House Colours

Chapter Four

Draco peered down at his potion, the cloudy purple liquid bubbled for a couple of seconds before changing rapidly to a brilliant emerald. A smile slipped onto Draco's face as he glanced down at his notes before chopping up the herbs and added them into the cauldron. He waited until he heard the potion squeak as instructed before rotating the spoon three times clockwise and reducing the heat slightly. Draco sat down to wait out the ten minutes for the potion to simmer; his movements caught the attention of Blaise.

"How's it coming?" Blaise wiggled his eyebrows cheekily, his eyes never leaving the parchment he was sketching on.

"As if you have to ask," Draco scoffed, "it's perfect as always."

Blaise nodded, "Wouldn't expect anything less from a Malfoy now would we."

"You know you could've at least offered to help with our potion, instead of drawing all lesson." Draco skimmed over his notes for the third time, mentally checking he had done the potion perfectly.

"What would be the point; you hate it when I try get involved. You refuse to accept any help, why waste my breathe when I know what the answer will be?" Blaise's eyes flickered up before returning to the parchment. Draco frowned down at the notes, his friend's laziness annoying him.

"It would be polite for you to just offer." Draco glanced at Blaise; the boy was leaning close to the parchment now. "What are you drawing anyway?"

Draco leaned in to glimpse but the parchment was snatched away, Blaise held it close to his chest.

"It's not finished, if you look at it now you will think its rubbish. Let me finish it first, please."

Draco raised an eyebrow proceeding sitting back comfortably in his chair, Blaise returned to his drawing.

"I don't know why you bother drawing in such a muggle fashion. Why not use your wand?"

"Because anybody can do that. This takes skill..."

Draco snorted cutting off Blaise's words, the latter appeared not to mind continuing with his drawing. Deciding to leave his friend to his sketching Draco roamed his eyes over the class. Over at the opposite end to them in the corner was Longbottom and Granger, the only person brave enough to work with the dope. Draco watch entertained by the way Granger rushed among preventing Longbottom from placing things into the potion and preparing ingredients. He saw her force a smile on her face when their potion suddenly exploded when Longbottom added something too early, Draco almost felt sorry for her as she poured away their potion and set about restarting. Almost, but it was her who offered to be his partner, so it was her own fault.

His grey eyes continued over the Slytherin's and Gryffindor's, never lingering too long. They had all increased in skill level when it came to potion making, Snape would be proud Draco thought sarcastically. His attention came to rest on Potter and Weasley who had set up in the center of the room among the divide of green and red. Draco felt his stomach dance when he saw Potter laugh.

Since returning to DADA Potter had seated and stayed with Weasley and Granger in all the following lessons, even choosing to travel between classes with them. Draco did not know why he was so surprised, Potter had been friends with them for years, he was obviously going to choose them over him. Potter had even chosen to eat lunch outside on the grounds with his friends. Draco witnessed as Potter and Weasley stared down at the notes in confusion, they whispered hurriedly between themselves pointing at the potion and back at the notes. Draco sat up straighter amused. Weasley waved his hands frantically trying to catch the attention of Granger, who had clearly given Longbottom the task of chopping rather than doing anything. Draco returned his gaze to Potter who was now chewing on his bottom lip as he leaned over the cauldron, eyes darting from the parchment in his hand and the yellow potion.

Weasley had decided to stop his impression of a bird and crept over to his girlfriend, something Draco was surprised had taken them so long to do. Everyone knew they liked each other. Draco could not hear what they were saying but Granger was shaking her head and pointing at her own potion. Weasley sulked back to Potter, shrugging when his friend looked up.

"Excuse me Blaise, I shall be right back. Keep an eye on the potion." Draco slipped off his stool, his eyes focused on Potter's worried face. He gripped his own notes in his right hand.

"Huh?" Blaise looked away from his parchment, "You're actually going to trust me with this?"

"I'm sure you can manage to place it into the vial in a couple of minutes," Draco patted Blaise on the shoulder and weaving between the cauldron's headed to Potter.

"Maybe we added the bat wing too early?" Weasley snatched the parchment from Potter's hand.

"No we did not it clearly states to add it straight after stirring five times anti-clockwise," Potter looked down at the potion, his face paling.

"Well we've done something wrong!" Weasley joined Potter to look down at the potion, his nose wrinkled.

"You simply need to add the newts' tail." Draco slipped silently next to Potter; the other two boys turned their heads to him.

"What newts tail?" Potter asked, his face slowly turning into a frown, "I'm sure it says nothing about newts tail."

Potter snatched back the parchment his eyes quickly scanning over the messy handwriting Draco presumed was Weasleys. Bringing his own notes beside Potter's Draco looked between them, smiling he pointed at the line's written 'task 15'.

"You forgot to write it down, see." Draco took Potter's hand placing his own notes over the other parchment. "Add a finely chopped newt's tail immediately after."

Draco glanced between the two boys, Weasley's face was almost as red as his hair as he turned and rushed over to the store cupboard, while Potter's cheeks simply turned a pale pink. Draco was aware he still held Potter's hand; his heart was racing, his own hand tingling at the contact. Their faces were so close, Draco realised that if Potter turned his head slightly towards him, their lips would be only inches apart. His mouth suddenly felt dry, he could only hope Potter could not hear his heart as loudly as he could. Time seemed to slow as Potter turned his head, Draco's eyes dropped to the rouge lips as they parted.

"Will it still work?" Draco not only heard but felt Potter's words, his breath danced playfully over Draco's lips. Draco lifted his gaze to Potter's eyes; he had to stop himself from gasping. From this distance they were entrancing. Gulping Draco could only nod, his voice catching in his throat.

"Got it, there was only one left. I think Hermione and Neville had used most of them." Weasley's voice drifted to Draco's ears, it also caught Potter's attention as he turned away.

Draco released Potter's hand, his own dropping to his side. Glancing over his shoulder Draco saw Blaise place his wand back into his pocket along with some parchment; he sent a wink over at him before picking up a discarded piece and drawing. Confused Draco turned back to see Weasley add the newts tail, the potion slowly began to turn purple.

"Thanks Malfoy," Weasley gave Draco a short smile before turning to chop the herbs. Potter held out Draco's notes, a more genuine smile on his face.

"Yeah thanks Malfoy," Draco's eyes again lowered to Potter's lips, with a sudden desire to kiss him. Draco caught himself leaning into Potter; his body had reacted on its own. Potter luckily had turned to watch Weasley add the herbs, missing how close Draco was now to him. Stepping back quickly Draco snatched up his notes that Potter held in his hands.

"Glad to of helped, but I should return to my own potion." Draco was surprised at how calm his voice was compared to his emotions that rattled within him. Not waiting for either of the two boys to reply Draco turned and rushed quickly back to his seat. His palms had grown increasingly sweaty, his breathing growing irregular. Blaise put down his parchment to turn and grin at Draco.

"What?" Draco glared down at his parchment, angered by his lack of control of his own emotions.

"I took your advice," Blaise pulled out the parchment he'd placed in his pocket, laying it down in front of Draco. Glancing down Draco's eyes did a double take, his face and Potter's where snogging! Picking up the parchments Draco stared dumbfounded at the sight.

"I used my wand to draw you and Potter earlier, although I only drew what was in front of me. The images seemed to have a different idea." Blaise chuckled moving closer to Draco to look at his drawing. The drawn Draco finally pulled away from a shocked Potter only for the act to repeat, Draco could feel blood rush to his face as butterflies danced in his stomach.

"Suppose this explains why you were so welcoming to Potter, aye up!" Blaise moved away from Draco as Slughorn appeared.

"Are we done boys?" Slughorn peered into the potion a satisfied smile on his face; he turned to Draco who still held the parchment tightly, "is that your evaluation?"

Draco was unable to form words fast enough to prevent his professor from snatching the parchment out of his hands. After a couple of seconds Slughorn smiled again.

"Good job boys, 10 points to Slytherin. I'll just place some of your potion in a vial and you can go if you like." Slughorn pulled out a small vial and allowed a few drops of the potion to slip in before nodding at the boys and walking to his desk. Draco turned to Blaise, who had begun to pack away, in horror.

"What was that?" The image of himself kissing Potter fresh in his mind, Draco could not understand why his professor thought the image was their evaluation.

"Oh I had written the evaluation on the parchment before drawing you and Potter. I didn't fancy writing it out again so I just charmed it so only we could see the drawing." Blaise swung his bag over his shoulder, "Don't worry, once Slughorn's done with marking you'll get your fantasy picture back."

Draco stared at the back of Blaise as his friend left the classroom, dropping his head in his hands he groaned. Blaise got too much pleasure out of teasing him.

The Slytherin common room was almost empty as the clock chimed nine o'clock, the younger students headed off to beds while the older continued with their reading and homework. Draco turned a page in his leather bound book, his eyes skimming over the printed words not taking in any of them. Although he'd tell others it was because he was simply tired, full of knowledge from that day of learning, however his mind was simply replaying the image of Potter's lips parting, reminding of the delightful sensation of Potter's breath on his own lips. His eyes betrayed him as they flickered up to look at Potter who was sat hunched over his homework; he had been out with Weasley and Granger all night, having only returned minutes before curfew. His bottom lip was now being chewed by his teeth as he thought, his tongue darting out to moist them. Draco felt like his entire body heat was rushing southwards, snapping his eyes back to his book he turned the page.

Soon Potter and Draco where the only two left in the common room, the ticking of the clock the only sound heard between Draco turning a page and Potter's scribbling. Why was he sat in silence pretending to read a book he cared nothing about instead of going to bed? Closing his book Draco stretched, casting a quick look at Potter, the raven did not even lift his head. Sighing Draco stood and headed for the dormitory, leaving his book on the table beside his seat.

"Hey Malfoy!" Draco turned, surprised to see Potter rising from his seat, "I just wanted to thank you again, you know for helping me and Ron with our potion. We'd have failed for sure if it wasn't for you."

Draco was sure his heart had stopped when Potter smiled, gulping Draco nodded.

"It was nothing Har-Potter. You're a Slytherin and as a fellow house mate it was my duty to help you." Draco mentally cursed himself for his slip up; Potter had made it clear he did not see them as friends.

"Well house-mate duty or not, thanks." Draco watched as Potter dropped back into his chair, from the look of the book Potter was just starting the transfiguration homework that was set during the summer. It was a bewilderment to Draco how Potter ever managed to defeat the Dark Lord when he was as unorganised as this!

"I'd leave that until tomorrow if I were you," Potter lifted his gaze, "best to do the work with fresh eyes, rather than the ones you have now."

Almost thankful for the excuse Potter shut his books and stretched. Draco's eyes roamed over Potter's body, he blushed as he realised Potter's top had risen slightly revealing his torso. Turning away Draco nodded, "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Wait!" Draco gritted his teeth at being stopped again; he really just needed to be alone, away from Potter.

"Yes?" Draco forced himself to be polite and leave his irritation out of his voice.

"Don't you think this is childish using our last names? I mean, we're part of the same house for now. It might help this whole house unity thing if we start calling each other by our first names?" As Potter spoke he packed away his work, glancing up every now and then to see Draco's reaction.

"Oh, okay. You have got a point Potter- Harry." The word seemed strange coming from his mouth, but he had to admit he liked it. It was almost as though it broke away a barrier.

"Great!" Harry stepped so he was now beside Draco, "Well night Draco."

Draco watched as Harry climbed the stairs his heart racing.

"Night Harry,"

Draco stirred in his sleep, moaning as the lips that had been sucking on his neck withdrew. Opening his eyes Draco took in his surroundings; the drapes around his bed had been closed concealing him within them. Blinking Draco tried to remember shutting them, turning to the person currently on top of him Draco blinked. And blinked again. Harry Potter sat straddling his hip, a mischievous grin on his face. Harry wore only his pyjama bottoms, the same from the night previous, his glasses gone his emerald eyes shone brightly.

"Potter! What are you...?" Draco's whisper was silenced by Harry's finger.

"I thought I told you to call me Harry, Draco." Harry's voice was heavy with lust, his hips grinded into Draco's as he spoke. Draco had to stop a whine escaping his lips as Harry returned his lips to his neck, he had no idea where Harry had learnt his technique but Draco thanked them a thousand times over. His hands reached up, wrapping themselves around Harry's waist pulling the boy closer. Suddenly Harry bit down causing Draco to gasp in pleasure, Harry laughed against his skin. His hands exploring Draco's exposed chest, his touch was like fire to the Slytherin, leaving his body cold as the touches withdrew leaving Draco wanting more.

Draco was aware of Harry's hands wandering lower, playing with the waist band of his pyjamas, Draco's mind suddenly clouded. Harry lifted his head away from Draco's neck, his mind clearly focused on his hands, his lips parted invitingly just like in potions. Seizing his opportunity Draco leaned in capturing Harry's lips with his own. Emerald orbs disappeared as Draco closed his eyes, the taste of Harry awaking some foreign beast within him. Draco had never been so consumed with lust, as Harry fought against Draco for dominance in the kiss he only fed Draco's lust further. Harry opened his mouth further allowing Draco to slip his tongue inside, their dominance battle continued. Draco's hands were left to explore Harry's body, every muscle and curve. Only one thought managed to find its way into Draco mind beyond the lust, perfect.

A loud bang caused Draco to snap open his eyes. Sitting up Draco's eyes darted around the room, his bed drapes were now open, Harry nowhere to be seen. Draco's chest rose and fell heavily, an uncomfortable need twisted within the bottom of his stomach. Turning to look at the bedside him Draco could just make out Harry's sleeping form in the darkness. It had all been a dream. Harry turned over with a moan, the bed sheet slipped away from his chin. Draco bit his lip, the lust within him awakening again. Looking away Draco squinted trying to figure out what had caused the noise. He stopped upon seeing Blaise's bed empty; his blood turning cold Draco searched the room for his friend. Had he made any noise in his sleep? Had Blaise heard? Grabbing his jumper Draco pulled it over his head before climbing out of bed. Quickly glancing down Draco was glad his pyjamas were so baggy, allowing him to hide the only evidence of his dream. Creeping over to the dormitory door Draco opened it silently; the bathroom door had been left wide open so Blaise couldn't be in there. Descending the stairs slowly Draco couldn't help but wonder where the dream had come from.

And how it had been so real. He'd had dreams similar with both females and males, but never had they evoked so much emotion from within him. Every touch felt so real, leaving Draco wanting to run back to the dormitory, straddle Harry and kiss him with as much passion as in the dream. But Harry would reject him, pull away in disgust. It was clear Harry was straight.

Scanning the common room Draco frowned, Blaise wasn't down here either. Turning back round Draco wondered whether his friend had snuck into the girl's dormitory, he'd heard of his friends adventures at night with the odd classmate. Hopefully that was the case and Blaise heard nothing. Climbing back up the stairs Draco shook his head, hoping to free his mind from the dream.

"Didn't you get any sleep last night Draco? You've got bags under your eyes, and you keep zoning out!" Pansy leant over the breakfast table, worry in her eyes as she placed Draco's plate in front of him.

"I'm fine Pansy," Draco picked up his fork, glancing to his right where Harry sat currently eating a banana. Draco inwardly groaned as Harry took the banana in his lips, looking away he stared at his plate.

"Draco are you okay? You're cheeks are a little red. Maybe you're coming down with something, is that why you didn't get any sleep?" Draco shook his head as Pansy began to fuzz over him.

"I thought you was enjoying your sleep last night Draco," Blaise seated himself beside Draco, causing the blond to look up in shock, "Or that's how it sounded."

Winking as his friend Blaise allowed his gaze to travel passed Draco and rest of Harry. "Or maybe I miss heard."

Pansy looked between her two friends, her face screwed up in confusion. Draco waited until she was pulled into conversation with the girl next to her. Grabbing Blaise's arm Draco pulled him in closer to him.

"What did you hear?" His heart was beating painfully against his chest as Blaise chewed on his food. Gulping the contents of his mouth down Blaise turned so his face was inches away from Draco's ear,


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