Love or Tradition

Chapter 3

Over the next few months, I basically ate, slept, and conversed with my family. Cara had also moved into our kingdom a day after her and Caleb met. Ever since Cara had moved in, she and Caleb had been hanging out together and talking non-stop. I always see those two together and they are either holding hands or sneaking little kisses here and there. I'm really happy for my brother that he has found someone that he really loves and that she feels the same way as well.

Cara got used to the ways of our kingdom pretty quickly. She still wore the headdress to symbolize she's the princess of Erudite but she wears purple dresses instead of blue dresses. I have also gotten along with Cara over the past few months. We have almost become like sisters and would meet in her or my room to talk. She really helped me about how she felt when she was coming over here to meet Caleb. Cara told me that she was nervous at first but once Caleb introduced himself, she felt calm for he sounded very nice and didn't sound threatening. Also, when they were alone, Caleb made sure that she was comfortable and listened to everything that she had to say without interrupting. When she told me these things, I knew that Caleb would do anything for Cara for he was totally in love with her.

Months after thinking about my future husband and what kingdom I would rule beside him, the time had finally come.

I am sitting on a chair with a mirror in front of me while my mother is standing behind me, cutting my hair. Once every three months, my mother would cut my hair and that was the only time I'm able to look in the mirror. I don't know how my mother does it, but she doesn't look at herself in the mirror while she cuts my hair. Unlike me, I take the chance to look at myself in the mirror. I don't really find myself pretty for my eyes are a blue-grey color and my hair is a dull blonde. My mother notices me staring at myself but instead of scolding me, she just smiles then continues her work. She finishes cutting my hair then starts putting it into a bun. Normally I don't like my hair in a bun, but my hair is only put up for special occasions, like today. Today, I am going to meet the man I will marry and rule the kingdom alongside him.

"Are you nervous?" my mother asks, twisting my hair into a knot.

"No," I answer. "Were you, when you met dad?"

She shakes her head. "No, I was terrified."

I smile, releasing a small chuckle.

"I had no reason to be and neither should you." My mother finishes the bun then walks in front of me. She leans down and places a kiss on my forehead. "Thanks for cutting my hair," I say after my mother pulled away. She smiles at me before grabbing a sheet and putting it over the mirror. We then walk to the kitchen to have breakfast before leaving to meet my husband.

My family and I are in the carriage, traveling to another kingdom. My parents know what kingdom we are going to but I have no idea where. Usually I can tell where we are going because each kingdom is a certain distance away but I'm so nervous that I don't really pay attention. The carriage jerks to a stop and we all get out of it. I stood in front of the palace we are at in shock; my future husband is the prince of Amity. This isn't happening, I thought.

"Are you ready, Beatrice?" my mother asks, knocking my out of my thoughts.

I look at her before slowly nodding. We walk into the palace with my father, Caleb, and Cara following us. Cara has to attend any meeting, dance, ceremony, etc., that Caleb had to go to; meeting my future husband counts as one of them.

Inside the palace, a young woman probably in her early twenties, guides us to the living room. My heat is racing and I can only hope that the prince won't be as bad as I thought. Once we get to the living room, the woman announces us and we walk in.

"Andrew, Natalie, it's nice to see you again," Johanna greets, smiling warmly at us. Johanna is the queen of Amity and about a year ago, her husband passed away during the night. No one knows why he died for there was no sign of him being sick or murdered; it is still a mystery to all of us.

"Hello, Johanna. How are you?" asks my father.

"I'm well, and how are you?"

"We are fine," answers my mother.

"That's good." Johanna turns to me. "How are you, Beatrice?"

"I'm fine, thank you."

Johanna smiles before turning around and gesturing to a man behind her. "This is my son, Robert." I glance at Robert and take a good look at him. Robert has short brown hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a red dress shirt with orange pants. A warm smile is on his face as he walks over to me and bows. "It's lovely to meet you, Beatrice." He gently grabs my hand and kisses it. I smile at him. "It's nice to meet you as well."

"We'll leave you two to get to know each other," my mother says as she, my father, Caleb, Cara, and Johanna leaves the room, leaving me and Robert.

"Would you like anything to eat or drink?" Robert asks.

"No thanks. So-"

"I was kind of nervous about meeting you because I didn't know what kingdom you are from, but you are very pretty."

"Thank you, and-"

"I also didn't know how Abnegation girls are like."


"I mean, I've seen how they acted when I'm at the kingdom but I didn't know if you were going to be like that or not."


"Although, everyone has a different way of doing things, right?"

I nod. Throughout our conversation, Robert did most of the talking and when I try to talk, he would cut me off and continue to talk. He kept on telling me about the Amity and his childhood. It is interesting to hear but I was getting really frustrated when Robert wouldn't let me talk. After what seemed like ten hours but was only an hour, Robert finally stops talking to take a sip of his water. Just as I was about to talk, Robert opens his mouth again. "I'm really happy that you'll be ruling Amity beside me and not Abnegation."

I froze for a minute, staring at him. "What-"

"I feel like Abnegation doesn't really do anything. I mean, our kingdom makes the crops, Erudite makes medicine and new technology, and Dauntless protects us. If anything, Abnegation just sells stuff."

I felt my anger rising, was he saying that Abnegation is useless? "You-"

"Also, the no looking in mirrors thing is kind of dumb. I mean, why would a kingdom do that? It's like your parents are tyrants or something."

That did it. I raise my hand and slap Robert across the face. "Don't you dare talk about my parents like that! They are not tyrants and the kingdom of Abnegation has had the no mirror rule for a long time. My kingdom is very useful for we turn the food you make into other foods to sell to the kingdoms. We help people when they have no one else to turn to. So don't you dare talk about how my kingdom is useless when you haven't even seen what my people have done. Another thing that Abnegation has that you don't is respect. You have been doing all the talking for the past hour and whenever I tried to talk, you interrupt me and continue to talk. I don't think I want to be your wife if you are going to disrespect me all my life." I march to the doors of the living room and push them open. They bang against the wall, startling my family and Johanna in the other room.

"Beatrice, what-" My father starts but I cut him off. "I don't want to marry Robert."

Everyone stares at me, eyes wide with shock. I turn and leave the room, ignoring my name being called.

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