Love or Tradition

Chapter 21

I wake up to find myself in a dark room. I look around, trying to figure out where I am. There are no windows so it's hard to tell if its night or day or how many days I've been here. I try to get up but I'm tied down to a chair. I struggle to get out but the ropes won't budge, keeping me on the chair. The door to the room opens and I look up, wanting to know who is holding me prisoner. My eyes widen at the people standing in the door, well I'm not shocked by the one person but the other one I never saw coming. At the door stands Jeanine and Marcus. "Hello, your highness," starts Jeanine. "I hope you're comfortable."

"What do you want with me?" I ask.

"Let's just say this is payback for revealing that Tobias is the prince," Marcus says. "Our plan was going along smoothly until you ruined it."

"What plan?"

Jeanine slaps Marcus upside the head. "Don't tell her everything, you idiot!"

"You were the one that planned this entire thing, Jeanine!" hisses Marcus.

"What the hell do you two have planned?!"

"My, my, what bad language you have," says Jeanine. "Well, I guess I could tell what we have planned. Marcus, go and get the equipment." Marcus smiles then nods, leaving the room. Jeanine continues to stare at me, with a smirk on her face. "Everything is going to change, your highness. We will make society better and there will be no need for these kingdoms."

"What do you mean?"

Jeanine leans down, her face close to mine. "We are going to get rid of the kingdoms."


Jeanine starts to walk around me. "The kingdoms are failing us, princess. Soon, the kingdoms will fall and there will be a new system in place. One where only one person will be in charge."

"You're going to force all of these people to go into a new system after hundreds of years of the kingdoms. You can't force everyone! What happens when they rebel?"

"Don't worry, your highness." Jeanine stands in front of me, with a sickening smile on her face. "We'll get rid of the people in charge. Basically, we're going to kill the royals."

My eyes widen. "What?!"

"Yes. Who do you think was the one responsible for taking out King Amar and Queen Evelyn of Dauntless?"

"You? You killed Four's parents?!"

"Of course, and I also killed the king of Amity."

"I knew it! I knew that his death wasn't just a coincidence!"

"I wanted to get rid of all of the royals but I knew I couldn't do it alone. Apparently, Evelyn was originally married to Marcus but she left him and fled to Dauntless. She then married Amar and they had a son. Marcus wanted revenge on Evelyn so we teamed up and planned to take down the royal family of Dauntless. The prince escaped that day but Marcus was able to find him and kidnap him, injecting a serum know as memory serum to erase his memories. Then, a year ago, I had one of my spies go into the kingdom of Amity and slip a poison into the king's drink, killing him overnight."

"My father was right about you," I say, interrupting her. "You are nothing but a cold-hearted bitch!" The next thing I know, my hand snaps to the side as Jeanine slaps me across the face.

"I would mind your language if I were you. Don't want to do anything hasty now, would you?" I just glare at her. "Anyway, so after Princess Cara and Prince Caleb got engaged, I knew I had to make my move soon, and I was so happy when you decided to go against tradition and not marry Prince Robert. I thought I would make use of your choice to my advantage but it did nothing. I enlisted some help to see if they could make the kingdoms see my point. Do you remember Eric? He was so easy to manipulate so that he and his buddies could attack you. Of course, your little knight in shining armor had to save you that day. I thought I would still be able to pull off my plan until you were able to help that boy regain his memories. Now, I seems like I'll have to deal with the only person who is standing in my way; you and the rest of the royals. And I'll start with your brother's wedding."


"Yes, almost all of the royals will be there to see the prince of Abnegation and the princess of Erudite become husband and wife. It would be the most perfect way to kill all of them in one blow. I've invented a new weapon called a bomb and right when the couple becomes husband and wife, I'll active the bomb and it will blow up, killing everyone."

"Do you know how many innocent people will die from this?! Why are you doing this?! They did nothing to you!"

Jeanine slaps me again and I bite my lip to keep myself from screaming. "Silence, girl. After this plan will carry out, everyone will want answers and I will be there to help the people realize that the kingdoms should be destroyed and a new system should be put in place."

The door opens and Marcus walks in, carrying a bag. "Marcus, do you have the equipment I need?" Jeanine asks.

"All in this bag," Marcus answers, placing the bag on a table in the corner of the room.

"Excellent." Jeanine walks over to the bag and opens it up.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm guessing Jeanine has told you her plan," Marcus says, standing behind me and placing his hands on his shoulders. "When the new system is in place, we know that there will be some people who won't agree with our ways. As you know, fear is a very powerful emotion and we'll be using that to our advantage."

"With this new serum I've also invented," Jeanine starts, holding a syringe filled with gray liquid, "I'll show people what will happen when they don't follow the rules. I haven't tested the serum yet but since we have you…"

I struggle in the chair but Marcus holds me down as Jeanine walks over to me. She then injects the serum into my neck and that's when the pain begins.


I'm currently on my way to Abnegation. It's almost night time and Tris isn't back yet. She said she would be back tonight and I haven't heard anything from her at all; it's starting to worry me. Before I left, I messaged Max saying where I was going and he said he would take over until I got back. Apparently, if the king and queen leave the kingdom, the head of council is in charge until they get back.

When the kingdom of Abnegation is in sight, I jump from the train and make my way over to the palace. I tell the guards that I need to see the king and queen when I get there and at first, they don't let me through until I tell them that I'm Prince Tobias of Dauntless. I walk into the palace to see Natalie talking with Cara but they stop when they see me. I could tell it is something upsetting for the look on their faces show distress. "What's wrong?" I ask.

"Four, thank goodness you're here," Natalie exclaims, walking over to me. "Do you know where Beatrice is?"

"I thought she was here, with you. I came over here because she said she would be back a little bit after dinner and it's almost nine. I tried calling her but all I got was voice mail and I got no messages from her either. I thought maybe you would know," I explain.

"No, she hasn't come at all today," says Cara. "I wrote her a letter saying that I needed her help for some plans for the wedding and asked her if she could come over. I've been waiting for her all day but she hasn't come yet so I thought she didn't receive the letter or that she wasn't feeling well."

"Tris received the letter and she left around three to come and visit you. But if you haven't seen her then that must mean-" My eyes widen as the realization of what has happened dawns on me. Then, my surprise turns to anger when I think of who could be behind this. "Marcus."

"He wouldn't!" Natalie exclaims.

"I have no doubt in my mind. I think that this is Marcus' way of getting revenge. Natalie, can you alert the kingdoms to be on the lookout for Marcus, and that if they see him, report to me immediately."

"Of course, Four."

I nod. "Thanks, I'm going to contact Prince Will for help."

"My brother?" Cara asks. "Why?"

"Well one, because he's engaged to Tris' best friend, Christina, and I think they deserve to know what has happened. And two, because I think I have a way of finding Tris." I then leave the palace and head back to the train tracks. Once I have jumped on the train, I take out my phone and start making calls. I need to find Tris fast before Marcus has his way with her. I just hope that I'll be able to find and rescue Tris before it's too late.

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