In the Land of Love and Gold


Rumple didn't get a wink of sleep that night. Each time he closed his eyes he was assaulted by a collision of memories. Good and bad. He gave up to instead focus on the gentle breathing of Belle. He held her close to him and kissed the top of her head. She sighs, but stayed asleep. He could feel power emanating from him. He gently tried to maneuver out from under Belle, but she jolted awake, holding tightly onto him. He shushed her as she looked around in terror.

"Rumple?" She looked at him, her eyes softening. She loosened her grip on him and stretched, rolling off of him and onto the other side of the bed. She looked around. "What time is it?" Her tangled hair fell into her sleep ridden eyes.

"A few hours before dawn." She groaned and lay back down. She must have had a better idea because she turned over and put her head on Rumple's chest. He wrapped his arms around her. She hummed in content, looking up at him. She could tell he hadn't been sleeping. His eyes were wide and red rimmed. She reached her hand up to tangle it in his hair. She pulled him down to kiss him. He reciprocated with fervor. She slowly moved, so that she was straddling him. His hands found their way to her hips. He carefully squeezed the flesh there. He moved his hands down her hips to slip under her shift. She groaned and rocked her hips into his. He threw his head back as the sudden pleasure coursed through him.

Belle could feel the evidence of his desire pressing into her thigh. She moved her hands down to softly scratch his chest. His hands moved higher and his thumbs made tight circles on her hip bones. The movement sent shivers straight to her core. His head shot up and began to kiss down her jaw, to her pulse point. He sucked and nibbled there until she was wantonly grinding her hips against his. He moved her onto her back and he lowered himself onto his stomach with his head on her belly button. He kissed along her belly button to her hip bones where he nipped and then getting lower with each passing. He pressed his hips into the mattress to relieve some of his pent up desire. He groaned at the friction. He kept his hands on her sides and slowly began to let the rise, taking her shift with him. She was panting by the time his hands reached the underside of her breast.

She arched her back when his cool fingertips brushed her breasts, but continued up their trail to where her arms were and she lifted them to have him remove the shift. She lay bare to him and he lifted his head to fill his gaze with her. She had her eyes close and she was panting. Her hair was a halo on the bed. His hands moved back down, almost as if on their own accord. He palmed her breast with one hand and her own hands shot to his head, to tangle into his hair. He groaned as she pulled on his hair and drew his face up to hers. She kissed him in a clash of teeth and tongues. She moved down and hurriedly removed his shirt. He had never been a strong man, but he had been fit. Having to carry Mabel and the occasional basket of yarn and such made his arms and upper body stronger than anything that involved using his legs. They only broke the kiss to take off his shirt.

Belle reached down and managed to slip of his pants, so he was completely revealed to her. She ran her hands up and down his body. She ran her hands down his back, over his hips, and to the back of his thighs where she pulled him forward. He nearly snarled as he felt her heat brush against his straining erection. Rumple slid one hand down to her hip, to her clit where he circled the bundle of nerves with his thumb and slipped a finger into her throbbing heat. His other hand continued to roll her nipple until it was a hard peak. He moved his hand to do the same to the other side. She mewled and dug her nails into the back of his thighs. Rumple opened his eyes to see her staring back at him, her eyes glazed with desire making them a deep ocean blue. Belle looked at Rumple as he slowly moved his fingers in and out of her. She moaned and mewled his name and his eyes flashed like before, quickly turning from brown to the onyx then quickly back to brown. She wondered if it was induced from her lust addled brain. She stopped caring when he slipped another finger in and sped up the pace of his fingers.

She could feel her orgasm start to peak and she moved her hands from his thighs to his wrist. She panted out his name and took his hand away. He looked at her with confusion. She wrapped her legs around the back of his thighs and pushed him to her entrance. He understood and carefully aligned her body with his. He gave her one last look off apprehension. She nodded and cried out his name as his thumb flicked over her clit. He slowly pushed just the head of his cock into her until she gave the signal he could go on. Her body felt tight and full of him. Her face contorted in pain for a brief second as the head of his cock pierced through her maidenhood. Soon it was replaced with an intense wave of lust as he put his hands on her ass to lift her up, so he could plunge deeper into her. She grabbed at the sheets and opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. Rumple continued to take deep thrusts in and out of her wet heat as her body tightened and she let out a breathy moan that he could barely distinguish was his name.

Belle began to match his thrusts and his rhythm faltered. He gasped out her name as she reached her hands up to run up and down his back. She dug her nails in and his body exploded in pleasure. He gave one final thrust and Belle soon followed him.

Rumple lay on Belle's chest, both of them panting and winding down from their orgasm. Rumple removed himself from Belle and she made a noise in the back of her throat as she lost the feeling of them being joined. The sky was lightening outside Belle's window. The once black night was turning to a navy blue with the rising sun. Rumple looked over at the window. He wrapped the almost asleep Belle in his arms and moved her to the head of the bed. She curled in his arms and he put his chin in top of her head. He grabbed the top blanket and threw it back. He put the other linens over them. Belle took a deep breath and soon her even breathing tickled his chest. He closed his eyes and decided to sleep.


The sun was past the mountain tops and leaking in through the window. Belle's eyes fluttered open. The sun was in her eyes and she slammed them shut. She buried her face in Rumple's chest. He chuckled softly and she peeked an eye up at him. "Hmm?" She mumbled into his flesh. He shook his head and leaned down to kiss the top of her forehead. She hummed.

"We need to tell your father." Her eyes shot open and she looked up at him. Her messy hair fell in her face. "It's almost been four months." She lowered her eyelids until she was squinting at him. She tilted her head.

"You knew about that?" She said it in a deathly low whisper. He knew he should proceed with caution. He slowly shook his head.

"Jefferson told me the first week I was here." Her head shot to the door. She said something under her breath. He figured she was cursing. She looked back at Rumple, still squinting. She seemed to ponder something before her eyes opened to their normal size and she lay back down.

"Alright." She lay with her head on his chest, looking up at the ceiling. "But I have one condition." He nodded. She looked at him. His eyes bore into hers. "I have to do it properly." His eyes widened. She got on all fours and the sheet slipped off of her naked body. She had one arm on either side of him. "Rumpelstiltskin, will you marry me?" He closed his eyes to hold back the tears.

"Yes." Her face broke out into an impossibly large smile. She leaned down and kissed him. His arms reached up and held her close to his body. Belle heard the sound of the door handle being turned and she slipped under the covers, hiding everything that was bare. Rumple looked from Belle to the door where Ruby was walking, jabbering as if she and Belle had been finishing a conversation that they started in the hall. She looked up and stopped abruptly, her mouth hanging open. She seemed to be in shock. Finally she slowly raised her finger and pointed at the two. She broke out into a smile. She ran over to the side of the bed and dragged Rumple out of the bed. He held the sheet to him, as Ruby threw clothes at him.

"We need to get Belle ready, so she may tell her father." Ruby spoke and continued to drag Rumple out of the room. He got his pants on without underwear and was shoved out before he could put on anything else. The sheet was caught in the door, half hanging in and half hanging out. Frankie and Benjy weren't by the door. He wondered what time they left. Also there was no sign of Jefferson, but he better hurry before anyone sees him. Belle lay on the bed holding a pillow to her. She was blushing a deep red. Ruby continued to talk and move around, picking up things and there. She pressed the button, ordering for hot water.

"Ruby!" Ruby stopped as she picked up the soiled sheets. Belle scrambled to look around for her shift. She put it on and stepped over to Ruby. She put a hand on her friend's shoulder. Ruby put down the sheets. "This must be between you, Rumple, and I. No one else. Not even Jefferson or Mabel." Ruby nodded her head. "Not until we have told Papa." Ruby nodded again. Belle smiled and hugged her friend. Hot water was at the door. Ruby opened the door and the chamber maids came in and filled the tub. Belle waited until they were done before slipping out of her shift and stepping into the tub. The hot water felt good on her sore muscles.

"So," Ruby walked into the bathroom. "How was he?" Belle turned her head to Ruby. She pretend not to know what she meant.

"I don't think I understand." Ruby rolled her eyes and began to wash Belle's hair. Ruby rolled the words around in her mouth for a while before spitting them out,

"You know, how was he in the bedroom?" Belle opened her eyes and looked back at Ruby.

"I don't know, how is Jefferson?" Ruby swallowed her tongue. She stopped washing Belle's hair for a second before resuming her ministrations. Belle looked back at Ruby with a smug grin. Ruby looked at the back of Belle's head with an extreme concentration. That ended conversation along those lines. Belle heard her door open and soon the sound of small feet came trampling into the bathroom.

"Belle!" Mabel cried and stood on her tippy toes to look over the edge of the tub. She had a broad smile on her face and Belle noticed she was wearing the dress that Rumple bought her. "Where were you yest'day?" Belle felt her heart plummet to the floor. "And Papa?" Belle could feel the blood pumping organ squeeze in her chest.

"We had to run some very important errands yesterday." Mabel seemed to like that answer, for she nodded and sat flat on her feet. She went into the other room and Belle could barely see her jump on the chair to her boudoir. She played with the utensils there. Belle chuckled and soon enough Ruby was finished and left Belle to get out, so she could take the sheets out to the laundry room.

Belle stepped out of the tub and wrapped herself in her dressing gown. She went behind the curtain to get dressed. Mabel continued to play with her makeup and hairbrushes as Belle came around the screen she could see Mabel playing with her lipstick. She had it all over her face and blush in her hair. Belle chuckled and walked over to the messy girl. Mabel turned and smiled. Belle took the lipstick out of her hand and stuck out her lip.

"Mabel," The little girl giggled and hid her face with her hands. "What are you doing with my make-up?" Belle teased. Mabel peeked her eyes through her finger tips. She shook her head. Her hair bounced around her face. Belle grabbed a wet rag and wiped at Mabel's face. Mabel giggled and removed her hands to laugh louder.

"That tickles." Mabel laughed as Belle cleaned her face. She worked to get the lipstick off of the little girls face. Once she was done, Belle put her hands on Mabel's shoulders. Mabel could sense something was wrong and scrunched up her face at Belle.

"Mabel?" The little girl tilted her head. "What would you think if Papa and I got married?" Mabel tilted her head to the other side. She stuck out her lower lip.

"What's marry?" Belle smirked. She explained what it meant to be married and how it would affect Mabel. "You'd be my mama?" Belle nodded. Mabel threw her arms around Belle and gave her a big hug. Belle could feel tears spill out her closed eyes. Mabel pulled back after a minute. "Yes! Yes!" Belle put her fingers to her lips, tears streaming down her face.

"Secret." Mabel nodded and zipped her mouth closed. Belle hugged Mabel and carried her out of the room.

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