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Beyond The Eyes Of A Commoner


The story is basically about a young girl,who was raised by her father. Who in the long run discovered that he wasn't her real father. But she couldn't ask him because he was no more. This young girl believed she was all alone in the world,not knowing her mother is still alive. She also had a brother who she once dated with. She discovers that the lady who was helping her all the time was actually her half sister. You'll know everything about the story as it unfolds.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I was running as fast as I can bare foot and my feet hurt so much because I was running in a gravel road the villagers were still chasing me and I kept on repeating the same thing over and over again

"I didn't do it please believe me I didn't"

The villagers kept on shouting

"You don't belong to this village go away you deserve to die you're a killer we can't live with someone like you"

I was so hurt on the inside I kept on running until some villager threw a stone on my head and I fell down I tried getting up but the villagers got me and started beating me up badley I kept on asking forgiveness while there's nothing I ever did my body was hurting and I was bleeding so much blood I couldn't feel my head and my right arm

They stopped beating me up and they took me into a car they drove a long way they finally arrived and carried me out of the car to and threw me in some forest and left me I won't lie I was scared I stayed at the same position the whole evening because I couldn't move an inch of my skin it hurt so bad

It was now dark so dark that I couldn't see clearly my eyes started to get blur I felt my soul leaving my body I wasn't ready to die but it felt like it was the best solution just then I heard sounds of horses they came my direction I didn't care if whatever happens to me anymore I think its best if I go and join my father light went off

Hey people I am the palace maid well was my parents gave me the name of Nomthandazo Ngwenya born and breaded in Sikhanya Kingdom I have no one I'm alone in this world my Mother died the day I was born so my father raised me he made sure I have everything I need he used to work at the palace but then died when I finished Matric I couldn't go further with my studies because I didn't have money to pay for my school fees I found a job at the palace and worked as a Maid until one day the Queen's Son was dead I was the one who was looking after him so everyone said I killed him I was banned from my own village the Queen was always wicked he never like us the maids she used to call us slaves

The whole village heard the news and the Queen told them to escorts me out of this village and go far away from it and they first need to hurt me and leave me to die and it was so

Welcome to my story hope you enjoy it please fasten your seatbelts cause I'm gonna make it_!

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