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The Glitch in Time


We are the Spirit Chasers. We're here to protect the magical world from devastation. No one believed me until now. I'm Sakura Sachiko. I came from the future. See? You don't believe me. But they did.

Fantasy / Adventure
Kanade Takeda
Age Rating:

They Called Me Crazy

Chapter One: They Called Me Crazy
~I’m not weird, just extra extraordinary~

There are many things in this world I do not comprehend. What is a magic guild’s purpose? What is my purpose? Little things like that.

Murderous intent. Suicide. Pain. Death.

Such words are sadness.

If I told you what my purpose was, you wouldn’t believe me. No one ever did.

But. Some people in this world have the open mind to comprehend what others cannot.

I’m not from this time.

I left that detail out. How careless.

Sakura’s POV

“Another stupid attempt. Why are these people so ignorant?” I murmured under my breath.

I replayed the afternoon’s events in my head. Of course. Not even Lamia Scale would understand.

“Did you hit your head miss?” Lyon’s voice echoed.

“I’ll hit you in the head. Honestly” I sighed.

My pure white curls bounced off my shoulders, as I half stomped, half ran my way out of Margaret City.

“If I wanted to be told I was crazy I would’ve gone to Fairy Tail” I continued mumbling.

As the words came out of my mouth I stumbled.

“You’re so crazy Sakura”

I bit down on my lower lip to keep it from trembling.

“H-Hey! Wait please!”

I hadn’t even realized I was running until the voice called out. I skidded to a stop and almost fell over. I turned to glare at who followed me but stopped when I realised it wasn’t anyone I knew.

The girl in front of me looked at least 4 years older than me. She had blonde hair, untamed at the front but neatly braided and twisted around her head at the back. Her eyes were a stunning blue and her skin was moonlight pale. Underneath her right eye on her cheek was a flower tattoo that transformed from a simple daisy to an elaborate rose within 5cm.

While she caught her breath I studied her clothing, trying to find out where she’d come from.

She wore a frost green top with short puffy sleeves and a leaf-like collar. The front part also curled around her chest in the shape of leaves, trimmed with white. Her matching frost green skirt connected with her top, as if it were one garment, but I’d learnt to be very observant. It went to her ankles where a pair of white sandals peaked out from underneath.

I’d never seen anything like it.

“You came here asking something no?”

The girl’s voice interrupted my observing and I snapped back to reality.

Now that the girl had composed herself I noticed a lot more. The very way she stood told me she came from a polite society. Her voice confirmed that. Her posture was better than I’d thought humanly possible and her voice was high but mature.

I felt so inferior.

“Um yes…” I trailed off.

“My name is Namiku Nakamura” the blonde continued.


Is she going anywhere with this?

“You say you came from the future, correct?” Namiku said.

That caught my attention. I snapped my head up and hissed in a loud voice “I never said that. Why don’t you just go back to your castle and forget you ever saw me”

I immediately covered my mouth. Namiku looked shocked. I was with her on that one.

Then she laughed.

I stood there for a moment almost expecting to realise her laughter was fake and she was edging away slowly. It took me a minute to realise her laughter was genuine.

“My castle. That’s a good one. Mind telling me your name?” Namiku asked, almost casually through giggles.

“Sakura Sachiko” I replied not sure how to react to her laughter.

“Silvermoon” my mind finished for me.

“Shut up” I muttered.

“Sorry” Namiku said covering her laughter.

“No not you! Um… sorry…” I said scratching the back of my head.

“Okay. I figured those Lamia Scale guys were lying” Namiku smiled.

From the look in her eye, I’m willing to bet she knew more than she was letting on.

“So… how can I help you, Nakamura-san?” I asked, really wanting to leave.

“How rude of me! You can just call me Namiku! Please come to my house. There’s something I’d like to ask of you” Namiku said.

“I can’t” I said immediately.

“I’m not asking Sakura. There is something I absolutely must ask you. Not here” Namiku said.

Her voice was so pleading, almost begging, I nodded hesitantly.

Her smile brightened before she fell over coughing so loudly I couldn’t hear myself think.

Airi’s POV

“Back before sunset she said. Just going to follow the girl she said. Yeah Namiku. Yeah. When you’ve been diagnosed with a rare sickness!” I said loudly to the forest as I tried to follow the trail my friend had taken.

I heard a familiar sound. Namiku’s moan.

I followed it and peered from behind a bush. A girl with white hair had Namiku’s arm around her shoulder and she was dragging her slowly.

The girl had curly white hair that went to her waist, rose pink eyes and pale skin that the faint light from the setting sun seemed to reflect off like glass. She was a midget to put it simply but she was beautiful. She wore a navy blue top, with a collar that went halfway up her neck, but left a hole in the middle to show her silver crescent moon necklace, but not so far down that I would call it seductive. The entire uniform was trimmed with sky blue, even the attachable sleeves that may as well have been a part of the top considered they left only the tiniest, annoying gap between the two. She wore a sky blue skirt that went to her knees and looked like it came out of a school uniform and a pair of white slip on shoes.

Her eyes were darting around worriedly. I snapped out of my trace in realisation and gasped. Namiku was being kidnapped.

I sprung from the trees without a second thought. I flew through the air aiming my foot at the girl’s stomach.


Sakura’s POV

At first I didn’t know what hit me. Then an incredible force sent me flying away from Namiku and into the nearest tree.

“Ouch!” I cried. I think I heard a crack.

“Thought you could get away with it huh?! Well not today!” a voice that wasn’t Namiku’s shouted.

I looked up to study the new character.

She had wild midnight blue hair, roughly plaited into two braids, dark brown eyes and a fair complexion from what I could tell once my head stopped spinning. Her hair had a very ombre look, as the tips were a bright fluro like blue and parts of her braids were too. She wore a pale red top similar to my own, only no hole or attachable sleeves, that was trimmed with black. She wore dark grey three quarter length jeans and short black boots. From her ears dangled real and delicate looking white feather earrings and a white circlet with a red gem in the centre wrapped around her head.

“Trying to kidnap Namiku?! It’s unheard of! Sure she’s super pretty but she’s really super sick!” the blunette babbled.

“Hang on! Kidna-“ I was cut off by Namiku “Are you insulting me or complimenting me Airi?” she moaned.

“Neither! I’m saving your butt!” Airi claimed.

“She was saving my butt” Namiku groaned motioning to me.

“She wasn’t kidnapping you?” Airi said in uttermost disbelief.

“Read the air why don’t you” Namiku muttered, loud enough for both Airi and I to hear.

“Well sorry for being concerned” Airi said turning her back on Namiku.

She quickly turned around again when Namiku started coughing again.

“Oh no! We’ve gotta get you home!” Airi exclaimed.

She sent a glance my way as if I was a minor object she didn’t know what to do with.

I wasn’t sure what to think of the girl who just kicked me in the stomach. Namiku seemed to trust her so completely and the air of childhood friends radiated off them.

I partly wanted to leave but I’d promised Namiku I would talk with her and I was worried about her condition. So I helped Airi carry her back to their house.

It was a simple house not in Margaret City but in the forest, camouflaged unless you knew what you were looking for. On top of that it didn’t look intentional.

“Welcome to my castle” Namiku said weakly.

I forced a smile her way and Airi glanced between the two of us.

“I missed the joke” she said, rubbing her nose as if pushing up imaginary glasses that weren’t there.

“You did it again” Namiku noted, as Airi turned the wooden key in the door.

“What?” Airi sighed “You know it’s habit Namiku”

“Do you need glasses?” I asked observing the fact that her nose seemed to have a barely noticeable mark across her nose where the glasses probably sat.

“No. I used to” Airi replied.

I sensed a story behind the whole ‘used to’ but for multiple reasons I didn’t ask. Mainly because I wanted to leave as soon as possible. And also because I knew how annoying it was when people asked about my past.

I entered the house after Airi and Namiku, who had finally regained the strength to stand.

The interior was like the inside of a tree. Flowers decorated the walls and vines curled around the few small windows I could see.

There were three doors that weren’t a part of the room I’d just entered.

I stood awkwardly in the doorway as Airi helped Namiku to the kitchen.

I heard Namiku coughing and spluttering, as Airi gave her the medicine she needed. They emerged what felt like an hour later, when in reality it’d only been a few minutes.

Namiku collapsed onto the couch her hair falling onto her shoulders as she pulled it out of its braid. It fell down to her mid-back, gone wavy from being in the braid.

Airi sat down next to her but she still looked uneasy about me.

“You can sit down Sakura” Namiku said motioning to the second couch across from the one they were sitting on.

I slowly sat down trying to look as relaxed as Namiku but I probably looked like a prisoner waiting for a chance to escape.

“What did you want to ask?” I asked quietly. It was dark now. And the dark brought bad memories. Parts of them anyway.

I mentally shook them off and kept my eyes on Namiku who said “Well… Where to begin…”

“What are you discussing with this stranger Namiku?!” Airi demanded.

“She’s no stranger Airi” Namiku replied calmly, as if she always dealt with outbursts like this from Airi.

“What are you talking about?! We’ve never met her!” Airi snapped.

For once I was going to agree with the blunette. I’d never met either of them as far as my memory went. On that note I never let my memory go too far into the past. Ever.

“Airi. Sit down and be quiet or leave” Namiku snapped.

Airi seemed so shocked by her friends’ tone she sat down quickly.

“Sakura” Namiku sighed turning to me.

“Yes Namiku-chan?” I exclaimed snapping out of her daydream, which I did a lot apparently, then realising what I’d called Namiku.

But from the look on the blonde’s face she either didn’t care or wasn’t in the mood to correct her. Airi on the other hand looked ready to slap me.

“Sakura… you have more than one magic right?” Namiku said choosing her words carefully.

Despite her careful word choice I stiffened. How the hell… I nodded slowly.

“You use Deception magic right?!” Namiku blurted.

I stood up so quickly I almost knocked the table over. “How do you know that?” I demanded quietly.

Namiku breathed a sigh of relief and Airi stared at her in surprise.

“Namiku. Her?” Airi asked.

“Yeah” Namiku answered.

“Oh. You could’ve just said so before I went and kicked her” Airi muttered before turning to me “Sorry” she apologised.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand” I said shaking my head.

“Sorry. Allow me to explain” Namiku said gesturing to my seat.

I sat down again and awaited her explanation.

“Me and Airi live here. We are a team that takes special requests. We’re not so much a guild but just a team that has been approved by the council” Namiku said.

“We’ve recently received a certain request. However, it’s rather fishy” Airi continued.

“In what way?” I asked curiously, before mentally scolded myself.

You’re supposed to be getting out of here as soon as possible.

“The job was from the council themselves. They’re after four escaped convicts. However we did not understand why they would ask us. We are not their underlings or an official guild. It struck us odd” Namiku explained.

“So Namiku used her Archive Magic to locate where the request had really come from. It came from a dark guild, called Grim Skull” Airi said.

“The four ‘convicts’ are a small magical guild, who like us, do requests through the council, called Dragon Claw. From what my research tells me-“

“Hacking” Airi coughed.

Namiku glared at Airi and she shrugged.

“As I was saying my hacking shows me that one of the four was a former member of the dark guild. Dragon Claw’s recent successful request was heard all over Fiore” Namiku said with a look at me that said except you obviously.

“We believe the dark guild is after the member of Dragon Claw that used to be in their guild. And they seek revenge” Airi finished.

“You’re both very clever to figure that out but I don’t understand why you’re telling me and how I fit into this” I said after a moment.

They shared a glance.

“Normally we would report to the council however…” Namiku trailed off.

“One of the members is her boyfriend” Airi whispered loudly.

“Airi!” Namiku snapped.

Airi smirked and avoided the pillow thrown at her.

Namiku turned back to me her face red. “With my recent diagnosis we were about to stop taking requests” Namiku explained.

“Your diagnosis?” I said.

“She has a rare sickness called Frigidness. Her body can’t tolerate low and high temperatures and it makes it hard for her to breath a lot of the time. That’s why she has coughing fits and we live out here. She can’t handle crowds either. It’s like a cross between asthma and whatever you call getting really hot and really cold easily” Airi explained.

I’d never heard of such a sickness so I nodded and glanced at Namiku with sympathy. She smiled weakly and continued.

“My magic is Archive and Picto Magic. Airi’s is Orient Solid Script and Soul Song. As you can imagine the two of us cannot protect four people from an entire dark guild” Namiku said.

“And you think I can?” I blinked, although deep down I knew I probably could. I was still comprehending the fact that Airi had Soul Song magic.

“No. I was hoping we could use your Deception magic to fool them” Namiku replied.

I sat back and considered my options. I could help these two. But what would I get in return? Not that I particularly cared, it was my time I was worried about. If I didn’t help them I was going to regret it later.

“Of course we’ll give you something in return” Airi said studying my expression.

“What?! No! I didn’t! I wasn’t! I couldn’t ask that!” I exclaimed.

“Sakura… I beg you to help us. But I will help you afterwards” Namiku said.

From the look Namiku gave me I knew she knew what I wanted. It was kind of unsettling.

I sat up straight. “I want to help. But… why would a dark guild send you of all people this request when you’re dating one of them?” I asked.

Namiku’s pale face turned red again.

“We’re assuming they don’t know” Airi said, supressing a laugh.

Namiku started explaining her plan, claiming it was because they needed to leave tomorrow morning but I figured she was just changing the subject.

After a meal, cooked by Airi (it wasn’t that good), we all decided to get a good night’s rest. So much time had passed in what seemed like a few minutes. It was 10:30.

Airi disappeared into one of the doors and Namiku collapsed onto a bed in the corner of the main room I hadn’t noticed sitting there.

She noticed me staring and smiled. As she smoothed out her hair she said “I used to sleep in my bedroom. But once I was diagnosed with Frigidness, we moved my bed out here, so I was closer to the fire and my medicine”

“I see” I replied.

Airi emerged from the room her hair pulled out of its plaits, leaving it wavy. I noticed her bright blue tips were more noticeable now that her hair was out. She wore a pair of black pyjama pants and a grey tank top. In her hand she held a pile clothing, which she handed to Namiku.

I turned away to let her change. I thought about changing myself, fingering my black satchel that was still swung across my shoulder but I was self-conscious for one and for two I was reminded of what would be revealed if I did.

Airi must have sensed my unease because she pointed to one of the other two doors and said “Bathroom if you want”

I sent a grateful smile her way and entered, closing the door behind me.

Namiku’s POV

My body felt weak as I pulled myself into my night clothes. A white night dress and a pair of black stockings because of my weak body temperature.

I lay down on my bed and Airi relaxed onto the couch nearby.

“Are you sure about her Namiku?” Airi whispered.

I looked over at the blunette and nodded. Airi sighed and smiled.

When Sakura came out I smiled at her again. She still seemed uneasy here. As if her secrets would be revealed.

She now wore midnight blue pyjama pants, a white buttoned up shirt and a pink cardigan over the top. She looked more layered than me.

Airi pointed to the couch opposite hers and handed Sakura a blanket. Once she was settled I relaxed myself.

Just as I was drifting into sleep I heard Sakura’s voice. “Namiku-chan? What’s his name?”

I spluttered in protest and Airi burst out laughing.

Kanade: I own all the characters so far except the mentioned Lyon who belongs to Hiro Mashima.

Next Time:

“You ready?”
“We’re Dragon Claw”
“Sakura. Now move!”
“Springing surprise attacks now Namiku?”
“This is what girls get for trying to play big boy games”
“I’d like to see you test that theory”

A Dragon’s Claw

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