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The Wind that blew out the Fire

By Keely Tori-Racoon Glynn

Romance / Drama

Broken Bones and Broken Hearts

Only a few days until summer. I stared at the clock as the hand ticked slower and slower with each passing minute. I couldn't wait to leave this place. Each day was longer than the last and the people who made my life hell I would be able to leave behind without ever looking back. Just as a smile passed over my face at such a refreshing thought the bell went. "We'll pick this up next week" I heard the teacher call. He began to gather up his belongings. I gathered up my books as well and shoved them into my bag as I rushed for the door to get to lunch. As I approached the door I saw an arm extend across the door frame to block my exit. I sighed with regret as I saw a familiar face. "Hey Roxas…Ready for your knuckle sandwich?" I heard the boy in front of me say as he pushed his fist into the palm of his other hand repetitively. "Get lost Seifer!" I said angrily. Just then the teacher began to exit the room. "Everything okay here boys?" he asked. "Of course Sir…Right Roxas?" Seifer gave me an evil glare. I just nodded in agreement. I knew things would be much worse for me if I didn't. The teacher gave me a small smile and continued to walk on. I gulped. I knew my beating was fast approaching.

I tried to make a run for it but felt my hair being forcefully pulled back. I winced. He covered my mouth. "Don't scream and I'll make it quick" He informed. I stood frozen not sure what my decision would be. He kicked the back of my legs and I fell to my knees. He removed his hand from my mouth and I sighed with relief. That soon faded when my head was slammed to the ground. He leaned down to speak directly into my ear. "Now listen carefully…You're a piece of shit! You always have been and you always will be. Eliminating the girl who broke up with you no girl will ever love you again. You're worthless. He whispered. The worst part was that I knew everything he was saying was true. Namine was the most perfect girl. We had dated for 2 years and she had broken up with me no more than 2 weeks ago. She said that her feelings for me had faded. A tear traced down my cheek at the memories of our relationship. I felt my head being forcefully pulled up to put me up right on my knees again. He came to the front of me and kicked me in the stomach. I grunted. "Don't you dare start crying!" He laughed. "If you cry I'll make it 10 times worse!" He reminded. I knew it was true so I controlled myself.

I held my stomach in pain on the ground curled up. He came to the side of me and began kicking my face repeatedly. My face was bleeding everywhere. I had a bust lip and although my nose wasn't broken I could tell it was only a few hits away from it. My cheek and my eyebrow had cuts and my eye was swollen and bruised. He readied his foot to kick me in the stomach again as I heard the voice of a saviour. "Hey! What the hell are you doing?!" I heard the person calling. I saw Seifers feet start to move and then I heard them get faster. He was running away from the scene of the crime. "Hey!" I heard the voice call after him. I coughed up to taste blood. I pulled my hadn away from my mouth. Just I had tasted; I saw blood. I saw someone kneel down next to me and I braced myself for another hit. "Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you" The person said. I looked up to see a handsome looking guy with red spiky hair. I gave him a look of understanding and he simply nodded. "Can you stand?" He asked. In all honesty I wasn't sure myself but I think he understood that. "Come on, I'll help you" He smiled. I let out a small smile back.

He grabbed my arms and pulled me up onto my feet. I clenched my stomach. He put my arm around his shoulder to support me. "Hey Axel, you coming?" I heard one of his friends ask. "No, go on ahead Demyx. I have something to deal with right now" he smiled. "Okay Axel. I'm sure Larxene will be real happy to hear her boyfriend didn't want to meet her for lunch. As if!" I heard another person say. "Shut up Xigbar! Some things are more important!" Axel shouted. "I'll be sure to let her know you said that" Xigbar smiled but it was crooked. Axel shook his head. "Whatever, I don't care." Axel said he sounded somewhat annoyed but also uninterested in Xigbar's threat. As Demyx and Xigbar walked down the stairwell in front of us I removed my arm from across Axel's shoulders. "You okay?" He asked looking concerned. "I'm fine" I replied coldly. I began to try and walk on my own. It hurt more and more with each further step I took. "Let me help you…" I heard Axel say as he began to walk beside me. "I don't need your help!" I shouted. Tears were in my eyes from all the pain I was enduring. The expression on my face and my anger had caught him by surprise. "What's your name?" He asked. "Uhhh…It's Roxas" I replied as I began to loosen up around him. I was confused by his sudden generosity and curiosity. "Okay Roxas, well I'm Axel" He smiled. I nodded having already known this from his loud friends. "Thanks" I decided to utter. He simply smiled in return. "Let's get you to the Nurse's Office" He smiled. I nodded. He helped to support me again until we got there.

When we arrived he walked in with me and the nurse looked shocked. "You should see the other guy" I smiled. Axel chuckled beside me. "Hop onto the bed for me so that I can examine you properly." She guided. Axel helped me onto bed. "Would you wait outside for a moment?" She asked Axel politely. He nodded. "I'll be right outside when you're done" he smiled. I nodded. My examination lasted 10 minutes. She cleaned all of my cuts and gave me some pain killers. "I think you should go home" She smiled. I nodded. I walked out of the Nurse's Office to hear shouting. I looked around the corner to see Axel and his girlfriend arguing.

"How can you be selfish?! Someone needed my help and you still the world revolves around you?! Well it doesn't okay?!" I heard Axel shout. "Do you know what, Axel? You can help all the people you want now! We're through!" She screamed. "I can't believe I even wasted any of my time with you! 2 years at that! All that time wasted with a stupid arrogant immature little bitch!" He shouted. She looked unphased. She simply scoffed and walked away. I saw Axel massage his temple. I stepped back a few paces and waited a few moments. Then I began to walk forward into Axel's sight. As soon as he saw me he smiled as his eyes brightened up. He walked over to me. "Hey Roxas. How'd it go?" He asked. I just looked in the direction that Larxene went. He followed my gaze. He turned to me and rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "You saw that, huh? Don't worry Roxas. She wasted 2 years of my life and I'm never going to get them back. I'd rather not waste any more of my time on people like that." He sighed. I smiled awkwardly.

"So what did the nurse say?" He asked bringing the concerned look back into his face. "She said I have to go home" I sighed. "Oh. Well I can drive you" he smiles. I shook my head. "Thanks for your generosity but I'd rather you didn't" I sighed. 'He drives? Why do I want to go with him' I wondered to myself. "Come one, Roxas! I insist!" He smiled. He put his arm around my shoulders. I smiled back. "Well if you insist." I laughed. I began coughing from my injuries. He gave me a look of worry. "Come one. Let's get you home" He smiled. I nodded slightly.

A few minutes later we arrived at a car park. He walked over to his car. It was a dark blue colour. It looked small but when I got in I found that it was a lot bigger inside. I sat back in my seat after Axel took my bag to put in the back of the car. "You're lucky I didn't bring my bike today" He smiled as he started the car. He helped with my seatbelt. "I don't think I would have been happy trying to balance with you peddling away" I laughed. He began laughing hysterically. 'It wasn't that funny' I thought to myself. "What's so funny" I asked now curious. "I meant a motorcycle not a push bike" he continued to laugh as he fastened his own seatbelt. "Oh." I felt so stupid but I laughed with him at my realisation. I felt comfortable around Axel. It was strange. I'd never been such good friends with someone. The weirdest part was I'd not even known him that long at all. We just seemed to…well…click.

I told him my address and he began to drive. I lived 15 minutes away by car. We had a long drive ahead. "So why was that guy attacking you before?" he asked. "I dunno." I answered simply whilst looking ahead at the road. It started to rain. "Oh great…" I heard Axel mumble as he turned the windscreen wipers on. "How can you not know Rox? It's something you should know about…" He said confused. "Why do you care?!" I snapped. I instantly regretted my actions. He glanced at me for a second before returning his attention to the road. He looked taken aback by my anger. "Sorry" I whispered, sinking gently into my seat in shame. "It's okay Rox. Just trying to help" He smiled seemingly understanding. 'That's the second time he's called me Rox…' I thought to myself. I knew nicknames existed but I had never had the privilege of receiving one. I had only had one real true friend. He had moved away last year. Hayner had never given me a nickname. It made me somewhat happy to think that in the short time I had known Axel he had felt that our friendship was strong enough to have given me a nickname. "Why'd you call me that?" I smiled. "Call you what?" Axel asked confused. "Rox instead of Roxas?" I asked. Axel continued to concentrate on the road. I saw him shrug out of the corner of my eye. "I dunno…Just feels better to say. A nickname for a good friend" He smiled widely. I smiled now glad that I knew we were on the same page. "Does that mean I get to call you Axe?" I asked teasingly. He grinned. "Sure if you want to Rox" He smiled. I smiled back. The rain continued to pound against the windscreen. After a few directions from me we arrived at my house.

Axel parked right outside my house and took the key out of the ignition. "So…you gonna be okay?" He asked still with concern in his voice. The medication from the nurse was now starting to take full effect. My pain had slowly started to fade away and now all of my bruises and wounds were numb. I simply nodded. He didn't look convinced. "Come on let's get you inside." He smiled. I had no time to object as he was already out of the car walking over to my side.

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