Love or Tradition


Ten years have passed since Tobias and I have gotten married and together, we have made some changes to the kingdoms that make everything a lot easier. First off, there is no more rule saying that a prince or princess has to marry another prince or princess. We, as parents, take our child to each of the kingdoms so they can meet the sons/daughters of the king and queen, meet the council members' children, and other children of their age around the kingdom. They can have play-dates, parties, anything they want to do to get to know them better. We hope that this will help the child know who they want to marry when they get older. Also, if a king or queen has more than one child, the eldest will assume the throne, whether it is a prince or a princess. However, if a child marries a prince or princess from another kingdom that is an only child, that the child from the other kingdom must move to that kingdom to become king/queen there.

Another rule is that a prince or princess cannot marry someone from their own kingdom. We all agreed that there should be a diversity at the throne so that the king and queen can use their knowledge to help out the other kingdoms. In addition to that rule, the child cannot marry a person from the spouse's old faction. Basically, since I'm from Abnegation, my children cannot marry someone from Abnegation so they have to marry someone from either Amity, Candor, or Erudite. Then, whoever they marry, then their child will have the option of marrying from Abnegation but not from the kingdom their mother or father is from.

We still have the council and we still have meetings with them to see how our own kingdom is doing and all that. However, we are trying to connect more with our council members this time. I felt like in the past, the council was overlooked and didn't get that much attention, which lead some people to believe that Jeanine Matthews went crazy was because she wasn't getting her 'attention.' So the kingdoms have decided to have dinner with each of the council's families monthly, so we can be more connect with them.

All of these different rules have made the five kingdoms a lot more free and we were able to break a lot of traditions that we've had in the past. I should probably start talking about how the five kingdoms are doing.

Amity is doing well and Prince Robert did find someone to marry. He was actually the first one to try the new rule of marrying who you love. Robert met a girl named Reagan, who is the daughter of one of the four council members in Candor. She is the same age as Robert but he's older than her by three months. They started talking, going out on dates, hanging out with each other and after about a year of this, Robert proposed to Reagan and they got married a few months later. Today, they are the rulers of Amity and I heard that Reagan just found out she is pregnant with her first child.

In Abnegation, Caleb and Cara became king and queen when Caleb became the right age. My parents are living in a small cottage just a few miles away from the palace. They are spending their days just living in peace and enjoying their 'retirement,' as Dad likes to call it. My parents are still alive today and Caleb and Cara had a baby boy named Fredrick whose ten years old and a baby girl named Bridget whose seven years old. Fredrick looks like an exact copy of Caleb except that he's got Cara's brown eyes. Bridget has short, curly blond hair with blue eyes and she is the cutest thing on earth. I love my niece and nephew a lot so I'm happy when they come over to spend some time with me.

Will and Christina have become king and queen of Erudite and they are ruling the kingdom with ease. Actually, I heard that Will was able to invent some serums that will help the kingdoms tremendously. He invented a serum that can cure any sickness in about a day, make wounds heal faster than normal, and one that prevented hair loss...yeah, that one was weird. But the other two serums were tested to make sure they were safe then put in the hospitals for all of the kingdoms. Today, Will and Christina have a nine year old baby girl named Kelsey and a four year old boy named Stanley. Both of the kids have characteristics of their parents so it's hard to tell who looks more like whom.

Candor is doing well and Jack and Cecilia Kang are still the rulers of the kingdom. Rose is getting close to the marrying age so she is looking for the right man to rule beside her. Since Cecilia was from Amity, Rose has to marry a man from either Erudite, Abnegation, or Dauntless. However, I heard from Christina that Rose is smitten with one of the council member's sons from Abnegation. I can't remember what his name was but I hope that everything goes well and that Rose will find someone.

As for Dauntless, Tobias and I are doing just fine and the kingdom couldn't have been better. Zeke has taken over Max's position as head council member so now Zeke and Shauna are on the council for Dauntless. That means we get to see more of them as well as their kids. They have a nine year old boy named Lucas, a seven year old boy named Stefan, and a four year old girl named Nicky. Lucas and Stefan look a lot like their dad while Nicky looks a lot like their mom. I just hope that the boys don't turn out like Zeke.

Uriah proposed to Marlene a few months after Tobias and I got married then those two got married about a few months later. They invited their closest friends and family to the wedding and Max also got a discount at another fancy hotel for the couple to have their honeymoon at. Uriah works as an instructor for one of the training buildings in the city while Marlene became a stay-at-home mom. They have an eight year old boy named Tanner and their most recent child is their ten month old girl named Ziva. I can tell that Ziva is going to be a female version of Uriah because the little girl is already giving Marlene a hard time. I'm just happy that Tanner is a male version of Marlene and he is slightly mature for his age.

As for Tobias and I, we are extremely happy with what we have. About three months after our wedding was when I found out I was pregnant. After nine long months of morning sickness, out-of-balance hormones, and weird cravings, I was finally able to give birth to my baby girl. We named her Teresa and she has Tobias' brown hair and my eye color. From looking at her sleeping face that day, we knew we were going to have more children. Four years after Teresa was born was when I found out I was pregnant again, but this time with twins. Again, after a long nine months, we had the twins, both boys, and the funny thing is one looks like a spitting image of me while the other looks like a spitting image of Tobias. We decided to name the one that looks like Tobias, Theo, and the one that looks like me, Troy. Today, Teresa is nine years old while Theo and Troy are both five years old.

Out of the years I've lived my life, I'm happy and content on where I am. I have a loving husband and three beautiful children. I couldn't have asked for a better life and I'm happy that I made the choice that day when I met Robert. For I know that if I would have stuck with tradition and married Robert, I know that my life wouldn't be happy. That simple choice I made all those years ago changed my life forever. I, Queen Tris Johnson of Dauntless, changed my life for the better by marrying out of love, not tradition.

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