The Glitch in Time

A Dragon's Claw

Chapter Two: A Dragon’s Claw
~Take it, that courage you have locked in your heart, awaken it, wipe away your tears, be strong and use that courage~

Appearances can be deceiving. Imitaionists, Deceivers, Pranksters and Masters of Disguise.

Imitate, learn, deceive, become, live, prank, believe.

Memories cannot be deceived. Imitated. Copied.

Believe what your heart tells you.

Unless that heart isn’t there in the first place and you’re trusting your brain instead.

How careless.

Sakura’s POV

Step. Step. Step. Don’t think about it. Step. Step. Step.

“Are you okay Sakura?” Namiku said, interrupting my thoughts.

“I think so” I replied slowly.

“Deception. A magic that allows the user to manipulate one’s appearance along with others around them. They can copy someone else’s appearance or create their own. They can also copy magic, however it takes a lot more magical power and they cannot do this for others around them. The stronger the mage the more effective the spell is” Airi said without looking up from her book.

“Need you define my magic?” I asked, peering at her magic dictionary.

“I’m just making sure I know everything so you can’t trick me” Airi said, glancing at me.

“You know she has more than one magic right?” Namiku said.

“I’ll get there as soon as you tell me what it is” Airi said in an accusing voice.

“I would tell you if I knew” Namiku said looking at me.

I looked the opposite direction.

Neither of them said anything else but I could feel their eyes studying me so I changed the subject.

“So Namiku-chan…. What is his name?” I asked again.

Namiku’s cheeks went pink again and Airi looked amused.

“I don’t see how this is important” Namiku blushed.

“I need to know their names so it actually sounds like I’ve heard of them” I said glancing at her.

“His name is Blair” Airi said.

“Airi!” Namiku complained.

“And the other three?” I asked supressing my laugh by smiling.

“Akihiro, Jay and Ryo” Airi replied.

“I see” I nodded.

“Yeah sure put his name first” Namiku smirked.

“What!? I was not!” Airi exclaimed.

“Were too” Namiku laughed.

“You can’t talk!!” Airi yelled.

Normal POV

“We’ll meet up with you on the other side”

“What if the plan fails?”

“We use plan B”

“And what’s plan B?”


“Aye…” Sakura murmured.

She’d used her magic to change her appearance. Her hair was shorter and hot pink, her eyes were crimson red and her skin was a few tones darker.

She was walking on the path Grim Skull planned to attack Dragon Claw.

Namiku and Airi had declined the dark guild’s request two days before they’d met Sakura. Afterwards Namiku had… hacked the dark guilds security lacrima and found out what they planned to do.

Which was to ambush Dragon Claw.

“How does this work?”

“We’re hoping if a complete stranger is there the dark guild won’t attack”

“Why couldn’t either of you be that complete stranger?”

“Because they know what we look like. They’ll attack us regardless”

“So you could’ve asked anyone to do this for you?”

“Not necessarily”

“But how does disguising myself help the situation? I’ll be a complete stranger either way”

“If the dark guild does attack, the cuter you look the more likely the fou- no the three of them will be to try and protect you”


“You’ll understand when you meet them”

“You’re too cute right now Sakura”

“That makes no sense” Sakura muttered under her breath.

“So what do I do once I encounter them?”

“Get their attention somehow”

“Geez not asking much are you?

Sakura was so deep in thought she didn’t even see the four figures coming towards her. She accidently ran into one of them and landed on the ground.

“Ow…” Sakura whined in surprise.

She looked up to see 4 people. The first one had spiky light brown hair, brown eyes and glasses. The second had slightly long darker brown hair hanging in his blue eyes. The third one had blue grey hair swept to one side, black eyes and pale skin. The fourth had a hood over his face so Sakura couldn’t see him.

‘Well… unintentional get their attention. Check’ Sakura thought remembering Airi’s descriptions of the Dragon Claw members.

“Are you okay?” the blue eyed one asked.

“Um I think so” Sakura stuttered.

“I’m truly sorry” the black eyed one apologised kneeling next to her.

“Allow us to help you” the light brown haired one said kneeling next to her on the other side.

‘I think I understood what Airi meant now…’

“I’m fine” Sakura blushed standing quickly.

“I’m Blair” the blue eyed one said.

‘This is Namiku-chan’s boyfriend…’

“I am Akihiro” the light brown haired one added.

“I’m Jay. And this is Ryo” the black eyed one said waving his hand at the hooded boy who looked up. Sakura saw a glint of red eyes from underneath the hood, but her eye was caught by a flash of light from a nearby tree.

‘So much for plan A’

“We are Dragon Claw” Akihiro finished.

“Sakura. Now move!” Sakura exclaimed, shoving the 4 of them out of the way as a blast of fire hit the spot they’d been standing.

Sakura barely managed to side step the attack herself. She cursed as dark guild members emerged from all around them.

‘Plan C it is’

Sakura shook of her Deception magic and her hands flashed, her weapon appearing in her hands. Two silver blades, both attached to either end of a long chain.

She didn’t really care that the 4 Dragon Claw members were staring at her in utter confusion and shock.

Her weapons started glowing with her celestial magic.

“Is a girl in your guild now?” one of the dark guild members taunted.

“She’s pretty cute you know” another said.

“Come back now and we won’t hurt her, Ryo” another smirked.

‘So Ryo’s the former dark guild member…’

“Spare me” Sakura said.

She threw one of the ends of her chain. It took off, moving when she jerked the chain where she wanted it to go, until it returned to her hand like a boomerang.

The dark guild members in front of her looked ready to laugh as nothing happened for a second. Then all the trees their other members had been hiding in fell over.

The clearing became silent, the only sounds being the wind rustling through the remaining trees.

“How careless” Sakura said.

“A-Attack!” one of the dark guild members yelled.

As the dark guild charged, the Dragon Claw members snapped out of their trance and got ready to defend themselves.

A sword appeared in Jay’s hands, dust whirled around Blair’s, Akihiro pushed up his glasses and snow swirled around Ryo’s body, pulling off his hood revealing his messy black hair, tanned face and glowing red eyes.

“Friends of your Ryo?” Jay asked.

“Not funny” Ryo muttered.

“As many questions this raises why don’t we just get rid of them first?” Blair suggested.

“It would be wise” Akihiro agreed.

“I think she raises the most questions” Ryo said glancing at Sakura.

Sakura hadn’t noticed them stand but she heard what they said. She pushed her white hair out of her pink eyes and sighed.

“You owe me Namiku, Airi” she muttered.

She back flipped away from a dark guild member and threw her chain again. It sent half of the people going for her running.

But they kept on coming despite her cutting down all those poor trees.

“You’re annoying me” she hissed.

One grabbed her from behind and twisted her arm. She just glared at him.

“This is what girls get for trying to play big boy games” he smirked.

“I’d like to see you test that theory” Sakura said. She brought her foot back and kicked him in the groin making him drop to his knees.

Jay appeared behind Sakura and looked at the guy she’d just kicked in the groin and winced.

“Remind me not to piss you off. So were you lying about your name?” he asked.

“No” Sakura said.

“Just checking” Jay shrugged.

“Not sure why you believe that if she lied about her appearance” Ryo said sending a blast of snow past them.

“How do you know that wasn’t her real appearance and this one is fake?” Blair questioned, punching the ground, making parts of the earth strike upwards and knock a ton of the dark guild members away.

Before Sakura could retort, Akihiro jumped down in front of her saying “This is her real one”

“If you say so” Blair sighed.

“I expect you’re going to tell us why” Akihiro said looking at Sakura.

“Sure” Sakura said.

She placed her palms on the ground and light began to shine through the cracks Blair’s magic had created.

“What is she doing?” Jay asked.

The light got brighter and everyone froze in shock.

“Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Celestial Light!” Sakura yelled.

The light exploded, causing everyone to close their eyes and brace for impact. Only nothing happened to the Dragon Claw members.

When they opened their eyes, all of the Grim Skull members were unconscious.

They all looked at Sakura who had her head down, her arms trembling.

“Holy crap…” Ryo muttered.

“The other side of the forest” Sakura said, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Huh?” Ryo said.

Sakura fell unconscious, the memories of the last time she’d had to use that magic flooding back to her.

“They’re everywhere!”

“What do we do!?”


“I can’t let this happen…”

“We can’t win against this!”

“Already so many…”

“Secret Dragon Slayer Art: Celestial Light!”


“How did she…”

“Sakura are you okay!? “

“I’m fine”

“They just keep coming!”

“We have to do that”

“You can’t possibly mean…”

“It’s the only way”



“What are you guys talking about…?”

“Forgive us”

“No! Stop! I’m not going to leave you!”

“Stop this from happening Sakura”

“We will always be your friends Sakura”

“Don’t step on my pride you hear me Sakura?”



Namiku’s POV

“Namiku we’ve got to stay here!” Airi said gripping my arm.

“You saw that light too Airi! What if Sakura is in trouble!?” I exclaimed.

“Namiku… we’ve only known her for barely a day and you’re more concerned about her than your boyfriend?” Airi said.

“I… You’re right…” I said touching her head. The sudden light had made me feel such pain as if someone close to me had been hurt.

“Let’s wait a bit longer” Airi suggested.

I nodded and sat back down with her.

‘What is it about her… that seems so familiar to me?’

Normal POV

“The other side of the forest is what she said right?” Blair asked.

“Considering she came from the opposite direction this must be it” Akihiro agreed.

“What did she mean by that anyway?” Jay muttered.

“Who knows?” Ryo muttered looking at the unconscious girl in his arms.


“Huh?” they all said.

Namiku burst from the trees, followed by Airi.

“Springing surprise attacks now Namiku?” Jay joked, only slightly shocked by her arrival.

“Namiku? Airi? What the heck are you two doing here?” Blair exclaimed.

Namiku sped past them and went to Ryo who was placing Sakura on the ground.

“We’ll explain” Airi promised before following her blonde friend.

“What happened?! Is she okay?” Namiku gushed.

“Namiku breath” Airi said, rubbing her friend’s back.

“I knew this was a bad idea” Namiku whispered.

“I think she is okay Namiku” Akihiro said.

“She collapsed after using some crazy magic” Jay explained.

“I’m sure she’ll be fine” Blair said, still shocked over the fact that his girlfriend had appeared from nowhere.

“It’s all my fault” Ryo muttered.

“It is not!” Airi said hitting him over the head.

“Ow! What was that for?” he demanded.

“It was Sakura’s decision to help us! To help you! If you put her decision to waste I will hit you again. Harder” Airi snapped.

“She’s right. It’s not your fault your former guild members decided to attack you” Akihiro said.

Sakura jolted upwards and almost hit Namiku in the face. Her eyes were wide with fear.

“Sakura?” Namiku asked gently.

Sakura looked at her, her body trembling, her eyes becoming even more wide with fear. She reached out her hand and touched Namiku’s arm.

“Sakura?” Airi asked.

“You’re here…” Sakura said quietly her voice trembling more than her body.

Her eyes filled with tears and she pulled her arms around herself. Instinctively Namiku wrapped her arms around the younger girl and pulled her into a hug.

As Sakura cried in Namiku’s eyes Namiku met Airi’s eyes and they shared a look. The four boys sat around awkwardly. They were used to impressing girls and the like. They never, however, thought they’d have to deal with a crying girl.


“Amnesia too huh?”

“Who brought her in anyway?”

“An old couple. They found her not far from their house in the middle of the forest”

“I hate patients like this. Someone brings them in unconscious and when they wake up they have no idea where or who they are”

“It’s not like you can blame them. Amnesia is caused by a hit to the head or traumatization. Either would have forced a young lady like her into unconsciousness”

“Young lady? She is still a child”

“Barely 15 I’d say”

“Strange expression she has for someone with amnesia”

“What do you mean?”

“Most amnesia patients have a blank or curious look. Her face is full of pure sadness. Don’t you feel it radiating off her?”

“You’re right you know… you think she’s lying?”

“I don’t”

“Then why bring it up?”

“Very few amnesia patients have amnesia simply because they don’t want to remember anything”


“Can you truly imagine something so bad as to inflict amnesia on yourself?”

“No. I cannot”

“Then it is beyond our imaginations”

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“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you”
“Who the heck are you?!”
“Does that matter? Take me with you!”
“I’ve learnt to expect the unexpected through my experiences. I never expected this”
“You’ll help me?”

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