In the Land of Love and Gold

The Wedding

Horns sounded all over the kingdom. Thousands of people flocked from all over town. Flowers were put all over as a symbol that they were to be thrown in the streets later when the royal couple was married. After years their treasured princess would finally be wed.

Rumple was sitting in front of the mirror in his suit. The tailor was a very experienced man and the suit was nearly sewn onto Rumple's body. Belle explained to him the ritual that would progress. He was nervous, but excited and overjoyed. He watched as the maids flurried around. The unmarried ones wearing sashes and gossiping between one another. After two months of planning and three hours of getting ready, King Maurice stood in the doorway. The girls cleared out and the tailor disappeared into a corner of the room. King Maurice nodded his head and Rumple followed him. They walked slowly to the grand hall. Every unmarried girl stood gathered around Belle on the dance floor. When he looked over the balcony to the group they all turned to see him. Belle standing in the middle, her dress sticking out from the sea of sashes.

Rumple's heart stopped as he spotted her. She looked up at him and smiled: her hair half up, half down. Maurice was already down the steps by the time Rumple could breathe again. On the outskirts of the hall all the eligible men stood waiting. Rumple nearly ran down the stairs to see his future wife. Mabel was being held by Mrs. Potts. He stopped to give her a kiss on the forehead before standing next to King Maurice. The kind raised his arms and everyone held their breath. When his arms went down the music started and Rumple only saw Belle as he walked to her side. They stood in the middle of the crowd as the women started to dance around them. Men joined, looking for specific women. Rumple held up his hand to take hers. He bowed, kissing her knuckles. She curtsied and then they both took a step forward and began to dance.


Hours passed of them dancing, but time felt like it stood still. They stopped for a second. Belle looked over at Mabel and saw her talking to a young girl. Belle gasped. Rumple followed her line of sight and saw the girl speaking with Mabel, but didn't know the significance to it. Belle whispered in his ear.

"Grace." Rumple looked around for his friend.

Ruby was dancing alone, wiping silent tears from her eyes. Men had been grabbing her sash all day and she pulled it away from them each time. She was with a few other girls who were alone. She closed her eyes and moved to spin when someone grabbed her sash, so moved to remove him from it, but when she opened her eyes Jefferson stood there holding it. She smiled and hugged him. He laughed and the sound filled the grand hall. Belle and Rumple smiled at the couple. Just then the king raised his arms once again and the music stopped. The women who didn't have men on their sashes left the dance floor. The kind then surveyed the crowd and began reciting off names.

"Rumpelstiltskin and Belle. Ruby and Jefferson. Elise and Carmicheal…." The names continued until everyone's name was called. "I now pronounce you man and wife." The couples embraced. The crowd around them cheered. All of the couples left in a procession. Each sitting on a horse. Rumple and Belle led the line out of the castle, down the main road. People threw flowers and joy was everywhere. The other couples branched off to each other's homes. Rumple and Belle were the last ones and their horse took them out of the town and to the forest just outside it. There was a small, weed packed path that led through the woods. Belle seemed to know where to go as she guided the horse to and fro. Passing clearings and over streams. Birds sang and animals skittered in front of the horse. Finally she stopped the horse in front of a small cottage, nearly hidden by the vines that grew around it and the rose bushes on the front porch. Rumple got off and helped her down from her perch on the horse. He carried her to the front door, where he used his newly acquired magic to open the door. He crossed the threshold and stood in the doorway.

Belle kept her eyes on him the entire time. He set her down and she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him. He held her close and reciprocated the kiss.


The next day they woke up in each other's arms. Rumple waking up before his princess. He laid his head on her chest and watched as she stirred awake. Her hair was disheveled and her eyes were lidded. She hummed, but she couldn't enjoy the moment before the door was thrown open and the windows were slammed ajar. Men came pour in both. They grabbed Rumple and he had to hurry to grab clothes before they dragged him out of the cottage. Belle was laughing and covering herself up as the women soon followed and they began to put clothes of all sorts on her. Once Belle was covered in every piece of clothing in the cottage the women hurried to shuttle her to the town. Loud laughter and joyful cries could be heard all around.

Belle made it to the town and the process of hiding her had begun. Women continuously decked her out in clothes until she felt she could no longer move her legs to run.

Rumple was informed of the marriage rituals before hand and he knew that no harm would come to Belle as men dragged him away into the forest with hoots and hollers. All of the men that had just been wed were blindfolded and carried out into the woods. After what seemed like an eternity they stopped and they were all standing in a two circles. The newlyweds on the inside and the bachelors and older men on the outside. It was dead silent except for the chorus of women heard far off in the distance laughing. Rumple's heart swelled at the thought that one of those women was his wife. He could feel something thrumming in his veins calling to him. He felt hot and he wanted to run to Belle. A bird cawed above them and all the blindfolded men looked up despite being blinded. All at once the blind folds were off and they were pushed and prodded into running. The tore out of the forest in search for their wives. Hatter leading the pack with his long legs.

Rumple felt the thrumming grow stronger and when it seemed it would burst out of his veins he closed his eyes and let it consume him. His legs veered in a different direction as the rest of the men. Belle was like a siren call for his magic and it lead him exactly to where she was.


Belle sat huddled under a shop counter when she heard soft footsteps behind her and she held in her laughter. Legs appeared off to the side and she took long slow breaths not to give away her position. It had been at least two hours since she was taken from the cottage. She figured it would take him longer to find her. Avonlea wasn't big, but there were a lot of buildings to look in. A familiar face appeared in front of her and Belle opened her mouth to scream for the rest of the women when his hand went over her mouth and he carefully pulled her out. He smirked and held her close.

"We can't have any of that now can we?" She chuckled and smiled. He began the tedious process of undressing her. After the first shawl and the second scarf were off he growled and huffed. "All this blasted clothing is too much to get off."

"That's the point." She smiled and he looked at her with a sly smirk. He held up his hand and closed his eyes for a second before he snapped his fingers and everything but her shift was left. She gasped and smacked him on the chest. "No magic allowed!" The girls in the other room heard Belle speaking and came in the room.

"That wasn't in the rules." He smiled and the girls all gasped. They began to fight about who was watching the windows that let him in. When they realized Rumple was still in the room they shooed him out and he waited outside the door while his wife got dressed – in far fewer clothes this time – and she met him outside. They took a nice stroll down the street and they made there was back to the edge of the forest. Men running around trying to undress their wives and women running covered in seventeen or eighteen layers of clothing. Jefferson looked frazzled as he looked around for his wife. He said something to Rumple when he noticed he and Belle walking hand in hand. Rumple pretended not to hear. They went back to the cottage and lay in bed together. He, holding her to his front, and her back to his chest.

"What now?" Rumple asked. They had told him the rituals for everyone else, but it was different for the princess of the town surely. She looked back at him with a faint smile.

"Usually we would stay here until I conceive, but…my father said that it's our choice whether we wish to move back in or stay here. If we stay here then a two guards would be with us at all times staying in the building in the back, but Mabel could live with us. If we move back then we are always welcome to my old room." Rumple nuzzled his nose into her hair. He was just glad to have her with him right now. He yawned and closed his eyes.

"Can we sleep on it?" She turned her head to kiss his nose and whispered a faint 'yes'. He smiled and kissed her before they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

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