Love or Tradition

Chapter 7

The next day, Christina and I are in her room, talking about my lunch date with Drew. She is helping me get ready again but the good thing about that is I won't need to get ready for my dinner date with Peter. Well, I will still have to change dresses but I don't need to fix my hair. Christina is going to braid my hair and then put that braid into a bun. Then, for dinner, she will take my bun down and let my hair stay in a braid. If the braid isn't too messy after the bun, she'll leave it. I'm wearing my indigo dress with the lace on the top half. Christina is lending me a pair of white flats to go with my dress. She didn't like any of the shoes I brought with me for she said that it didn't match my dress.

Christina finishes my braid then starts twisting it up into bun. She places bobby pins into my hair to keep the bun in place then walks over to her table of accessories again. "Seriously, Christina?" I ask.

"What?" Christina looks at me with an innocent look in her eyes. "There's nothing wrong with accessories since I can't doll you up." She picks up a headband with fake white flowers on it then places it on my head. She moves it back a little bit until it looks good then smiles. "Perfect."

"Thanks, Chris."

"No problem, Tris."

A knock sounds at the door before the doors open and Rose walks in. She smiles at us before walking over and taking a seat on the bed. "Hello, Rose," I politely greet. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, Beatrice," answers Rose. "You look pretty today."

"Why thank you," Christina answers, smiling with pride. "I taught her everything she knows."

Rose and I stare at her, an eyebrow raised. "What? It's not my fault you two don't know anything about fashion."

"I wonder how I'm related to her," Rose mutters to me.

"She may be weird but we still love her," I say to her.


We laugh at Christina's reaction.

"Oh, by the way," Rose starts after we stop laughing. She looks at me before continuing. "Your father says that you are going to leave to go to Drew's house soon. He wants you downstairs in about five minutes."

I nod. "Ok, thanks for telling me." I stand up, smoothing down my dress, before walking over towards the door.

"Good luck," Christina and Rose call out.

"Thanks," I say before leaving the room.

My father and I walk up to a house and my father knocks on the door. We wait only a minute or two before the door opens. A man with light brown hair and blue eyes stands in the entrance. He is wearing a white dress shirt and black pants and shoes. The man stares at us for a moment before his eyes widen. "Oh, your majesties." He bows before us. "I'm sorry; I completely forgot about having lunch with you."

"It's all right," reassures my father. "We probably should have notified you to remind you that we are coming over."

"No, no, I should have remembered." The man stands aside. "We are actually just about to eat lunch; please come in."

We enter the house and the man leads us into the dining room. A young woman with red hair and hazel eyes stands by the stove, stirring a pot. She is wearing a white sundress with a black shawl over it and white sandals. The woman looks up and she is slightly surprised on seeing me and my father. "Oh my goodness, your majesties." She curtsies before us. "It's a pleasure to have you in our home."

"Who are you talking to, mother?" Drew asks, walking into the room. Once he sees us, he stops in his tracks and stares at us.

"Drew, don't be rude," scolds his mother.

Drew snaps out of it and bows before us. "Forgive me, your majesties."

"It's quite all right," says my father. "You look like a sharp young man. Don't you agree, Beatrice?"

I only nod; I actually think he looks the same as any other Candor. Drew is wearing a black shirt with a white jacket over it and black pants and shoes. His hair looks slightly tasseled like he just woke up or something.

"Oh, where are my manners," the woman says, turning my gaze away from Drew and towards her. "My name is Rachel and this is my husband, Connor." She addresses the man. "Please, take a seat; lunch is about ready."

We take a seat at the table and Rachel brings a pot of stew to the table. I have never eaten anything like this before so I'm excited to know what it tastes like. We each pour ourselves a bowl before we dig into the stew. The meat is nice and juicy and the vegetables add more flavor to it. "This stew tastes amazing, Rachel," I state after a few bites.

"Yeah mom, it does," Drew agrees.

Rachel smiles. "Thank you."

"Princess Beatrice, may I ask what you like to do on your free time?" Connor asks.

"I usually draw about how I'm feeling," I answer.

"So do I," states Drew.

I stare at him. "You do?"

He nods.

"Do you mind if I could take a look at them sometime."

"I don't know. My drawings aren't as good."

"It's ok; I don't think my drawings are good either. I can show you mine if you can show me yours."

"I didn't know you could draw, son," says Connor. "I'd never seen you draw."

"That's because I always do it in my room."

I then notice that Drew is getting nervous and that he's slightly shaking. My eyebrows furrow in confusion, trying to figure out why he's so nervous.

"Well, I think it's good that the both of you have something in common," says Rachel. "That way, you two can do something you like together."

"What a wonderful idea!" exclaims Dad. "Don't you agree, Beatrice?"

Before I could respond, Drew states, "That's a great idea." I stare at him; what is he trying to do?

Dad smiles at Drew. "I'm glad you agree, Drew."

"I think you two should meet again some other time," suggests Rachel.

"I agree with you, mom," answers Drew.

It is then I realize what Drew is doing; he is agreeing with everything that someone says. I smirk, now I know what game he's playing. Well, it's time to play fire with fire. "Yes, we should," I start. "I could take him to my kingdom and show him what it's like to be a citizen there; maybe he can be a citizen for a day or two."

"What a wonderful idea, Beatrice," states Dad.

I notice that Drew's face pales and I smirk, knowing that I got him. "Don't you agree with that, Drew?" I watch as Drew struggles to answer that question. "Come on, Drew; you're a Candor aren't you? You're supposed to tell the truth." Drew starts shaking and he tries to refrain himself from telling the truth.

"Drew, are you ok, honey?" Rachel asks.

"Tell the truth, son," Connor gently orders.

"It's not a good idea!" Drew suddenly exclaims. "None of those suggestions were good ideas!"

"Son, why were you lying?" Connor asks.

"Because he wants to impress me," I answer, standing up. "Drew has been agreeing with everything that people say so that it would make me like him more but it doesn't. I don't take kindly to fakers nor do I to frauds." I look at Dad. "I want to leave."

"Wait, let me try again," pleads Drew. "I can do better."

I only stare at him before turning around and leaving the house, ignoring Dad yelling at me to come back.

"Was your dad pissed?" Christina asks.

"Yup." I answer, plopping down on the bed. "He thinks I was out of line and that I should give Drew a second chance, but I said I wouldn't. I mean, would you give a guy a second chance if he was saying yes to everything you said?"

Christina thinks about it for a while before replying. "Yeah, I agree. So is your dad going to make you repeat your date with Drew?"

"I hope not, but I'm pretty sure my dad isn't going to force me into anything."

"Ok, now let's get you into your dinner dress. It's almost time for your dinner date with Peter."

Great, I thought to myself. I am not looking forward to this date.

Dad and I walk towards the house but before he could knock on the door, Dad looks at me sternly. "Now, I don't want you to be rude to this person. I want you to be as nice as you are with all the other men in Abnegation," says Dad. "Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, dad."

He smiles. Dad then knocks on the door before the door opens, revealing a middle-age man with black hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a black tuxedo with a white vest and black dress shoes. "Good evening, your majesties. My name is John. Please, come in; my wife is almost done with dinner." John steps aside and we walk into the living room. I see Peter standing by a couch, with a smile on his face. He is also wearing a black tuxedo with a white vest and black dress shoes. "Hello, your majesties; it is nice to see you."

I stare at Peter, with an eyebrow raised. What is he trying to do? I watch as Peter bows before us then takes my hand and places a kiss on it. "You look beautiful this evening, Princess Beatrice." What, no side comments? Is all that goes through my mind but I bite my tongue. I'm wearing the maroon dress with the taffeta pattern. There is a black shawl over my shoulders and white heels, curtesy of Christina, compliment the dress.

A woman with medium length brown hair and eyes walks into the room. She is wearing a black dinner dress with a white shawl and heels. "Hello, your majesties; my name is Elizabeth. Please come into the dining room, dinner will be served shortly." As we travel to the other room, Peter leans in and whispers, "Don't think I'm being nice to you, Stiff." There it is! That's the side comment I've been waiting for. I shoot Peter a glare before sitting down next to my father. Peter gives me a sly smile as Elizabeth places the food on the table. There is turkey, baked potatoes, and corn. We all take what we want and then start eating. While I'm eating, I keep feeling Peter kicking my legs and I have to tell myself not to jump up and slap him across the face. Peter can tell I'm struggling to contain myself because he just smirks. I can hear Dad, John, and Elizabeth talking in the background but I just ignore them.

"Beatrice, are you all right?" I snap my attention to Elizabeth, who looks at me with concern. "You don't look so good."

"Sorry, I'm just lost in thought," I half-lie. I'm getting frustrated with Peter kicking me and I can tell there will be bruises on my legs tomorrow.

"Are you sure? You look like you're in pain."

"Do you need anything?" John questions.

"Actually, may I use your bathroom? I think I just need to freshen myself up."

"It's down the half to the right," answers Elizabeth.

"Thank you." I get up from my seat and make my way to the bathroom. I walk in then close the door, locking it. I lift up my dress and check my legs. Sure enough, there are bruises that are forming. I sigh then smooth my braided hair. I unlock the door and open it but see Peter standing in the way, with a smirk on his face. "What do you want?" I growl.

"What an attitude coming from a princess," mocks Peter. "Aren't you supposed to be all Abnegation-like and think of others before yourself?"

"At least I'm actually being nice to them instead of faking it." I try to walk around him but Peter wraps his hand around my arm. "Let me go."

"You're not going anywhere."

"I order you to release me."

Peter then slams me into the wall. "I don't have to take orders from you, Stiff."

"I'm your princess."

"No you're not, and you won't be a princess for long." Peter leans in then whispers, "Soon, you'll be nothing more than a council member's wife."

I knee him between the legs and Peter groans in pain. I pull my arm out of his grasp and start walking away. Peter suddenly grabs my shoulder then spins me around. Before I can respond, Peter slaps me across the face, leaving my cheek stinging. "How dare you!"

"That's what you get, bitch!"


We both turn around to see Elizabeth, John, and my father staring at us, with wide eyes and gaping mouths. I turn back to Peter, with a smirk on my face, as Peter pales at the sight of his parents. "I…I…I can explain."

"You just slapped Princess Beatrice and called her a terrible name!" exclaims Elizabeth.

"We raised you better than that, son!" John yells, his eyes stern.

"Are you all right, Beatrice?" Dad asks me gently.

An idea pops into my head and I force myself to start crying. I used to do this when I was little when I wanted attention. My mother would always come and comfort me. I turn back to Dad, tears running down my cheeks. "Dad, it hurts."

"Come here, sweetie." I run to him and Dad wraps his arms around me, gently rubbing my back. He then inspects my cheek with Elizabeth staring at me with concern and John glaring at Peter.

"It's a little red but some ice will help," confirms Dad.

"I'll go get you some ice," Elizabeth says. "I'm so sorry, Princess Beatrice. I didn't think Peter would do that." She then walks off.

"Son, apologize," orders John.



Peter flinches then turns to me. I smirk at him and he glares at me. "Peter!" Elizabeth scolds, walking back in with a bag of ice. "Apologize to the princess!"

"I'm…I'm sorry, St-I mean, Princess Beatrice," mutters Peter.

"Now go to your room," John orders, pointing to the stairs. "We'll talk about your punishment later."

Peter nods then walks out of the room.

"Here you go, Princess," Elizabeth says, handing me the ice. "I'm sorry your night wasn't as good."

"It's all right," I reassure her, taking the ice and putting it on my cheek. "And thank you for the ice."

She smiles. "You're welcome."

"Let's get you back to the palace," says Dad. "We can let you rest before going back to Abnegation."

I nod and Dad leads me towards the door.

"I'm so sorry this happens," apologizes Elizabeth.

"Please, don't let my son be taken to jail," begs John. "He didn't know what he was doing."

"It's not under my control; it's up to the king of Candor," states Dad. "But I'll see what I can do."

They nod. We exist the house and we get back on the carriage, which carries us back to Candor.

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