House Colours

Chapter Two

Harry lifted his head sharply to glare at the boy sat two seats down. So what if the sorting hat had wanted him to go to Slytherin? It was only because of his soul being attached to one of Voldemort's horcrux's that option had even come up!

"It is almost time for lunch. Your new head of house will escort you to your new dormitories. I also warn you all that all passwords have been newly changed, and if I hear that any of you have given out the one to your new house you shall be punished." McGonagall stared at each individual student proving she was serious before turning her head and nodding at the four teachers behind her.

As Tomlin passed he squeezed Harry's shoulder, "I'll see you in lesson Mr Potter."

Harry nodded in reply, his eyes fixed upon Slughorn. The old man bounced over to Harry, clasping his hands together excitedly.

"Come along now Harry, it's a bit of a walk down to the Slytherin's common room from here."

Harry forced a smile as he followed his new head of house out of the round office. The corridors were still empty, the other students and professors turned off down the required halls whilst Harry and Slughorn ventured down into the dungeons. The memories of Ron and himself wandering the cold dungeons whilst under polyjuice potion flickered to the front of Harry's mind as Slughorn began speaking about his summer and the witches and wizards he'd had the pleasure of meeting.

Stopping behind the Professor, Harry waited for the old man to mutter the Password. He was aware of the man tilting his head to see Harry's face on the wall swinging open to reveal the Slytherin common room. Faking his surprised Harry stepped into the room. As he looked around Harry sighed, unlike the Gryffindor common room, this room held no welcome, no warmth and no friends. The realisation he would be spending a month with people he'd continuously fought with made Harry's chest tighten.

"Everyone is down in the Great Hall. So we best show you where you're sleeping and get you changed into something a bit more Slytherin." Slughorn winked as the house name left his lips. Not waiting for Harry's reply the professor walked across the room and up the marble staircase Harry could only assume led to the boys' dormitory. Similar to his old room the dormitory was placed in a round room with a fire in the centre, although Harry noted the room was a lot larger. Whether that was due to the cleanliness or the actual size of the room he was unsure.

After showing Harry to his bed Slughorn exited the room, informing Harry he would be downstairs waiting. Turning back to the bed Harry's eyes fell upon his new uniform. Slowly he began to undress, his head pounding from the amount of green. Once he was dressed Harry gently folded his Gryffindor robes, his fingers caressing the red and gold crest. He decided to place them neatly in his trunk, the safest place for them, except for his gold and red tie. That he rolled up and put into his pocket, he was still a Gryffindor and he wouldn't allow his uniform to be dominated by green. Giving himself a quick look in the mirror Harry grimaced, never had he thought he'd wear the house colours of Voldemort.

Outside the Great Hall, Harry and Slughorn met with the other students and teachers. All were now changed into their new house colours, and like Harry appeared not to be too comfortable with them. Leaning against the wall Harry stroked his fingers over the tie hidden in his pocket, reminding himself it was only for a month.

"Time to go in then." Tomlin pushed open the doors of the Great Hall, the whispers inside falling silent. Falling into step behind Slughorn Harry dropped his head, aware of the hundreds of eyes staring at the group.

They walked to the front of the hall, whispers of confusion breaking out between the houses. As they passed the Gryffindor table Harry raised his eyes when he was sure they were passing his usual seat. Ron and Hermione stared up at him, confusion and betrayal evident on their faces. Dropping his gaze again Harry allowed Slughorn to drag him to stand between himself and Tomlin.

"Attention!" McGonagall walked in front of the group, the whispers dying almost instantly. "I have no doubt you are all confused as to why your fellow students no longer wear the colours of their houses but those of a new. Rivalry between the houses has grown divides bigger than previous years and as your Headmistress I am putting a stop to this. For a month the students before you will now study, eat and live in their new houses, if there are any reports of bullying those behind it shall be punished severely!" Turning to those who stood behind her she smiled warmly, "Please sit with your respected houses."

Walking gloomily over to the table of green Harry scanned the seats; all the students avoided eye contact. All except Draco Malfoy. His grey eyes dropped to the empty seat beside him. Quickly rescanning the table for another seat Harry inwardly groaned and headed over to Malfoy. Dropping into the seat Harry looked over at his old table, Neville had taken his place next to Ron. Both looked over sympathetically at him.

"Who'd have thought The Harry Potter would ever wear Slytherin robes." Malfoy's voice spoke close to Harry's ear causing him to jump, turning his head in the direction of the blond. Opening his mouth to snap back his reply Harry froze. Malfoy was closer than he'd anticipated. Their noses now touching causing Harry to blush, moving backwards Harry knocked into the large bulky Slytherin who sat on his other side. Spinning around Harry held his hands up apologetically as the boy glared down at him.

"I'm really sorry I didn't mean..."As he spoke Harry again moved back along the bench, straight into Draco Malfoy.

"Honestly Potter!" Pulling Harry out of his chest Malfoy grabbed the smaller boy's shoulders and spun him round, "Have you always been this clumsy but no one notices because of Longbottom? Or are you just intimidated by the scary Slytherin's?"

The closest Slytherin's started to laugh making Malfoy's smirk grow, sending a glare at the group Harry sighed and dropped his gaze at the empty plate before him. His appetite had disappeared long ago. Suddenly a hand came into his line of vision; following the arm to its owner Harry stared blankly at the blond.

"Look Potter, I never got to thank you for helping me and Goyle out of the room of requirements. Or for helping not to send my family to Azkaban. And seeing how you're now a Slytherin, can we just start over?"

Harry's eyes dropped back down at the pale hand before glancing over at the house of red. Hermione was currently watching them, when their eyes locked she smiled and nodded enthusiastically. Chewing on the inside of his gum Harry again looked between Malfoy's face and hand.

"For Merlin's sake Potter!"

Frowning Harry grasped the pale hand in his own tanned one. A genuine smile spread across Malfoy's lips.

"Welcome to Slytherin."

The feast continued on with Harry picking at his food, Malfoy half heartedly trying to involve the ex-Gryffindor into conversation and failing. Harry looked over at the Gryffindor as Ron and Neville broke into laughter, Seamus appeared out of a poof of smoke a sheepish grin on his face. Harry couldn't stop the smile that grew on his face. He'd been a Slytherin for less than two hours and he was already pining to go back to his home, Gryffindor. Harry was aware of Malfoy watching him out of the corner of his eye, what was up with him?

Catching Ron's eye Harry gestured his head to the entrance, nodding in response Ron leant over and spoke to Hermione. Standing Harry climbed over the bench; his movements paused as he felt a tug on his robe. Glancing at the backs of Ron and Hermione, Harry sighed before looking at Malfoy.

"Where are you going?"

Looking up and around the table Harry was surprised to see Goyle, Zabini and Parkinson all staring at him too. Harry ripped his arm away from Malfoy's hand before replying.

"What does it matter to you? We may no longer be enemies Malfoy but it doesn't mean we're friends!"

Heading out of the hall Harry didn't bother to look back at the blonde. Out in the entrance Ron and Hermione were huddled together beside the staircase, grinning Harry raced over to them.

"Guys!" They both turned Harry approached, welcoming him with a smile.

"Are you ever going to get a 'normal' year at Hogwarts?" Hermione pulled Harry into a hug, her words mumbling into his robes.

"Well I gotta say mate, green really ain't your colour" Ron pulled Harry's tie causing it to loosen once Hermione and he had parted. Laughing Harry nodded.

"Oh I don't know, goes well with his eyes," Hermione began to straighten Harry's tie; ignoring the disgusted look she received from the two boys.

"I for once agree with you Granger." The trio turned to see Malfoy and his friends approach them, Ron instinctively reached for his wand.

"What do you want ferret?"

Raising and eyebrow elegantly Malfoy ignored Ron and turned to look at Harry.

"We're heading back to the common room. We've come to escort you back."

"I'll be fine thanks..."

"It's okay Harry. You go." Everyone turned to Hermione who gripped Ron's arm pulling him up the staircase, "We'll see you tomorrow in Defence against the Dark arts."

Harry watched in disbelief as Hermione dragged Ron up the staircase and out of sight. Feeling someone grab his arm Harry made to turn around just as they pulled; losing his balance Harry fell straight into Malfoy's chest. His cheeks burning Harry was now aware of the entrance hall filling with students. Pushing himself up Harry looked around praying nobody had seen.

"Merlin, you really are clumsy Potter. Or do you just like snuggling up into my chest?" Malfoy winked at Harry causing him to blush deeper. He was sure he matched Ron's hair. The group of Slytherin's around him laughed as he dropped his gaze. Suddenly their laughter stopped and Harry could hear the whispers of the other students as they passed. Raising his head Harry was surprised to see the Slytherin's glaring at the passer Bys.

"You got a problem with Potter being in Slytherin?" Parkinson folded her arms as a group of Ravenclaw girls shook their heads and ran off.

"Come on" Draco headed to the dungeons, the other Slytherin's following. Sighing Harry stuffed his hands in his pockets and wandered after them. Only a handful of students smiled at him, the rest stared emotionless.

"I told you to move!" Harry's head snapped up to see Goyle push a small Hufflepuff boy to the side. The boy fell to the floor with a cry.

"Hey!" Harry rushed over to the boy, annoyed that everyone else was just watching, "Leave him alone!" Sending a glare at the Slytherin Harry held out his hand to the boy.

"You okay?" Pulling the boy to his feet Harry smiled as the boy nodded.

"Thanks." Harry watched as the boy ran off down a corridor with his friends.

"See I told you he's not like you-know-who!"

"He's still Harry Potter."

"Guess he didn't kill you-know-who to become the most powerful wizard."

Harry stared around the entrance hall as their whispers floated over at him. People honestly thought that about him? He changed his robes and people immediately thought he wanted to be like Voldemort!

"Come on Potter, stop making a display!" Malfoy grabbed Harry's shoulders and guided him down the steps to the dungeons, the whispers followed them. Harry allowed Malfoy to stir him, even when Malfoy's hands moved from his shoulders to his hand and the blond dragged him down the cold corridors. His mind was numb; shocked about how people thoughts changed about him purely because of the crest he wore.

Harry finally took in his surroundings when Malfoy came to a stop. They were inside the Slytherin Common Room, with the entire Slytherin house staring at them, staring at their hands. Following their gaze Harry's blush returned at the sight of his tanned hand hidden within Malfoy's. Harry tried to pull his hand out of Malfoy's pale one, however with the grip of a seeker Malfoy kept hold, despite his struggles.


"If anyone has a problem with Potter being here, speak now." The crowd continued to stare, none saying a word. Harry looked around the room, surprised to see they all kept eye contact.

"Right. It appears that the rest of the school has a problem with Potter now being in Slytherin. And as he is now one of us, every one of you is to put behind you any prejudice you once had against him when he was a Gryffindor and are to watch out for him. We are a house that sticks together. Understand?"

Harry was shocked to see them all nod in unison before continuing as though Malfoy had never spoken.

"Helps being the 'Slytherin Prince' sometimes."

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