House Colours

Chapter Eleven

Pushing himself off the ground Draco raced for the dormitory door, reaching out for the handle he mentally stopped himself. He had to stop Harry and explain everything, but is that what Harry needed? Draco had watched the anger fade from Harry, all those emotions that were fighting in him had drained the boy. Draco had been acting irrationally, his panic making him try to prove to Harry he wanted him. But in doing so he was torturing him.

Suddenly repulsed by the door Draco stepped backwards, he wasn't helping the situation in suffocating Harry. Put he wasn't helping by leaving Harry to his thoughts and assumptions on the situation.

Lost in his thoughts Draco didn't hear the footsteps as they climbed the stairs, Blaise slowly opened the door sticking his head around the door.

"Draco? Is everything okay? We saw Potter leave..." Blaise made sure to shut the door, not wanting anyone else to pry and hear. Blaise watched as Draco slowly registered his appearance in the room, raising his eyes to meet his. "Draco...?"

"I don't know what to do Blaise. What do I do?" Draco's voice shock, throwing Blaise.

"Harry, he thinks I hate him. He thinks everything was for him, my dad! He thinks the kiss, why did I kiss him? Of course he'd think it a trick! Blaise why did I do it?"

Blaise opened and closed his mouth, trying to forge the right words. What could he possibly say? He didn't even understand what made Draco kiss Potter, especially in the middle of potions.

Sighing in defeat Blaise folded his arms across his chest and purposely broke the eye contact between the two.

"Maybe, maybe this is for the best Draco."

"What? How could this possibly..."

"You and Potter were never going to work, your family would never have accepted it. Sure you might have had a few months, heck years to be with him. But eventually," Blaise finally looked back at Draco's face, "eventually you'd have been forced to choose, that's if they even allowed you to have a choice. Even I know how important ensuring you have an heir is to your family."

Blaise paused, waiting for the wrath and denial of Draco. But it never came. Draco just stared at him, his arms lifeless by his sides. His gray eyes glistening with tears. It was in that moment Blaise noticed how unDracolike he appeared. His platinum hair was no longer sat in place rather sticking out at odd angles, his uniform was no longer pristine, his tie hung loose around his neck. Blaise slowly unfolded his arms taking in the sight, Draco was breaking. This whole situation with Potter was really effecting him.

"Draco, I...I didn't realise how much you, Potter I thought."

"You're right. I can't have him, I can only hurt him."

"No don't say that. Look we'll, we can, let Potter cool off for a day or two. We can come up with a plan, a way for you to say sorry, think of a way for you to explain!"

"What does it matter, you're right my father wouldn't allow..."

"Screw your father Draco!" Blaise grabbed Draco by the shoulders and shook him slightly. " This isn't like you Draco. You're a Malfoy and you never loose! So you need to fight a little harder! Okay so I believe this isn't some stupid crush you have for Potter, all those years you said you hated him I guess that was denial on your part. You've never had a chance to show Potter the real you, but now you have the best chance you'll ever have! You have 2 weeks left of him being in Slytherin, staying in our dormitory and studying with us."

The teens stared at each other in silence, Blaise's hands staying on Draco's shoulders scared to let go. Time passed, footsteps echoed as they climbed the stairs towards them.

"Come on Draco, fight." Blaise spoke through gritted teeth, desperate for Draco to snap back. "Fight!"

The door to the dormitory swung open, Blaise quickly pulled his arms into his chest folding them. Turning to see Nott enter Blaise nodded in his direction.

"Alright?" Nott waved his hand in response, his other held up a book on quidditch. Blaise watched the boy walk to his bed and without looking away from the page laid out.

Looking back to Draco, Blaise was pleased to see he'd recomposed himself. Patting his hair back into place Draco leaned into his friend.

"I don't know how to make Harry listen to me."

"We'll find a way, don't you worry." Blaise paused before adding, "friend."

Draco raised his eyebrows at the word. Sure they considered each other friends, but never did they address each other as such. But Draco found himself relaxing at it, he knew Blaise truly wanted to help him. No undertones, no schemes, nothing to gain himself favour. A genuine smile was passed between them.

The next morning Draco rose, not surprised to find Harry's bed unslept in. Heading to the Great Hall Draco tried to focus on the conversation between his group but he found anytime someone with raven hair walked by his eyes jumped to their faces. Hoping to see Harry, sadly they never were. Where did he sleep when he refused to sleep in the dormitory? Surely he wouldn't be allowed in the Gryffindor common room? Did he wonder the halls? How was he never caught?

Pulling away from his thoughts Draco's eyes scanned the Great Hall as he entered, he was shocked to see trio seated at the Ravenclaw table. Harry was seated beside a girl with long dirty blonde hair wearing a dreamy smile. Cursing, Draco could not remember her name.

Sitting at the Slytherin table Draco had managed to direct Pansy and Blaise further down from their regular seats allowing him to clearly see Harry.

"Say Pansy, you know everyone in this school right?"

"Well I try," Pansy pushed her hair behind her ear, shrugging slightly.

"Whose's the Ravenclaw," Draco nodded in the direction of Harry's friend. Immediately looking away as Pansy slyly looked over her shoulder. Blaise too gave a casual look to see who was the topic of conversation.

"Oh, that's only Loony, why you ask?"

"Who would name their kid Loony?" Blaise asked.

"That's not her real name, she only got it because of how weird she is. Her father writes the Quibbler, so I don't need to tell you all the crazy things she believes in. She once told Millicent that she had hundreds of Nugles or Nargles or something in her hair. She's serious not all there."

"How long has Harry and them been friends with..."

"Luna, erm a few years now. Rumour is Longbottom has a major crush on her! Can you imagine Loony and Longbottom."

Draco allowed Pansy to go into one of her gossip stories, which usually ended with her talking about a complete different group to the one she started about. Glancing over at the table of Blue Draco watched as Weasley nudge Harry and pointed in his direction, with a quick look Harry leant into his friends speaking before he rose, followed by the ginger and they left the hall.

"I forgot my charms book, I'll just go get it. Won't be long." Draco send a quick smile to his friends and left the table. Not wanting to raise suspicion Draco kept his speed at a brisk walk, allowing him to catch a sight of Harry and Weasley disappearing down to the dungeons. Draco followed them until they came to the entrance of the Slytherin corridor, waiting around a corner Draco watched as Harry made Weasley cover his ears whilst he spoke the password and then he alone entered leaving his friend out in the corridor.

This was Draco's chance to speak to Harry, Weasley wouldn't be able to interfere and with every down up in the hall Draco could spill his heart without worry. Composing himself Draco stepped out causing the ginger haired boy to turn and face him.

"Well, well, well what are you doing down in the dungeons Weasley?" Draco tried to smile sincerely, hoping not to spend too much time with him.

"Stopping you." Weasley straightened his back, showing his true height. Draco's smile was replace with a frown.

"Stopping me from doing what?" Draco didn't like the way Weasley seemed to be preparing himself for something. What was he trying to stop him doing?

"I know you followed us. I know you're going to try and trick Harry. I know everything and I'm not going to let you anywhere near Harry." Weasley took a step towards Draco intimidatingly as he spoke.

"You clearly don't know anything Weasley," Not wishing to seem scared of the ginger Draco also took a step forward and he continued to speak, "I'm not trying to trick Harry, I'm trying to tell him the truth. Now step aside."

Draco carried on confidently towards Weasley, as he moved to manoeuvre around him Draco was caught by Weasley's arm pushing him towards the stone wall. Fingers curled around his shirt and tie, lifting him up onto his toes.

"You're not going in there Malfoy." Weasley face was starting to turn red beneath his freckles.

Draco began to struggle, his hands grabbed at the arm holding him trying to push it away.

"Get off me!"

In his struggle Draco's leg made contact with Weasley's shin, causing him to shout in pain and drop Draco. Seizing his chance Draco pushed passed the injured boy only to be grabbed again from behind. Weasley wrapped his arm around Draco's neck, pushing on his windpipe.

"Let me go you moron!" Draco tried to speak as he struggled for air. Angry Draco's instinct to fight kicked in. Elbowing Weasley in the stomach Draco managed to loosen the grip around his throat. Both boys fell to the ground, both struggling and fighting.

"You're an idiot Weasley, let me go"

"You're not going to hurt Harry anymore ferret!"

They continued to wrestle on the floor not noticing the stone wall part and harry stepped out. Harry immediately dropped his bag and grabbed for the first boy he could.

"Hey! Stop it!"

Grabbing Ron Harry pulled his friend to his feet leaving Draco to push his self up from the cold floor. Both boys were breathing heavy, bruises developing on their bodies from the scrap.

Draco watched as Weasley started to sort his uniform out and Harry bent down picking up his satchel.

"Harry, I need to talk to you." Harry rose keeping his back to Draco, "Please Harry,"

"I have nothing I want to say to you Malfoy, nor is there anything I wish to hear from you. Just leave alone!" Harry spoke, his voice calm with his back still to Draco. Without a pause Harry walked off, Draco received one last glare from Weasley before he followed Harry.

Draco was left alone, his uniform in disarray and his cheeks flushed. Seconds passed as Draco allowed the events to process in his mind. Suddenly he screamed, hitting the wall with the side of his fists. Stupid Weasley! Why had he interfered? Taking a deep breath Draco quickly sorted out his uniform and hair before heading back to the hall.

"Where's your book?" Pansy asked as she handed Draco his forgotten bag.

"Turns out I didn't forget it." Draco shrugged in reply.

Accepting his lie Pansy lead the way to Charms, Blaise stepped into line with Draco as they followed.

"Want to tell me the truth as to why you went to the dormitory?" Blaise glanced sideways at his friend.

"I told you, I thought I'd forgotten my book."

"Right, so the fact Potter and Weasley disappeared seconds before this case of amnesia was just a happy coincidence?"

"Did they? I hadn't noticed."

"Also a coincidence that both you and Weasley turned up supporting bruises?"

Draco didn't reply opting to silently walk down the busy corridor. Shame crept into his chest, he'd lowered himself to fight with Weasley. What happened to Malfoys' being brilliant talks and being too good for a petty scrap?

Sighing in frustration Blaise walked closer to the blonde, "Look Draco, if you want my help with fixing this whole situation with Potter you need to be honest with me. I'm on your side, don't push me away and deal with this on your own."

Clicking his tongue Draco gave in, "Fine I went to see if I could speak to Harry. He went back with Weasley to the dormitory, left Weasley to be some sort of bodyguard. The idiot stopped me from going in and speaking to Harry."

"So you had a fight?"

"More of a pathetic tussle, but yes."

"Boy I bet that was a sight" Blaise laughed.

"Oh shut up!" Draco smiled. "I could take you anytime."

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