Love or Tradition

Chapter 5

The carriage bumps along the road as my father and I travel to Candor. Today, I am going to meet the men that are between the ages of 18 and 20 of the council members' sons. Yesterday was a disaster with Robert and I'm really happy that my mother convinced my father to find a man that I could marry out of love. When my family and I were on our way home, they were telling me about all of the council members of the five kingdoms. I can't look at any men in Amity because it would be a slap in a face for Robert and it would be considered rude, in my parents' opinion. Also, I couldn't look at any of the men in Abnegation for I am from Abnegation and for some stupid reason, I can't marry any of the sons from Abnegation. I think it's because I'm not supposed to marry anyone from my own kingdom. I also found out last night that there are no men in Erudite that are eligible. They are either too old, too young, or they are already taken. So the only men available are either from Candor or Dauntless.

The carriage jerks to a stop, knocking me out of my thoughts. The door opens and my father and I step out. My parents decided that my father would come with me to Candor and my mother would come with me to Dauntless. Caleb stayed in Abnegation with Cara so that they could keep my mother company.

We walk into the palace of Candor and are meet with the king and queen of Candor, Jack and Cecilia Kang.

"Hello, Andrew and Beatrice; I welcome you to Candor," greets Jack. He has dark brown hair and eyes. His skin isn't as dark as Cecilia's but it is a nice tan color. He is wearing a white dress shirt with a black jacket over it with black dress pants and shoes. He wears the symbol of Candor on an amulet around his neck to symbolize his status as king.

"Thank you, Jack; sorry for contacting you on short notice," my dad apologizes.

"Don't apologize," says Cecilia. "We understand the situation even though it is not against the rules."

I wince at her words. One thing I don't like about Candor, they are very outspoken about what they say. They say whatever is on their mind…even if you wish they wouldn't. There are some people from Candor I can take, like Cecilia. Even though she is outspoken, Cecilia is a nice woman once you get to know her. She has long black hair that goes to middle of her back and chocolate brown eyes. She has mocha colored skin and she wears a white tiara with three white diamonds on it. Cecilia is wearing a white blouse with a black skirt and black heels. I consider Cecilia a very beautiful woman and even though she was originally from Amity, she fits into Candor very well. I'm very good friends with her daughter, Christina.

"Tris!" Speak of the devil. I look over Jack's shoulder to see Christina running up to me. She wraps her arms around me and hugs me tight. "I haven't seen you in forever and I can't believe you are going to marry a council member." Christina releases me and stares at me with wide eyes. "Are you crazy or something?"

"Christina!" scolds her parents.


"It's all right," I say, waving them off. "I really want to marry out of love like my parents did so I want to see if I can find the right man."

"You get that from your mother," I hear my dad mutter.

"Well, let's show you your available bachelors." Christina grabs my arm and starts dragging me into the palace. On the way, I half-listen to Christina rambling about the men while I just nod along, pretending to listen. Christina has both features of her dad and mom. She has her mother's mocha skin color but her dad's dark brown hair and eyes. Although, no one knows where she gets her sense of fashion from. Christina is a fashionista and she loves to dress up. Today, she is wearing a white tank top with a black skirt with black high heels. I usually see Christina wearing a dress but on some days, she'll wear a top and a skirt. Christina has a tendency to rant about certain things so when that happens, I usually tune her out and only listen in on the parts I want to hear. "Oh, did you know that Will and I are getting married?"

I perk up at her words. "Really?"

She nods. "Yeah, I was really happy when I saw Will yesterday and I couldn't believe that I was chosen to be his bride."

"Good for you, Christina. I was hoping that you two would be together anyway because both of you kept on staring at each other; I kind of figured you like each other."

Christina blushes and I lightly chuckle. "Wait, aren't you supposed to be in Erudite right now?"

"I was until I heard what happened with you so I asked if I could come back here so I could be with you. They allowed it but I had to be back once you left." I nod. We keep on walking until we get to the living room. Christina leads me to one of the couches and pulls me to sit down beside her. "Now, I want to tell you one thing about the council members. There is one man among all of them that is a year younger than you, so he isn't eligible to marry you. The other three, however; are your age. You'll find out about them soon."

"I see."

"I have to warn you; one of the men is kind of a punk. The other two are ok but I'll let you decide about what you think of them."

"Thanks for the warning, Christina. I think I'll be ok."

She smiles at me. "I'm going to be with you just in case something happens. Your father will be with my parents and sister."

"How is Rose?" Rose is Christina's little sister and she is the one who will take over Candor when she is older.

"She's good but she wasn't happy when I had to leave. She wants me to stay but she knows that I can't."

"Rose does know that you can visit, right?"

"Yeah, but she wants me to stay forever."

A knock sounds at the door before a young man came in. "The bachelors are here, your highnesses."

"Send them in," orders Christina.

The man nods before the leaving the room. While we are waiting, I turn to Christina. "Hey, don't say my nickname."

"Why not?"

"I want to get to know the men a little bit before giving my nickname. I'll only give out my nickname if I think that the man is the one."

Christina smiles at me before nodding in understanding.

The man comes back in with three other men following him. The first man has shiny black hair, black eyes and is wearing a white dress shirt with black pants and shoes. The second man has the hair color of rotten carrots and brown eyes and he is also wearing a white dress shirt with black pants and shoes. The last man has short brown hair and eyes and he wears a white dress shirt with a black jacket, pants, and shoes.

"Hello, Princess Beatrice," greets the last man, grabbing my hand and placing a kiss on it. "My name is Alphonse, but you can call me Al."

"My name is Drew, your highness," says the man with the rotten carrots hair color. He then gestures to the black-haired man. "This is Peter."

"It's nice to meet you all," I politely say, smiling at each of them.

"Why did you choose to marry a council member, Stiff?" asks Peter. "Were you not happy with your fancy lifestyle? Oh wait, Abnegation doesn't do all that fancy crap."

"Peter, behave!" hisses Christina.

"What? I mean, look at her; she doesn't even dress like a princess."

I look down at myself. I am wearing a floor-length, purple dress with a shawl covering my shoulders. My hair is in a bun but I really wanted it to be braided but my mother wouldn't hear the end of it. "What's wrong with the way I dress?" I ask Peter.

"You look like a Stiff," he answers. "If you want to be my wife, then you'll have to dress differently."

I nod, giving him a smirk before walking closer to him; my face inches away from his. "You know, I'm the one who's choosing who to marry and I have to dress differently for the man I marry. I will have to start wearing what everyone else in the kingdom wears. So if by some miracle I do choose you, I will make sure to dress like all the girls you hit one like the asshole you are." The men's eyes widen at my choice of words but Christina just smirks. She knows about my language and that I only swear when I'm pissed, which is now. That's actually how I got my nickname. Christina thought that Beatrice sounded too innocent but Tris sounded tough and rebellious. So whenever we meet, she calls me Tris and I allow her to. I actually like that name better than Beatrice.

"Now, before anything gets out of hand, it's time to explain what you three have to do," Christina steps in before I wring Peter's neck. "Princess Beatrice will meet with each of your families for dinner. I would try to impress her during that time for once she leaves to go to Dauntless, she won't come back. You don't have that much of a competition so I would be on my best behavior."

"And what if we don't impress her?" Drew asks.

"Then you're shit out of luck," I answer.

"Look, you basically have to get on Beatrice's good side. If that happens, you have a chance with her. If it doesn't happen…then it's what she said, you're shit out of luck," says Christina.

"Why would we want to impress you? It's not like you are going to be a princess anymore," states Peter.

"See, that kind of attitude is what pisses me off the most," I start, glaring at him. "Also, think of it this way. You get to go around telling all your little friends that you married a princess. I know that most people of your…status don't get this kind of opportunity."

"In case you don't know, but I'm an important figure."

"I know, but I have a higher status than you. If someone kills you, probably your friends and family will be upset. Although, if someone kills me, it's all over the five kingdoms and investigators will be out to look for what happened to me. So I would be careful what you say, Peter; because I can do many things that you cannot."

"I'm not scared of you," Peter spits at me. "You're just a Stiff."

I smirk. "Are you sure, because you actually look stiffer than me." I wink at him before glancing at Drew and Al. "I will give you details about the dinners. I hope to get to know you and that you'll impress me." I start walking away with Christina at my side. "But I doubt you will," I mutter, making Christina chuckle.

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