In His Footsteps

Mixed Chemistry

The Lantern Corps Academy, Mediation Chamber…

In the Meditation course, the young Lanterns are being taught by Blue Lantern Saint Walker, teaching the class through meditation and being surrounded by an environmental theme, similar to his home planet. He, along with some Lanterns are floating in mid-air, and others are sitting on the ground, all in a meditation position.

"Take a deep breath, relax your muscles, and concentrate on the flowing river," Saint Walker instructed his students, and all did as he instructed them, almost everyone except…


Walker opened one eye, when he heard someone snoring, which lead his, and some of other young Lantern's, attention to Harold, who instead of meditation, he fell asleep with his head down, and is sitting on the ground near Walter, who is also floating in mid-air like his father. Walker opened both eyes and turned to his son,

"Son, if you be so kind," Walker asked Walter to wake him,

"Yes, father," Walter said, before he placed his hand on Harold's shoulder,

"Mr. Jordan… wake-up," Walter shook him, then…

"I was paying attention!" Harold jumped, awaken as he noticed many of the Lanterns are now looking at him,

"I see you got the relaxing part done Mr. Jordan, though you do need to focus on concentrating your mind, which calms your body and strengthen your energy," Saint Walker explained to him.

"Yeah, sorry about that, it's just that… I'm not really good at this type of 'meditation', all this sitting down with your eyes close, I thought of it as well… a short nap to me, you know?" he said to his counselor, though Walker looked rather displeased from what he heard,

"Try again, and this time, try not to fall asleep," he said to him, before he resumes his teachings in meditating,

"Sure thing…" Harold said.

30 minutes later…

"zzzZZZzzz!" Harold snoring once again, Walter appeared beside himself and shook on his shoulder like before,

"Mr. Jordan, you fell asleep again… Mr. Jordan," he said,

"It wasn't me!" Harold jumped again, awaken as he discovered both the counselor and the rest of the young lantern are gone,

"Where'd everybody go?" he asked Walter as he got up,

"They all went to their next course, and we're about to be late for ours," Walter said, before he and Harold immediately left the chamber, and on their way to their next course.

Experimental Course…

A large room filled with tubes, chemicals, and certain serums and particles each on several table. In somewhat resembles a simple chemistry class, filled with all the colored Lanterns, including the young Star Sapphire/nurse in training/princess of Zamaron, Starphia, attending the course, and waiting for their professor, Mr Alie'on, writing some formulas on the glass board. As Starphia is about to walk passed the third table,

"Hey Starphia," she stopped and turned to the Red Lantern, Zilox, who is sitting next to an Orange Lantern, who is the exact replica of his father, Larfleeze (That's right, even the greedy lantern has a kid), but with more manners and intelligence (courtesy of the serum he and his father been taking.)

"You looking ravishing as usual," Zilox said while giving her a creepy smile, which gives Starphia the creeps, she's aware of his obsessive crush on her, as he's aware she finds him repulsive.

"You know, if you ever needed a lab buddy, I'm always available for you, my pretty pink princess," he said before he winked at her, Starphia gave him the frown,

"Of numbers of time I told you, that's never gonna happen," she said to him before she immediately walked away from him, heading to a table a few distance from him,

As Starphia took her seat, she spotted Harold came in with Walter, she smiled and waved to him,

"Harold, over here," she called out to him, which brought his attention, "Starphia," Harold said and he walked over to her. Zilox glared at him after he walked passed him,

"It would appears the Pink serum works better with the Green goo than the Red plasma, showing more reaction as they mix," the Orange Lantern said while doing his own experiment with the tubes, Zilox glared at him,

"Shut-up Larreef," he said, as when times like this Larreef makes better jokes than him, even when he's not trying to be funny.

"I didn't know you into this chemistry stuff," Harold said as he sat next to her,

"There are certain ingredients made for medicines… that, and I rather take this than the other class my aunt teaches," Starphia explained,

"I see…don't want your aunt following you everywhere, considering you're a princess and everything," Harold said,

"So someone told you I'm from royalty," Starphia said, as she didn't expect Harold to learn about her royalty so soon.

"Just my roommate and his sister… I don't suppose you already have a prince by any chance?" he asked,

"From where I'm from, there's hardly any princes, there's not even a king," Starphia said,

"Well, I may not be royalty, but I do consider myself a prince back in my world," he said.

'Cough-Liar!' Harold heard that 'cough' from Kihwog, while sitting next to Walter on the table, right next to him and Starphia,

"So you too own the sector of your galaxies?" Starphia asked,

"In a way, yes," Harold answered,

'Cough-No-you-don't!' Kihwog did it again, which slowly gets on Harold's nerve,

"Then, you know any princesses?" Starphia asked,

"I'm lookin' at one right now," Harold said while glancing at her,

'Cough-Poozer!' Kihwog did it once more, which definitely got on Harold's nerve, so he turned to him,

"Cough-Knock-it-off!" Harold 'coughed' for Kihwog, telling him to stop that, which quickly caught Starphia's attention.

"Are you coming down with something? Is your temperature going down or burning up? I have my kit," she said and about to pull out her kit, but Harold stopped her,

"No-no, I'm fine… though, now that you mentioned the temperature, it is getting a little hot in here," he said to her,

"The temperature here seems fine to me, why you say that?" she asked as she's a little confused,

"I guess because I felt that by sitting right next to you," Harold smiles,

"I don't understand what you mean by-" she said until a thought occurred to her,

"Oh…" she giggled and smiles. After finishing writing the formulas, Mr. Alie'on turned to his students,

"Alright students, in this course, you shall practice and study the experiment of certain mix particles and serums. A simple exercise in case you were to mix either an antidote to cure a disease and virus, or to mix something toxic and explosive, all in considered of certain mix you added," he said while performing some demostration with his tentacles holding some beakers and test tubes and made some mixed chemisty as examples for his students.

"Before we begin experimenting, you have a decision to either work on this exercise alone, or pair-up with a partner to work together, but remember this... you can only mix the particles with one serum, adding another will cause an unstable reaction to the particles, do you understand?" Mr. Ale'on clarified, everyone nodded.

"Very good then... you my begin," he said, and the young Lanterns have started the exercise.

Many have started their experiment on their own and some paired up their partner. One paired Lantern created a mixed poison acid, the other paired Lanterns created a mixed sleeping potions, and a single Lantern created a mixed solid goo.

"I wonder what would pink serum look mixed with green particles?" Starphia said while holding the two test tubes,

"Why don't we find out," Harold said and brought the empty beaker out for her to mix the two, they watched the reaction as it formulates a glow in the beaker, it shines like a star,

"It's amazing," she smiles, Harold gazed at her,

"Not as amazing as your smile," he said, she turned to him as they glanced at each other's eyes.

Zilox glared at Harold, filled with both hatred and jealousy, he watched him charmed the Zamaranian he obsessed with,

"You think you make good chemistry," he said while some mixing 'two' serums with a particle in a beaker, causing a massive reaction and enlarging the particles, completely unstabled and ready to 'pop' out of control.

"Let's see how you mix well with this!" he said and quickly positioned the beaker, making his first target,

Pop (Zoom!)

The first particle shot out and…


"Aah!" Starphia shrieked after the particle broke the beaker right in front of her and Harold, Harold turned to Zilox, giving him an evil grin on his face,

"What is your problem?" Harold yelled at him,

"I don't have a problem… just a solution!" Zilox said, then position the beaker to target him this time,

Pop (Zoom!)

Harold saw it coming as he quickly dodged it, it deflected to the wall and hit to the ceiling damaging one of the large metal bars.

"Stop it this instant!" Mr Alie'on yelled and used his tentacles to take the beaker from him, Zilox saw him coming and quickly positioned the beaker at him,

"Stop this!" he said,

Pop (Zoom!) Pop (Zoom!)

He was shot right between the eyes, and on his forehead, knocking him out, Zilox continue shooting more unstable particles, causing destruction to the room. Some Lanterns hid to avoid the shots, and some activated their rings to form a shield to deflect the attack. Though mostly, Zilox kept targeting Harold as he kept dodging all the shots, he hid himself behind the pillar,

"You can't run from me Howard," Zilox called out to him and kept shooting more unstable particles,

"Come on Harold, what would dad- I'm mean, Green Lantern do when…" he said to himself, and then he looked at his ring, then a though occurred to him,

"Make a construct," he said and has an idea,

"Come on out you coward, so I can blast you to bits," he heard Zilox calling for him, so he got up.

Harold stepped away from the pillar and out of the open, looking directly at Zilox, Starphia looked up from her hiding place, she gasped seeing Harold about to be shot by Zilox's unstabled particles,

"Got'cha" Zilox said as he finally positioned the beaker to his target wide open, and…

Pop (Zoom!)

The particle coming right at him,

"Harold!" Starphia cried, but little did they know… Harold smirk,

"Batter-up," he said as he activated his ring to quickly form a green baseball bat, and at the right moment… he swung and hit the particle, as it flew right back to…


It hit Zilox right to the front, causing him to drop the beaker to the ground and crashed into the table, hurt and slowly lose conscious,

"You're out," Harold said to him, as Starphia smiled in relieve. But it's a little too soon to proclaim victory, as one last particle is still in the beaker…

Pop (Zoom!)

It shoots, deflected from the wall, and hit the large metal bar from the ceiling, which cause it to come down, Harold saw it coming down… and it's about fall where Starphia is standing!

"Starphia!" he yelled as he quickly ran and pulled her out of the way…


They sled through the floor away from the large metal bar before it almost crushed them, Starphia felt Harold's arms around her, he protected her from harm. Her heart won't stop beating from every moment she's close to him. Harold looked at her to make sure she's okay,

"Harold, you saved me," Starphia smiled,

"Yeah... I did," Harold said, before she gently place her hand on his cheek, and they glanced at each other's eyes onced more, until…

"What is all this?" they all turned to the Third guardian with three Green Lantern counselors, he saw the room is a complete disaster,

"Who is responsible for this damage?" the Third demand while the two Lanterns went to aid Mr. Alie'on as he slowly regained consciousness,

All the young Lanterns, even the professor, turned and glare at the unconscious Zilox, who lies on the broken table hurt. The third sighed,

"Mr. Zilox, why am I not surprise this is caused by you," he said and ordered the counselor to take the unconscious Red Lantern to their custody with the use of his ring,

"First you will be taken to the infirmary, and then to the chamber for your punishment… I'll be sure to inform this to your father," the Third said as Zilox is taken out of room, he turned to the young Lanterns,

"As for all of you, you may resume your schedule and head to your next course at once… as you were," he said before he left the room.

Many of the young Lanterns begin to leave, though Harold and Starphia stood behind,

"Surely there's a way to thank you for saving me," she said, Harold rubbed the back of his head,

"Well, that's not really necessary, I just want to make sure you're safe an-" he cut off when Starphia kissed him on the cheek, which caused him to smile and the hormones kicked back in,

"Though I… wouldn't mind trying that chemistry we did earlier," he said,

"When we mixed the serum with the particles?" she asked,

"Yes, only I can be the particle, and you can be the serum, so let's see how we react when we…" he begins to lean in closing to her lips, until…


"Mnh-mmh!" it caught Harold by surprise, his mouth is covered by pink goo like substance, and felt somewhat like glue,

"Keep your smutty mouth away from niece," Starphia turned and saw her aunt Zelma, with her ring activated,

"Auntie," Starphia said, before her aunt stormed right in,

"I heard destruction from down the hall, I have to make sure you're not hurt," Zelma said while checking on her niece,

"But I'm fine," Starphia said to her,

"Not to me you're not, I'm taking you to the infirmary this instant," Zelma said then activated her ring and used it to grab her niece, Starphia looked back at Harold while being pulled away from him,

"Mww-mnn," Harold try to say something to her, but her aunt already took her out of the room. By then, he tries to get to goo off him, but couldn't, then his roommates appeared,

"That display you did was indiscreet, but rather a courageous move," Walter complimented him,

"Mmn-nmmm-Mwnn," Harold murmured,

"I'm sorry, I can't seem to understand what you're saying," Walter said to him,

"I got this," Kihwog stepped in as he grabbed whole of the goo, and…


Kihwog torn off the pink goo right off of Harold's mounth, and tossed it aside,

"That lady has some nerve when she-" he started to complain until he suddenly felt a painful sting on his mouth from when Kihwog torn the pink goo off him, (Pretty similar to how women waxed themselves, and go through the pain.)

"Oow-ouu! That's smart! Oow-aah!" he covered his mouth with his hand and mumbled in pain of the sting.

"It's probably best you don't move your mouth too much for the next several minutes," Walter advised him,

"Considering he almost tried a plant one on the princess," Kihwog teased him,

"Muh! I almost had her," Harold said, disappointed when he tried to score a kiss from the Star Sapphire/nurse in training/Zamaranian princess he likes, until her aunt showed up and ruined his chance.

"Well despite the event, let's hope for next time for better my friend," Walter comforting him,

"Whatever you say, oh wise one," Harold rolled his eyes,

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting myself some grub," Kihwog said as he begin to leave the room,

"Shall we?" Walter asked Harold, he was silent for a moment until,

"… Sure, why not," Harold answered, before he mumbled again as he still feel his mouth soar. He and Walter followed Kihwog out of the course, considering how damage it is.

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