presents, and welcome those who recently summoned here," the First said,

"As some maybe aware, that the seleted programs are free to your choosing, relating to any activity base on your skills," the Third said,

"And we wish to introduce you to your counselors through the programs," the Second said, as all colored counselors appeared, each in sets of three and some are current Lanterns. The first is the once evil lantern, Zillius, accompanied by Ragnar and Skallox, the second is the once greedy lantern, Larfleeze, accompanied by two Orange Lanterns, the third is Sinestro with two Yellow Lanterns. The fourth is Kilowog, accompanied by Salaak and Tomar-Re, then fifth is Indigo-1, along with her two Indigo Lanterns, the sixth Saint Walker and two other Bue Lanterns, and lastly, the Zamaranian woman and the other two Star Sapphires.

"Who are they exactly?" Harold asked while looking at all of them,

"That Red Lantern is known to be Zilius Zox, was once the leader of the Red Lantern army, now he's a counselor teaching young lanterns," Kihwog said,

"Including his twin boys, Zilus and Zilox," Khalia added.

"The counselor's weren't sure about him at first, but they do have certain securities to keep an eye on him in case of any tricks he might pull," Kihwog explained,

"Interesting," Harold raised an eyebrow.

"Then there is the Orange Lantern, Larfleeze, despite his unnatural appearances he's an… okay guy," Kihwog said,

"Larfleeze?! I was told he was isolated in Ranx, and he was all greedy and everything," Harold stated,

"He still greedy, but the guardians were able to install a machine that stabilize a shield of the Orange battery, making the other lanterns less greedy; and some are almost as greedy as him," Kihwog explained,

"Plus they gave him a certain 'serum' made from the Indigos to make him less greedy once a year," Khalia said,

"But he doesn't know about it," she whispered,

"Then there is Yellow Lantern, Sinestro, he was considered bad as the Reds, though since he was once a Green, they somehow decided to let him teach here," Kihwog said,

"Sinestro… the same Sinestro who mentored my father?" Harold asked,

"The same guy," Khalia answered,

"… Something tells me I don't want to be near that guy," Harold said feeling a little discomfort while looking at Sinestro.

"Then there's pops, with the other Green Lanterns, the same protectors of the universe," Kihwog said,

"Hi Dad!" Khalia yelled with a smile, Kihwog turned to her,

"Sis, we had a talk about this, do you want a repeat of last year?" he said,

"Oh, right, sorry…" she said, before she pulled out a large sign saying, 'HI DAD!' Then Kihwog took it from her and put it away.

"Then there is the Indigo Lantern, Indigo-1, I don't know much about her but she is compassionate of her teaching," Kihwog continued,

"I heard she's an amazing cook," Khalia pointed out,

"Then there's the Blue Lantern, who you may already know, is the very first Blue Lantern, Saint Walker, Walter's dad," Kihwog said,

"Every time I look at them, Walter looks exactly like him, a complete spitting image of him," Khalia point out, which cause Harold to examine both Saint Walker, and Saint Walter, who is sitting in the 'blue' section,

"Hn," he responded as he sees the resemblance between the two.

"Lastly, the Star Sapphire, Zelma, she's related to the Queen Aga'po of Zamaron, as she teaches while looking after the queen's daughter, Starphia," Kihwog said, Harold raised an eyebrow again,

"So, that would mean, Starphia is a princess?" Harold asked,

"Sure is, the next future queen," Khalia said,

"Nice," Harold said, as he turned his attention to the Star Sapphires, where there are only Zamaranians, as he was able to spot Starphia. She spots him, as she smiled and waved to him, he did the same,

"Though, you should know, considering she is next in line to the throne, her aunt is very protective of her and dislikes anyone who gets near her," Khalia said,

Harold turned to the counselors, then noticed Zelma spots him, and glare at him,

"Good to know," he said trying to ignore the glare.

An hour later…

Many of the young Lanterns meet up one another, as some are talking to their mentors. Harold looked around, and noticed there is hardly any humans anywhere,

"What's on your mind?" Kihwog asked, Harold sighed,

"It's just that, I'm not suppose be here," he said,

"The seminar?" Khalia asked,

"No, it's… I never wanted to be a Green Lantern," he said,

"What's that now?" they all turned to Kilowog, who overheard what Harold said, he walked up to him,

"Never wanted to be a Green Lantern?" he said as his two kids excused themselves for him to talk to Harold,

"It's not what I planned," Harold stated,

"What's there to plan about, you're here aren't you?" Kilowog said,

"Auh, you don't understand, I'm not really into all of this, being a Lantern, flying through space, using these… rings," Harold looks at his ring for a moment,

"It's not at all what I wanted in my life," he said, then looked back a Kilowog, who is giving him a stern look,

"I have a question for you kid…" Harold stood silent,

"Are you a fighter?" he asked,

"I sometimes get into fights in school, along with certain activities, and at that time down by in the alley, so… yeah, I guess," he answered.

"Well I have you know, there is more to being Lantern than just the power of the ring, and that is being a fighter. Whether you fight to stand up for yourself, or fight to protect the people you care about," Kilowog stated, Harold didn't say anything as he continues listening,

"You'll end up facing challenges you may never expect, and you may not be up to it when things get tough, but you're considered a fighter, and therefore, you're a Lantern… accept it," Kilowog said to him with confident.

"And heck, my wife and I never wanted our kids to be part of it, but look at them now, our two fighters," they both turned to Kihwog and Khalia, and noticed them arguing.

"Give it back," Khalia said, trying to get her make-up kit,

"You are not bringing this with you," Kihwog said, until his sister balled up his fist and…


"Oof!" Khalia punched him to the stomach, and got her kit back from him while he's in pain,

"Pfff!" she stuck her tongue at him before she left with her kit; she maybe the youngest, but she's sometimes stronger than her brother if gets on her bad side.

"At least think about it kid… I'll see you in the training course," Kilowog said before he left Harold to check on his son. Harold looked at his ring, and thought a little about his father, when he was Green Lantern, should he really be following in his footsteps?

Communication Chamber…

In the chamber, filled with computers and high tech, where Rayza stood in front of the large computer, connecting a call to her mentor, she answers and the screen appeared a Red Lantern woman, none other than…

"Lady Bleez," she bowed to her mentor,

"Hello Rayza," Bleez greeted, who ever thought of ever see the last of her over the years?

"What is your report?" Bleez asked,

"I have encountered, a young Green Lantern summoned from Earth, he goes by the name, Harold Martin Jordan, he is known to be the son of the previous Green Lantern, Hal Jordan," Rayza explained,

"You don't say… could he be a threat?" she asked, curious about her enemy's son,

"I have my doubts, he rarely even knows how to use the power of his ring to defend himself," she stated,

"Hn… then he may not be able to interfere with the plans," Bleez sound a little relieved.

"I've been working undercover for too long, I wish for the coordinates that will lead to my father," Rayza demand,

"In all in good times my pupil, I'll never forget our little bargain," Bleez said,

"How long do I must remain here?" Rayza asked, growing a little impatient,

"As soon as I gather enough equipment for the installment, in the meantime, you must continue you work don't blow your cover. We don't want a repeat of what happened back in Oa," she glared at her, reminding her of how many machines she destroyed.

"I'll keep in touch to check on you, I must leave now," Bleez said,

"But the coordinates!" Rayza protested,

"End of transmission," Bleez said, as te screen turned off and cut off connections with her. Rayza is now pissed off, that every time she asked about the location to her father, her mentor disconnects her. She hated that so much she wanted to punch something… but not here, since the counselors just got a new installment due to her last damaged here, so she decided to go to the training chamber to let out all her anger. At least she gets to blast something without getting into trouble… again.

The Main section…

All the young Lanterns left the assembly and on their way to their courses, Harold is following Kihwog and Walter, though still not sure about staying in this place. By the time he was following his roommates, something caught his attention, and by something I mean someone, as he spotted… the Red Lantern girl, across from the other side, walking by herself then turned down to the third hallway,

"It's her," he whispered, and began to go to the other side, to see where she's going.

"Just thought I should warn you Jordan, my pops can be a little rough, so in case he tries to blast you, it's his way of motivating you to-" Kihwog stopped talking as he and Walter discovered Harold isn't behind them,

"Where'd he go?" he asked,

"I believe he went over there," Walter directed him to the other side, where they saw Harold about to go down the third hallway,

"What the? That's where the Reds go, he'll get pulverized," Kihwog said, then he and Walter quickly went there to follow Harold.

Harold walked down the hallway, which led him to a door with a small window up ahead. Before he got closer, he saw some flash of red light, and heard some blasting coming from inside, Harold looked through the window, and saw the Red Lantern girl practicing her aim and targets with mechanical sphere, function to attack her with laser beams and canons. She blasted many of them with her energy ring, using her Red Laser Canon and contructed Red Whip, unaware of Harold watching her, as he's unaware of her fighting in full rage.

Harold kept his eyes on her as she fights, fly, and counter-attack in the room,

"Harold," he heard and turned to Kihwog and Walter, who appeared behind him,

"Kihwog, Walter, I didn't hear you guys coming," he said,

"What do you think you're doing?" Kihwog said,

"We're not supposed to be here, we should leave," Walter said,

"Yeah sure, you guys go ahead I'll catch up in a… minute," Harold turned his attention back to the window. They can tell he's not going anywhere, so Walter stepped closer to see Harold watching the Red Lantern girl in combat practice,

"Who is she?" Harold asked while moving closer to the door,

"Her name is Rayza, from Volkreg, serving under the Red Lantern Corps, and is known to be the daughter of the previous Red Lantern Razer," Walter said,

"I think my dad told me about him, he was once a bad guy then became a good guy, and something about his relationship with some computer chick, I think her name was Iya… or was it Ava… I don't remember the rest," he said. Then Kihwog step closer,

"I wouldn't get any ideas if I were you Jordan, you should know that she's not that easy to get along with, she hangs with the other Red Lanterns, especially the top Lantern, Antroy. You most definitely don't want to cross him, anyone who gets him near end up bein…" Kihwog explaining to him, though Harold slowly toned him out, and zoned in more to Rayza. After she blasted another one of the spheres, many of them surrounded her, which caused her to power up with Flaming Red through her body, and then cause a ring of her Energy Blast…


Not only did she blasted and destroyed the devices, but the energy hit the closed door, which literally blew Harold away, he flew in between Kihwog and Walter, slid through hallway on his back, and then…


Hit his head on the metal bars, which caused him to black out for moment…

("…the only reason I saved you is because I sense a source in you I wish to examine," she said. Then she led her dagger on his side face, Harold felt the dagger touching his right cheek, "And lucky for you…" she made a small cut on his cheek, causing him to flinch and blood started coming out, "I like a challenge," she said with a smirk.

"Until next time, see you around… Green Lantern," she winked at him before she flew away.)

He could feel his heart racing every time he pictured her beautiful face, the sound of her deadly yet seductive voice, and those lovely blue eyes. Which didn't last long when…

"Harold… Harold,"

"Mr. Jordan,"

Harold heard voices as he slowly regain his consciousness. He opened his eyes and saw his roommates looking down at him,

"Harold… are you okay?" Kihwog asked,

"Are you in need to be taken to the infirmary?" Walter asked, both waiting for his answered. Though, they noticed Harold slowly rise up,

"That… was… awesome!" he yelled with excitement, which causes a shock to Kihwog and Walter,

"The way she defeated those machines, how she counter-attack them, and that surprise attack, even I didn't see that coming. She is so hardcore!" Harold said with much thrills and enthusiasm,

"I can't comprehend," Walter is confused by his behavior,

"I think he hit his head too hard," Kihwog pointed out,

"I've never felt so blown away," Harold said to them,

"Well considering you were too close to the door, you should considered yourself lucky she didn't use full power to blast you away," Walter clarified.

"How much do you know about Rayza? What does she like? Is she seeing anyone by any chance?" Harold asked Walter, though Kihwog intervened,

"Didn't you listened to what I just told you, she's not easy to get along with, she hangs with the other Red Lanterns, especially…" he said until they heard,

"Look who decided to trespass our territory," they all turned and saw Antroy and his roommates, Zilus and Zilox.

"Antroy," Kihwog said, not wanting to see him again,

"Never thought I see you losers roaming here," Antroy said with his arms crossed on his armor,

"We were just leaving," Walter said,

"Already? I thought we welcome the new recruit," Zilus said,

"With an old-fashion 'beat up the new kid'," Zilox said cracking his knuckles, Harold didn't pay much attention to the twins, but more focused on Antroy,

"There is something about you I can't put my finger on it," Harold said,

"The fact that I'm strong enough to crush every bone in your body?" Antroy said,

"No, the fact that I've seen such ugly faces in my time, yours would actually win the Oscar's award," Harold insulted him.

Antroy growled at him with anger as he held his activated ring, which caused Kihwog and Walter to quickly position themselves with their rings for defense, until…

"What is going on?" they all turned to the lizard-worm, who appeared from behind,

"You boys better not be thinking about fighting here, are you?" he said, they all deactivate their rings,

"Of course not, we were just on our way to the Field course, in sector 3," Antroy said, which caused a shock to Harold, Kihwog, and Walter after what he just said,

"What? You didn't think we be going to the same course now, are you?" Antroy smirked, as the twins laughed,

"No more of this nonsense, head to your sectors right now," the lizard-word ordered them, the Reds started to leave, as they walked pass the other three,

Push (Shoved!)

Antroy shoved Harold's shoulder with his arm, causing him to turn and glare at him as he leaves, know he did that on purpose,

"Catch you later, Howard," Antroy said, as they twins laughed again while the lizard-worm followed them,

"It's Harold," he said to him, he hates when people called him 'Howard' a lot more when people shoved him on purpose.

As they left, the three turned to each other,

"You should consider yourself lucky the counselor showed up, Antroy would've beating you to the pulp," Kihwog said,

"He's not all that scary, I can take him," Harold said with his arms folded,

"With what? You don't know what he's capable of, he beats down several of the new recruits, and more than half of them left the Academy within less than a week," Kilowog stated,

"In a way, he is considered brutal, even in combat practice," Walter added.

"Oh, and let's not forget about the last Lantern who tried to take him dow…" Kihwog went on, though Harold toned him out again when he spotted Rayza appeared out from the hallway and leaving the area, he immediately walked away from Kihwog and Walter,

"Rayza!" he called to her, she stopped and turned to him, with her blank expression, and he appeared in front of her way,

"Um… hi, I saw you walking over here… and… uh," Harold stuttered alittle, and then he stuck his hand out,

"I'm Harold Jordan… from Earth, serving under the Green Lantern, which you can already tell by the… the uniform and everything, heh," he said, feeling a little nervous. Rayza looked at his hand then back at him,

"…Uh-huh," she responded carelessly and walked passed him, Harold saw her a few steps away from him, he quickly shout-out,

"Thank you!" it caught her attention as she turned half her head to him,

"About yesterday, when you saved me from the flames… I never had the chance to thank you for saving my life, so… uh… thank you," he said with a smile, after that moment, she turned away from him,

"… I don't know what you're talking about," she said right before she jumped over the metal bars, Harold quickly looked over as he watched her flew down and landed to the ground floor.

"Woah," he was more amazed by her performance, as she walked out of his sight,

"Yeah Jordan, what are you talking about?" Kihwog asked, as he and Walter wondering what just happened there,

"Oh, well… about yesterday before I met you guys, I was almost got killed by the flames, until Rayza came and saved me at the last second," Harold explained.

"That's absurd, Rayza saved your life? I've known her for a long time, and she only saves her own tail and leaves the other Lanterns out in a dump," Kihwog said,

"I would have to agree, there is not much to say about her background, though she was responsible of certain damages upon her arrival here," Walter stated,

"You guys don't know that," Harold said with disbelief.

"Oh, and you think otherwise, she just gave you the cold-shoulder, isn't that enough," Kihwog pointed out,

"From where I'm from, she's just playing hard to get, which is something I kinda like in a girl, and man… is she something," Harold showing interest, and Kihwog couldn't believe what he's hearing,

"Are you out of your mind, she's a Red Lantern, and Red Lanterns 'hate' everything, especially Green Lanterns," Kihwog protested,

"Not after saving me yesterday," Harold said, Kihwog mixed his sigh with grunt, not getting through to him.

"She is irrational to associate with, but if you wish to socialize with her, I do wish you the best of luck on that," Walter said,

"Though, we should be heading off now, our course will be starting," Walter said, as he and Kihwog quickly left the area, Harold looked down at the floor where Rayza was in a moment before he left to follow Kihwog and Walter to their first course.

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