House Colours

Chapter Seven

Chapter 7

Harry lay out on the leather couch, staring up at the stone ceiling. His thoughts pausing as he took in the stone’s texture. Were they truly under the lake? His stomach dropped what if the roof gave way? Surely they’d all drown in their sleep! A smile spread across Harry’s face at his own stupidity; of course they were protected by some form of magic. Harry turned his head to look around the common room. Unlike Gryffindor where students would be relaxing and chatting loudly with friends the Slytherin’s spoke quietly among a group as they worked on homework. It appeared that they left the common room to cause mischief, leaving the room to be a quiet and relaxed place. Harry glanced over at the other couch where Pansy and Millicent both sat happily reading books, Harry’s mind quickly flashed to Hermione. He was sure she’d love the tranquil atmosphere and obedience to the unspoken rules. Nott had vanished with some other Slytherin’s upon their return.

Harry’s attention was caught by the common room door opening; Pansy also looked up between turning her page. A small first year stumbled through, almost collapsing under the weight of the books in his arms. Harry sighed and stared back up at the ceiling. He was sure Draco and Blaise would have been back from the hospital wing by now, Madam Pomfrey always managed to fix most injuries with a flick on her wand, unless it was more serious. Harry’s stomach twisted again, guilty weighed down on him. What if having Harry land on him had caused something worse to happen? Harry shifted uncomfortably as he remembered waking up in Draco’s arms. He knew deep down that it hadn’t been an accident that he’d ended up on top of Draco. Harry had remembered falling, remembered his consciousness going, remembered those strong arms wrapping around him and pulling him close into a firm chest. Then everything went black. Harry’s breathing grew heavy, he’d never felt as safe as he had then, his fight to stay conscious had disappeared the moment Draco had pulled him close. Heat crept up Harry’s neck and to his face, what was wrong with him? He knew it shouldn’t feel so right, but it had. He felt so contempt when he woke, those arms protecting him, almost lo...

Sitting up Harry shook his head, he was getting ahead of himself. Draco didn’t, wouldn’t feel like that. He’d reacted out of instinct, Harry was sure he’d have done the same. Pushing away the small doubt in is head Harry glanced down at his watch; it was almost time for dinner. As Harry stretched Pansy looked over her book at him, their eyes met.

“It’s almost dinner; did you want to head to the hall?” Harry asked hesitantly as both their eyes darted to the common room door; it was only a bunch of third years.

Folding the corner of her page Pansy nodded and placed her book down carefully, “Yeah, I bet Blaise and Draco are already waiting for us,”

Harry, Pansy and Millicent walked down the corridor leading them out from the dungeons. Harry felt very protective, suddenly aware of the glances of the male students casted at his newest friends. It wasn’t that Hermione never got any attention, Harry was sure that with the amount of male friends she had they dared not stare. But Millicent and Pansy both walked differently, allowing their hips to sway more than necessary and had a completely different aura about them. Harry watched a group of fourth years cast their eyes over Pansy as she passed; she flicked her dark hair flirtatiously at them. Harry glared causing their eyes to downcast immediately. He knew it wasn’t jealousy, he didn’t think of Pansy that way, he’d feel the same way if it was Hermione they were leering at like a piece of meat.

Harry continued to glare at the staring students as they turned into the Great Hall, following Pansy and Millicent subconsciously. It wasn’t until Pansy shrieked in delight that Harry finally focused his attention on the Slytherin table. Draco and Blaise looked up at them, the colour had returned to Draco’s face. Relief washed over Harry, glad that Draco appeared not to have sustained any major injury. Pansy rushed over to Draco and pulled him into a tight embrace.

“Oh Draco you’re okay! We were worried when you didn’t come back”

Harry watched as Draco’s eyes turned to him sparkling, a small smile on his lips. “We?” He whispered.

Harry dropped his gaze, his heart suddenly racing. He dropped into Pansy’s usual seat beside Blaise and quickly poured himself a drink, his throat suddenly dry. Harry could feel Draco’s eyes still on him as Pansy continued to mutter on.

Draco nodded again as Pansy again asked if he was okay, his emotions flickered as he realised that she’d chosen to sit beside him for the remainder of the meal. His eyes remained fixed upon Harry’s face who stared down at his plate across from him, he actually preferred this seating arrangement, although he enjoyed Harry sitting next to him, this way he could see him perfectly. Harry brought his goblet to his lips, tongue darting out to capture any droplet left on them. Draco found himself copying the action. Suddenly Harry looked up, butterflies danced within Draco, his breath caught in his throat as Harry smiled weakly at him.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Pansy’s voice tore Harry’s and Draco’s attention away from each other. They both turned to the new comers that seated themselves beside them. Ron squeezed between Harry and Blaise, causing Harry to shift up to make room and Seamus seated himself on Harry’s other side. Hermione had taken the empty place next to Pansy. Harry’s weak smile suddenly widened into a grin.

“I asked you a question!” Pansy sneered sending a glare at the Gryffindors’.

“We thought we would have dinner with Harry for once, is that a problem?” Hermione had begun to load food onto her plate; she spoke without pausing in her actions.


“No.” Draco had settled his eyes back on Harry, “It’s not a problem. You’re welcome to eat here anytime.”

Harry smiled gratefully at Draco before being pulled into a conversation by the Gryffindor’s. As much as he wanted Harry to himself Draco knew that having his friends around him would make him happy. If the other Gryffindor’s had a problem accepting Harry with them, Draco would make sure it wasn’t a problem a few Gryffindor’s joined the Slytherin’s for meals. Pansy sent Draco a questioning glare, which was swiftly ignored as they all began to eat.

“How was practise?” Harry waited until Ron had emptied the food from his mouth before asking, knowing the lack of table manner’s his friend had wouldn’t be ignored at the Slytherin table. However Ron also appeared to realise this and put down the loaded fork to speak, instead of ramming it into his mouth like normally.

“Alright, was a bit tense after you’d left like, but apart from that the team’s shaping out to be a good ’un.” Ron scratched the tip of his nose as he thought, “Be unstoppable when you’re back as seeker though!”

“Oh can we stop talking about Quidditch for a while? That’s all I’ve heard for the past hour!” Hermione moaned, Pansy nodded in agreement.

“Harry asked how the team was doing!” Ron shot back. Harry could feel himself relaxing as his best friend’s began one of their friendly fights. He hadn’t realised how much he’d actually missed them, although the quiet of the Slytherin table was a nice change, he needed the noise provided by the Gryffindor’s to help him forget his own thoughts.

“This better not be a regular thing Draco, “Pansy leaned in close so the others didn’t hear her, “I don’t think I could handle it. I’ve already gotten a headache!”

Draco rolled his eyes; Pansy really was dramatic when she wanted to be. Sure the Gryffindors’ were louder than they were used to, but he thought it made a refreshing change. Plus Draco loved how happy Harry seemed with being able to spend time with them. Lifting his own goblet to his mouth Draco continued to survey Harry throughout the meal, refusing to be distracted by any conversation, apart of course from when Harry addressed him.

Time passed far too quickly for Harry; for once he was completely comfortable. His cheeks hurt from the amount of smiling he’d done, his plate practically untouched from his continuous laughter as the antics of his old roommates. Harry had noted that Hermione and Pansy had also managed a civil conversation when the subject returned almost instantly back to Quidditch. Maybe this month wasn’t going to be so awkward.

“We best be going up,” Hermione cut in, an apprehensive smile on her face. The mood around the end of the table slowly soured.

“Come on ’Mione, we’ve got plenty of time,” Ron and Harry quickly looked down at the old watch, there was only a couple of minutes left before it would hit 9, then the large clock in the courtyard would signal curfew.

“It’s okay Ron; don’t want you getting into trouble.” Harry raised, the others followed. They were the last to leave the hall; the tables were now cleared from the feast. Their footsteps echoed against the stone floor, the Gryffindor’s and Slytherin’s mixed together as they exited the hall.

“Promise we’re going to spend time together tomorrow?” Hermione pulled Harry into a hug as he nodded, “We miss you Harry,” Her words muffled against Harry but he caught them. Harry’s arms tightened around his best friend.

“I miss you too,” Harry stole a glance towards Ron, their eyes processing the other’s thoughts. Slowly Harry released Hermione. Bidding goodnight to the Slytherin’s Hermione, Ron and Seamus began to ascend the grand stair case. Feeling a tug on his arm Harry followed the others down towards the dungeons is heart wishing to follow his friends back to the tower. Blond flashed in the corner of his eyes. Taking a deep breath Harry turned his head slightly, Draco glanced at him a smile on his face.

“Having dinner with Gryffindors wasn’t as bad as I thought,”

“Thank you Draco,” Harry smiled, he owed a lot to Draco after today. His eyes travelled down Draco’s neck to his arms that swung at his sides. Harry could feel the heat rising up his neck, snapping his eyes back in front of him Harry had hoped Draco had not seen.

“Don’t mention it, it’s not like they’re that horrifying really. I’ve managed to survive with you for a week.” Draco shot Harry a look, seeing the boy laugh his eyes quickly looked Harry’s body up and down. He really didn’t appear to have been injured from the fall.

A comfortable silence fell between them as they turned down the corridor, Blaise and Pansy had already entered the common room. They stopped in front of the wall; opening his mouth Draco began to speak the password.

“Why did you do it?”

Draco faltered, turning round to Harry who stared hard at the floor.

“Do...? What? Let your friends eat with us?” Draco glanced up the corridor; the rest of the house must be inside the common room now.

“Huh?” Harry finally looked up, frowning at Draco’s reply, “No. Well actually yes that to, but why did you try protecting me. When we fell off our brooms I mean.”

Harry waited for a reply, Draco just stared at him. His face emotionless, the corridor too dark for him to read his pale eyes. Harry missed Draco opening and closing his hand in a fist, missed how Draco was biting down hard on the inside of his lip. The large clock from the courtyard began to chime, the sound echoed down the hall towards and beyond them.

“Instinct.” Draco spoke quietly, but the stone walls amplified it. Harry and Draco both looked away from each other, silence once again loomed over them. The light in the corridor was quickly fading, making it harder for them to see each other’s face. Eventually Draco turned back to the wall and muttered the password, Harry followed him in quietly.

Inside sat a circle of the seventh and eighth year Slytherin’s, Pansy quickly jumped to her feet as they entered.

“Where did you two get to? You were right behind us.” Pansy pushed her hair out of her eyes, not waiting for a reply she continued, “Never mind. We thought we’d play a game of spin the bottle! Welcome Harry into Slytherin properly”

Harry’s eyes widened as he looked past Pansy to the students grinning up at him. Draco moved beside him with a grunt, Harry wished he could go with him but Pansy had screamed in delight and begun dragging him over to her previous seat.

“Come on it’ll be fun!” Pansy exclaimed, her hands like vices around Harry’s arms, “I’m sure you’ve played spin the bottle before! Don’t look so scared!”

Harry cautiously seated himself between Pansy and another Slytherin, eyeing the shot glass before him. Glancing around the circle Harry noticed that everyone had one. Pansy must have seen him look down because she leaned closer to him, her smile wider.

“We play spin the bottle with a twist. The bottle we use has fire whiskey still inside, whoever the bottle lands on gets poured a shot before kissing the person who spun the bottle.”

Harry’s mouth made a silent ‘O’ as Pansy returned to sit comfortably. Harry took another look around the circle; Draco Malfoy was sat directly across from him. Suddenly Harry’s stomach twisted forcing him to look away. Blaise reached forward and gripped the bottle; he flicked his wrist expertly sending the bottle spinning round easily. Harry chewed his bottom lip as the bottle began to slow down before stopping on the girl beside him. Blaise picked up the bottle with a wicked smile; he poured the liquid into the girls shot glass and placed the bottle back. Harry watched as the dark haired girl gulped down the contents of the glass and reached over to capture Blaise’s lips with her own. It was clear to everybody that they were familiar with one another’s lips from the way they comfortably came together. Seconds later they parted and the girl spun the bottle.

Harry’s heart raced as the bottle stopped on Draco, his jaw clenched as the girl seductively crawled over to Draco. Draco however watched her expressionless, his face was blank as he picked up the glass and threw it back. He then quickly picked up his bottle of butter beer and took a swig before leaning forward and allowing the girl to press her lips against his. It took all of Harry’s will power not to grab the girl and pull her away...looking away Harry again chewed on his bottom lip, confused by the feelings swimming within him. What did he care that Draco was kissing her? Harry continued to stare at the bottle as is was spun again; he didn’t lift his gaze to see who had been chosen next. The bottle was spun another three times before Harry realised that it was now facing him. Harry eyes darted up, heat flooded his cheeks and Blaise shifted over to him, holding Harry’s shot glass already filled. He had to kiss Blaise? He was going to kiss a boy? Lifting his hand Harry took the glass; his eyes glanced quickly over the circle before landing back on Blaise who wore his usual amused smirk.

“Come on Potter, not scared to kiss me are you?” Blaise asked, causing a few of the others to laugh. Frowning Harry looked back down at the drink in his hand, where was his Gryffindor courage? Lifting the glass swiftly to his parted lips Harry allowed the liquid to run down his throat, he could feel it burn as it travelled down to his stomach. Blaise quickly removed the glass from his hand and leaned closer, Harry could feel his warm breath on his lips.

“Don’t be scared little lion; I’ll make sure you enjoy this.”

Harry’s eyes slid closed as Blaise’s lips touched his own; Blaise’s hand suddenly appeared on the back of his head forcing him closer. Harry’s lips parted on their own as Blaise’s tongue darted out. Then he pulled away suddenly. Harry’s eyes snapped open to see Blaise’s amused smirk firmly back in place. He was aware of his breathing coming fast and heavy, aware of the eyes fixed on him. Harry reached out quickly and spun the bottle not truly caring where it stopped. Harry stole a glance at Draco who was staring down at his bottle, frowning. Harry’s attention was caught when the bottle stopped.

Draco tore his eyes away from the circle again, his jealousy building up within him. They’ been playing this stupid game for a while now and he was sure others were cheating or fate was punishing him because every few goes the bottle continued to stop on Harry. Almost everyone in the circle had locked lips with him, all apart from Draco. Also due to their added spin on the game Harry was rapidly growing drunk and the Slytherin’s generously poured him a shot, causing Harry’s kisses to grow longer and more passionate. It had taken all of Draco’s will power not to jinx Blaise as he kissed Harry for the fifth time that night. Draco himself was one of the few not drunk, it wasn’t that the bottle hadn’t stopped on him; he just knew a way of cheating out of the hangover the others always suffered. Instead of swallowing the fire whiskey Draco spat it into the bottle he held in his hand.

A nudge in his side caused Draco to glance up; the bottle had stopped on him. Inwardly groaning Draco looked round to see who he had the unfortunate fate of kissing. His heart almost stopped when he saw Harry crawl forward, a cheeky grin on his face. Harry’s entire attention was currently taken by the task of pouring Draco’s drink, he was extremely careful not to spill a drop as he handed it to Draco. For the first time that night Draco allowed the liquid to run down his throat, his eyes shut tightly at the sensation and taste. He felt someone clumsily take the glass from his hand; taking a deep breath Draco opened his eyes. All he could see was Harry’s face feel Harry’s soft laughter against his lips. Draco allowed his eyes to drop from Harry’s eyes to his moist lips, parted slightly in a smile. Those lips he’d dreamt of for so long, wished to kiss and claim. And now he could. Closing the gap quickly Draco lifted his hands to Harry’s face, capturing Harry’s lips with his own. A moan vibrated between them, Draco neither knew nor cared if it was him or Harry who had made it. Electricity raced from his lips and through his body, a hunger from deep in his stomach seemed to break free, encouraging him for more. He needed more of Harry’s lips, needed to taste more of Harry. Draco slipped his tongue easily into Harry’s mouth, his hands pulling Harry closer. Suddenly he was drunk on the taste of Harry, their lips moved together perfectly. Draco could feel Harry’s hands rest upon his chest as his mouth tried effortless to try fight for dominance; however he quickly gave in allowing himself to melt into Draco’s mouth.

And then it ended. The need for air overpowered the need to continue the kiss. Harry stumbled out of Draco’s grip, his eyes glazed over. As much as Draco wished it was from lust or love he knew it was simply due to the boy’s drunken state. Hope faded from Draco’s heart, he doubted Harry would remember how amazing the kiss was or any emotions he may have possibly have felt, heck he very much doubted Harry would remember they’d actually kissed in the morning judging by his drunken state. Draco watched as Harry fell into Pansy’s lap causing them to both giggly uncontrollably. He’d been a fool to think the kiss could have meant more, lead to something.

“Damn, we’re outta whiskey!” Nott muttered, his words slurring. Draco looked down at the empty bottle; the small contents that had been left now lay in a puddle before him from where Harry had knocked it over in his fall.

“I think we better go to bed,” Draco pulled out his wand and cleaned away the puddle. Moans in agreement and disagreement filled the room; many quickly rose to their feet, the less drunk helping those worse off. Draco stood and watched as the room emptied slowly. Harry and Pansy continued to giggle in a pile. Draco ran a hand through his hair as he looked down at them, his eyes instantly found Harry’s lips, that want and hunger pulled at him again. Shaking his head Draco swept past them to the dormitory stairs, their laughter ringing in his ears. His tongue darted over his lips as he climbed the stairs, the lingering taste of Harry slowing his pace. The memory of Harry kissing him back made him stop completely. Harry’s laughter was the only one to reach Draco, showing his innocence and purity.

“You’re not going to leave him down there are you?” Blaise appeared at the top of the stairs, his arms folded over his chest. Draco eyed his cautiously, not entirely sure how drunk his friend actually was. “Leaving a drunken Potter with an even drunker Pansy?”

Draco waited until Blaise slipped back through the dormitory door before descending the stairs. Harry’s and Pansy’s laughter had stopped; Draco could hear Pansy’s voice whispering although he was unable to make out the words. Quietly he strained to hear her as he reached the bottom of the stairs. Harry lay on the floor his eyes closed, Pansy loomed over him. Draco could see her lips moving as she leaned in closer to Harry. His jealousy resurfacing Draco withdrew his wand, his teeth grinded together painfully; suddenly Pansy laughed again and sat up, Harry’s eyes opened slowly as laughter escaped from him.

“Spying on us dear Draco?” Pansy’s slurred, stumbling to her feet. Draco hid his wand behind his back, sure that the shadows had covered him earlier. Draco kept his eyes on Pansy as she slowly walked across the room, her entire concentration on the simple task of walking. As soon as she began to climb the stairs Draco turned back to Harry, he could feel that tug on his soul again as Harry gazed innocently lost up at the ceiling. Draco didn’t think he’d ever seen the boy so peaceful; he could have stood and watched him forever. Harry blinked his eyes tiredly and turned them to Draco.

“Funny how beautiful something can become when you change your perspective on it,” Harry’s voice was soft, Draco would have believed him sober if he’d not seen the amount he’d drunk. Draco tried to look away from the piercing green eyes, positive that if they remained like this Harry would be able to reach into his very soul.

“What do you mean?” Draco’s voice shook, his breath’s raspy as Harry continued to stare. A hand was lift gracefully, Draco followed along Harry’s arm to his delicate fingers that pointed upwards. Continuing his gaze upwards Draco frowned when he saw nothing but the ugly stone ceiling.

“Do you see it?”

Draco dropped his eyes back to Harry, his dream like voice reminding him too much of that Lovegood girl. Maybe he’d spent too much time around unstable minded people.

“You’re drunk,” Draco sighed, “Come on, bed! You don’t want to wake up down here with the hangover you are undoubtly going to have.”

Harry appeared not to hear Draco as he stared at his hand, his fingers dancing in the air. Draco’s attention wavered as he own eyes watched the fingers move, how he wished to have them move so gracefully on his body.

“Harry come on,” Draco reached out his hand trapping Harry’s, those fingers expertly slipped between Draco’s freezing his actions. Gulping Draco followed the arm down to Harry, emerald eyes stared up at him. Beautiful.

“I never noticed before...” Harry pulled himself up, using Draco’s strength more than his own, his eyes never breaking away from Draco’s. Their hands were trapped between their chests, Draco had no doubt Harry would be able to feel his heart racing, Harry’s own steady heart beat against the back of his hand. “Your eyes are so entrancing,”

Draco could feel himself lean closer to Harry, his eyes dropping away from the emerald orbs to those moist lips. Waiting, pleading to be kissed. The memory of their earlier kiss urged Draco on, his body crying out to taste Harry, feel Harry against him again. His skin tingled in excitement.

“Are you two coming up or what?” Blaise’s voice cut through Draco’s thoughts. He felt like a bucket of ice cold water had been dumped over his head. Whipping round Draco sent a glare towards the stairs, Blaise had better sense than to actually come down them, instead shouting from the top. Harry giggled from behind him.

“Busted!” Harry held his free hand to his mouth, trying in vain to cover the lopsided grin on his face. Draco breathed out a sigh, no matter how much he wanted it and how easily Harry could be overpowered in this state it wasn’t what Draco really wanted. He needed Harry’s consent, wanted their next to be kiss something they both wanted. Draco glanced at Harry; he was in no fit state to agree to anything. Blaise would have laughed at his thoughts; they were a surprise to Draco too. He didn’t normally care about what state the other person was in. Drunker was usually better. But Harry would be different; he was more than just a fling. More than a fuck easily forgotten. He cared what Harry thought, wanted.

“Come on, let’s get you to bed.”

Draco stared down at the pages, the black print blurring together. His wand lay relaxed in his palm as he turned a page. He didn’t know why he was putting on this illusion; from the snores that filled the room everyone else was asleep. Plus with the drapes drawn around his bed they would not be able to see him. Draco turned a page. His eyes glanced over at the gap in the drapes, the light from his wand spread far enough to allow him to see the figure of Harry. Curled up facing him. A smile spread across Draco’s lips, remembering their kiss. He’d managed to convince himself that yes Harry had kissed him back. Had opened his mouth to allow his tongue to enter. Draco ran his tongue over his teeth as he diverting his mind back to the potions book in his hand. His smile faded as the light fell onto a piece of parchment sticking out slightly at the top of his book. Placing his wand beside him Draco tugged it out and unfolded it. His father’s handwriting glared up at him. Clucking his tongue Draco folded it back up, placing it at the back of the book with a sigh.

He should really reply to it, inform his father that he’d already made friends with Harry. Or a type of friendship. Blaise had convinced him it was probably best not to inform his parents of his true desires until he was sure they’d be returned. Draco stretched, pushing thoughts of his parents away. He moved down his bed, his head collapsing onto the pillow, aware of the sleep beckoning. Placing the book and his wand on his bedside table Draco muttered ‘Nox’ sending him into darkness. Blinking rapidly Draco’s eyes adjusted, he could still just make out Harry’s features in the darkness, with a smile Draco fell into a happy slumber.

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