House Colours

Chapter Nine

Closing his eyes Draco rubbed his neck, the pain easing as his finger's moved in circles. That was the last time he would sleep on the couch, the stone floor would have been more comfortable! Stretching out his aching muscles Draco reopened his eyes to the half written notes before him. With a sigh he picked up his quill and stared at the front of the class room. Professor McCleary scribbled down the notes she was reading from the textbook onto the large chalkboard, the sound of the Hufflepuff's and Slytherin's quills scratching against their parchment filled the air. She was a small plumped woman, who's dirty blonde hair was pulled back tightly into a braid, her oversized glasses continuously fell to the bridge of her nose, obstructing her small brown eyes from the view of her students. Suddenly the large door creaked open causing the entire class to twist their bodies to stare at the late comer. Draco's attention returned just as quick back to his parchment upon seeing the Hufflepuff slip into the room, their face burning red. With a frustrated sigh Draco glanced at the empty seat beside him; he'd insisted that Blaise sit with Pansy for the day giving him the chance to question Harry on his whereabouts yesterday. However Harry had yet to surface, he'd not returned to the common room that night, nor had Draco or the other's seen him at breakfast. His uniform had remained folded neatly on his bed where the house elves had left them. Draco could feel his anger and concern fighting against each other in his chest, leaning over his parchment Draco began to chew on his lip. Where was he?


Harry stared down at the uniform laid out on his bed, his invisibility cloak now draped over the end of the bed. His eyes remained transfixed on the crest of Slytherin, it was as though the snake was smirking up at him, still holding a trace of it's now dead heir. Everything bad that happened to him happened because of the house of snakes. Harry had decided whatever he thought he felt for Draco was an illusion, he'd fallen for the stupid act Draco had played. Now he'd had time to think and clear his head he was sure he felt nothing! He'd managed to push down the doubt. Silently Harry moved to the foot of his bed, with one swift movement he unlocked the trunk and swung the lid open. Reaching in Harry's fingers gripped around his old robes, the gold and red crest glistened in the light as he pulled them out. Removing his dirty clothes Harry changed eagerly. Catching a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror Harry couldn't help but smile at the familiar red velvet that lined his robe, the red and gold silk that hung loosely around his neck and the proud lion that sat against his chest. Without a second thought Harry tossed the green uniform into the trunk and slammed down the lid with a snap. He'd had enough of being a snake, fed up of living down in the cold dungeons, tired of the quiet chatter of politics and mind numbing conversations that were spoken night and day and most of all he was fed up of the fake smiles and offers of friendship. Collecting his books and invisibility cloak into his bag Harry headed out of the dormitory.

The common room was empty, with the Slytherin's either being in class or still in the Great hall eating breakfast. Slipping out into the corridor Harry headed for the entrance, his head held high. His heart beat painfully fast against his chest, the adrenaline pulsing through him, as a group of Slytherin's turned into the corridor. Harry recognised them as third years having seen them studying in the common room. Just keep walking Harry thought, the quicker you get out of Slytherin territory the better. Diverting his eyes past the group Harry could still feel their stares on him; he could feel their eyes travel over his uniform causing Harry to feel exposed. Doing his best to ignore them harry pushed passed and out into the entrance hall. His eyes darted over the faces, wiping his hands against his trousers Harry took off up the staircase. He'd yet to spot Draco or Pansy or Ron and Hermione. Moving with the crowd Harry continued to glance over his shoulder until he reached his destination. Harry had made sure to memorise the Gryffindor's timetable ensuring he'd know when his friends where free, slipping between the crowd Harry stepped into the empty classroom mentally noting to rid himself of the Slytherin code of turning up early. Choosing a seat at the back Harry dropped down onto the bench and looked around the Muggle Studies classroom, remembering the complaints of the Slytherin class from the previous week when they discovered the class had become compulsory for all years.

"Harry?" Harry's eyes snapped to the door where Gryffindor's' had begun to pile in. A genuine grin spread across his face at their dumbstruck looks.


There was a sharp single knock on the door before it was opened, Draco's mouth fell open as he watched Harry be dragged into the room by a Professor Draco recognised as the new Muggle Studies teacher. A frown formed on Draco's face as he took in Harry's appearance whilst Harry was dragged to the front of the class who had broken into whispers at the intrusion. Why was he wearing Gryffindor colours? Shooting a confused look over at Blaise Draco focused upon the words being spoken by the Professor.

"Potter had decided he wanted to attend Muggle Studies with the Gryffindor's today. I know he's not in proper uniform for his house but I felt he'd missed enough of your class today." The Professor pulled Harry closer to him as he turned his attention to the teenager, "You will change back into the correct uniform at lunch, I will be checking and informing Professor McGonagall understand?"

Harry gave a short nod before his snatched his arm out of the man's grip, his eyes downcast. McCleary thanked the Professor allowing him to leave and then directed Harry to the only seat unoccupied beside Draco. Pure hatred and anger flashed over Harry's features as he headed towards the seat. What had happened to cause Harry to act like this? Draco carefully watched as Harry moved towards him, his body tense, and his arms stiff at his sides. Draco's eyebrow rose slightly as he took in the clenched fists. Harry dropped into the seat gracelessly, his bag landing on the floor with a thud. Draco waited for McCleary to continue with the scribbles on the board before leaning in to Harry who expertly twisted his body away from Draco. Draco watched as Harry used his arm to rest his head creating more of a barrier. The red on the sleeves danced mockingly over Harry's wrist.

"Harry?" Draco's eyes darted between Harry and McCleary as he waited for a reply, "Harry?"

Reaching over with his hand Draco's finger tips brushed over Harry's skin before the arm was snatched away with lightning speed. Blazing emerald eyes glared back at him.

"Harry?..." Draco asked taken aback by the actions.

"It's Potter," Harry replied in a hissed, his voice holding the venom of his anger, his eyes burning deeper into Draco, "Not Harry, Potter! Got it Malfoy."

Harry turned back to his notes turning his body again, leaving Draco to stare at him his face blank. Pain shot through Draco, Harry's words hitting him harder than any curse. The tone one he'd hoped never to receive from Harry again. Slowly Draco turned his eyes back to his parchment ignoring the gestures Blaise and Pansy made to capture his attention.


"So care to tell us why Malfoy is back as public enemy number one?" Ron glimpsed over his shoulder towards the corner where the Slytherin's stood. Draco was slumped against the wall staring down at the stone floor as his friends spoke cheerily around him.

Harry had still yet to change his uniform, knowing he would have to once potions had finished. However, until the he was going to enjoy being a Gryffindor again. Also glancing over at the Slytherin's Harry turned his body so his back faced them.

"Because I found a letter from his father addressed to him,"

"Oh Harry you wasn't going around snooping was you?" Hermione sighed knowing exactly what her friend's curiosity was like.

"No, I accidentally knocked over one of his books and the letter fell out..."

"Well you didn't have to read it..."

"Yeah right Hermione, because you'd ignore a piece of parchment that was hidden in a book," Ron laughed as Hermione's cheeks tinted pink.

"Of course I would! Especially as he'd gone to so much effort to hide it."

"Right." Ron rolled his eyes at Harry and gestured for him to continue his story.

"Yeah...anyway...basically the letter told Dra...Malfoy" Harry mentally slapped himself for having to correct the name, "to befriend me to help the Malfoy's social standing and to update him with the progress."

"He'll never change will he," Ron turned sending a glare towards Draco who lifted his head as Slughorn opened the door to the classroom. His usually smile faltered as his eyes landed on Harry seeing the colours of his uniform. After a few seconds he regained his composure.

"Come along then, time for learning!"

Pushing off from the wall Draco glanced over the class as they entered, frowning as Granger and Weasley passed, the latter sending him a glare. Rolling his eyes Draco waited by the classroom door allowing his fellow classmates to enter. His stomached flipped when he noticed Harry towards the back of the group. Sticking out an arm Draco blocked the doorway.

"Harry, please tell me what have I done wrong?"

Harry continued to stare ahead, his knuckles whitening as he gripped the strap of his bag that hung loosely on his shoulder. "Move."

"No! Not until you tell me..."

"I said move!" Harry's hand shot out hitting Draco in the chest forcing him backwards, shocked Draco stared at Harry who still refused to look at him. "Stay away from me Malfoy."

Draco slowly followed Harry into the potion classroom, he gaze watching Harry as they both headed for their seats. Dropping his bag Draco lifted a hand to his chest; the stabbing pain had begun to fade. What had he done that had been so terrible?


"Would you mind handing out these Harry my boy?" Slughorn smiled as he dropped the large pile of parchment onto Harry's desk before returning to his own.

"Here give half," Ron reached over and split the pile handing one half to Harry, a soft smile on his face. Smiling back Harry's eyes glanced down at the pile being held out towards him. His mouth dropped open as he snatched the parchments towards him; his eye's doubling in size.

"What's wrong?" Ron followed Harry's gaze, his confusion growing as he read the tidy scrawl written, his confusion grew as he read the conclusion of someone's potion "What is it?"

Ron watched as Harry finally tore his eyes away from the essay to look at him, his friend had paled drastically. His mouth part slightly adding to the effect.

"How can you act so calm?" Harry's voice came out in a whisper as his eyes frantically darted at the students closest to them.

"'s an am I supposed to react?"

Harry's eyes again locked onto Ron's, "Don't you see it?"


"The...the picture...drawing..."

Harry watched as Ron slowly shook his head, confusion and worry etched over his features. Turning back to the picture Harry became mesmerised at the sight. The way that Draco pulled himself tightly into his body, his arms holding Harry possessively. His eyes ran over the mouth that ravished his own, the need in the kiss tugged at something deep in his stomach. The way their tongues danced together was almost beautiful. The scraping of a chair brought Harry's mind back to the classroom, seeing Ron send him another worried look before handing out the essay's to their owners, Harry felt his face burn. Standing also Harry skimmed past the drawing and to the two names written at the top. Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy.

Looking over his shoulder Harry stared into the grey eyes of Draco who stared emotionlessly at him. Harry was unable to stop his gaze travelling down Draco's face suddenly aware of how handsome it was. When his eyes reached Draco's lips Harry found himself licking his own with his tongue what did he taste like? Snapping out of his trance Harry swore at himself under his breath, what was wrong with him? Thinking those thoughts because of some stupid drawing? Harry glanced again at the drawing, his heart growing jealous of his fictional self. It was nothing but another Slytherin trick!

Draco watched Harry fight with his inner turmoil, his emerald eyes flashing with different emotions. What was going through his mind? Suddenly Harry turned to look at him again, except the hatred was back. From across the class room Draco could feel the anger radiate from the boy as he marched towards the desk. Draco's eyes darted down to the parchment that was creasing in Harry's fist he could just make out two figures entwined together. His heart stopped as Harry stopped before him; slowly he lifted his eyes to meet the figure standing over him.

"I don't know what you're planning, nor do I understand this sick joke you seem to find so amusing. But I warn you now Malfoy, don't push me!" Harry spoke surprisingly quiet; his chest rose and fell heavily at the effort in containing his anger.

"I...I'm not planning...what have I done?" Draco began to stand attempting to find out what exactly had made Harry so anger, however he paused as Harry slammed down the parchment in front of him. The class fell quiet. Glancing down Draco felt sick as Harry removed his hand revealing themselves locked into a passionate kiss.

"That wasn't Draco," Blaise reached over to the parchment, "I drew it."

Harry's eyes darted between the two, his lips turned into a snarl as he turned away, "Just stay away from me."

"No!" Harry froze as he felt Draco's hand grab his arm. The entire class were now staring at the pair but Draco appeared either not to notice or care as he pulled Harry closer to him as he spoke.

"What exactly have I done wrong? You vanish yesterday and today your dressed back in your Gryffindor robes snarling at me to leave you alone! Accusing me of planning some joke! I thought we'd put this childish feud behind us, become friends!"

"That's what I thought!" Harry struggled against Draco's grip, "But it wasn't real, was it? Just like every single one of the friendships offered to me in Slytherin!"

"What? Why would you think..."

"I found the letter Malfoy...the one sent to you by your father instructing you to befriend me to improve your families' social standings."

Harry winced as Draco's fingers tightened around his arm causing him to struggle further. Draco's eyes had doubled in size and his skin loosing what little colour it originally had.

"Let go of me Malfoy!"

Draco could hear his heart pounding in his ears, blocking the sound of Harry's voice. His eyes focused and unfocused on Harry's face, he could see his lips moving, speaking to him. Panic began to seep through him. He was going to lose Harry, lose the friendship that had only just begun; he was never going to get a chance to be more to Harry. Draco was aware of Weasley and Longbottom moving closer to them, coming to take Harry away from him. This couldn't be happening; he couldn't let Harry slip through his fingers again.

Slowly Draco's eyes focused on Harry's face, the perfect beautiful face he'd adored for so many years. He was still talking, still struggling to get away. With a quick tug Draco captured Harry's lips as he fell forward into Draco's chest. He was in heaven; Draco's eyes slid shut as his hand on Harry's arm dropped to slip around his surprisingly slim waist allowing him to pull Harry even closer. The need for air overpowering him Draco reluctantly pulled back slowly. Opening his eyes Draco met Harry's widened pair. Their breathe danced over each other's lips, Draco wished Harry would talk, say something. Draco began to search Harry's eyes, praying to see something in them, anything but disgust.


Harry felt his skin tingle as his name left Draco's lips; his mind was clouded by the kiss, he was unaware of his body leaning closer to Draco's chest where his hands shook. He'd forgotten where they currently stood, forgotten about the number of eyes staring at them, forgotten about his friends until he was ripped away from Draco.

"What the hell Malfoy?" Ron manoeuvred Harry behind him into Seamus and Neville, Harry still in shock stumbled backwards his eyes never leaving Draco. Inadvertently Harry licked his lips, the taste of Draco came to life again in his mouth causing his entire being wanting to rush forward and devour Draco's mouth.

"You just can't help yourself can you! You always were a self centred sly snake!" Ron shouted, his finger poking Draco square in the chest as he spoke. His ears began to turn redder as his anger grew, Hermione quickly rushed forward and began trying pulling her boyfriend away as Draco's eyes hardened at the words.

"What!" Draco slapped Ron's hand away in disgust.

"I knew you were up to no good the moment you started being so nice to Harry, obviously you wanted to help your family! That kiss is probably part of some sick plan to get them back in the papers, have you paraded as Harry Potter's secret lover!"

"Ron!" Hermione tugged again at his arm.

"You watch your mouth Weasel!" Draco advanced towards Ron who shrugged Hermione off easily to stand straighter. They both stood nose to nose; there wasn't an inch in their head, their lanky limbs now dressed in muscles. Harry bit his lip as he watched the pair the tension in the air growing. They had to be stopped. Slughorn stood at the back of the crowd unable to break through.

"Come now boys!"

"What's wrong Malfoy? Upset your disgusting plan has failed? Have to go tell Daddy how once again you failed!"

Harry looked between them, fear turned his blood cold. He had to prevent them from fighting, from hurting each other. Harry was shocked at the mixed emotion within him; he couldn't bear to see either of them hurt.

"Harry!" Hermione was still holding onto Ron's arm, his other being held by Neville. Harry blinked to see Blaise and Pansy holding onto Draco, both sets of trio's turned to him. Suddenly Harry couldn't breathe; the entire class stared at him. Reaching up Harry tugged at his tie but it didn't help, his head began to spin as his mind eventually brought everything together. What was happening? All the emotion's he'd begun to feel for Draco, all the facts he'd learnt, the kiss what did it all mean. Harry could feel his emotional barrier breaking down as it hit him. Draco had actually started to mean something to him! Panicking he turned and ran. The dungeon door slammed shut before anyone moved.

"I mean it Malfoy, you and all your slimy Slytherin friends keep away from Harry!"

"Bit hard when he is one of us!" Pansy said, glaring towards Ron, her hands still gripped onto Draco who had lurched at Ron's words.

"Yeah well not for much longer!"

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