House Colours

Chapter Five

Chapter 5

Draco’s breath caught in this throat, the noise in the hall disappearing to be replaced by Blaise’s words echoing in his ears. He was partially aware of his face burning. Staring into his friends eyes Draco was unable to pull away; his hand still gripped the robes tightly. He knew they looked suspicious with their head so close together, his death grip on the robes, but Draco did not care. Humiliation burnt deep within him.

“Err, Draco?” Harry’s voice suddenly broke through. Dropping Blaise’s arm Draco spun round, quickly placing a smile over his horrified expression.

“I’m just going to speak to Ron and Hermione; I’ll wait outside the entrance for you.” Harry turned his smile to Blaise and Pansy who smiled back before swinging his legs over the bench. The three Slytherin’s watched him as he met his friends halfway to the entrance hall and left.

“Well, that is a new development.” Blaise teased, his friends turned to him, “since when has it been Draco and not Malfoy?”

“Since last night if you must know” Draco’s blush returned as Blaise grinned, the reminder of his dream flooding back. Pansy sighed shaking her head.

“I don’t see what the problem is Blaise, it’s good that they’re getting on. Setting an example for others.”

Blaise continued to grin as he returned to his breakfast, sending Draco a sly glance.

“And where did you sneak off to in the middle of the night?” Draco huffed, fed up of being embarrassed. Pansy’s expression picked up, her love for gossip erasing any hunger she previously felt.

“Oh? I didn’t hear of you being in my dormitory last night, or did you sneak into one of the younger dorms?” Pansy was leaning so far across the table Draco thought she was trying to climb into Blaise’s lap.

Draco smirked finally tucking into his breakfast. If Blaise insisted on trying to make his business public he would return the favour.

“Who say’s I was still in Slytherin territory?”

Draco chocked on his toast as Pansy dropped back in her seat in shock. They both shared a look before turning to Blaise, who happily sipped his tea. His eyes sparkling with mystery.

“Where then?”

“Who cares where? Who is what I want to know!” Pansy turned to look around the half empty hall, “not Hufflepuff, not much going on there to even entice you! Ravenclaw? Knowing you Blaise it’s more than likely a Gryffindor.”

Draco kept his eyes on Blaise as Pansy spoke; the Slytherin appeared keen not to give anything away as he placed down his cup with an amused smirk.

“I’m sorry Pansy darling but I’d prefer not to talk about my sexual life over breakfast.” Blaise’s eyes drifted to Draco’s, “I don’t want anybody over hearing.”

Draco quickly stood, his body shook. Those closest turned to look up at him; he was acting very un-Malfoy. Draco tugged on Blaise’s collar signalling for his friend to follow. Lazily Blaise rose from the table, apologising to Pansy.

Draco’s eyes darted around the hall, his mind racing. Should he threaten Blaise to keep his mouth shut? No, Blaise wasn’t easily scared, he knew too much about everything. Beg him? Malfoy’s didn’t least not until left desperate. Was this situation desperate? Embarrassing yes but would it be such a horror for others to know he had dreamt about Harry? Who was he kidding it would be mortifying.

Out in the entrance Draco grabbed Blaise and pinned him against the wall, his friend’s smirk never leaving his face.

“Whoa Draco, I didn’t think it was me you were horny for...” Blaise reached up and easily pulled Draco’s hands away from him. Brushing his robes sarcastically Blaise’s gaze never left Draco’s eyes.


“I won’t tell anyone, especially Potter. I’m not cruel Draco.”

Draco sighed with relief, a smile finally spreading over his face. If he was ever to choose a best friend he’d forever say Blaise.

“In future cover your back.” Blaise pushed Draco aside laughing, they both turned to go back in the hall. Their eyes fell on the group staring at them. Weasley’s mouth was hanging open, frozen in the act of speaking, all three wore confused expressions. Draco’s body seemed to go crazy at the sight of Harry; it struggled between the horror of him being there and the lust from his dream.

“Is...Everything alright?” Harry hesitated, his body moving slightly closer. Draco opened his mouth to speak, however Blaise beat him to the punch line.

“Dandy actually.” Blaise flashed his brilliant teeth. However the trio didn’t appear convinced.

“You sure?” Granger clutched her bag tighter, “you seemed a bit...” Her words faded as she thought for the right words.

“Oh that, just short feud between friends. You know how it is, one finds out an embarrassing secret. The other threatens violence if it was to be shared with anyone else.”

Draco could feel his insides squirming with every word Blaise spoke; his friend had moved his gaze to Harry who listened on intrigued. Draco could only thank fate that the Gryffindor’s weren’t accustomed to Blaise’s word play otherwise they’d have read more into it. Although by the way Granger’s eyes were widening she appeared to be making some assumptions.

“Yeah, just a typical friend-threatening-life-existence conversation we all have.” Blaise winked cheekily at Granger, having seen her brain working also. Granger was pulled out of her trail of thought; her cheeks turned a pale shade of pink. This cause Weasley to frown.

“We best be getting to Divination, come on Ron” Granger’s voice shook slightly from her embarrassment.

“We haven’t got Divination; you don’t even take that class!” Weasley huffed.

“Oh, oh yes. Transfiguration. See you in DADA Harry!” Granger squeezed Harry before grabbing Weasley’s arm and dragging him off. He waved goodbye to Harry who shook his head a smile on his face.

“There you are! I wondered where you’d run off too!” Pansy slid between Draco and Blaise a pout on her face, “I was thinking, it wasn’t you who Blaise was ‘playing’ about with last night was it Draco?”

Both Blaise and Draco stared down in horror at their friend.

“I mean trying to lure me onto a false path! Then running off for a quick snog!” Pansy suddenly noticed Harry, her smile growing she closed the gap and snaked her arm around Harry’s.

“You didn’t happen to hear anything last night did you? I doubt they’d have forgotten to put up silencing charms, but you never know”

Draco watched Harry’s face turn red as he stuttered out a no. Pansy sighed in defeat before guiding Harry out onto the school grounds, Draco and Blaise followed slowly. Outside the air was muggy, the threat of winter mixed with the last heat of summer. The sky was a depressing grey, the clouds appearing unsure whether to rain or not, a gust of wind blew into them. A sharp cold wind that took your breath away, but as fast as it appeared it vanished. Draco groaned as the weather, unsure whether to loosen his robes or tighten them around him.

The gardens soon came into view, along with a group of Hufflepuff’s and Slytherin’s already having arrived. Dropping his speed Draco pulled Blaise back with him; soon Pansy had dragged Harry out of earshot.

“What was that back there?” Draco signalled his hand back to the castle.

“Clear to clarify?” Blaise’s amused smirk had returned he knew exactly what Draco was talking about; he just enjoyed Draco’s discomfort too much. Who needed enemies when he had friends like Blaise!

“I thought you weren’t going to tell anybody about my secret?” Draco glanced towards the gardens, Pansy had stopped watching them. She still gripped Harry’s arm and he too watched them.

“Did I tell them what the secret was?” Blaise folded his arms stopping.

“No but you might as well! Granger isn’t stupid, and as much as I hate to admit it Harry and Weasley aren’t so thick either!” Draco came to stop beside his friend.

“Unless they’ve all been gifted with the art of mind reading I highly doubt they even have the tiniest inkling to what I was on about. And even if they did assume something half right, at least it’ll get the ball rolling.” Blaise started to walk again leaving Draco with his mouth open.

“For what?” Draco asked.

“Mission: Helping Draco get some.” Blaise shouted over his shoulder, some of the other students had turned to them in confusion. Luckily another stray gust of wind took Blaise’s words away from them. Draco glared at his friend’s back, he took it back Blaise wasn’t his best friend, he was his worst enemy!

Blaise chuckled under his breath as his dropped his gaze to the plant before him. A small whimper reached his ears again making his laughter escape. Pansy nudged him in the ribs,

“What’s so funny?” She’d paused in her actions of carefully trimming down the plant. Blaise shrugged and continued with his note taking.

Lifting his gaze again Blaise grinned. Across the table Draco was paired with Harry. His friend continued to switch between blushing furiously and losing all colour from his face. Harry had been given the task of trimming the plant and his tongue continued to dart from between his parted lips which were now slightly swollen from his biting them as he concentrated. Blaise had deliberately chosen to place the tools near him, so Harry had to keep leaning over Draco. Blaise was sure that small action would not have had so much of an effect on Draco if Harry hadn’t decided to remove his robes and jumper due to the intense heat in the greenhouse. His shirt clung to his body, displaying Harry’s body to anyone willing to look. And Draco appeared more than willing as his eyes dart continuous up and down, Blaise had to kick Draco a numerous times under the table as his leaned so close to Harry Blaise was sure his friend was likely to grab the unsuspecting boy and ravish him.

“Whoa! Oh my god, Harry I’m so sorry!” Justin Finch-Fletchley stared wide-eyed at a now drenched Harry. Blaise bit his lip to stop his laughter; Draco looked like he’d happily murder the Hufflepuff. Finch-Fletchley had been levitating a large watering can back to his table, however his attention must as wavered as the contents was now all over Harry. The watering can lay forgotten. Harry previous white shirt had turned almost transparent, his hair and clothes clung to his wet skin. Harry stood catching Draco’s attention, the blonde’s mouth dropped open as he took in the scene. Laughing Harry took off his glasses telling Finch-Fletchley not to worry, something about accidents happen.

Draco couldn’t help but run his eyes over Harry’s body; sure he’d seen the boy’s body before when they changed for bed. But that had always been quick glances as Harry changed quickly. He’d seen Harry wet before during Quidditch matches, but that had always been when he was wearing thick Quidditch robes. Draco didn’t know whether anyone noticed his staring, didn’t know if he’d begun to drool, right at that moment he didn’t care. His lust had awoken and urged him to rid Harry of his clothes and take him right here. Draco was slightly aware of his body leaning into Harry as he reached up, suddenly he cried out in pain as a foot connected sharply with his shin.

Turning round Draco glared his hand dropping back to his side. Blaise stared hard at him, his face losing its previous amusement, his shook his head slowly.

“Dear me, everyone pack away! Potter come here I’ll dry you off.” Professor Sprout led Harry to the front of the class, “Lift your arms.”

Harry did as instructed, a puddle gathering at his feet as the water dripped down him.

“Good job you removed your robes otherwise we’d be here all day!” Sprout raised her wand and muttered a spell, a gust of wind shot from the tip. Within minutes Harry’s clothes and hair was dry. Returning his glasses to his face Harry thanked the professor before returning to his seat were Draco had cleared away their things.

“Trust it to have been you Harry,” Draco smiled looking up he found his mouth dropping open again. Harry’s hand ran through his hair as he laughed in agreement, causing the already messy mope to scream just-shagged. Draco quickly looked away, he stomach twisting.

Harry rearranged his robes he climbed the steps into the castle, the cheerful mutterings of the Slytherin’s around him dulling to a quiet. Looking up Harry stopped just short of bumping into Goyle. None of the Slytherin’s in front moved, the rest tiptoed over to see what was happening. Knowing he could never see over Goyle even when stretching Harry opted for bending down and looking through the gap between Goyle and another.

The entrance hall was filed with Gryffindor’s. Looking at their faces Harry realised they were all his friends and where supposed to be up in DADA.

“What’s going on?” Draco walked through the crowd that parted easily. Harry saw Dean turn a disgusted look on his face.

“We were told to come down and wait here.” Dean looked Draco up and down before turning his gaze to the group. Draco sneered before gesturing with his hand to the rest of his house. The group slowly moved to a corner of the entrance hall, their previous conversations starting up. Draco moved away from the Gryffindor’s and over to where Harry had been pulled by Pansy and Blaise.

“Settling in nicely Potter. Replaced Ron and Hermione so quickly?” Harry looked over at Dean, the dislike he once help for Draco now aimed at him.

“Shut it Dean,” Ron barged passed Dean, knocking the smaller boy forward as their shoulder collided. Harry smiled welcomingly to his friends who were accompanied by Neville. They returned his smile. Harry now stood with the three Slytherin’s on his left and three Gryffindor’s on his right.

“Right class, I think it’s time to explain why we’re down here today rather than up in the classroom.” Tomlin had appeared in front of the Great Hall’s doors, which were closed. A wide smile on his face he looked around at the students building up the tension.

“We’re going to practise our duelling skills!” As he spoke the doors to the Great Hall opened, the house tables had vanished. Having been replaced by a large duelling stage similar to the one used in second year. Two rows on benches lay either side for spectators. Tomlin led the large group of students into the hall. The Gryffindor’s and Slytherin’s separated on either side. Harry found himself walking with the Gryffindor’s; sitting on the bench beside Ron, Harry was surprised when Draco took the space next to him, soon followed by Blaise, Pansy and Goyle. They shared a small smile before their attention was directed to the stage where Tomlin was walking up and down, an excited bounce in his step.

“Let’s make it a small competition shall we? Let’s see...Potter! Malfoy!” Tomlin spun round sharply pointing at Harry and Draco. “I heard you two faced each other in second year. Time to see who’s improved the most!”

Both boys stood as excited whispers filled the hall, Harry shrugged off his robe allowing it to fall onto the bench. He was aware of Draco discarding his robe and handing it to Pansy. Blaise stood and pulled Draco close, whispering in his ear. Harry watched out the corner of his eye, pulling out his wand in a swift motion. Ron quickly stood and grabbed Harry’s arm, Draco’s eyes snapped up watching them.

“You’re still a Gryffindor, so fight for Gryffindor’s pride!” Ron’s breathe tickled Harry’s ear, his words sending adrenaline into his bloodstream. Harry reached up and untied the note around his neck; he placed the green tie in Ron’s hand.

“Come along Potter!” Draco let Harry’s last name drag out, his palm’s sweaty as he gripped his wand. Harry’s emerald orbs turned away from Ron and snapped to him, Draco felt a shiver run down his spine. Surprised his legs didn’t buckle under the stare.

Quickly they both climbed onto the stage, meeting Tomlin in the middle. Draco’s eyes dropped to Harry’s now exposed neck, he followed the skin until it disappeared under Harry’s shirt.

“I assume you both know the routine for a duel?” Tomlin reached out gripping both Harry’s and Draco’s shoulder’s, looking between them, his eyes sparkled. They nodded as a reply. Harry’s eyes were fixed on Draco’s; the grey orbs finally snapped up t meet his.

“Perfect,” Tomlin stepped back slightly; a platform appeared under his feet, giving him distance away from the stage but the height to referee.

Bowing slowly neither boy broke the eyes contact, straightening up Draco’s mind flashed back to second year. The last time he and Harry had duelled.

“Scared Potter?” Draco was surprised his voice held none of the venom it did all those years ago. His voice echoed around the silent hall. Harry’s eyes flashed, a smirk grew on his face. Draco stopped himself from biting his lip finding Harry’s look arousing.

Harry opened his mouth to reply, however the entire Gryffindor side of the room spoke in unison.

“You wish!”

Harry laughed, finally dropping Draco’s gaze to twist and look over his shoulder at his friends who cheered in reply.

“Prepare yourself boys!” Tomlin pointed to either end of the stage, Harry and Draco complied. Harry quickly brushed his wand hand against his leg, removing the sweat that suddenly formed. He didn’t remember his previous duel with Draco to feel so intense. Spinning back around Harry lifted an eyebrow surprised Draco had already raised his wand in preparation. Casually Harry lifted his wand, his eyes taking in Draco, his mind raced with spells.

“On three then. 1...2...”

The crowd now caught up in the tension screamed ‘three’ with Tomlin.

At the large sound Harry’s body reacted.

“Expelliarmus!” Harry flicked it wrist making it appear that his wand never moved. A bolt of red sparks flew out of his wand. Harry grinned when Draco produced a shield but was still pushed backwards.

Draco’s eyes widened as he caught his breath, he knew Harry was powerful but to still be able to push him backwards. Responding quickly Draco disabled the shield and lifted his wand.

“Stupefy!” Draco shouted.

Harry moved slightly to his left and again raised his wand.


Draco’s spell flew passed Harry’s head as Harry’s shot out of his wand and hit its target. Draco’s wand flew out of his hand and up into the air as he was knocked backwards. Draco looked up in time to see his wand land in Harry’s outstretched palm, smiling Draco stood up as the class applauded, he was surprised when Harry frowned and marched up to him.

“What was that? You wasn’t even trying!” Harry pushed Draco’s wand into his chest.

“Right who wants to challenge Mister Potter next?” Tomlin clasped his hands together. Either not having heard or choosing to ignore Harry’s words. A hand shot out of the crowd.

“Why didn’t you try?” Harry asked his eyes hard as they searched Draco’s.

Draco couldn’t speak his mouth dry at the sudden closeness between him and Harry. Harry’s hand was still rested against his chest hold his wand. Draco prayed Harry hadn’t noticed his heart suddenly racing at the contact.

“Come along Harry,” Tomlin pulled gently on Harry’s shoulder, hinting for him to return to the centre. Draco lifted his hand to grab his wand, but his found Harry’s hand instead. Harry’s eyes widened slightly and dropped to their hands. Draco squeezed Harry’s smaller and more tanned hand, wishing to entwine his fingers with Harry’s. Slowly Draco released Harry’s hand as he watched the boy turn, sighing Draco looked over Harry’s shoulder to his new opponent. Dean Thomas waved sarcastically at them. Draco jumped off the stage, his eyes darting back between Harry and Dean, both glared at the other with intense disgust. Picking up his robe Draco pulled it on roughly.

“What a romantic thing to do,” Blaise appeared beside Draco, his eyes also on the figures before them.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh so you didn’t let him win? And here I was thinking Malfoy’s were the best at everything,” Blaise returned to his seat, Draco rolled his eyes at his friends comment. He too seated himself, casting a glance over the small gap at Weasley and Granger.

“I hope Harry blasts that slimy twat into the next century!” Weasley spoke through gritted teeth.

Draco found himself nodding in agreement as he returned to watch the stage. Harry and Dean appeared to have already finished the formalities, both had their wands raised.

Harry found himself gripping his wand so tight his fingers hurt, an ache shot down his arm as his muscle tightened. Dean’s eyes flashed dangerously, Harry was unsure what to expect having never duelled Dean. He mentally cursed himself, why had he never paid attention to Dean during class. He knew Dean was intelligent but how powerful was he? How strong and quick?

Harry was vaguely aware of Tomlin counting down for the duel to begin; he watched Dean’s body tense. He’d wait for Dean to make the first move, to set the pace.


Harry moved quickly, the spell came faster and with more aggression than Draco’s. Pain shot through the side of Harry’s head as the spell grazed past his ear. Hissing in pain Harry rushed to put up a shield as Dean sent an enslaughter of charms and jinxes his way. Harry’s eyes watched every movement of Dean’s wand, setting up multiple shields as the power and danger of each curse increased. His patience growing thin Harry placed another shield, since when had Dean been this strong.

“Come on Potter! I took your girlfriend easily enough don’t tell me I’ll take your title as quickly!”

Harry’s anger bubbled within him, but still Dean’s curses came. Quick and dangerous, giving Harry no room to cast his own back. But then Harry’s chance came, Dean’s movements faltered, his mind drawing a blank for the next spell. In a flash Harry’s shields were down.

“Stupefy!” Harry roared, feeling his anger rush threw his arm and out his wand. His spell came so fast Dean didn’t have time to put up his shield. Instead the spell hit him squarely in the chest sending him flying through the air. His body slammed against the wall landing in a heap on the floor. Harry remained with his wand held in the air, his breathing the only sound in the silent hall. It took all of Harry’s control not to send more curses in Dean’s direction, instead he lowered his wand.

Draco and the rest of the hall stared at Dean’s lifeless body. He’d flown a good few feet away from the stage. Tomlin rushed over, ordering for Lavender Brown to go get Madam Pomfrey. Draco quickly grew bored and turned back to Harry. It had seemed so long since he’d seen that fire in Harry’s eyes, usually a passion reserved only for him. Draco didn’t know if he was more jealous that Dean had successfully brought out Harry’s fire or that it was because the Weaslette had been mentioned. Harry continued to stare at Dean, his face now emotionless. Draco toyed with the idea of going to Harry, comfort him, and tell him Dean deserved it.

A movement from his right signalled to Draco that Weasley and Granger had the same idea, he could only watch at they climbed up onto the stage. Weasley held Harry’s robe and tie; his hand came to rest on Harry’s shoulder. Granger however pulled Harry in for a tight hug, her lips moved near Harry’s ear.

“Don’t beat yourself up Harry, Dean was egging you on. It’s his fault he didn’t get a shield up in time.” Hermione pulled away and smiled at Harry, her friends eyes continued to stare past her. Sighing she looked over at Ron who had now turned to watch Madam Pomfrey enter.

“What have you done this time Mister Potter?” She climbed the steps to the stage, faltering when she saw the Dean lay unconscious on the floor.

“This is why I never support duelling in this school! Someone always gets hurt!” She huffed rushing over to the other side of the hall. Within seconds she had Dean back on his feet, paler than normal but dismissed him with having no other injuries. After a sharp word with Tomlin she instructed Dean to come straight to the Hospital Wing if he felt drowsy or sick. After only moments of entering the hall she left.

“Maybe we should leave the lesson there.” Tomlin smiled eagerly, “Pick up next time. I suggest you all practise defensive spells rather than attack.”

After dismissing the class Tomlin strolled out ahead of a large group. Harry smiled weakly accepting his tie and robe from Ron, too tired to bother trying to sort out the green tie Harry pulled on his robes. Descending the stairs Harry felt Ron drape an arm around his shoulders, pulling him in closer.

“Tell you what will cheer you up! Quidditch! It’s the Gryffindor’s practise soon how about you go get your firebolt and join us?” Ron suggested, squeezing Harry tighter.

“I don’ think so!”

Harry and Ron both turned to see Dean advancing towards them. Harry’s previous anger resurfaced as Ron rolled his eyes.

“Jesus Dean! Can’t you just grow up at all?”

The group of students leaving suddenly came to a halt. Draco stepped forward, closing the remaining gap between him and Harry, gripping his wand ready. Blaise and Goyle followed.

“He’s a Slytherin Ron! What don’t you understand? If he joins us for practise he’ll inform them!” Dean pointed at the Slytherin’s.

“How many more times you thick twat, Harry’s a Gryffindor! He’d never sell us out! Why would he? He’s going to be playing for us in less than a couple of weeks. You moron!“Ron had moved in front of Harry, aware of Dean’s advancement towards his friend.

“What makes you think he’ll want to come back? The sorting hat wanted to put him there; it was because of you he chose not to! But he’s cosying up nicely to the snakes, he doesn’t need you anymore! He’s got a new bunch of followers; ones he knows will happily do his bidding like they did for you-know-who! Filling his boots quite quickly aren’t you Potter!”

“You’re an idiot...” Ron abruptly stopped speaking when he felt Harry’s hand push him aside gently. Turning he saw that Harry’s head was bowed, his other hand clutched tightly around his wand, “Harry?”

“Is that what you think? Is that what everyone thinks?” Harry’s head snapped up, his emerald eyes ablaze with anger. Dean’s smirk faltered slightly, taken back by the intensity within those orbs. However he quickly recovered.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to announce your new name? Confess to being the new Dark Lord!”

“I’d keep my mouth shut if I was you Thomas!” Harry clenched his jaw, slowly turning away. His magic was bubbling within him, he couldn’t lose control. Not over someone as pathetic as Dean.

“What you going to do? Crucio me? Or better set the killing curse on me? I’m sure mummy and daddy would be proud!”

Harry spun, reaching Dean in a heartbeat. His fist collided with his old friend’s jaw sending him to the ground. Harry followed, delivering a stream of punches down upon Dean. Suddenly Harry was ripped apart from Dean; arms wrapped themselves around his body trapping his own arms to his side. Dean scrambled to his feet, blood dripped from his nose.

“See I told you he’s mad!” Dean screamed at the crowd. No one moved or spoke, Harry struggled against the arms, not knowing or caring who held him. He wanted to hit Dean, no he wanted to run, no he wanted to curse Dean to oblivion for daring to mention his parents! Dean swung his arm, aiming for Harry. However Ron grabbed the fist, inches from Harry’s face.

“Get him to Slytherin common room, calm him down!” Ron instructed whoever was behind Harry, his eyes never leaving Dean. Harry watched as Neville and Seamus ran forward to pull Dean backwards as he fought to reach Harry. Another pair of hands grabbed Harry, dragging him backwards to the entrance hall.

Down in the dungeons Draco and Blaise finally released Harry, the boys struggles long ended. They both gasped for breathe, who knew Harry had that hidden strength. As soon as their hands left his body Harry stormed up to the common room entrance, muttered the password and marched up to the dormitory. Draco and Blaise followed, stepping into the common room Draco sighed.

“I’ll go, he doesn’t need overcrowding.” Draco ran a hand through his hair as he nervously ascended the stairway. A loud crash came from within the room. Taking a deep breath Draco lifted his hand to the door handle. It was shaking. Was he really this scared of Harry? Brushing the thought aside Draco pulled down the door handle and opened the door. Something made of glass smashed against the wall beside his head.

“Leave. Me. Alone!” Harry was knelt down over his trunk; the majority of the contents laid scattered and smashed over the floor.

“What so once you’ve finished destroying your possessions you can move onto mine and the others?” Draco closed the door, wary of advancing closer to Harry.

“No! I wouldn’t...I wouldn’t do that!” Harry’s movements stopped, Draco watched as Harry pulled out a black cloth. Harry’s hand shook as he unfolded the contents, allowing a piece of glass to drop into his palm.

“Sirius I need you!” Harry sobbed. Draco’s eyes shot to Harry’s face, a single tear ran down his cheek. Stepping forward Draco paused, should he leave Harry alone?

“Why does everything have to change?” Harry turned his head to Draco, his eyes watering. His anger still fresh within them. Harry quickly rose to his feet, his hand enclosing round the glass.

“Harry your hand...”

“Stop it!”

Draco frowned, stop what?

“Stop acting like my friend! I don’t need another friend! I have Ron; I have Hermione, Neville, and Seamus...” Harry’s voice faltered as he stopped himself listing anymore. “I need something from before Draco! I need you to hate me, I need someone to fight!”

“What do you call that with Thomas?”

“That’s not how it should be! You’re the one who’s meant to hate me, despise me!”

Draco watched shocked by Harry’s words. The anger seemed to be growing in the boys eyes, cutting deeper into Draco. He couldn’t understand why before he longed to see those eyes ablaze with the passion of hatred he was used to, now he wanted them to be ablaze with the passion they looked at Weasley and Granger. He wanted that love from Harry, that acceptance that want.

“Fight me!” Harry’s voice broke, his angered scream turning into a sobbing plea. Draco caught Harry’s fist as it swung at him. His reactions kicking in Draco pushed Harry easily, sending him backwards. Harry tripped over his large History of Magic textbook and landed heavily on the bed, knocking the wind out of him. Gasping Harry was unable to move fast enough before Draco gripped his wrists above his head, pinning him down with his body.

“Is this what you want Harry? You want us to stay in our childish, never ending feud!” Draco lowered his face threateningly close to Harry’s, his hands tightening around Harry’s thin wrists. Harry stared up, his jaw set. Draco’s breathe warmed over his cheeks, his own brushing against Draco’s.

“If that’s what you want Harry then I’m sorry. I can’t do it! I don’t hate you...I...“Draco suddenly realised how close he was to Harry. His eyes darted down to Harry’s lips, his stomach flipped. Images from his dream flashed before him. Harry’s lips against his own, kissing hungrily. Showing Draco exactly how Harry accepted and wanted him. Draco found himself leaning closer.

The Slytherin dormitory door slammed open, Blaise and Goyle fell into the room. They both looked at the mess on the floor, never having seen the room destroyed in such a fashion. Their eyes finally fell on Harry’s bed. Draco was straddling Harry’s hips, keeping him in place. Their faces close enough for anyone to believe...

“I’m sorry have we interrupted?” Blaise kept the amusement in his voice. He watched as Draco blushed a darker red that he thought was possible on the boy’s fair skin. Draco quickly stood up, bowing his head as he straightened his robes. Harry followed, however as soon as he rose to his feet he stormed back out of the room leaving the Slytherin’s to stare after him.

News about the fight must have gotten around, students parted like the red sea. Grateful Harry was too lost in his thoughts to worry about fighting through the crowds. It must have been his anger; he wanted to hit Draco his anger just made him think it was something else. Shaking his head Harry turned a corner, not really caring where it led him. Their lips had been so close. Harry recalled how he wanted to reach up, place his lips on Draco’s, NO! He wanted to reach up and hit...not kiss...hit! Stopping down the empty corridor Harry gripped his hair. Who was he kidding! He knew that feeling, knew it well. He’d wanted to kiss Draco Malfoy! It was the same want he used to get with Ginny, when he’d watched her across the common room.

Shutting his eyes Harry scrambled to grip that image, desperate to hold onto the feelings he once held for Ginny. He recalled their first kiss, her soft lips against his. But Ginny’s face disappeared, replaced by Draco’s. Harry ran.

He ran through numerous hallways, past a dozen of portraits. But no matter how much he pushed himself he couldn’t run away from his want. His need. Turning a corner Harry crashed to the floor.

“Ow! Watch where you’re...oh. Harry it’s you!”

Harry stared at the person who sat before him, pieces of parchment fluttered around them. Ginny took in the sight of Harry, his cheeks flushed from running, his eyes wide. His robes and uniform creased from a fight or...Her hand was grabbed and she was pulled forward. Her eyes widened in shock as Harry’s lips captured her own. The kiss seemed endless, neither appearing to need oxygen any longer. Ginny moaned in pleasure, having forgotten how good of a kisser Harry actually was.

All too soon Harry pulled away, Ginny’s eyes fluttered open.

“I knew you still wanted me.” Ginny reached out hungrily to pull Harry closer, but he retreated. “What’s wrong?”

“This...this isn’t right.” Harry stared hard at the floor, muttering more to himself than in reply to Ginny.

“Of course it’s right! If you’re worried about Dean don’t be. It can be our little secret.” Ginny purred. Harry suddenly jumped to his feet and turned to leave.

“I’m sorry Ginny. I shouldn’t have done that. Like you said we’re over.”

“Wait! We don’t have to be! I can ditch Dean as soon as you become Gryffindor again. Unless...unless you’ve gotten someone else?” Ginny took in Harry’s robes again, her eyes flashing as she noticed the absence of his tie.

“Who is she?” Her voice held pure venom.

“What?” Harry spat back, annoyed at still having to be in Ginny’s presence, disgust tugged at his soul as he glanced at his lips, why had he kissed her? He wanted, needed to be alone with his thoughts.

“You tell me who that slut is you’ve suddenly taken to! I’m no fool Harry Potter. Look at you; you scream ‘just shagged’! I should know I’ve seen it enough times!”

Harry stared at Ginny, unable to comprehend the words she’d spoken. Scoffing he turned leaving Ginny to pick up her books and parchment.

“I’ll find out who she is Harry, and when I do she better watch her back!”

“Draco,” the voice purred. Fingers trailed playfully over his chest. Draco moaned in pleasure, his mind awakening. Slowly he opened his eyes, the drapes around his bed closed. Excitement and sadness past through him. He knew who lay beside him, but he knew he was dreaming. Turning his sadness vanished as lips pressed against his own. Shutting his eyes Draco kissed back, his hands grabbing at the body. Pulling himself on top Draco moved his lips down their exposed neck, his body reacting to the small moans of pleasure he heard.

“Draco,” the voice was heavy with lust, amazed Draco lifted his head. The emerald eyes sending a shiver down his spine. Harry stared up at him, the lust vanishing from his eyes; instead they portrayed the mix of emotions Draco had seen in them earlier. His lips just as inviting. Draco lowered to dominate them, but Harry moved his head to the side.


“Fight for me!” Harry’s voice echoed within Draco. Suddenly Harry vanished in a burst of light. Draco bolted up in bed. Gasping for breath his eyes darted round the dark dormitory. Blaise and he had tidied up returning it back to its previous state. Draco turned quickly to Blaise’s bed, a sigh of relief left him seeing his friends sleeping form. Casting another look around the room Draco stopped at the sight of Harry asleep. What time had he gotten in? Pulling off his covers Draco leant closer. Harry was still in his school uniform, lying on top of his covers. Slipping from his bed Draco remembered the kiss from his dream. Was Harry’s lips as soft?

Crouching beside the bed Draco whimpered as Harry’s lips parted with a sigh. Harry looked so peaceful asleep; a huge contrast to the last time Draco had seen him. Reaching forward Draco brushed aside Harry’s hair; his fingers twirled the raven locks longingly. His mind lost in the dream Draco leaned closer, his lips resting on Harry’s. Draco’s eyes slide shut. Harry tasted better than in his dreams, his lips softer. Draco would have given anything for Harry to kiss back, fight for dominance like his dream. Pulling away Draco already wished he could kiss him again. Instead he rose and headed for the bathroom.

Harry’s eyes fluttered open, the sound of running water waking him. Rubbing his eyes harry yawned, all traces of his dream vanishing. Except, Harry hand dropped to his lips. He remembered the figure, the voice sounded so familiar, but their face was hidden under a clock. They’d taken Harry in their arms lovingly, his skin tingled as he remembered the way their hands touched his face, their fingers played with his hair. Harry’s fingers ran over his lips remembering the kiss. It had felt so real, so perfect. Before Harry had the chance to respond they’d pulled away, vanishing. Turning over Harry closed his eyes, hoping to find them again in his dreams.

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