House Colours

Chapter Ten

The corridors were silent, students locked away in classrooms. Only ghosts floated above the stone floor their silent conversations unheard. Harry had long stopped running, his legs feeling too much like lead. Instead he walked in a trance, uncaring of where he went, ignoring the icy feeling as he walked through another ghost. His eyes stared blindly ahead of him. His mind raced. The kiss replayed over and over, the feel of Draco's hands on him sent shivers over his skin, the way their lips moved together, the way Harry had felt himself pull into Draco's chest. The emotions that were being dragged out of him, forcing him to feel something for the blonde.

"Mister Potter!" The sharp voice was unable to bring Harry out of his thoughts as he continued walking. It wasn't until a thin hand gripped his shoulder and forced him to face them that Harry snapped back to reality.

"Professor McGonagall!" Harry could feel the blood disappear from his face; he'd been caught out of class. He'd actually run out of class. Harry watched as McGonagall's eyes gave his appearance one quick glance before they hardened and returned to his face. Harry gulped; his fear of her had doubled since her promotion.

"Care to explain why you're not only out of class but are dressed in the wrong uniform?"

Harry's own gaze dropped to the red uniform his fingers beginning to play with the hem of his sleeves, his anger at Draco and his family resurfacing.

"I can't be a Slytherin any longer. I'm a Gryffindor Professor!"

McGonagall watched as Harry's hands began to tighten into fists, his eyes blazing with emotions as they returned to her. Sighing she turned her hand gesturing for Harry to follow her. They walked in silence, Harry's eyes focused upon his Professor's robes that danced at her feet. He didn't look up once, the way to the office imprinted on his memory, his gaze stayed downcast as they climbed the stairs, when McGonagall opened the large door and as he headed over to the chair he'd seated himself in so many times before. It was only when McGonagall cleared her throat that he lifted his head and met her eyes. Behind her Harry could see the two large portraits their occupants present and staring down at him. He didn't have to look directly at them to know Dumbledore's blue eyes would be sparkling with interest and surprise, and Snape's with their usual unsurprised air that was saved only for him.

"Now, Mr Potter..."McGonagall's hard expression began to melt and she folded her hands watching him, "Harry you agreed to this house change, I know you wasn't exactly thrilled, but you agreed to the period of time none the less. From observation you and the entire house of Slytherin...including Mr Malfoy appeared to be making head way. Your actions were causing the programme's aim to work. Why now do you feel the need to change back?"

At the mention of Draco's name Harry tensed as he remembered their last encounter. Opening his mouth to reply Harry quickly changed his mind, he couldn't tell McGonagall the reason he wished to go back to Gryffindor was because he thought Draco felt something for him, thought he himself was feeling something for Draco and that he was not only scared of these feelings but hurt about finding out Draco had only acted the way he had because of his father! He most certainly couldn't tell her about the kiss!

"Well?" McGonagall peered through her glasses at him, her expression staying that of one concerned. "are you afraid for your safety? Have you been threatened?"

Shaking his head Harry replied, "No Professor."

Sighing McGonagall twisted in her chair to lock eyes with the portrait of the old man behind her, Harry followed her gaze. How he wished the old man was still alive, as much as he respected McGonagall he knew they'd never be able to have the same relationship. With Dumbledore Harry knew any worries or opinions would not be met with judgement. Slowly McGonagall turned back to face Harry.

"I'm afraid if you're unable to give me a valid reason for wishing to terminate this project I cannot allow you to return to Gryffindor early."

Dropping his head harry slumped down in his seat, "I understand Professor."

"I must ask you to change back into your Slytherin robes and attend classes with your house until the end of this project. You are dismissed." McGonagall's voice was void of any emotion.

Nodding Harry rose and headed for the door. Stepping outside Harry paused as he heard McGonagall rise from her seat.

"You know if you ever have a problem you can come to me Harry." McGonagall's eyes darted to Dumbledore's portrait a small smile formed on her thin lips, "Or if you ever need to talk to an old friend, my office is always open."

Harry smiled and nodded before shutting the door with a snap.

Harry dug his hands deep into his pockets as he reached the Great Hall; the entrance was empty telling him that the entire school was no doubt already seated and eating. The common room had been emptied when he arrived to change his uniform, a fact he was grateful of, he had no energy left to face Draco or any other snake. Taking a deep breath Harry headed towards the grand oak doors, his gaze dropping to the stone floor. The loud chatter began to dull to whispers; Harry could feel the eyes watching him as he headed to the table of green.

His rebelling of uniform must have gotten around, along with the kiss. Harry could feel his cheeks burn as his mind wickedly replayed the touch of Draco on his skin. Choosing to sit on the end of the table Harry refused to look glance to his usual seat where Draco was seated. Instead he placed minimal amount of food onto his plate and began to force it down.

Draco watched Harry as the boy struggled to gulp down the pie in his mouth, guilt clawed inside of him. Clearly Harry had a lot on his mind as he ignored those that were seated around him and the gestures made by Weasley to grab his attention. Harry's eyes remained glued to the plate before him. Draco hadn't meant to scare Harry, or hurt him, he'd simply panicked. He'd lost Harry before because of a silly mistake, watched as harry declined his hand of friendship, allowed Weasley to drag him away and warp his mind. How was he expected to stand and watch that happen again? He needed to talk to Harry, explain everything! The letter, the kiss, his feelings!

"Guess he didn't think much to your kissing?" Blaise grinned as he too glanced down the table at Harry. Slowly Draco turned his eyes to his friend, how he'd love to lean across and punch that smirk off his friends face.

"It's because of your stupid drawing he reacted that way in the first place!" Draco hissed, his hand gripping his fork in anger. Blaise's smirk vanished.

"What? Don't go blaming this on me! I believe he was pissed at you because he found your father's letter!"

Glaring at his friend Draco returned to his meal, he knew it was because of his stupidity of not destroying the letter, but it helped to blame Blaise. Plus he was growing tired of his stupid remarks.

"I wonder how long it will take for your little stunt to end up in the Daily Prophet," Pansy wondered aloud, earning her a glare from Draco. "What? You don't expect no one is going to sell that to Rita Skeeter do you?"

"Is this your confession to already doing so?" Blaise asked, his amused smile already returning to his face.

Draco began to tune out Pansy's protests and lecture on loyalty and turned his gaze back down the table to Harry. His chair was empty. Quickly scanning the room Draco watched as Harry left the Hall, Weasley and Granger quickly stood and followed. Without a second thought Draco rose from the table, dismissing Pansy's question with a flick of his hand and followed the trio out of the hall.

Years of watching and following the trio allowed Draco to second guess where they had gone to talk in private. Swiftly he climbed the stairs and with long strides walked through the corridors, upon arriving near a tapestry Draco had learned in their third year held a secret passage way he slowed to a creep. Hiding behind a suit of armour that stood beside the entrance Draco smiled as Granger spoke.

"Are you okay?" Draco leaned closer annoyed at their need to whisper, "Are you sure?"

Draco could only guess that Harry had nodded and that now Granger and Weasley had shared a look as Harry spoke.

"Honestly guys."

"Really Harry? I'm sure it would unnerve anyone to be suddenly kissed out the blue by Malfoy, let alone you by your mortal enemy."

"I said I'm fine Hermione..." Harry let out a deep sigh of irritation.

"Good, don't worry we'll get him back another time. But now we need to go to McGonagall and demand you're returned to Gryffindor!"

"I've already been to see her..."

Draco held his breathe, surely if Harry had gone and told McGonagall everything Harry would be returning to Gryffindor in the morning if not tonight! He'd have lost him forever!

"And...? Why are you still in Slytherin?" Weasley exclaimed. A slap echoed out Draco, which he could only assume was given to Weasley by Granger.

"Because she refused..."

"What!" Again another slap was heard. "How could she refuse? Malfoy is playing some sick game; you're not safe to stay in that house!"

"I'm not in any danger from Malfoy or any Slytherin Ron." Harry scoffed.

"Okay, not mortal danger, but Malfoy did randomly attack you in front of the entire class"

"He didn't attack Harry, Ron he kissed him."

"Just a cruel joke he and the Slytherin's must have made up..." Draco frowned as Harry's words met him. Was that what he really thought?

"Whatever, McGonagall can't be happy keeping you with them knowing what he did and knowing what they're all planning by getting close to you?"

"She doesn't know..."

"What? Why?"

"Because I didn't tell her..."

"What? Why?"

"Because it's not important..."

"Err...I think it is! They're only being friends with you for their own selfish gain! I'm pretty sure McGonagall should know, Hermione?"

"Draco?" Spinning round Draco's elbow came into contact with the suit of armour causing it to crash loudly onto the stone floor. Draco stared down in horror at the scattered pieces of metal on the floor, his heart felt like it was pounding in his throat as he slowly turned to the person beside him. Pansy smiled back at him.

"I wondered where..."

Quickly Draco gripped Pansy's wrist and raced back down the corridor, praying Harry had not heard nor seen them. Pansy struggled behind him.

Draco climbed the stairs warily, light flooded down to him from where the dormitory door stood ajar. Mentally Draco encouraged his feet to continue, his hand shook before him as he pushed the door open further. The dormitory was empty excluding Harry who sat on his bed, glaring up at the ceiling. His uniform had been tossed over his closed trunk; he instead wore his over sized red jumper and pyjama bottoms. Draco was surprised at how foreign the red looked in the room decorated in green. Just as foreign as Harry was in Slytherin.

Cautiously Draco headed to his own bed; shrugging off his own robe Draco neatly placed it at the foot of his bed. Watching it fall Draco ran his tongue over his dry lips, Come on Draco, you're a Malfoy! Man up and talk to him! Glancing at Harry out the corner of his eye Draco sighed, he had no other choice but to tell Harry the truth.

"Harry? Can we talk?" Draco watched as Harry continued to glare at the ceiling his arms folded over his chest. His only movement coming from the rising and falling of his chest.

Sighing Draco dropped down, his mattress creaking from the weight. Draco allowed his eyes to travel over Harry, his body was tense. Clearly Harry wanted him to leave, the tension in the air warned him that much. But he couldn't go, he had to let Harry know how he felt. How could he leave him and allow him to believe the kiss was some cruel joke? If he was ever going to fix things between him and Harry it was going to be now!

"Harry?" Draco spoke with a little more confidence, his voice louder than before. Again Harry made no movement or indication of listening to him. "Harry?...for Merlin's sake Potter!"

Slowly Harry turned his head towards Draco, his emerald eyes flashed in anger. Draco faltered at the intensity of the hate directed towards him, never in the seven years of the pair knowing each other had Draco seen that much emotion in Harry's eyes. Not even when Harry had cut open his chest in the sixth year. Who knew someone could hate someone that much?

"What Malfoy?"

"I...err..." Draco was unable to tear his eyes away from Harry's, even when Harry swung his legs over the bed so he was sat facing Draco.

"What do you want to talk about Malfoy? Do you want to laugh in my face, boast about how successful your little stunt in potions was? Well done you embarrassed me in front of everyone! Your little joke worked!"

"It wasn't a joke..."

"Really? So what do you want to call it? A set up? Help you get your name into the papers as my lover?"


"I always knew you were selfish Malfoy, hell I honestly don't know why I was so shocked when I found your father's letter. Even in first year you only wanted to be my friend after you discovered who I was! No doubt you knew then that it would help your family's social standing to be friends with me!"

"I wanted to be friends with you when I saw you in Madam Malkin's store, before I knew..."

Draco couldn't actually believe the words coming from Harry's mouth. He'd always wanted to be friends with Harry ever since seeing him enter the store, before he knew who Harry was.

"Oh my god!" Harry jumped to his feet, his hands gripping his hair, "Why are you still lying? Who are you trying to convince? I know you Malfoy! You play games to help yourself; I doubt you're actually capable to feel anything for real. I should have known all of this was an act, tricking me into feeling something to make sure you're set!"

Standing quickly Draco searched Harry's eyes, " feel something? For me?"

Harry's face paled slightly as he stared up at Draco, his eyes wide his mind quickly catching up with the words that were leaving his mouth. Had he actually confessed to liking Malfoy? Harry could see a small smile forming on Draco's face; Harry's mouth fell open as his stomach twisted, "Seriously? Even now you're trying to fix your plan?"

"There isn't a plan Harry..."

"Just tell the truth!"

Reaching out Draco pulled Harry's face to his own, their lips met just as clumsy as in potions. Unprepared Harry fell backwards causing them both to land on his bed, Draco continued to kiss Harry, begging him to respond with his lips. Draco's heart began to soar as Harry's lips began to move with his own. Perfection, Draco allowed himself to hope, Harry was enjoying this as much as he was. Harry really liked him back?

It's a trick, just a trick, a trick, a trick, a trick! With all the energy he could muster Harry pushed roughly against Draco's chest sending the blonde to the floor. Using his quick reflexes Harry pulled his wand out from his pocket and pinned Draco to the floor. His wand pushing into Draco's throat.

"You bastard!" Harry prayed for his anger to last, mentally cursing his brain for being so slow today, while willing the tears forming in his eyes to leave, his heart was tearing in two confused by everything. His free hand gripped Draco's shirt tightly, his nails scratched Draco's skin causing the blond to hiss in pain.

"Harry, you have to understand..."

"Stop calling me Harry!" Harry dug his wand in deep causing Draco to wince. "I would so love to hex you right now Malfoy, but I doubt McGonagall would approve. So I warn you one last time. Stay. Away. From. Me."

"Harry I'm not lying...I really..."

"Malfoy!" Harry begged, he could feel his anger fading, hear his voice breaking with his sobs, "Please...stop!"

Draco stared up, his mind screamed at him to just shut up as his own shirt began to cut into his skin under Harry's fist. Pain shot to his brain from his neck as Harry's wand pushed against his wind pipe. Harry was breaking, hope filled Draco as the hate in Harry's eyes began to mix with other emotions. Harry didn't hate him, Harry had admitted himself he had begun to feel something for Draco.

Cautiously Draco lifted his hands to Harry's, and with little effort manoeuvred them away from his body. With almost no force Harry slipped from on top of Draco allowing the blond to sit up. Taking a deep breath Draco rubbed his neck to ease the pain, his eyes never leaving Harry's face. They sat staring at each other in silence, both trying in vain to read the others thoughts. Both plagued with confusion by the other's actions. His hope fading Draco tried to convince himself Harry had only pushed him away because of his fear of this being nothing but a game to Draco. He had to get him to see the truth, see how Draco really felt for him.

"I swear to you Harry, I wasn't playing a game or prank on you." Draco spoke quietly and slowly, fear of Harry attacking in the back of his mind. Leaning forward Draco slid his hand towards Harry's, how he just wanted to hold Harry, shake all those ridiculous thoughts out of his head and kiss him until those brains began to realise what he was saying was real.

"Malfoy...just stop...please." Harry's voice sounded tired, his adrenaline fading fast. "Stop with the lies!"

Draco's actions froze his thoughts grinded to a sudden Holt as he listened. Fear gripped at his heart that began to pound harder against his chest. He had to act quickly before Harry allowed the idea sink deep within his heart and mind.

Lifting himself from the floor Harry continued quickly as Draco opened his mouth to protest, "Malfoy! Stop! How can you keep lying when I've seen the letter from your father? Just please, stay away from me. I'm stuck in Slytherin for another 2 weeks, can you please just stop making it awkward with your lies."

Leaving Draco seated on the floor Harry left the dormitory, his wand still gripped loosely in his hand.

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