Raphael Sorel's seven years war

The confrontation

As Raphael was about to bite Hilde, he suddenly got grabbed and slammed into the wall by Siegfried who just arrived running. While inspecting the tower, he had discovered the hidden bodies of the two Wolfkrone soldiers that Raphael and Jacqueline had murdered. Since he had seen Gerhilde walk out of the tower just moments ago and knowing this tower had very few soldiers in it, he worried for the Princess and ran toward where she went. Maybe he should have sounded the alarm but he worried too much. When he heard the fighting noises, he ran even faster. The noises of the duel covered his own running noises and he surprised everyone when he arrived to the Princess' rescue. Since Raphael and Hilde were near the gallery entrance, he could easily interrupt the fight.

-Don't touch the Princess!

But Siegfried got very surprised when he realized the Vampire everybody talked about and came to destroy was Raphael. He widened his eyes in surprise as he slammed Raphael against the wall and saw his face. He knew Raphael was tainted by Soul Edge but didn't know he had become a vampire.

-So it's you! You're the Vampire?

Raphael seemed surprised as well to see Siegfried but his gaze quickly turned into an angry one.

-You… didn't know? What are you doing here? You came to kill me right? You came to kill me and you didn't know?

-No, I didn't!

Siegfried had followed the princess since she forgave him of his crimes and he swore loyalty to her. She had forgiven him for his sins, she gave him a second chance and accepted him among her army even knowing who he was. He was forever grateful to her. He swore he would follow her faithfully forever; he would serve her like a true and loyal knight. And being near her, owing her his life…

The first time he saw her, he already felt love for her and along the way over here, his feelings for her became even stronger. But he would never tell. She was a princess; he was the son of a knight and of a peasant woman who were not even married when he was born. They married afterward but he was still considered a bastard by the aristocrats who knew this and some never accepted his mother's peasant condition or even his father's paternity so that is why he never really associate with aristocrats and became mostly friend with peasants boys. Together they even made the Schwarzwind were the peasant boys felt more like knights, even if they didn't always really behave and acted mostly like thieves… but they thought they were doing some kind of justice by stealing the rich… The young peasants were glad to be under the command of the son of the heroic knight Frederick, who was also more appreciated by the peasants than by the aristocrats since he always took the peasants' defence. He had helped the oppressed peasants when they revolted against the Holy Roman Empire and became one of their champion. Siegfried was very proud of his father's deeds to protect the peasants and loved his father very much as his father loved him too and always showed him his deep affection… before Siegfried killed him…

This sin would always haunt him forever and he would now never consider himself worthy enough to be the Princess' husband or even lover. He didn't consider himself worthy enough for her or any other women since he was too dirtied by his sins. He had to still make amend and he had to be alone. But to be near Hilde was a joy for him and an immense honour. Only her presence made him feel better. She was so kind, so wise, so beautiful… And he would let no one hurt her.

Siegfried had already met Princess Hildegard Von Krone before he went in Ostrheinsburg but he joined her when they met in the cursed castle. After Siegfried quickly ran to met Nightmare and discovered that the monster had been destroyed by Raphael but not Soul Edge, he wanted to finish the job and destroy the evil sword. But Algol had interrupted his plan by taking Soul Edge with him. Not knowing what this strange man intended to do with Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, Siegfried had reached the throne room where the entrance to the tower of Remembrance stood and climbed the tower as fast as he could to stop him and get Soul Edge to destroy it once and for all. He reached the top of the tower, tired and gasping for air, then he addressed the man sitting on a throne and holding Soul Edge.

-I came. Pff…pff… Now give me Soul Edge. Pff… So that I destroy it… I climbed all this and fought all those fights inside for a reason… Give me Soul Edge!

-I have seen your fights… That was quite entertaining. You have done well. But no, I will not give you the sword. You shall give me Soul Calibur. That is the sword of my oath, my eternal memory.

-You are wrong. This is a sword of absolution, of forgiveness! It is not yours! Give me Soul Edge!

-Then I suppose you know how we will settle this… Very well, try to seize it from me! … This shall be my first battle in ages. You are a worthy opponent.

Algol got up from his throne.

-Millennia have passed, but now it is time to reclaim what is mine! The time has come for me to become whole once more!

Siegfried looked at Algol. He had fought in the courtyard and he had fought some monsters lurking in the tower along the way, he was tired to fight… but he had to. He looked at Algol as the Hero King was holding Soul Edge in his hand and what he saw appalled him; the eye was getting healed! Algol was repairing the sword! All the damage Raphael had previously done was now being repaired. Siegfried began to move toward the sword but by the time he reacted, it was too late; the sword was completely repaired.

-What have you done? The sword was damaged; it would have been easier to destroy it then! Why did you repair such an abomination?

-I know it is an abomination. This vile sword has controlled my son… whom I… had no choice but to kill… because of it… He had become a slave to Soul Edge…

Algol seemed extremely sad as he remembered those painful memories but he then continued on a more resolute tone.

-But I need this power to get control over this world and restore a new era of peace and justice… and I know how to keep it under control. You do not know how to use the swords, young boy. You will only destroy yourself and the world if you keep trying to get them. Now I need Soul Calibur. Hand it to me, child!

-No! Soul Edge must be destroyed! Soul Calibur will destroy it!

-Only one with a strong enough will can use the swords without problems. I will not let you touch this sword. You are as fragile as my son was. You have already been under this influence, right?

-Yes, but… I've gotten rid of my… weakness. Never again… will I bend to anyone's will! No longer will I have doubts or fears. Now I fear nothing… I will face my darkness, I will destroy that evil sword!

Siegfried felt stronger and more resolute than ever to fight the evil sword. And he now had the help of the Holy sword, he would not fail! But Algol seemed determined as well and told Siegfried:

-None will stand in my way. Stand down and join me!

Siegfried was surprised at Algol's offer.

-Huh? What? Join you?

-Yes. Somehow, you make me think of my son, Arcturus… You still lack experience. There is more for you to learn.

Siegfried thought: I have killed my father… This man have killed his son, who was controlled by Soul Edge… Yes, we do have some things in common… Yet…

-Sorry, but I cannot. I must finish my duty… I've made up my mind. I will finish this. Enough talk! This sword must be destroyed!

-As you wish, child. Let's fight then.

Algol moved toward Siegfried and the young man realized the Hero King was floating and not walking. While he was noticing this, Algol slashed at him with Soul Edge but Siegfried quickly parried with Soul Calibur before he kicked Algol away. Algol quickly came back and as Siegfried prepared to parry Soul Edge again, Algol quickly materialized a false Soul Calibur and slashed at the shining knight, sending Siegfried away to the edge of the tower with the impact of the blow. Siegfried rolled on the ground and almost fell down the tower. As he laid down half on the side of the tower, half above the emptiness, Siegfried suddenly realized the height they were; clouds were floating under them!

-Mein Gott!

Siegfried suddenly suffered from vertigo and crawled back toward Soul Calibur that had fallen some feet away. But Algol didn't let him crawl without problems; he quickly shot some kind of energy ball at him. Siegfried tried to roll to evade them but was not fast enough and the magical ball pushed him away, almost sending him down the tower again. Still suffering from vertigo, Siegfried had some difficulties to get up beside the emptiness of the frightening high tower. He was angry such a ridiculous fear could have a grip on him.

-Damn! I won't let something like this stop me!

He looked again at Soul Calibur; the sight of the sword gave him courage and he quickly got up to reach it as Algol launched another magical sphere where Siegfried was previously. Siegfried grabbed the sword and ran to the center of the tower where he felt more secure and less dizzy.

-My life… is not for your taking! You will not stand in my way!

Siegfried ran toward Algol to strike at him while parrying the magical spheres Algol threw at him. But as he was near and was about to slash the ancient king, Algol suddenly struck at him with spikes appearing on his back and disappearing as soon as they tore through Siegfried's armour, impaling him. Siegfried screamed in pain and Algol quickly grabbed him. Siegfried got scared to be thrown down the tower and tried to resist but Algol brutally slammed his fist down on his back, sending Siegfried down on the ground before he jumped and landed on him, once again sending his spikes through Siegfried's shiny armour and through his flesh. Siegfried lost his breath with the force of the blow and stood on the ground groaning in pain as his many wounds bleed on his armour.

-Give up, boy!

-No… I cannot give up now!

Algol then grabbed Siegfried again and threw him away. Siegfried landed once more on the side of the tower. Algol floated toward him while Siegfried lay down in pain.

-I cannot lose. I cannot allow myself to lose! Ungh… Father… I won't give up…

He painfully got up while trying not to look down the tower and walked toward Algol.

-Let's do this.

Algol looked at him and said:

-Why don't you just give me the sword, boy? You are going through all this pain for nothing!

And Algol launched himself at Siegfried with Soul Edge and the false Soul Calibur. They clashed together and fought for a while until Siegfried impaled Algol with his sword, lifted him in the air then threw him down violently.

-Time to fly!

While Algol was still down, Siegfried lifted Soul Calibur in the air then drove it through the floor and a row of icy crystals appeared; reaching for the Hero King, piercing his body with crystals, impaling him. Algol groaned in agony. Siegfried told him:

-Forgive me.

Siegfried then went toward Soul Edge while holding Soul Calibur in his hands. He gazed at the evil sword with hate and resentment. This damn sword that forced him to do such atrocities! The sword was still undamaged and still had a will of its own; Siegfried sensed that it would like for him to obey it again but he now had Soul Calibur, the sword of redemption, and this evil sword was in no way appealing to him. Siegfried lifted Soul Calibur in the air while he moved toward Soul Edge to prepare to stab the evil eye as he did in the chapel one year ago. But this time, Soul Calibur was more powerful and would destroy the evil sword forever.

-With this, it ends…

Soul Calibur began to emit more light while Siegfried continued:

-Our kind should not exist in this world. Not ever again.

-Don't even try!

Siegfried turned in surprise. An Asian woman with a ponytail was walking toward him. Siegfried wondered how she came here since he was in front of the entrance. He would have seen her coming… Did she appeared? The woman jumped over him and landed in front of Soul Edge. She continued to speak.

-I can't allow you to go any further.

Siegfried didn't look impressed and told her;

-You're in my way. Stand Aside. There is something I must finish.

But the woman didn't move.

-I have followed you since a while and now that I know who you are, I will not yield! I cannot ignore your evil deeds!

Siegfried looked at Taki for a short while, a little demoralized to be remembered of his evil deeds, then became more resolute.

-Neither do I. But I will put an end to it all now. I'll destroy Soul Edge! So stand aside!

-No. I cannot allow you to do that! I didn't want you to meet with the sword again, the colliding of both swords was a catastrophe last time and if you persist in this idea, I must stop you!

Taki had arrived in Ostrheinsburg, now following Siegfried. But she stumbled upon the chapel as Raphael was fighting Nightmare. Since she swore she would not interfere with him anymore, she let him fight alone. He had already wounded Nightmare and Soul Edge so she had hoped he would win and destroy the sword, then the swords wouldn't have collided together. When Raphael destroyed Nightmare and left the chapel claiming Soul Calibur will secure it all, Taki knew he was running in the wrong direction so she didn't worry about him anymore. Still on the top of the wall, from where she had witnessed Raphael's battle, Taki then prepared her spell to seal the evil sword before Siegfried would come. When she saw him coming, she had not finished her preparation, so she was now preparing to fight him but then Algol appeared and took the sword before he went away with it. So Taki did as Siegfried: she began to climb the tower.

-Why do you stand in my way? Are you saying that my way is wrong? That I will fail?

-Unfortunately, yes. Relying on such power will only give rise to new evil. In the end, we must all face our demons alone.

-Enough talk! My Soul Calibur is a Holy sword, it won't hurt anyone! I must accomplish this! I told you to stay out of my way!

As Siegfried swung his crystal sword at Taki, she swiftly jumped into the air and jumpkicked at him. The young man lost his balance and fell down near the tower's edge again. He felt his vertigo again and swore.


He quickly got up and ran toward the center launching at Taki again.

-You will not stand in my way! I will accomplish what I must!

-And destroying the world is what you must do?

Siegfried stopped in his attack, he had doubts.

-I… I will not destroy the world… Soul Calibur is a sword of purity… of forgiveness… I said I would not have any doubts anymore… I will… I will defeat you!

And he launched at Taki again. They fought for a while before they got interrupted.

-Stop! Please! Suddenly said a girl's voice as the two clashed together again.

-Sorry to keep you… You're up next! Answered Siegfried not even looking at the new arrivant but ready to fight anyone who intended to stop him.

But he suddenly realized the voice seemed really young… he turned and saw a young girl running toward them. He was surprised; the girl was very young, about thirteen-fourteen years old…


-Please, stop fighting! Soul Calibur is as bad as Soul Edge…

Seeing everybody was saying that and that he may indeed be wrong, Siegfried lowered his sword.

-Why… do you say that?

Algol, who was still barely alive, suddenly interrupted.

-… I wanted… to make a sword… opposite to Soul Edge… but my bad emotions… my grieving… over my son's death… my lust for power, my regrets… my hate… tainted it and it became… as evil as Soul Edge… I… made a sword… as bad as the one I wanted to counter… I am at fault…

Then Talim turned toward the still agonizing Algol.

-I place no blame on you. I won't even question what these swords are. However, they threaten the very fabric of nature. So I'll return them to their true forms. And you as well.

Algol looked at her, wondering what she meant by that.

His eyes suddenly widened in surprise as he saw his own son' Arcturus beside her. His son smiled at him and came toward him.


-My son…

Arcturus then held his hand to his father and Algol gladly took it. All the guilt, the pain and the sadness left the Hero King; he was now with his son, reunited with him. Then they both disappeared to go where their soul would rest forever.

Talim then took Soul Edge and went to Siegfried.

-May I have your sword, please?


Siegfried hesitated but somehow this young girl felt Holy and pure.

-You… you will destroy the swords?

-No. I will return them to nature. They were born from nature. It's just that they were made of evil feelings and energy. This energy exists everywhere, both good and evil but once concentrated into something like those swords, it can become very dangerous… So I will return the energy to nature.

Siegfried looked at Soul Calibur.

-This sword… has saved my life… I cannot believe it is evil…

-I do not know if it is evil but it is dangerous. Like I said earlier, it threatens the very fabric of nature. So… please hand me the sword. I will restore it to where it belongs.

-Trust her. said Taki who had understood that Talim was a wind priestess and that she had Holy powers.

Siegfried looked again at Soul Calibur. The sword was telling him that if he handed her over to the priestess, he would extinguish the light of humanity; he would prevent the coming of a utopia with no wars or suffering…

-I want to do what's good…

Taki addressed him again:

-Then, hand her the sword. Didn't you hear the creator of the sword? Both swords are evil… The purity of Soul Calibur is perverted…

Seeing Siegfried still hesitated, Taki went to him and gently took the sword from his hand. Siegfried let her take it. He muttered to the sword:

-I'm sorry… But I must move on. I do not desire… a false salvation.

Taki gave the sword to Talim who said a little nervously:

-I'll just do my best!

She then muttered:

-Don't worry Talim, believe in yourself…

Seeing her lack of self-assurance, Siegfried suddenly wondered if he did the right thing. Would she be able to do it? But she did make a ghost appear… Talim suddenly added on a more determined tone:

-Well, let's begin!

Talim then put both swords in the air and prayed the wind.

-…I am one with the wind… Go. Return to that from which you came!

But the swords didn't seem to dissipate. Talim seemed a little troubled by this.

-I can make it… I've already come this far! Wind, be with me…

She seemed even more troubled.

-The wind is shaking… What's this? What's happening? I can't! I can't do it! There is too much evil! I'm not good enough!

Siegfried told her:

-You can… You can do it!

He noticed this young girl really lacked self-assurance so he tried to cheer her up but he still wondered if he did the right thing.

Taki then moved toward Talim.

-Let me help you. It seems some of this evil is too strong to be dissipated… I shall try to seal it. Sometimes, we need to combine our powers to achieve something. Together we can succeed!

She gave Talim a resolute smile which confered Talim some faith in herself. The girls then combined their powers, both making incantations and gestures while Siegfried looked at them, feeling useless.

After a while, the swords began to fade away as they melted into nature and what was too evil to be dissipated got caught in a scroll.

Talim breathed a sigh of relief.

-Is… is it really over? My hands are still tingling…

Taki muttered:

-Yes, the deed is done…

After having received confirmation, Talim jumped in joy.

-We did it!

She then began to pray again.

-The world will now return to its natural form, and the cries of the winds have disappeared… Oh Wind, I beg of you, bring peace and tranquility to all…

Siegfried felt the soothing wind suddenly blowing and he understood it was over too as he felt calmer and relieved of his worries.

The ninja then addressed Talim:

-You should believe more in yourself. You have great potential.

-Thank you…

Taki suddenly made fire appear on her hands, made some quick gestures then swiftly disappeared. Both Siegfried and Talim heard her say 'Farewell' as she disappeared. Siegfried still stunned at all that just happened, wondered where she went but then looked back at Talim and shyly asked her:

-Can you… can you… make my father appear?

-Well, the dead can only appear to accompany loved one to their final resting place… So unless you were dying, I cannot. I'm sorry… But I know he is proud of you and loves you more than anything. The wind can convey this to me…

Siegfried had teary eyes.

-I'm sorry… Father… I love you…

He suddenly asked Talim.

-… Did… he… forgave me? Can you tell?

-He has forgiven you from the very first day. He never held anything against you, he never was angry at you… He told me he loves you and will watch over you…

Tears were now rolling from Siegfried's eyes.

-… Thank you…

Suddenly the tower began to tremble. Talim and Siegfred looked at it and realized it was dissipating. Talim said:

-The tower was made with King Algol's power! Since he is not here anymore, I think everything will disappear!

-Then we have to go! We were so… high! I don't wanna fall from here!

And they quickly ran to the stairs in panic as the tower lost more of its tangibility. They ran like crazy, tumbling down the stairs in panic.

As Siegfried and Talim reached the throne room, the tower had completely dissipated. They fell down from the few remaining stairs.



Then Talim quickly got up from Siegfried whom she fell upon and asked him as he painfully got up:

-Oh, I'm sorry! Are you okay?

-Yes… and you?

-Yes, I am. Oh, my heart is still pounding! Phew! That was dangerous! That was scary but we got away in time!

At this moment, Princess Hilde entered the throne room with her personal guard. She asked the two:

-Are you alright? What happened? Where is the tower? I was about to go in it!

Siegfried told her:

-No need to go in it anymore… The swords are destroyed…

-You succeeded in destroying the evil sword Soul Edge and Nightmare?

Siegfried looked at Hilde very seriously and thought that it was now the time to pay for his crimes.

-Your Highness… I have done nothing. I only tried to repair what I did… I was the one responsible for all this… this evil was born from me… I was Nightmare. I used Soul Edge and did countless slaughter… killed many innocents…

Everybody looked at him with amazement. Then Hilde addressed him:

-So it was you who brought this calamity down upon us.

-Yes. I was the one who was called the Azure knight…

-I see…

Hilde lifted her sword toward Siegfried.

-You certainly acknowledge your guilt without hesitation.

Siegfried kneeled in front of the Princess, looking down.

-I now submit to your justice. All is done. I have nothing more to regret.

He lifted his head toward Hilde looking her in the eyes.

-Now kill me, and bring an end to it all!

After a moment where she stayed there pointing her sword at him, Hilde lowered her sword and moved toward the repentant man. As she approached toward him, Siegfried lowered his head again, ready to receive the mortal strike. Hilde stopped in front of him, stuck her lance in the ground and pointed her sword at Siegfried again.

-True warriors…

Siegfried slightly lifted his head.

-… think not of themselves but of others. You have sacrificed everything to atone for your sins… and demonstrated true valour. Now that everything has come to an end, I, Hildegard von Krone, declare that you, Siegfried Strauffen, are forgiven for your sins!

Siegfried barely believed it. He lifted his head to look at Hilde and the smile she gave him… won his heart completely.

Now he would protect her forever from any harm.

Siegfried and Raphael fell down as they where wrestling with one another. They both rolled on the floor, from one side of the salon to the other, violently brawling together. Raphael was growling in hate and rage having completely turned into a desperate beast, until they reached a chest of drawers where Siegfried brutally slammed Raphael's head against it to knock him out. The shock opened Raphael's previous wound made from the rock the peasant had thrown him and Raphael fainted. At first surprised by this intervention, Amy now quickly got up.

-How dare you! It was a fight one on one! You cannot interpose yourself!

She unsheathed her rapier and went toward Siegfried with a resolute and angry gaze. Siegfried got up, took his sword on the floor and looked at her a little ashamed. Hilde then also addressed him with some embarrassement:

-She is right. It was a duel. On my honour, I swore I would do it one on one.

Siegfried got very ashamed.

-I'm sorry… But…

He faced Amy again and parried her strike. The three servants were also coming toward him.

-Please stay back! I may have done something not honourable, but I could not let the Princess get killed!

Amy was really angry and ordered to her father's minions:

-Kill him.

She never used such authority before but she was really angry at the disloyal intervention, at the invasion of their castle and now worried at the brutal blow her father had received, so she would strike at anybody trying to hurt them. Seeing her father unconscious, his head all bloodied was really worrying and infuriating her.

Marienbard and Auguste went toward Siegfried while Jacqueline took her arquebus and aimed at him. She shot him through the armour and hit his shoulder. Siegfried winced and groaned in pain, leaving himself open for Marienbard to strike at him with her scythe, making him fall down. But the sound of the gun resonated throughout the castle and Amy understood it was an error. She could admonish Jacqueline but what was the use?

-Nevermind. It's too late. Might as well use it too…

She ran to her arquebus and took it before she aimed at Siegfried, who was getting up and hit him before she fell backward on the coach with the recoil. Even if she was aware of this effect, her small size didn't allow her to resist against it. Siegfried fell down again.

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