Love or Tradition

Chapter 9

I'm in Uriah's room at Max and Hana's house, getting ready for the dinner date with Eric. My mother is next door in Zeke's room, getting ready as well for we need to leave the house around five to get there in time to eat dinner around five-thirty. Right now, I am trying to decide between the two dresses I have brought with me, which one to wear. I have a floor-length, off the shoulder, violet dress with a beaded flower design on the bodice of the dress; I would have to wear a shawl. I have a pair of light purple flats to compliment the dress. My second dress is a knee-length, strapped dark purple dress with floral designs all over it. The dress zips up in the back and I have a pair of one inch purple heels to go with it along with some tights. I would have to ask my mom about wearing a shawl as well with this dress. The straps are thick but I don't know if it would be appropriate to go out in public.

I'm still trying to decide when a knock sounds at the door. "Can I come in?" Mom asks.

"Yeah." The door opens and Mom walks in, wearing a purple blouse with a dark purple pencil skirt, tights, and flats. "Why aren't you dressed yet?"

"I don't know which dress I want to where," I answer.

Mom comes over and looks at my dress choices. After looking over the dresses, my mother chooses the dark purple dress with the purple heels. "Do I need to wear a shawl with it?" Mom looks at it before shaking her head. "The straps are thick enough to cover your shoulders; you should be fine."

"Ok, thanks mom."

She smiles at me then heads over towards the door. "I'll be waiting in the living room for you when you're ready." She leaves, closing the door behind her. I start to change into the purple dress but I couldn't zip it up all the way. After a few more attempts, I give up on trying and decide to just ask my mom to zip up the rest. I French braid my hair then I put on the high heels and start walking towards the door. Before I leave, I decide to grab the shawl just in case I get cold. I walk into the living room to see Mom and Hana talking to each other but they stop once they see me. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, but can you help me zip up the rest of my dress?" I ask, turning around. Mom walks up behind me and zips up the dress. I give her a smile in thanks and she nods then looks at the shawl draped over my arm; she raises an eyebrow in confusion. "Just in case I get cold," I answer.

"All right." Mom turns to Hana. "We'll be going now."

"Ok, good luck on your date, Princess," says Hana.

"It's not really a date," I say.

"Yes it is," says Mom.

"I'm just getting to know him."

"That's a date, sweetie."

I sigh in annoyance. "Let's just go." We walk out of the door and head over to Eric's house, which isn't that far of a walk so we don't take the carriage. By the time we have arrived at the house and knocked on the door, it has been about ten minutes. The door opens and a man with short black hair and brown eyes stands at the entrance. He is wearing a black dress shirt with black pants and dress shoes. "Good evening, please come in," the man steps aside. "My name is Dimitri." We walk into the house when I notice Eric standing by the entrance to the kitchen, wearing a tuxedo and his hair is gelled. He still has the piercings in his face which makes him less attractive and more repulsive. "Hello again, Princess Beatrice; you look very lovely this evening." He gently grabs my hand and places a kiss on it. "My mother is in the kitchen finishing dinner so please follow me to the dining room." He takes my arm and practically drags me to the next room, with Mom and Dimitri following us. When we get to the dining room, I make my way to sit down but Eric beats me to it, pulling out the chair for me. I internally sigh but I sit down anyway. Eric pushes me in then walks over to the over side of the table, sitting down as well.

"You have a nice young man, Dimitri," Mom says, sitting down in the chair Dimitri had pulled out for her then pushes her in.

"He gets it from his father," a woman says, walking into the room carrying two plates and balancing a bowl on her head. Dimitri takes the bowl off her head and places it on the table then the woman places the other plates on the table. The woman has pixie style, brown hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a spaghetti strapped black dress with two inch black stilettos. The woman smiles at us before saying, "I'm Skylar, your majesties." She curtsies before us. "It's very nice to meet you." Dimitri pulls out a chair for her and Skylar sits down then Dimitri pushes her in; he then sits down next to her. "Well, dig in." I look at the food on the table and see fried chicken with potato wedges and biscuits. I place some of the food on my plate and start eating. While I'm eating, I observe Eric and am immediately repulsed by what I see. Eric is basically shoving the food down his throat and it almost seems like he is swallowing the food whole without chewing it. I look at my mother, amazed that she is not seeing what I'm seeing; even his parents are oblivious to Eric's eating habits.

"So, Eric, what do you like to do for fun?" I ask, trying to at least act like I'm interested in Eric, even though I'm not.

"I like fighting and shooting," Eric answers with a mouth full of food, making me cringe.

"What do you like to do, Princess Beatrice?" Skylar asks.

"I mostly like to draw," I answer.

I hear Eric scoff and I know that he is not impressed with that answer. Well, I'm not impressed with him so far so I think it's time to let him know. "Is that a problem? Because I didn't make any comments about what you like to do for fun."

"It's just weird to hear someone say they like to draw for fun."

"I'm Abnegation, what do you expect?"

"Something more exciting." Eric looks me up and down. "I thought you would be a little more rebellious."

I suddenly stand up. "If you keep this up, I can show you how rebellious I can be."

"Beatrice," warns Mom.

"You want to fight, little girl?" Eric taunts.

My eyes widen. "That's it!" I charge towards Eric but Mom grabs ahold of me. Eric gets up but Dimitri grabs him, holding him in place.

"Calm down, Beatrice," Mom orders gently.

"Why should I calm down?!" I exclaim. "He insulted me!"

"No he didn't, you're not thinking clearly. Please calm down, sweetie."

After trying but failing to get out of my mother's grip, I eventually give up and relax in her arms. I realize it was pointless trying to get away from an ex-Dauntless member. I look up at Eric and notice that he is smirking at me. This makes me want to punch him even more but my mother rubbing her hand up and down my arm soothingly stops me. "Beatrice, it's not nice to attack your host," scolds Mom.

"And Eric, even though you love taunting people, you can't taunt royalty," Skylar scolds.

"Well, I can't taunt the queen so her daughter will have to do," says Eric.

"Why would you want to taunt the queen?" Dimitri asks.

"Because it's her fault the kingdom is like this! If she would have stayed and remained queen, our kingdom wouldn't be in this situation! We have to rely on a prince or princess from another kingdom to marry a council member!"

"The prince is still alive," Skylar states. "He can still come back and take over."

"No, that's not going to happen! This is all Queen Natalie's fault!"

I see my mother flinch and it sparks the flame to beat the shit out of Eric. "Don't you dare disrespect my mother like that! She is the most loving and kind-hearted person in the entire world! My mother is more human than you'll ever be!" I turn to my mother and see her smiling at me. She then looks at Eric and her smile falters, replaced by a hard glare. "Eric, I thought you were a nice man, but it turns out you are not. I don't want you anywhere near my daughter for you are not fit to be her husband."

Now it is my turn to smirk at Eric and he glares at me. His parents try to get Mom to change her mind but she stays firm on her decision. We then leave the house and I'm glad that Eric is not an option anymore. He basically just reminds me of Peter and that date was worse than this one. I just hope my dinner date with Four won't be as bad because if it is, I might have to marry Robert after all.

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