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Heroes Reborn: Apokolips 1


On earth two, the trinity: batman, superman, Wonder Woman defend the earth from Darkseids invasion. When they defeat him the first time, there is peace. Batman marries catwoman and have a daughter named Helena and a adopted son named Thomas. Superman and Lois have a daughter named Kara and Wonder Woman becomes queen of the amazons. However the invader returns again, this time with the help of his uncle Steppenwolf and fury, wonder woman's daughter. The trinity defeat Darkseid again, but at a cost. With the trinity gone, new heroes must emerge. In this story, Thomas Wayne III , Damocles( wonder woman's half brother and demigod), Kara zor el aka power girl must unite and gather their allies after Darkseid comes for a third time. Though not an official team, they must unite or fall. Based upon DC comics, follow the adventures of these young heroes as they rise to the challenge and become wonders.

Action / Adventure
Gabriel Garcia
4.0 2 reviews
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Chapter 1

It was a usual night in Gotham. Catwoman was stealing jewels, and the cape crusader would stop her, but this night would take a different twist.

After sneaking through the security lasers, she cut a circle in the glass case.

“Come here, precious,” she said as she reached inside to take the large diamond. But that was when she sensed he was there.

“Took you long enough, Bats.”

“Hello, Selina. At work, I see?” said Batman.

“You know I can’t resist such beauty,” she said, keeping the diamond close to her.

“Neither can I,” he said under his breath. “But Selina, I can’t let you take the diamond. What if I were to give you one better?”

“Hmm, is the dark knight bribing a thief?” With the lasers off, Catwoman gracefully walked toward the brooding crusader.

“Meet me on the roof, and you shall see.” With that, Batman disappeared into the darkness.

Selina found it odd at first but was curious. Once he was gone, she put the diamond in a pocket and headed to the roof. Making it to the roof, Selina found herself alone under the night sky. She was beginning to think this was another one of his cruel pranks but then heard something from behind. As she turned around, she saw her admirer on one knee. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black box. In it was a cat’s eye gemstone wedding ring. Selina was initially shocked, and once she saw what was inside, she gave herself a genuine smile.

“Yes..” She quickly then discarded the other diamond and extended her hand. With a simple gesture, Batman slipped the rind onto her finger and embraced his fiance under the moonlit sky with a kiss. Cat woman wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him close. After the kiss, she nuzzled into his chest and let out a happy sigh.

This was the beginning of something new.

At Gotham General Hospital, Bruce was in the waiting room, pacing back and forth. Then a nurse came out and told him that he could come in. There he saw his wife. Exhausted in the hospital bed, Selina held their newborn baby. Seeing Bruce come in, she looked at him.

“She’s got your eyes.”

“She has your smile, and I love your smile. So what’s her name,” said Bruce.

“I was thinking of Helena,” Selina said, looking at her daughter.

“Helena is a good name.” Just then, the baby started to wake up, and as she opened her eyes, she had green eyes like her mother. Helena yawned and made baby sounds. She looked at Bruce and knew he was her father. Wanting to see him, she reached out. Handing their daughter to him, Bruce carefully cradled the tiny bundle in his arms.

“She’s precious,” said Bruce.

“She is,” said Selina. Helena gurgled and made a few baby noises and held onto his finger. After a few hours, they were able to leave the hospital. Once they returned to Wayne Manor, Bruce, and Selina were greeted by Alfred pennyworth, holding a phone. He told Master Bruce that it was urgent. Taking the phone, Bruce and Selina made their way inside.

“What could it be now?” Selina held Helena close to her. As Bruce answered, his face grew pale. Very rarely does the dark knight show fear in front of others. Usually, he is feared, but only a few things made Bruce truly afraid, and this was one of those cases. Hanging up the phone, he turned to Selina.

“It’s Clark. Darkseid’s invading the earth. Alfred was shocked by the news. Selina was afraid, not just for the planet but for her daughter.

“What are we going to do?” Making his way to the hidden staircase, he removed his tie and black jacket.

“I have to go. Alfred, call Grayson, Zatanna, and Constantine and have them come to the mansion at once,” said Bruce in his gruff voice.

“Right away, Master Wayne,” said Pennyworth.

As Bruce made his way to the Bat cave, Selina knew she wanted to help. But she also knew she had other responsibilities as well. She had to stay behind and keep her daughter safe.

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