Love or Tradition

Chapter 2

I am sitting in the living with my family, waiting for Caleb's bride to come. It is around lunch time so Caleb and his bride are going to have lunch while my family and I and his family are going to another room to have lunch. I look over at Caleb, who is nervous and his knee is bouncing up and down. He is wearing black dress pants and a purple button down dress shirt. His hair is combed back and he keeps on making sure that his clothes are fine. I reach out and grab his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Caleb glances at me and smiles.

A knock suddenly sounds at the door. "Come in," says my father.

The door opens and a middle aged man walks in. "The guests are here, your majesties."

"Send them in."

The man bows then leaves the room. A few moments later and the king and queen of Erudite walk into the room. "Andrew, you are doing well," the king says.

"As are you, Philip," says Andrew. "I hope everything is well in your kingdom."

"We've been having some issues with Jeanine, as of late," the queen, Helen, says. "She thinks that the kingdoms aren't working and that we need to add in another system. We and the other council members told her that we haven't had any problems in years but she keeps bringing up the murder of the king and queen of Dauntless."

"Come now, let's not talk about this right now," says Natalie. "You have more important matters to attend to."

"You are right, Natalie," says Philip. "Come in, Cara." A young girl comes into the room wearing a floor-length, strapless blue dress. She has a headdress upon her forehead and the pedant is blue. Her short, light blond hair is curled and she wares minimal make-up. Cara bows before Caleb. "It is nice to meet you, your highness."

"Please, call me Caleb," my brother answers, gently grabbing Cara's hand and kissing it. Cara smiles at him and I know that those two would get along.

"We'll let you two have some time alone," says Helen.

"Yes, we will be in the other room if you need us," Andrew says. I then take that as my cue to leave with my parents, Philip, and Helen.

"Hey, Tris." I turn around to see Will standing there, smiling. "Will, how are you?" Will is Cara's younger brother and he is the one that is going to take over Erudite when he gets married. He, along with Christina, are my best friends and every time we meet, we talk for hours upon hours until one of us has to leave. They are also the ones that gave me my nickname, Tris.

"I'm good, but I can't believe that my sister is going to marry your brother."

"I was shocked at first but I know that those two will get along. Every time my family and I visits your kingdom, my brother's face practically lights up. I believe that Caleb and Cara will have a great relationship."

"I hope so." We walk to the next room to have lunch and while my parents, Philip, and Helen are talking about Jeanine, Will and I are talking about who we think our future husband/wife will be from. Will hopes that he marries Christina for those two have a great relationship together and they have been friends since they were five. I, on the other hand, hope I do not get pared up with Robert, the prince of Amity. He's a nice guy and all but he is too much of a pussy. I would rather marry a council member than marry him.

Later that day, dinner is served and we move to the dining hall to eat. Caleb and Cara come in soon after, conversing with one another and they seem to be getting off on a great start; they wouldn't stop talking when they are eating! My parents smil at each other as did Philip and Helen; they knew that this marriage iss going to work.

"Cara, it would be an honor if you became my wife and ruled Abnegation beside me," declares Caleb.

"I would love to," answers Cara.

Now it is official; my brother is going to marry the princess of Erudite. Of course, they aren't going to get married right away. Cara has to move over to Abnegation and get used to living our lifestyle. Also, both she and Caleb have to go through training, as I'd like to call it, to be a proper king and queen.

"I'm so happy for the both of you," says Helen, tears in her eyes.

Natalie grabs her hand, tears in her eyes as well.

"Mom," both Cara and Caleb say.

"We're sorry, but it's just that you kids grow up so fast," Natalie replies.

"We should probably get going," Philip says, standing up. "My daughter has to start packing so she can move over here to Abnegation."

"Yes, and we will prepare a room for her as well," states Andrew.

We all say our goodbyes and I almost gag at my brother being all mushy toward Cara. As Caleb and I are walking back to our rooms, I keep on making fun of him. "I can't believe that my brother has fallen in love."

"Shut up," Caleb says, lightly shoving my shoulder.

"Sorry, but it's weird seeing my brother in love after eighteen years of living together," I reply.

"Just wait until you meet the man you have to marry," states Caleb. "You'll be head over heels in love and then I get to make fun of you for being all goofy."

I'm about to respond back when I realize that in a few months, it will be my turn to meet the man I will marry. I stop in my tracks, thinking this over in my head. Caleb notices that I stopped and turns around to look at me. "What's wrong?"

"It's just…soon I will be the one sitting on the chair, nervous as hell."

"Don't swear, Beatrice," Caleb scolds, walking up to me. "And you'll be fine. You were able to calm me down when I was nervous so I will be there to help you calm down as well."

I smile at him. "Thanks."

"No problem." We share a short hug then continue to walk back to our rooms.

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