Love or Tradition

Chapter 11

The next day, I am sitting on a couch in the living room, waiting for Four to pick me up and take me out. I told my mom about what happened and she couldn't be happier. Mom agreed to let me stay for the date but right after Four takes me back to Hana's house, we would have to go back to Abnegation. I wanted to wear something Dauntless again but Mom wouldn't let me. She told me that since it is a date, I would have to wear something nice and that I shouldn't wear something that isn't nice. So, I'm stuck with the outfit I have for today; a light purple blouse, a purple skirt with designs of flowers all over it, and flats.

A knock sounds at the door and Hana walks over to answer it. "Who-" There is a loud thump and then something falls to the floor. My heart starts to race as footsteps come closer towards the living room. I get up from my place on the couch and start backing away, searching for a weapon to defend myself with. Suddenly, a hand clamps over my mouth and I'm about a let out a scream when a voice calmly whispers, "It's just me, Beatrice." I calm down instantly and Mom rubs a soothing hand up and down my arm. "Listen carefully. I want you to go out the backdoor and go get some help. If you find any trouble, remember the self-defense techniques I taught you. Do you understand?" I nod. When I was younger, Mom taught me some self-defense moves just so that I would be able to defend myself. She did the same thing to Caleb and she made sure that we didn't tell anyone. I don't know if Dad knew about this or not but either way, the self-defense Mom taught me works well in certain situations.

Mom releases me and gently pushes me towards the kitchen. I quietly walk towards the kitchen and towards the back door. I slowly open the door so the intruder wouldn't hear me and then start running away from the house. I head towards Four's house but I hope that I can catch him on his way over here, so that I can ask him for his help. While I'm running, my thoughts train to Mom and Hana. I hope that Hana is all right and that Mom will be able to hold the person off without getting hurt herself. Even though Mom was Dauntless, I don't know how her fighting skills are or how rusty she is.

I'm so focused on my mother and Hana that I wasn't paying attention to where I was going or if anyone was following me. Suddenly, I feel someone tackle me to the ground and place a hand over my mouth. I let out a muffled scream and struggle to get out of my captor's hold. I try to remember what Mom told me and I can remember her saying something about using my elbows and knees. I bring my arm back and elbow my captor in the gut. I hear my captor hiss out in pain then I kick my leg out and hit the person in-between the legs. I feel the person loosen his grip on me and I'm able to get out of their grip to start running away again. I didn't get that far before I am tackled to the ground again. This time, the captor makes sure my arms and legs are tied so I couldn't get away and he also stuffs a cloth in my mouth.

"I thought I said to not underestimate her," hisses the man holding me down.

"I didn't know that the Stiff has some fight in her," states the other man.

"She's the daughter of Queen Natalie, who was the ex-princess of Dauntless. I wouldn't be surprise if she taught her daughter some self-defense moves."

"So, what do we do with her now?"

"Just follow my lead and don't let anyone see us."

I feel the men pick me up and I start thrashing and screaming, hoping someone will notice me and come save me. My feet scrape across the ground as the men practically drag me along the way. I'm scared of what these men will do to me or if they are going to kill me. I try to figure out where the men are taking me but I can't tell where we are heading. I then see trees in the distance and I notice that is where I'm heading. I start thrashing even harder, hoping I can slow them down so that someone will walk by and see me.

"Hold still, Stiff," one of the men says, gripping my arm way too tightly. I'm trying to figure out who these men are but they are wearing masks so I can't see their faces. One of the men sounds familiar but I can't remember where I've heard that voice before.

Suddenly, I'm thrown towards the trees and my back smacks into one of them. The wind is knocked out of me as I lay on the ground, trembling slightly from the pain. I'm then grabbed by my hair and am dragged into the group of trees. There, I'm thrown back on the ground and one of the men kicks me in the gut. The other man follows suit and soon, both men are kicking me at different parts of my body: my chest, back, legs, and arms. I'm thinking they'll avoid my face but one of the men lifts my head up and then slams it onto the ground. Black spots cover my vision but I force myself to stay awake. I fear that if I lose consciousness, I will be at the mercy of these men to do whatever sick plans they have in mind. One man takes out a knife and kneels down beside me, looking over my face. "Let's start with that pretty little face of yours." He moves the knife closer to me and I prepare myself for the worst.

"Hey!" Both men look up at the voice but I don't pay attention to what's going on. I hear screams, bones breaking, the sound of skin hitting skin, but I don't know who's fighting who. My body is very sore and I could feel the darkness closing in on me. The screams stop and I hear someone walking over to me. A hand is placed upon my shoulder but I jerk away from its touch. "Beatrice, its me." I feel the gag being taken out of my mouth and I slowly turn my head to find myself staring into deep blue eyes. "Four," I croak out. He gives me a nod then cuts the ropes binding my arms and legs. Four picks me up from the ground, one arm wrapped under my knees and the other cradling my back, holding me close to him. I place my head on his shoulder and ball part of his shirt in my fist. Four walks out of and away from the trees and the gentle, steady pace that Four is walking lures me to sleep.

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