House Colours

Chapter Twelve

Chapter 12

The Slytherins turned the final corner that led the way to Charms. Draco couldn’t stop himself from searching through the crowd of Ravenclaws for Harry. It was a pretty easy quest, slightly away from a group of girls Harry was leant against the stone wall beside the door of the classroom. His head was down looking at his hand where he was tapping his wand against his leg.

Draco frowned. What should he do? He didn’t want to make a scene in front of another class of students. His stomach turned at the thought of seeing Harry’s eye filled with such hate again, he was fed up of the rejection.


Draco felt his heart fall into his stomach at the shriek. Pansy pushed her way through the crowd, elbowing a few Ravenclaws in their backs as she went. He watched Harry’s body go ridged, his wand now motionless but his hand appeared to have tightened its grip. Emerald eyes peered through his messy hair at the owner of the voice. Pansy seemingly ignored Harry’s defensive posture and propped herself next to him.

Draco held his breathe, waiting for Harry’s reaction to the casual behaviour of their fellow Slytherin. The latter continued to silently watch the girl next to him, his forehead creasing slightly into a frown. Which disappeared suddenly when Pansy looked back to his face. Draco could see Harry’s shoulders relax along with his grip on the wand and a small smile made its way onto Harry’s features.

“I wonder what his game is?” Blaise spoke softly, hoping to keep his voice from attracting eavesdroppers.

“Game?” Draco replied as softly.

“I’d of thought, from the reaction you described last night and his behaviour earlier, Potter would be avoiding the entire house of Slytherin.”

They both watched as Millicent and Nott were pulled into the one-sided conversation between Harry and Pansy.

“Seems rather comfortable from where I’m standing.”

Harry sighed slightly in relief as Nott stepped out from the crowd. Where was Flitwick? Harry mentally prayed for his teacher to hurry up, and for the lesson to begin. Surely it wouldn’t be long before Malfoy appeared.

Harry looked at the three Slytherins that stood beside him. He could feel his anger at them bubbling in his chest. They were only being civil to keep him being friendly to them. How he wished they would just leave him alone, but Hermione was right as always. He still had 2 weeks stuck with them in class and dormitory, it was probably best to keep friendly with as many Slytherins as possible. Stop any clashes from happening causing detention or angering McGonagall. Harry knew Hermione also secretly didn’t like the idea of him being alone when he was unable to be with any of his other friends.

Out the corner of his eye Harry was aware of Pansy waving and stretching up onto her toes. Harry couldn’t stop his body from tensing as his head snapped to look out into the crowd. His eyes hardened when they found Malfoy and Zabini. Both were staring straight at him.

Harry pushed himself off the wall standing straight. Calm down, the voice inside his head was shaking, you can’t go hexing him here. His thoughts didn’t help. Harry slipped his wand hand slightly behind his back, he was shaking. He needed to control his anger, that was why he was shaking. He was angry! Gulping Harry pushed away the thought of doubt, the feeling of sadness and fear. Blaise was the first to reach them, he smiled at Harry.

Harry nodded his head in greeting unable to smile back. Ron’s accusations of the guy being Malfoy’s right hand man and was obviously helping with the scheme, plagued his thoughts. Harry slowly turned to the blonde that stood silently. Malfoy was staring at the floor, his arms folded over his body defensively, he’d managed to return his uniform and hair back to his usual high standards. A dark bruise under his eye was the only evidence of the scrap of the morning. Harry’s anger at the boy began to rise, why was he ignoring him? After his attempt this morning Harry had braced himself for the constant harassment and fake apologises from Malfoy.

Harry continued to glare at Malfoy, ignoring the conversation around him. It wasn’t until Malfoy’s eyes flickered up to him and they locked for a few seconds that Harry finally turned away. His anger now aimed towards his own body. Harry turned and quickly walked into the classroom that Flitwick finally had opened up.

Draco followed his group into the classroom, a quick glance of the room confirmed his suspicions. Harry had chosen a seat as close as possible to Flitwick instead of the one he’d been in beside Draco’s. Taking his own seat Draco dared to glance down the bench to watch Harry. He was very aware of the stupidly loud whisperings of the rest of the class, they were still discussing the kiss and the newly deemed important information of Draco’s and Harry’s seating arrangement. Draco watched as Harry’s body once again went tense, from his position Draco could see as the others hand curled into fists under the table.

Draco twisted his body to look at the group that behind them, a couple of them immediately stopped talking, a few even ducked their heads in embarrassment.

“You know that the aim of whispering is so that no one else can hear you,” The entire classroom went silent as everyone turned to look at Draco, “Seeing as none of you can manage to do so would you all kindly shut your large traps. And while you’re all at it why don’t you go and get much more interesting lives as they must be boring as hell if you insist on spending your time discussing mine and Harry’s!”

Draco returned to the front were Flitwick now stood, his eyebrows raised in alarm as he and everyone continued to stare at Draco. After what felt like an eternity the Professor appeared to control his shock and began the lesson, everyone now turned to him instead. All but one pair of eyes. Draco could feel them as though they were burning into him, but he didn’t need to nor did he dare look for their owner, not until Harry slowly turned away to engage with the lesson.

They were to learn the sticking charm today. Flitwick instructed them to split into pairs and practise. Reminding them the reversal spell was ‘Reglutino’ and to twist their wand in a counter clockwise motion. The class quickly rushed to their desired partners, leaving only Harry and Draco seated at the bench.

“Now, now Mr Potter. Off you go, you and Mr Malfoy have plenty of space over in the corner there.” Flitwick smiled down at Harry from is pile of books.

Harry sighed, pushing down his frustration at being forced with Malfoy. He’d purposely sat away from him, was his professor blind? Standing up Harry glanced down the bench to look at his partner.

Draco had also stood, watching Harry closely out the corner of his eye. Seeing Harry step out from behind the desk Draco headed towards the corner Flitwick had gestured to. He paused, staring at the wall in front of him. Summoning his courage Draco gracefully turned around, keeping his face clear of the emotions within him. Harry stopped in front of him, glaring at the floor.

A couple of students whispered near them as they waited for Flitwicks instruction.

“Your object is to simply stick your partner’s feet to the ground. Once you have successfully managed this task you’re welcome to experiment!”

The classroom filled with chatter and laughter. Neither Draco or Harry moved, their wands motionless by their sides.

Minutes past and Draco could feel his cheeks burning at the awkward standoff. Harry’s attention appeared to still be consumed by the floor.

Growing tired of looking like a fool, Draco stepped forward, “Harry...”

“Inhaero!” Harry raised his wand in a flash, pointing at Draco’s feet.

Draco gave a shout of surprise as his body fell forward, his feet rooted in place. Catching himself with his hands Draco dropped his wand which rolled away from him. Draco looked down at his feet. His shoes looked like they had melted. He gave a tug with his left leg. Nothing. He was stuck bent over like a dog.

A giggle on his right caught Draco’s attention, looking around he was aware his shout had alerted those closest and a few classmates stared back at him. Gritting his teeth in frustration Draco glared up at Harry, who still pointed his wand at him. A bored expression on his face.

“Would you be ever so kind as to reverse this!” Draco spat, his arms aching from the his awkward position.

Harry caught his smile before it had fully formed. He hadn’t meant to trip Malfoy up, he’d been lost in his thoughts, trying to stop himself from hexing the boy in front of him. His anger still simmered within him but Malfoy had surprised him and he couldn’t deny seeing the blond fall hadn’t been amusing.

With a sigh Harry saved Malfoy from further embarrassment by quickly muttering the spell and a flick of his wand.

He watched Malfoy straighten his robes before locating his abandoned wand. With another adjustment of his robes, Harry assumed Malfoy would return to his earlier position in front of him. However the blond stepped closer to Harry.

“Malfoy...” Harry growled out his name in warning.

“Harry we need to talk...”

“No, we need to practise this spell.”

“Harry, please...”

“Just do the damn spell Malfoy!”


Malfoy flicked his wand muttering the correct spell. Harry knew the spell had worked, he didn’t need to look down to confirm. Instead he continued to glare at Malfoy.

“Now will you listen?” Draco dared to stepped closer to Harry, lowering his voice.

“I don’t want to hear any more of your lies.”

“You felt it Harry, I know you did,” Draco again took another step towards Harry, “Both times we kissed. And what you felt is exactly what I felt.”

Harry could feel his heart racing. His pride stopping him from looking away from Draco’s eyes. Reality on how close Malfoy now was to him only hit him when he felt Draco’s breath against his cheeks and the boy whispered.

“Me and you, Harry, the world just feels right...”

Draco lifted his wandless hand towards Harry’s face. His finger almost touching the boys skin when Harry suddenly pulled away from the touch, resulting in him falling painfully to the floor, Draco standing over him his hand still raised.

Suddenly a loud chime rang throughout the school signalling the end of the first lesson. Recomposing himself Harry quickly unglued his feet and rushed over to his stuff. His hands shook as he shoved his books and parchments into his bag. Malfoy’s words echoing in his ears. Leaving the classroom Harry tried to stop his heart from hoping that they were true.

Draco had watched Harry quickly jump to his feet and leave. He just hoped that Harry would think about what he was trying to say. Draco ran a hand through his hair as he made his way over to his own stuff. Why was the boy so pigheaded? Surely if he just listened he’d know Draco wasn’t lying.

An arm wrapped around Draco’s shoulders and Blaise leant into him.

“Cheer up Draco, at least he didn’t hex you! Or at least never threatened to. That’s progress.”

Draco sighed in reply and allowed his friend to stir him out the classroom and into the crowded corridor. They made their way through Hogwarts, back towards the Great Hall where they knew their DADA lesson would be held.


Draco turned at the voice, curious as he didn’t recognise it. A loud slap echoed in the hall, stopping the other students in their tracks. Draco lifted a hand to his burning cheek, the sting causing his eye to close.

Ginny Weasley stood across from him, her face red in anger. Her bag and books lay abandoned on the floor as her shoulders rose and fell from her heavy breathing.

The crowd of students suddenly stepped back from them. Pansy and Blaise continued to stand beside Draco, who motioned for them to not react as Pansy lunged forward.

Draco glared back at Ginny, both in anger and confusion. What had she done that for? What reason did this idiot have to slap him?

“What is your problem?” Draco pulled his hand away from his cheek forcing his eye back open.

“How dare you humiliate my boyfriend!”

Confused further, Draco’s frown deepened as his mouth parted slightly, “Wha...?”

“You humiliated Harry, kissing him in front of everyone...” Ginny’s words carried over the silent crowd. The kiss had spread around Hogwarts, though many students had started to think it was a silly rumour.

Draco cut off Ginny’s speech as he began laughing, his mind finally being able to understand the situation he was currently in.

“Don’t you laugh at me!” Ginny swung her arm again, this time scrunching her hand into a fist, aiming for Draco’s face.

With his seeker reflexes Draco caught Ginny’s wrist in mid air. Ginny’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Have you forgotten that you and Harry are no longer together? You dumped him remember!”

Harry placed down his bag before sitting down on the bench. The Great Hall was pretty empty, only a few other Slytherin’s had followed him. The duelling stage had already been set up and Professor Tomlin was pacing up and down it.

Harry dropped his head into his hands, wishing he could just restart the school year. Or at least have this month over, forget everything that had happened with him and Malfoy. He pictured his bed in Gryffindor tower, the warm fire and cosy chairs in the common room.

Instead he knew he’d have to return back to Slytherin common room, were no doubt Malfoy would again corner him and try to talk. His other option was to go stay at Hagrid’s again but he felt guilty already that he had stayed their two nights. Hagrid was starting to push him about Malfoy too.

Harry still felt angry thinking about the day before, lifting his head slowly from his hands Harry moved his fingers to his lips. Remembering how Malfoy’s felt against his. He hated how much he had actually liked being kissed by Malfoy, ′Me and you, Harry, the world just feels right...′ Harry’s heart ached, he was right. It did, but it was a trick wasn’t it?

Harry was so confused! Now when he was alone, it made complete sense in Harry’s mind that Malfoy was using him. None of his actions being honest. He’d even spoke with his friends late into the night, they had all agreed with him that after years of torment the only logical explanation was Malfoy was doing his fathers bidding.

“Hey Harry!” Hermione sat down beside Harry smiling.

Snapping out of his thoughts Harry smiled back. Ron and Neville stood before them, continuing their conversation.

“How was Charms?” Hermione asked.

“You mean how was it with Malfoy?”

Hermione smiled weakly, nodding her head. Sighing Harry shrugged.

“It was...awkward. Got stuck working with him again...tried to talk...again...”

“Speak of the devil,” Ron glared at the entrance, watching a group of Slytherin’s enter. Not really bothered Harry looked down at the floor.

“What happened to his face?” Neville had turned around too.

“Where is he?” Dean ran into the hall, causing everyone to turn from his anger shout. Spotting Malfoy, Dean marched over to him.

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