Love or Tradition

Chapter 25

Over a year has passed since the trail and execution of Marcus and Jeanine. There have been many events that took place during that said year. The first thing is that my brother and Cara got married. It was a big wedding and almost all of the royals were there to witness the big event. Also, before the wedding began, I had some Dauntless men search the area in case Jeanine had a spy come in and plant this bomb. After thorough searching, the men found no traces of the bomb being planted so the wedding and the reception went on with no problems. Caleb looked so happy that day and I was happy that my brother was able to find a girl that loves him dearly. I know those two will be perfect for the Abnegation kingdom.

Five months after their wedding was Zeke and Shauna's wedding. It was nothing big like Caleb and Cara's but it was perfect for them. They invited their close friends and family to the wedding and Max and Hana gave the happy couple a nice place to stay for their honeymoon. Max was able to get a discount at a fancy hotel in Dauntless so Zeke and Shauna spent their time there. We all figured that they stayed in their room for most of the time but I never pried Shauna for the details. I would hear Mom sometimes say 'whatever goes on in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom.' I was little at the time so I didn't know what that meant, but now I do.

Tobias and I started thinking about our wedding a few days after Zeke and Shauna got married. We thought about hiring a person to come and help us until Marlene overheard me talking about it with Mom. Marlene told me that she would be happy to plan our wedding. At first, I was a little skeptical but when Marlene told her view on what should be at the wedding, I was impressed and let her be in charge of the wedding. Marlene told me that the courtyard of Dauntless would work well for the wedding and that the reception could be held in the ballroom of the palace. We asked the people who work for us if they would like to help decorate and organize the wedding. Most of the people said they would love to help while others would rather stay at home. I told the people who agreed to help that Marlene would be in charge and that if they had any questions, they should ask her. While Marlene was designing and planning our wedding, I was looking for wedding dresses with Mom and Christina. It took a while to find the right one, especially when there were so many dresses of various styles and colors. But after hours upon hours of searching, I found the right dress. The dress is floor-length, strapless, and has a sweetheart neckline with silk metallic, tulle and beaded lace A-line, accented with 3D layered beaded lace appliques. Silk metallic and beaded buttons accent the back zipper and complement the chapel length train. The dress fit me perfectly and I knew that this was the one. Mom and Christina liked the dress as well so the three of us were sold on this amazing wedding dress. When I bought the dress, I asked Marlene if she could keep it at her place because I was worried that Tobias would try and take a peak.

A few months after all of the planning was when Christina and Will got married. Christina looked so beautiful in her wedding gown and I was really happy for her. She told me that she loved her honeymoon and that her and Will had a fun time. They went to Amity for a week, spending their time at the kingdom's annual peace and happiness festival, which was during their honeymoon. Christina said that it was full of music, dancing, and everyone was very friendly and happy; they had a fun time there. She also told me that she found me a perfect wedding gift as well and that she knows I'll love it. I'm kind of worried of what she found because when she told me about it, Christina had this creepy grin on her face.

Also, while Marlene and I have been planning the wedding and reception, Tobias has been working on where to go for our honeymoon. I tried to ask him if he wants some help or if I could look at the different places, but Tobias said that I couldn't look until we actually go there. Tobias said that he wants to keep the honeymoon a surprise until it actually happens. It frustrates the crap out of me not knowing where we are going for our honeymoon, but I'll just have to wait. All that waiting, though; has finally paid off for the day had finally arrived.

I'm in my bathroom, finishing up my shower to get myself clean and ready for the wedding, which is in a few hours. I finish drying myself off then put on my robe before heading out of the bathroom. There, Marlene and Christina are waiting for me to do my hair and makeup. I sit on the chair in the middle of the room as the girls surround me to start their work. Marlene takes the towel off my head then starts to bowl dry it while Christina puts some cover-up on my face. After an excruciating hour of hair and makeup, the girls allow me to look at myself in the mirror for the finished product. My hair is curled then pulled up into an elegant bun. I have minimal makeup on which I like for it is enough to make my eyes pop out and make them more stunning. There is sparkling pinkish brown eye shadow on my eyelids as well as mascara and eyeliner on my eyelashes. Rose-red lip stick is painted on my lips and blush to highlight my cheekbones and make them stand at attention.

"Do you like it?" Christina asks.

I turn my attention to her and smile. "I love it, thank you."

She smiles back when a knock sounds at the door. "Can I come in?" Mom's voice sounds some the other side of the door.

"Sure," I answer.

The door opens and Mom walks in before closing the door behind her. She is wearing a light-purple dress and her hair is up in a bun. Mom smiles at me then her eyes go wide. "Why aren't you in your dress yet?"

"We just got down with her hair and makeup," says Marlene. "She'll get in her dress now."

I get up from my chair and go over to my closet to take out my dress. Marlene brought it over along with her dress when she came. With the help of Christina, Marlene, and Mom, I was able to get into my dress without messing up my hair or makeup. I put on the two-inch white heels then look at myself in the mirror. I look absolutely stunning which makes me smile. I hear sniffling and when I turn around, Mom is almost in tears. "My little girl is all grown up."

"Mom, please don't cry," I tell her. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Christina and Marlene leave the room. They need to get ready as well for Marlene is one of my bridesmaids, along with Shauna, and Christina is my maid of honor. I asked Lynn but she said that I had enough bridesmaids already.

"Natalie, if you cry, you might make our daughter start crying," Dad says, walking into the room.

"I'm sorry, but I'm so happy that you found someone that you love and will cherish you forever."

I smile. "I know. I'm happy I've met him or else…" I don't think about what my life would be like without Tobias for this is my day to be happy and I don't need it ruined by depressing thoughts. "Mom, Dad, thank you for letting me choose my own path. I know that it's tradition for a princess to marry another prince but-"

"Stop," Dad orders, silencing me. "At first, I was a little disappointed with you going against tradition."

"Andrew," Mom warns but Dad continues. "Although, after you met Four and found out that he's the long lost prince of Dauntless, I think that this might be a sign that we have to change our ways."

"I was actually thinking about changing the rules around for the next generation. I think there should be more options for the princes and princesses if they don't want to marry another prince or princess. They should have the option to choose who they want to marry and not be stuck with these arranged marriages. They should be able to fall in love first before getting married so that we don't have people like Jeanine who want to destroy the kingdoms."

"I think that's a wonderful idea, sweetie," Mom says. "But you will not think of this until after your honeymoon is over. And for you," Mom points to Dad, "I don't want to hear any more of this until after this day is over. Understand?"

"Yes, mam."

Mom smiles then nods. "Good. Now, the wedding is about to begin. When you hear the music, that is your cue to walk down the aisle." Mom gives me a kiss on the cheek then hands me a bouquet of roses. "I love you, Beatrice."

"Love you too, Mom." She then leaves the room. "When you think about it, Mom still has some Dauntless in her."

"That's what I love about your mother," states Dad. "She's got spunk."

I raise an eyebrow at Dad. "You fell in love with Mom because she had spunk."

"Not just that, but she was very head-strung and had an attitude. Your mother would be sweet when she could be but if someone made fun of her or her family, she became protective and fought the person who said those things." Dad looks down at me and smiles. "You look beautiful, Beatrice."

"Thanks, Dad." The music starts playing and that is our cue to start walking. We make our way to the courtyard and when the wedding march starts playing, we walk down the aisle and I take my time to look around the place. There is white lace hanging from the pillars and white twinkling lights are dancing in the trees. Flowers of all kinds and colors are around the courtyard as well as flower petals leading up to the alter. The alter itself has a tressel that has flowers wrapped around the sides and standing in front of it is Tobias. My heart starts beating faster as I stare at him, longing to be by his side. He is wearing a tuxedo and his hair is slightly gelled. Will and Uriah are his groomsmen while Zeke is his best man. When we get to the front, Dad kisses me on the cheek then hands me over to Tobias. Dad sits down next to Mom and the pastor motions for everyone to sit down.

"Dearly beloved, we are gather here today to celebrate the union of Princess Beatrice Prior and Prince Tobias Johnson," starts the pastor. I remember Tobias telling me a while back that he would rather have Amar's last name than Marcus' for he doesn't want to be associated with that man. I told him that whatever he wants to do is fine be me.

I tune out what the pastor is saying about love and being there for one another in marriage. All I could focus on is Tobias and how in a few minutes, we will be husband and wife. Only when the pastor starts talking about vows and the exchange of rings is when I start listening. "Now is time for the vows and I'm aware that you two have your own vows." He gestures for Tobias to go first.

"Tris, you are so many things to me, and I am sure you will be many more in our life together. No one is perfect, but with all of your strengths and weaknesses, and with all of mine, together we are perfect. You complete me in more ways than I could have thought possible. I knew before my heart did that we were made for each other. Now my heart has caught up, and the joy that I feel from the love that I have for you is incomparable, and I know that you feel the same because your love radiates from you and surrounds me in warmth.

"Because of all of these things, I want with all my heart, to be the best person I can be for you. I will love you forever. I will laugh with you when times are good, and I will lift you up when times are hard. I will be the joy of your heart, and I will be the food of your soul. I promise to wash away your tears with my kisses, and hold you with passion. My affection will know no bounds. With this ring I give to you my body, my mind, my soul, my entire being."

Tears form in my eyes and I have to blink to keep them from running down my face. The pastor gestures for me to start so I take a deep breath and begin. "I always wanted to find true, unconditional, knock your socks off, eternal love. I finally realized that kind of love is not something you can force. It is happens naturally or it doesn't happen at all. Until now, it hadn't happened to me. Not only have I found this kind of love with you, it's better than I could have ever imagined. I cherish this special love and bond that we share and all the joy that it brings. You are strong, smart, funny, very handsome, kind, hard-working, focused, understanding and just an amazing man possessing all the qualities of a perfect partner. And on this beautiful day, I want to thank you for the wonderful life you have given me. In return, I give you my heart forever and I promise to always be by your side through good times and bad. I promise to always take care of you the best that I know how, to always work together with you to figure out how to solve the issues that will face us from time to time, to help you achieve all of your dreams and be your best friend, to always be true and faithful to you, and to be the one whom you can confide in and have fun with.

"Above all, I promise to love you forever. Because of you, I laugh, I smile and I enjoy life so much more than ever before. I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together as husband and wife." By now, I can't stop the tears that are running down my face. Tobias wipes the tears away from my face, giving me a reassuring smile. We exchange the rings then the pastor says, "By the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Tobias cups my face in his hands then leans down and kisses my lips. I throw my arms around his neck, holding him close to me as I kiss him back. After a minute or two, we pull apart and look at the crowd. They start clapping and cheering while the Dauntless are hollering and stomping their feet. We smile as we make our way down the aisle and into the ballroom.

The reception was a lot of fun. I mostly danced with Tobias and I did dance with Dad, Caleb, and some of my friends. When it was time for cake, I was amazed by how it turned out. It was a five layered chocolate cake with chocolate drizzle running down the sides and there were some chocolate covered strawberries. What was cool about this cake was while one side had the chocolate, the other side had the design of a wedding dress train. The cake toppings had the bride and groom dancing and the bride's train flowed out and covered that side of the cake. The cake was amazing and I had to remind myself to ask Marlene who she called to do the cake so I could thank them personally.

My thoughts were interrupted be Tobias placing his hands on my waist. "What are you thinking about?"

I turn to him and smile. "I'm thinking about our wedding, the reception, and the cake."

"The cake was pretty impressive."

I nod then look back outside. I'm standing on a balcony of a small wooden cottage on the outskirts of the Amity kingdom. The cottage gives an overview of a lake and when the sun is going down, the water reflects the color of the sunset which then gives the cottage a romantic feel to it. The cottage is two story and it has a living room, dining room, and kitchen on the first floor while on the second floor there is the master bedroom, bathroom, and another room to entertain guests. The balcony is connected to the master bedroom, which I love because there I can stand outside, just like I'm doing right now, and watch the sunset.

My thoughts are interrupted again as I feel Tobias start placing kisses on my shoulder. As he travels up my neck, I move my head to the side to give him some room. I moan as Tobias lightly bits and sucks the pulse point on my neck. I turn around in his arms and kiss him hard while Tobias picks me up and carries me to the bed. He lays me down on it and stares at me lovingly. Before I could process what is happening, all of our clothes are off our bodies and we are laying on the bed naked, kissing each other like there is no tomorrow.

"I love you so much, Tris," Tobias tells me, love shining in his eyes.

I smile. "I love you too, Tobias. I'm so happy that I met you."

We share another kiss then we proceed to make love for the first time as husband and wife.

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