In His Footsteps

Crazy Chick

Earth, Antarctica…

At the Aircraft station, a jet landed on the area, then few minutes passed, Hal Jordan got off the jet, and his old friend appeared, wearing a heavy coat considering how cold this place is,

"Mr. Jordan, never thought I see you here," he said to Hal, he turned to him,

"How's the family? Is the wife still being the boss of you?" he laughed, though Hal is nowhere in the mood of chatting. He flew across several states for 18 hours straight with no rest, and his mind is only focus on one thing, which is finding his son and bring him back home safe.

"I came to get something," Hal said,

"The one from last year, or… the other one?" his friend asked,

"The last one," Hal answered,

"Oh…" his friend said, as he knows what he's talking about.

The Lantern Corps. Academy…

The young lanterns assembled to the training course, taking place at the chamber, being taught by the Green counselors, including Kilowog. Harold looked around, seeing how big this place is, a nature environment filled trees, plants, even a lakes and rivers,

"This place is amazing," Harold said to himself,

"Alright, listen up…" Harold turned to Kilowog as he's talking to his students,

"What we're learning today is to test your skills and technique when going on a encountering unexpected events, which is facing your enemies in combat," he said, then he pulled out his clipboard.

"But you will be assigned with a partner and go up against your opponents through selected fields," he said. Harold looked at the other Lanterns, as they're many guys and only one girl in the group, then looked at the other two groups with the other Green Lantern counselors, Salaak and Tomar-Re, then he turned back to Kilowog as he begin to call out the names,

"Grunter paired with Quang Luhi, will go up against Kihwog paired with Hun-ji, at area 297," he said to the first four,

"Soranik Natu paired Zilus Zox, will go up against Saint Walter paired with Harold Jordan, at area 438," he said to the other four.

"What are we supposed to do again?" Harold asked Walter,

"We simply engage in combat against our opponents," Walter answered,

"I wouldn't mind going against him," Harold glared at Antroy, who is in a different group from them. With a few minutes, everyone was paired and ready themselves to start the training,

"Everybody in your places," Kilowog ordered them, and they all took their assigned places,

Walter and Harold are at their place and facing their opponents, Harold, however, checked out the Yellow Lantern girl, her skin is red, she has black short hair that match her black lips, bright yellow eyes, a slender-curved figure, and her uniform is similar to her father's. (I know that in the comics, she's supposed to be a Green Lantern; but I thought of seeing what she's like as a Yellow Lantern; I hope you understand.)

"Hey Walter, I have an idea, you go against the ugly one, and I'll go against the hot one," he said,

"You mean Ms. Natu? I'm not so sure if you want to go up against her," Walter is concerned,

"Why not, cause she's hot?" Harold asked,

"Because she had private lessons from her father, but mostly her behavior is rathe--" Walter said, until Harold cut him off,

"No worries, I have my ways of charming pretty girls, and she sure is a fine one," Harold said while checking her out again. That boy sure likes hitting on pretty girls, even if they're not human.

"READY… BEGIN!" Kilowog yelled and…


He fired his Laser canon, stimulating all young lanterns and their partners to spread apart, and ready themselves against their opponents. Some are on the ground, some are flying in the air, and some are already attacking each other with their laser canons. Soranik is floating in the air, separated from her partner, looking for one of her opponents, but instead she heard,

"Hey there, good-lookin," Soranik looked down to Harold, he leaned against the tree with his arms folded, smiling at her,

"Has anyone ever told you that your uniform compliments your flawless red skin, and those lovely eyes," Harold flatters her, Soranik looked at him for a moment then giggled by his compliment,

"Aren't you a charmer," she said with a smile,

"In a way, yes," Harold said,

"Has anyone ever told you that you would look so much cuter with your eyes torn out, your tongue cut off, your bones chopped to pieces, and have your organs turned insides out until blood comes out of you," she said, Harold eyes grew wide by her compliment, until he chuckled,

"Oh I get it, you're just saying that just to scare me, you're both cute and funny." He began to walk to her, "As if you actually try to tear out my…"


"WOAH!" Harold freaked when he found himself in front of the a huge Yellow Blade, which is actually a Guillotine, but instead of chopping heads, it's big enough chopped off a body in half; and it almost chopped off his front toes.

"Dang it, I was too early," Soranik said,

"What the heck! You trying to kill me?" Harold yelled,

"If it what it takes to bring fear in your eyes, then sure why not. It will make things all too easy…"

Soranik used the power of her to display numbers of Yellow deadly weapons; an axe, chainsaw, and numbers of grenades,

"And it's fun!" she said with a crazy smile and launched her attack on him, as Harold immediately dodged many of her attack, and running away from her, she chases after him.

Walter is up against Zilus, as he shows no problem with him whatsoever, Zilus kept blasting his with Laser canon, though Walter kept dodging every last one of them, mostly jump, duck, slide, remaining calm, not even trying to fight; just like his father when he first encountered Razer years ago.

"Would you quit moving and just hold still," Zilus is burning with hate, as he kept missing his opponent, Walter plucked a small fruit from a tree,

"Would you like a fruit to calm your anger?" he offered, Zilus growled at him with anger,

"I'll take that as a no," he said before he took a bite of the fruit, he flipped over him, as Zilus try to blast him, but once again missed him and instead blasted a large branch, which fell right on top of him.

After Walter finished his fruit, Harold appeared, panting from all the running,

"Hello partner, how goes it?" Walter asked,

"Let's switch," Harold said,

"Pardon?" Walter asked,

"I changed my mind, I'll go up against ugly one, and you go up against the crazy one," Harold said.

"Earlier you referred her as the hot one," Walter said,

"Before I realized she's completely insane, why didn't you warn me about her?" Harold said to him.

"I did mentioned she had private lessons from her father," Walter pointed out,

"Who's her father?" Harold asked,

"Sinestro," Walter answered,

"Sinestro, he's her dad?" Harold is shocked,

"I assumed you knew based on their resemblance," Walter said,

"Come out, come out, wherever you are, so I can shove a grenade down your throat and make your head explode," they both heard Soranik's voice,

"I'm beginning to see that now," Harold said while hiding from her.

"Come on you two, don't just stand there, use offensive," Kilowog yelled at Harold and Walter from above the bridge,

"We best keep moving," Walter said before he left to now go against Soranik, leaving Harold to go against Zilus, he turned to him as he just removed the large branch that fell on him,

"Ok… now how does this work?" Harold said, for he doesn't exactly know how to use the ring, but didn't have that much time when…


"Aah!" Harold got blasted from canon as he fell to the ground, Zilus chuckled evilly while floating towards him,

"Ooh, this sure made my day… now I can give you the beating I should've given you earlier," he said as he used his ring and formed a whip as it wrapped Harold's ankle and pulled him off the ground and threw him to other area. Where he crashed through and dragged through the ground near a lake,

"Put some effort to it Jordan," Kilowog yelled to Harold,

Harold was hurt, but not enough to keep him down, as he got back on his feet, Zilus flew to him,

"I should've gone against you first instead of that Blue Freak," he said then he used his laser canon on Harold,

As Harold defended himself, his ring activated again and contructed the Green Defense Shield from before, and deflected the attack,

"Ha! You think that shield will save you from my power, guess again," Zilus said, then continues blasting him with more laser canons, Harold kept his best of deflecting his attack with his shield, but noticed some cracks on it, close enough to break,

"What's the matter Jordan, can't fight back? And here I thought you're actually Hal Jordan's kid… what a joke," Zilus taunts him, which pisses Harold off, being compared to his father,

"Green Lantern my foot, you're more of a Green Loser, weak, pathetic, spineless freak with no chance of ever surviving in the battlefield…" Zilus continues taunting him, which now angers Harold, which little did he knew,

"SHUT-UP!" Harold yelled, aware of his whole body suddenly glow Flaming Green with full power, and uses his ring to unleash his laser canon…


He made a huge amount of energy of his laser canon at Zilus, enough to blast him away,

Soranika was about to attack Walter with her Yellow Hatchet from behind until… Zilus clashed into her, dragging her into the blast, they both hit the ceiling, and then fell to the bridge where Kilowog and the other counselors are.

It brought many young Lantern's attention and shocked both counselors to see two students hurt, and by Harold's performance as they all turned to him,

Harold looked at the lake, looking at his reflection and saw himself glowing in Green Flame,

"What just happened?" he said to himself, before he looked at his ring, then slowly remembered his childhood with his father back on Earth…

(10 years ago, Earth…

Five year old Harold and his father are at the park near a lake, spending father and son time together, skipping some rocks and talking,

"Dad, what's it like?" Harold asked,

"Hm…?" Hal wondered while holding a rock,

"Being a Green Lantern, having all the super powers and fight against aliens," Harold said,

"Well sport… I'm not gonna lie, it was nowhere near easy, especially when fighting against an alien," Hal said as he threw a rock and made four skips. He continues,

"When I first started training, I have to go up against my mentor, Sinestro,"

"That red alien guy with the weird mustache?" Harold asked while holding a rock, Hal chuckled,

"Yeah, when I first fought him, I wasn't strong enough to beat him, and I was scared out of my mind. But then I used the power of my ring to finally overcome him, the power just came to me whenever I'm in trouble; and by then I became the best there is," he said.

"Well when I grow up, I'll fight against aliens and become a Green Lantern just like you one day," Harold said as he threw the rock and made three skips,

"Well… if that time were to come, I just hope you don't have to go through what I've gone through back in my day," Hal said to him as he picked up another rock, Harold did the same,

"Like this one Star Sapphire that mom mentioned?" Harold asked, which shocked Hal a bit when he asked about that, then calmed himself,

"Uh… I'll tell you about 'that' when you're old enough, say about… 10 years tops," he said,

"As long as I get to hear more of your adventures," Harold said sow how much he enjoying listening to his father's stories of being the Green Lantern,

"Sure thing sport," Hal said, as he and Harold threw a rock at the same time, and made five skips.

"Alright," Harold cheered while Hal smiled and place his hand on Harold's shoulder.)

Harold stood after remembering of what his father told him, as he recalled that he once wanted to be like his father, to be a Green Lantern. Then that moment, the Flaming Green glow disappeared and is back to his normal self…

"Mr. Jordan," Walter appeared by his side,

"Huh…" Harold turned to Walter,

"Are you okay?" Walter asked,

"I… uh… yea, I'm fine," Harold said as he felt a bit uneasy of what he just did.

An hour later, Evaluation…

The counselors each talking to their group, giving them results and opinions to based on their perfomance today, Kilowog first spoke to his son,

"Kihwog, you're aim needs work and your contructs were alittle flat, but you did good on your counter-attack," he said,

"Thanks pops," Kihwog nodded. Then Kilowog turned to Saint Walker,

"Walter, you don't need outwit your opponent and need to use more offensive, but very keen work," he said,

"I'm pleased to hear," Walter said, then Kilowog turned to Harold,

"Harold, you need to work on… well everything," he said,

"But…" Harold said hoping to finish his sentence,

"No buts, that's it," Kilowog said then continues giving his result to the other students. Leaving Harold a little disappointed,

"If it means anything, I find your performance well done," Walter said to him, cheering him up,

"Yeah, thanks," Harold said,

"My pops is right though, you need to work on your skills if you're ever in danger or gone into a battlefield," Kihwog said, make Harold feeling a little down,

"Although, I have to admit, what you did early was pretty awesome, not many recruits ever reach full power in one day," he said as he is impressed of what he saw.

"I guess… I'm one of the lucky ones," Harold said to them, before he turned to Zilus and Soranik, both injuried by his attack earlier. As they began to leave to be taken to the infirmary, Harold noticed Soranik turned her head to him with a flirty smile and gave him winked before she turned away, Harold stuttered a bit after seeing that,

"Oh great, the crazy chick likes me," he said as he's displeased,

"The who now?" Kihwog asked,

"I'll fill you in on the way," Harold said to him as he and his roommates are on their way to their next course.

The Green Lantern counselors turned to each other, as they discussed the sudden performance from Harold Jordan,

"That technique he demonstrated is something you don't see every day," Salaak said,

"More like something you rarely see at all," Tomar-Re stated

"I'm beginning to wonder what's up with this kid?" Kilowog said.

Little did everyone know, that above the surveillance sectors, they're being spied on by a certain Red Lantern… Rayza, she stood hidden within the shadows and she saw the whole thing, especially Harold's performance,

"Perhaps I underestimated him alittle too soon," she said while looking down at Harold walking with his roommates leaving the sector. After that, she slowly disappeared in the shadows, leaving the scene unnoticed.

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