Love or Tradition

Chapter 20

It has been a few months since Tobias revealed the news to the public that he was the long lost prince of Dauntless. Since then, Tobias and I have been allowed into the palace to stay and get used to the feel of it. We also put up signs for people to come and work and surprisingly, a lot of people applied and we have accepted about thirty people to come and work. We have people who clean, cook, and other chores but it took all of us, including me and Tobias, to clean up the palace to get it back to its former glory. All of the furniture had been refurnished and polished, everything was dusted off, the rooms were repainted to cover all of the chipped paint that had withered away over the years, as well as replaced anything that couldn't be repaired. Our friends came to help us as well and after a few weeks of working, we got the palace back to normal.

More and more of Tobias' memories flooded into his mind when we moved in. Almost all of his memories that he lost are back and he thinks that Marcus had something to do with his memories being erased and the attack on his family. When I asked him, Tobias told me that he woke up in Marcus' home with an aching headache, suspecting that he had amnesia. Tobias also warned me to be wary of Marcus and not to go anywhere near him. I told him that Marcus was in Abnegation and that he wouldn't come here but Tobias wasn't too sure about it. Either way, I told him that I would be careful and that I would watch my back. I also told my parents about Marcus and at first, they didn't believe me but once Tobias told them his story and showed them his scars, my parents were disgusted by what Marcus did and ordered his arrest. However, when guards went to his house, Marcus was nowhere to be found. Now, Tobias is more worried than ever and he thinks that Marcus is going to plan something but I've been able to reassure him that everything will all right and that nothing is going to happen.

Also during these past few months, Tobias, Zeke, and Uriah have helped me to shoot guns, throw knives, and become an excellent fighter. It took me a while to get the fighting thing down for every time I fought Uriah or Zeke, I would always get beaten and land on my ass. Although, with training and practice, I'm able to beat those two and put them on their asses. It's kind of funny to tease them about being beaten by a girl, especially when they are around the girls, for they tease them about it as well. I haven't fought Tobias yet and Uriah and Zeke tease him that he's scared to fight his fiancé because Tobias thinks he'll lose but I know the real reason. He's afraid to be like Marcus but I've reassured him several times that he's nothing like him. I've respected his decision not to fight me but I've always wanted to know who's stronger in this relationship: me or him.

I've also gotten used to the people and how they live. It was easy to let go of the rules I was used to in Abnegation like being modest, not looking at mirrors, not showing too much skin, and all that. Now, I've let my hair down more and I'm wearing spaghetti strapped dresses and tops. I don't miss wearing those shawls but once in a while, I'll forget that I'm wearing it and be told by my friends that I'm acting like a Stiff. I have mastered jumping on and off of trains and know the different activities the people of Dauntless do for fun. This kingdom is very free and it is also the kind of life I've wanted to have since I was little.

The only thing that is boring about these past few months is all the work Tobias and I have to learn. The different types of jobs we have to do as king and queen and how we should act around the people. I've already been through this but Dauntless is very different from Abnegation and Tobias needs to learn this to refresh his memory. Since Max has been in charge over the years, he took it upon himself to help us and we thanked him for that. Max told us about council meetings, meetings with the other kingdoms, how we should vote on laws, how to act around the people, and what the Dauntless does for the other kingdoms. If one of the four kingdoms is in trouble and needs military assistance, that's where we come in to help them fight off any invaders that comes onto their lands.

I'm sitting in the living room, drawing in my sketchbook. I've been drawing a lot of ideas of tattoos for Tori's tattoo shop. I smile as I remember the first tattoo I got after my first few weeks as an official citizen of Dauntless.

I walk into the tattoo parlor, looking around at the different designs, when I hear footsteps walk over to me. I glance to my right to see Tori standing there, with wide eyes. "Tris?"

I smile. "Hello, Tori."

"What are you doing here?"

"Well, this is a tattoo parlor, right? So guess what I'm here for."

Tori smirks. "You don't need to get an attitude around me. I'm just surprised to see you here since you are Abnegation and all."

"Was Abnegation, now I'm engaged to be married to the prince of Dauntless. I figured that since I'm officially Dauntless, I should get something that most people in this kingdom gets; a tattoo."

"All right. I'll even give you that tattoo, with no charge to you."

I widen my eyes. "You don't have to do that."

"I want to. You made Four really happy and you figured out his identity. Ever since we adopted him, he always wanted to know who his family was and if they are still alive or not. But now, he knows and I've never seen him that happy. I'm glad that Four has someone like you, Tris."

"Thanks." I look at the tattoo designs until I see one that I know would be perfect. "This one," I say, gesturing to the design of three ravens in flight.

"All right, where do you want it?"

"On my collarbone, flying towards my heart." Before I came here, I knew that I wanted to get a tattoo of something that resembles my family. The three ravens will resemble my family back home and even though I left them, they will always be close to my heart.

Tori nods then leads me over to a chair then gets started on my tattoo.

I run my fingers over the ravens as I remember the events of that day. I loved the way the ravens turned out as did Tobias and my friends. I still remember the time I showed my parents the tattoo and of course they were shocked at first but they were happy when they realized I got the tattoo to symbolize them.

Someone clears their throat, which snaps me out of my thoughts and makes me look up at the doorway. There stands Lauren, one of the many girls that works at the palace. Lauren has simple chores like doing laundry and cleaning certain rooms. Once in a while, she'll get our mail but that's only when she's on her way over here to start work. "Excuse me, Miss, but I have your mail for you. One's from your brother, Caleb, and the other one is from someone named Cara," Lauren says, walking over to me.

"Thank you, Lauren," I say, taking the letters from her. Lauren nods then walks out of the room to check herself in then start working. I open the letter from Caleb first to see a wedding invitation to his and Cara's wedding. The wedding will take place a month from today and it would be held in the gardens at the palace of Abnegation. I smile and make a mental note to write the wedding date down somewhere so I can remember it. I then open the letter from Cara and read it, finding out that she wants me to come over so that I can help plan some things for the wedding. Well, better than doing nothing, I tell myself. I get up from my seat then go search for Tobias. I check all the places that he could be but I can't find him.

"Are you looking for someone?" I turn around to see Tobias, giving me his usual smirk.

"Where have you been hiding?" I ask, placing a kiss on his lips.

"I just got back from a meeting with Max," Tobias answers. "We were talking about setting up our first council meeting to talk about the state of Dauntless and how it's doing."

"Sounds good, but I was looking for you because I wanted to tell you I'm heading over to Abnegation."

Tobias raises one eyebrow. "Why?"

"Cara wants me to come over and help plan some stuff for the wedding. By the way, my brother's wedding is a month from today."

"Ok, but be careful."

"I will, and if there is any problems, I'll call you." I also found out that each kingdom has a different way of contacting people. Abnegation and Amity communicates through mail while everyone else either communicates with video chat or cell phone. Dauntless usually use cell phones when they are a long distance away from each other and video chats when they are at home. "Anyway, I should be home late tonight so don't wait for me to eat dinner; I'll probably eat over there."

"All right. I might invent Zeke and Uriah over to have some guy time."

I smile then give Tobias a kiss before leaving the palace. I walk over to the train tracks leading out of the kingdom and wait for the train. After a few minutes, I hear the train horn and wait for the train to get closer before taking off. I grab the handle when I'm close then jump onto the train. I lean against the wall, watching the scenery go by as I wait for Abnegation to come into view. Once it does, I jump off the train then start making my way to the palace.

Suddenly, I hear the sound of a branch braking and I turn around, searching my surroundings. I slowly pull the knife I keep in my boot out, holding it firmly in my hand. I keep on looking around but after a few minutes of searching, I relax then put the knife back in my boot. Must be my imagination, I tell myself then turn around and continue on my way. However, I don't get that far when something hard hits the back of my head. I fall to the ground and the last thing I remember is someone standing over me. Then, everything goes black.

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