My Alien Girlfriend

Chapter 3

As she drove, Spencer shot Ashley the meanest glare she could conjure up. For the past five minutes of their car ride to school, Ashley had been rolling the window up and down with childish glee.







Spencer gripped the steering wheel tightly with a growl. “Could you please stop that?”

Ashley stopped immediately, turned to look at Spencer apologetically. “I’m sorry. I will stop.” She said with a sheepish grin.

Ashley didn’t mean to irritate the beautiful human, but pushing the button was so much fun. A human’s choice of transportation had so many different knobs, buttons, and weird strap things. It was so tempting to play with

“Thank you.” Spencer said, looking back at the road. Finally, she had some peace and--



“Cut it out!” Spencer slapped the Alien’s hand. “What is wrong with you? Are you trying to piss me off?”

Ashley frowned. “No, I have no intentions of helping you urinate.”

The car almost swerved off road. Spencer sputtered, glancing at Ashley with wide eyes. “What the hell? What did you just say?”

“I have no intentions of helping you urinate.” Ashley shrugged. “I’m sure you are equipped to do that all on your own, given your age.”

Spencer shook her head with disbelief. “You are so…argh!” She released a frustrated sigh, attempting to calm her nerves. “Listen, when you meet my friends, try not to act…like yourself. Got it?”

Ashley nodded. “Confirmed.”

Spencer winced, shutting her eyes briefly. “And stop talking like that. You sound like an actor from Star Trek or something. People don’t walk around saying ‘urinate’ or ‘confirmed’.”

Ashley scratched her head in confusion. She had no idea what a Star Trek was, but it didn’t sound pleasant—or physically possible for that matter.

“Okay, we’re here.” Spencer threw the car in park, killing the engine. Without another word, she threw on her backpack and left the car, leaving Ashley to scurry quickly behind her.

“Hey, girl!” Madison, a drop-dead gorgeous Latina, waved over her best friend with a smile.

“Mads!” Spencer screeched, giving Madison a bear hug.

Madison let out a small laugh before she pulled back and noticed a fidgeting brunette standing next to Spencer. “And who is this cutie?” She asked, licking her lips as she openly eyed Ashley.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.” Spencer said, pointing at Ashley. “This is Ama--I mean, Ashley. She’s the foreign exchange student I told you about.”

“Hi, Sexy,” Madison said with a flirtatious smirk. “I’m Madison. HBIC. Freak in the streets and sheets. The pleasure is mine, but it could be yours too.”

Spencer rolled her eyes. Madison was a self-proclaimed slut. She was your typical Head Cheerleader stereotype, except she swung both ways. That’s what made her different, as she proudly liked to say. There wasn’t a student at King High School that hadn’t had a taste of her.

“Hello.” Ashley smiled. This Madison girl was a pretty human, but not as pretty as Spencer. No one was as pretty as Spencer in the Alien’s eyes.

Madison gave Ashley one more lip lick before turning Spencer, ready to get her gossip on. “Girl, have you heard Carmen’s back?” Madison raised her brow with a smirk.

Spencer grinned bashfully. “Yeah, she called me last night.”

Madison cocked her head to the side. “I heard she’s single.”

Spencer shrugged, attempting to look nonchalant and indifferent about the entire situation. “That’s…so? I don’t…I don’t care.”

The cheerleader gave her best friend a knowing look. “You still love her don’t you?”

Ashley’s ears perked up at the mention of “love.” Wait. Did Spencer love this Carmen girl?

Spencer grinned. “Maybe a little.”

“Maybe a lot!” Madison laughed.

Ashley frowned, shifting her weight uncomfortably. Whoever this Carmen girl was, she didn’t like her one bit.

“Who is Carmen?” Ashley finally asked.

“My ex-girlfriend.” Spencer said, glancing at Ashley.

Madison nodded eager to add, “Spencer and Carmen broke up with each other because Carmen had moved to Washington last year.” She briefly looked over Spencer’s shoulder then. Madison grinned. “Speak of the devil,” she said, nodding behind her best friend.

Sure enough, the aforementioned girl was heading in their direction. Ashley took the opportunity to size Carmen up. She was short, about Ashley’s height, Hispanic, with long black hair swung over on shoulder. She had bangs that were in desperate need of a trimming, but her overall look screamed “punk.”

Well, it screamed “bitch” to Ashley, but that’s another story.

Carmen smiled as she approached the group. “Hey guys.”

Ashley narrowed her eyes. “We are females not males.” She said.

“What?” Carmen’s brow wrinkled with confusion.

“You said we were--”

“Don’t mind her!” Spencer intervened, putting on a fake smile. “She’s a foreign exchange student. She’s still getting use to our customs and… words…”

“Oh.” Carmen nodded briefly before allowing her eyes to wonder over her ex-girlfriend’s figure. “You look nice today, Spencer.”

Ashley glared at Carmen; she really, really, really didn’t like this girl.

Spencer ducked her head shyly. “Thank you, Carmen. You too.”

The Alien studied Spencer’s face. Something weird was happening to her cheeks. They were turning this pink—no, reddish color. That couldn’t be healthy.

“Spencer,” Ashley said with a worried frown. “Your face is turning red. Are you okay? Do you suddenly have a fever of some sort?”

“Shut up,” Spencer said, flushed with embarrassment.

Carmen chuckled lightly. “She’s just blushing, Ashley. I have that kind of affect on her. Don’t I, Spence?”

Spencer stared at her ex with a dreamy smile, “Yeah. Yeah, you do.”

Ashley looked from Carmen to Spencer. The stares the two were giving each other were way beyond a normal, friendly interaction; it looked almost as if they were trying to have what Earthlings call “sexual intercourse” just by gazing at one another.

“Well, I’ll see you guys--I mean ladies, later.” Carmen said as she flashed Spencer one last smile before walking away.

Spencer released a shriek, clutching her chest. “Oh my God, she is so hot! Every time she’s around me, I turn into a ball of freaking mush!”

Ashley took in Spencer’s current state. She was a solid mass still, not a ball of mush. That would require a de-materialization gun and Ashley was positive they didn’t have such things on Earth.

Madison smirked. “I think she’s gonna ask you out.”

“I hope so.” Spencer said with a wistful smile.

“We’ll see. I’ve gotta head to my locker before class,” Madison said, bumping Spencer’s shoulder. Then, in a much more sultry voice, the cheerleader addressed Ashley. “Bye, Sexy.”

Ashley waved to the retreating girl with a smile, but then her face contorted with confusion. “Is this ‘Sexy’ word a nick name for ‘Ashley’?” she questioned, giving Spencer a perplexed look.

Suddenly, a loud ringing noise sounded throughout the campus. Frightened, Ashley immediately dropped to ground and covered her head. Spencer watched her completely bewildered. Mortified, Spencer looked around to see if anyone was seeing this ridiculous display and, much to her displeasure, a handful of students did.

“Ashley, get up!” Spencer hissed, grabbing onto the Alien’s arm and tugging her up onto her feet. “What the Hell are you doing?”

Ashley’s frightened, brown eyes darted frantically around the campus. She turned in a small circle. “What was that loud noise?” Ashely asked, unable to locate the source.

Spencer literally had to fight the urge to punch this girl, but when she saw that Ashley wasn’t fooling around, she frowned. “That was the bell telling us to get to class.”

When the Alien only tilted her head in further confusion Spencer sighed, clenching her jaws. “What? Do they not have school bells where you come from?”

“No.” Ashley shook her head as if the mere thought was preposterous. “Why do you need a bell to tell you when to get to class?”

Spencer shrugged. “You just do, okay? It’s been like that forever.”

“But why?” Ashley persisted. “You go to school everyday, right?”


“Do you know what time class starts?”

“At eight.”

“Well, if you already know what time you’re supposed to get to class then why must a bell sound, telling you when to get to class if you already know to do just that?”

Spencer stared blankly at Ashley a baffled look. Her eyebrow pitched slowly. This girl was so…out of this world. Eventually, Spencer just let out a huff of frustration. “Let’s just get to class!” She said, brushing past Ashley.

The Alien watched her go, more confused than before. Hesitantly, she looked up and around herself once more, afraid the bell would sound again. Was it coming from the sky? Did humans have…sky bells?

“Ashley!” Spencer called from a distance.

Ashley jumped and rushed to catch up with the blonde.

Their first subject of the day was Earth Science. Ashley was excited to learn more about the planet. She figured this class would be a real treat. Given their last names, Spencer and Ashley’s seats were right next to each other on the seating charts--much to Spencer’s chagrin.

“Okay, class, let’s begin.” The teacher, Mr. Franklin, said cheerfully to his not so cheerful class. “Who in here can tell me how many planets there are in the solar system?”

Ashley’s hand immediately shot up, “I know the answer to the question that you have just asked for us to answer, teacher,” she said, earning herself a few curious stares from her classmates.

Spencer gave her a look from the corner of her eyes.

Mr. Franklin smiled. He loved enthusiastic students. “Alright, what’s your name again, young lady?”

“Ashley Davies! I am a foreign exchange student and Spencer is a part of the family that is hosting me,” Ashley said, pointing at Spencer for added emphasis.

Spencer cringed, sinking down into her seat.

“Okay, Ashley,” Mr. Franklin said with a nod. “What’s the answer?”

Ashley sat straighter in her chair, lifting her head with pride. “There are exactly twenty two planets in the solar system.”

The class burst into fits of laughter. Spencer smacked her forehead and shook her head embarrassed. Of course, Ashley would do this on the first day of class. For her part, the Alien had no idea what so funny.

The teacher managed to get the class to settle down after a moment. Mr. Franklin addressed Ashley. “Well, no, Ashley there is only nine planets in our solar system. I’m sure you were just pulling my leg with that joke.”

Ashley shook her head, “No, Mr. Franklin, I did not tell a joke. I also think it is physically impossible for me to pull your leg from across the room.”

The class began to laugh again.

“Okay, class, that’s enough,” Mr. Franklin said as his face flushed red with embarrassment. “And that’s enough from you too, Ms. Davies. I can tell already that you’re going to be trouble.”

A student, chubby redhead, raised his hand.

Mr. Franklin was grateful for the distraction. “Yes, Hubert.”

Hubert scrunched his face up. “Is it true that there is life on Mars?”

“Well,” Mr. Franklin began. “There have been traces of water found but that’s about it. We can’t diffidently say there is life or anything else for that matter on Mars.”

Ashley snorted. “That is not all that is on the Planet Mars,” she said with a raised brow. “There is a whole civilization living there.”

More laughter from the class ensued.

Mr. Franklin slapped his hand against his desk. “Ms. Davies that is a ridiculous claim to make, there is no such thing. There is no life on Mars.”

“Yes, there is.” Ashley countered. “They’re just very private beings.”

“Enough, already, you’re not funny,” the teacher said with one last warning look before turning his back and continuing with his lecture.

“Spencer?” Ashley whispered.

Spencer dragged her eyes from the boring lesson and to Ashley. “What?”

“Why did everyone laugh when I spoke? I did not say anything that would accumulate such a humorous outcome.” The Alien said with a furrowed brow.

Spencer rolled her eyes. “What did I tell you about talking like that?”

“There should be no talking at all,” Mr. Franklin said, briefly looking over his shoulder. “I want silence from the classroom. No talking.” He continued his lecture, drawing the solar system on the board.

After a moment, Ashley whispered again, “Spencer?”

Spencer bit back a groan. “What?”

“If there is supposed to be ‘no talking’ then why is he still speaking,” Ashley asked, pointing towards Mr. Franklin.

Mr. Franklin turned, placing his hands on his hips. “Spencer and Ashley are you two done yet, because if you’re not, you could finish the rest of your conversation in the Dean’s office.”

“We have not finished talking yet,” Ashley said with a grin. “We would like to go to the Dean’s office so we can, please.”

“What?” Spencer yelled as the class chuckled.

Red with anger, Mr. Franklin jutted a finger at the door. “Go, right now! I will not tolerate anymore smart remarks!”

Spencer’s jaw dropped as she shook her head frantically. “No. Mr. Franklin, I--”


The entire walk to the Dean’s office, Spencer silently fumed as Ashley tried desperately to get the blonde to speak with her. Spencer angrily entered the office waiting room, letting the door smack Ashley on the way. She dropped down into a seat and rolled her eyes when Ashley took the seat beside her.

“Can’t you find another seat?” Spencer questioned with a glare.

Ashley looked around. “There are no other seats available.”

“Then stand.” Spencer shook her head.

“What have I done to upset you?” Ashley asked for the fifth time.

Spencer gestured around the room. “You got us sent to the Dean’s, Ashley,” she said as if it was obvious. Which, it was. “It’s the first day of school and you got us in trouble!”

Ashley shrugged, not getting it. “How? Mr. Franklin said if we wanted to finish our conversation, we should go here. We did not commit any crime in following the teacher’s directions.”

“He was being sarcastic, Ashley.”

Before Ashley could ask Spencer what the word “sarcastic” meant the dean’s secretary walked over to them.

“Dean Howards will see you now, Ms. Davies,” The secretary said.

“Dean Howards?” Spencer frowned with confusion. “Is that a new dean or something? I’ve never heard of them.”

“Dean Howards joined the staff this year,” The secretary said stiffly. “Keep quiet while you’re in here, Ms. Carlin.”

Spencer fought the urge to roll her eyes. Ashley stood from her seat, gulping slightly. For some reason, the prospect of seeing this Dean person was suddenly daunting.

Ashley walked into the Dean’s office and took a seat. Behind the desk, there was an office chair with the back facing the Alien, so she couldn’t see the Dean. It was a bit creepy.

“Excuse me, Dean Howards.” Ashley said, clearing her throat. “Hello, I was sent in here to speak to you.”

“I know.” A voice from behind the chair replied. “I was told you’ve been misbehaving in class, Ms. Davies.”

Ashley frowned defensively. “Well, I would not call it ‘misbehaving,’ Dean Howards.” The Alien tilted her head, that voice sounded familiar…

“What would you call it then, Ms. Davies?’

Ashley shrugged. “Following directions.”

“Well, here at King we pride ourselves with good morals and firm rules.” The voice continued. “And when those rules are broken, a student faces very severe consequences.”

Ashley shifted nervously, “What’s going to happen to me?”

“I’m going to have to kill you, Ms. Davies.”

Ashley eyes widened. “What?”

“I said,” Dean Howards whipped the chair around at once. “I’m going to kill you, Ms. Davies.”

Ashley smiled, breathing a sigh of relief when she saw, “Zyphorian!”

“In the human flesh.” The “Dean” smiled.

Zyphorian was a family friend back on the Planet Zygot. She’d known Ashley since she was a little Zygoteioan. The younger Alien couldn’t believe her eyes.

“What are you doing here?” Ashley questioned with a smile.

Zyphorian, also known as “Zy” for short, let out a nervous chuckle. “Well um, I am here…on vacation,” she said, running a hand through her short black hair.

Ashley’s eyes narrowed with suspicion. “That did not sound very convincing Zy. I have a feeling you’re lying to me.”

Zy broke eye contact, fidgeting with her hands. “Well… I um, like the weather here, and um…”

“Did daddy send you here?”

The older Alien huffed out a bewildered laugh. “Um, maybe he might have mentioned that in passing…”

“Zyphorian,” Ashley said with a warning look.

“Okay!” Zy said, holding up her hands. “Yes, Raife sent me down here to keep a close eye on you. It wasn’t my idea.”

Ashley sighed, shaking her head. “I knew he would not trust me.”

“It’s not that he doesn’t trust you,” Zy reasoned. “He’s simply just worried about you, Ashley.”

“I can take care of myself, he does not need to worry,” Ashley said firmly, clenching her fists briefly. She should’ve known her father would pull something like this.

Zyphorian gave the young Alien a sympathetic grin. “He means well.”

Ashley sighed, looking down. After a moment, she smiled as she met her friend’s gaze. “I guess…it is comforting to have another Zygot Martian on Earth with me.”

“Indeed,” Zy said, nodding. She released a small chuckle. “Aren’t Earthlings bizarre?”

“Definitely,” Ashley said with a laugh. “And have you seen those transporting devices they call…cars? What is up with that?”

“Oh, I know!” The older Alien gushed. “And their speech is so strange! Why must they abbreviate everything?”

Ashley rolled her eyes. “Don’t even get me started on all of those pound symbol words they go on and on about.”

After talking shop for another ten minutes, the bell rang. Ashley knew not to freak out this time, but she did wince. The two Aliens said their reluctant goodbyes and to Spencer’s surprise, she and Ashley were off to their next period.

Spencer released a sigh as she reached their PE locker. “Fantastic,” she said with a groan. “Not only do we have all the same class periods, but you’re also my locker partner.”

“I know! Isn’t it great?” Ashley smiled brightly.

“OMG,” Madison said, sauntering over already dressed in her outfit. “You have the sexiest smile, Ash.”

“Oh this is even better,” Spencer said with a sarcastic smile. “Now I have to deal with you constantly flirting with the foreign exchange student. Perfect!”

“Lighten up, Spencer.” Madison grinned. “This is gonna be a fun year.”

Spencer only gave her a deadpan look before taking off her shirt.

Ashley’s mouth began to salivate as she stared at Spencer’s bra clad breasts. She’d never seen such beautiful…human breasts in her life. The Alien’s hearts began to pick up speed as her eyes remained glued on the blonde’s chest.

Suddenly, Ashley jumped up from her seat on the bench. Frightened, she stared down at her crotch.

Noticing Ashley’s distress, Spencer asked, “What’s wrong with you?” She pulled on her PE shirt.

Ashley looked from Spencer to Madison and back down to her crotch with confusion. “Um,” she stuttered. “There is um… my um…underwear, it feels wet down there?”

Madison busted out laughing as Spencer gave the Alien a look of disgust. Ashley looked embarrassed and highly flustered. It didn’t feel like she’d peed on herself, but she felt…weird down there.

Madison placed a comforting hand on Ashley’s shoulder. “You just got turned on, Mami, that’s all.” She gave her a smile and a wink. “Spencer tends to make lots of girls wet.”

Spencer shoved the cheerleader. “Shut up, Madison!”

“Okay girls,” Coach Wilson yelled from the door. “I want you out on the track. Now! Show some hustle, ladies!”

“Hurry up and get dressed, Chica,” Madison said to Ashley before she and Spencer ran outside.

Shrugging of her crotch issues, Ashley hurriedly changed clothes and then headed out to the track.

“Alright, ladies,” Coach bellowed loudly. “I want five laps around the track.” Everybody, save for Ashley, groaned. “And just for that, we’re doing bleachers after!”

That shut the class up quickly.

Ashley examined the track before turning to the Coach. “Is that all you want us to do?” She questioned, earning gasps from her fellow students. Ashley stared back at them confused.

Coach Wilson crossed her arms, staring menacingly at the Alien. “Yes. Unless you’d like some more, Davies.”

“Well, if five laps is all you are assigning us than I am perfectly fine with that,” Ashley said with a nod. “I do not think five laps is much but, that is all that you want.”

Coach Wilson glared at the Alien. “You think you’re all that don’t you. Davies?”

Ashley gave her a blank stare. “All of what, Coach?”

The class began to snicker.

Spencer tugged on Ashley’s arm. “Ashley come on, don’t start anything,” she whispered, carefully eyeing the Coach. She knew of Wilson’s temper. It was nothing to joke about; when Wilson got pissed at one person, she got pissed at everybody.

Coach Wilson towered over Ashley with a sneer. “You know what, Davies, just because of your sassy talk; I want you and only you to run these five laps in less than three minutes! If you don’t make it back in time, the whole class is doing bleachers.”

A chorus of complaints sounded. Coach Wilson raised a hand, silencing her students at once. “Blame Davies and her smart mouth.” She raised a smug brow at Ashley. “So how about it, Davies?”

The Alien shrugged. “Okay.”

Then, before Coach could get another word out, Ashley was gone. Everyone watched in amazement as Ashley looped around the track as fast as a cheetah. She moved so quickly, no one could see her! The only way they knew Ashley had passed was when a gust of wind swept by them.

Suddenly, Ashley came to a screeching halt in front of the class. “All done!” she said with a smile. However, as she took in all of her classmates’ face expressions, her smile slipped away. “Why are all of your mouths open? Is this some sort of warm up exercise?”

“Da…Davies,” Wilson stuttered, moving to stand in front of Ashley. “Do you realize that you just ran five laps in less than thirty seconds?”

Ashley shrugged. “Yes, I am aware of this.”

“That’s astounding!” Coach Wilson, her eyes wide with excitement.

“It really was not a big deal,” Ashley said, taking a small step back a little frightened by her Coach’s wild eyes. “I can usually complete that amount in twenty seconds.”

Coach smiled, tossing her arm around Ashley. “Let’s have a little chat, Davies,” she said, dragging Ashley off to speak privately. “You, girls, walk around or something! I don’t care,” she called over her shoulder.

“Oh my God,” Madison gasped.

“Yeah,” Spencer breathed out. “I’ve got to say, that was impressive.”

“That was fucking hot,” Madison said with a smirk. “After seeing that, I’m ready to jump on her and--”

“Madison,” Spencer warned. “Don’t finish that sentence.”

Ashley skipped over to them with a huge smile on her face. “Hey, guess what? You will not believe it!”

Madison grinned. “What, my little sexy one?”

“Coach just made me a part of the Varsity track team!” Ashley beamed, bouncing in place.

“Congratulations, Chica!” Madison held her hand up towards Ashley. “Up top.”

Ashley stared at the cheerleader’s hand in confusion. What was she supposed to do with that? Bring it back down? Talk to it?

Madison kept her hand up awkwardly as her smile faltered. Spencer shook her head, shooting Ashley a look. “Let me guess, you have no idea what a ‘high-five’ is?” she asked needlessly.

Ashley frowned. “A high what?”

“That’s what I thought,” Spencer said, grabbing Madison’s air born hand and walking away.

Not much had changed by the time lunch had rolled around, much to Spencer’s frustration. Ashley was still talking back to teachers and even stopped students they walked past to ask them odd questions like, “Why is your head cover (hat) turned backwards?”

It was super annoying.

“Oh, come on, Spencer,” Madison said as she and Spencer took a seat at their favorite lunch table. “She’s really not all that bad.”

“No, Madison, she really is,” Spencer said with a huff. “I’ve had to keep an eye on her all day. Whenever I turn my back, she’s always getting into more trouble. It’s like I should keep her on a leash or something.”

“Mmm,” Madison moaned, closing her eyes. “Ashley on a leash as my sex slave would be so fucking hot. I would set certain rules for her too. No clothes at all times, just honey smeared all over her naked body.”

Spencer’s face scrunched up with disgust. “That’s enough, Mads.”

“I would be the only one allowed to bathe her,” Madison continued. “And when it’s feeding time…I’ll just unzip my pants and she could--”

“Madison, shut up!” Spencer shrieked.

“What,” the cheerleader said dazed. “What were we um…talking about?”

“Forget it,” Spencer said, shaking her head. “You might have another sex dream. Do not want.”

Ashley set her tray down on the table, taking a seat next to Spencer. “Hello, Spencer. Hello, Madison,” she said with a friendly smile.

“Damn, Chica,” Madison eyed the mountain of food on Ashley’s tray. “Are you really going to eat all of that?”

Ashley nodded. “Yes, I am. Why else would I have gotten all of this food if I did not care to consume it all? It would be a waste.”

“You’ve got a point there,” Madison said, lifting a single brow. “Doesn’t matter to me how much you eat anyway. I love a girl who can pack it in and still look as sexy when they do it.”

“Thank you, Madison.” Ashley smiled.

Spencer suddenly let out a shriek. “Oh my God!”

“What is it?” Madison asked as she tore her eyes from Ashley’s breasts.

“Carmen, here, is, over now coming,” Spencer rushed out, pointing over her shoulder. “Here! Carmen, she is!”

Madison laughed, confused. “Okay, girl, try saying that again in English.”

Before Spencer could spout out more gibberish, Carmen walked up to the table with her trademark smirk. “Hey, Ladies,” Carmen greeted putting emphasis on the “Ladies” part.

“Hey, Car-Car-Carmen,” Spencer stuttered.

Ashley studied Spencer’s face. “Spencer you’re doing that blush thing again,” she said with a furrowed brow.

“Shut up, Ashley.” Spencer said out of the corner of her mouth.

“I think it’s adorable,” Carmen said, reaching over to caress Spencer’s reddened cheek.

“Really?” Spencer asked, ducking her head shyly.

Carmen nodded.

Madison rolled her eyes at the scene while Ashley openly glared at Carmen. Forget not liking Carmen, Ashley just don’t right hated her now.

“So, Spencer,” Carmen began, taking a seat on the table edge.

Ashley scoffed at the action. “Excuse me. We eat on this surface.”

Carmen frowned at Ashley. “Um. What?”

Spencer shook her head, kicking Ashley under the table. The Alien didn’t flinch, just looked at Spencer curiously. “Don’t listen to Ashley,” Spencer said. “She’s just playing.”

Carmen continued, shooting Ashley one last look. “Right…um, so are you going out for the cheerleading squad again this year?”

“Oh yeah,” Spencer said, smiling up at Carmen. “I’m going for captain.”

“That’s cool,” Carmen said with a Cheshire grin. “I can’t wait to see you in those tight shirts and short skirts.”

Spencer giggled bashfully. Ashley cleared her throat, gaining the shorter teen’s attention. “Um, Carmen? Don’t you have somewhere else to go?”

Carmen looked at the Alien strangely, “Actually, yeah I do. I’m headed for the library. I’ll see you guys later,” she said. She slid off the table, brushing the tips of her fingers along Spencer’s arm as she walked past.

“We are not males, you stupid human,” Ashley muttered under her breath.

Maddison chuckled at her best friend. “You’ve got it bad, girl.”

Spencer shook her head, releasing a wistful sigh. Ashley released sigh, pushing her food away, suddenly not feeling hungry.

The bell rang, indicating the end of lunch. Spencer gathered her books and turned to Ashley giving her a stern look. “Next class is theatre. Try not to do anything stupid,” she said.

Ashley nodded. “I will try my best.”

Madison smiled, winking at the Alien. “Good luck, Chica.”

Most of the students had already filed in by the time Spencer and Ashley entered the classroom. The teacher, Ms. Caldwell, an overly dramatic woman in her forties, flittered about the room.

“Settle down my little Thespians,” Ms. Caldwell sang out. “Now, class, for our first project we will be doing Romeo and Juliet.”

The class groaned.

“But here’s the twist,” Ms. Caldwell continued holding up a long, pale finger. “You will be in groups of two and I don’t care how the pairing is set, be it boy and boy or girl and girl or boy and girl. It is up to you.” She turned in a circle before continuing. “Now, each group will be writing their own modern day adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Have fun with it, make it your own, and nurture it. Teach it how to eat, crawl, walk, talk--”

“Ms. Caldwell!” The class screamed.

Ms. Caldwell cleared her throat, primping her hair. “Yes, well, you get my point. Here’s another twist, you have to have at least one kiss and the scene must be two minutes long maximum.” The teacher clapped her hands together. “Now, get into your groups. When you have a group set, come see me so I can write down your names.”

Ashley immediately scrambled over to Spencer, latched on to her hand, and dragged her towards Ms. Caldwell faster than Spencer could say, “What the fuck?” However, she said it regardless.

“Spencer is my partner,” Ashley said with a smile as she held up their adjoined hands. “She is who I have selected for this assignment.”

“Very well,” Ms. Caldwell said, writing down their names before walking over to another group.

“What the hell!” Spencer growled, trying to rip her hand from the Alien’s strong grip to no avail. “Would you let go of my damn hand please?”

“Oh, I am sorry.” Ashley said, releasing Spencer’s hand. She hadn’t realized she was still holding it. If the Alien was being honest, it felt sort of nice holding her hand.

“You didn’t even let me have a say in the whole partner thing,” Spencer growled angrily as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Ashley shrugged sheepishly. “Well, I had just assumed that you would want to be partners…”

“You assumed wrong,” Spencer snapped, sighing. “God, this project is gonna take hours to do which means we’ll have to spend hours together and…”

Spencer went on to say some more things, but Ashley wasn’t paying attention. Instead, the Alien found herself getting turned on. Angry Spencer was somewhat sexy to watch. The little frown that appeared on the blonde’s face, the tapping of her toe, the whole “don’t fuck with me” look was really working for the—oh no. That wet feeling was happening in her pants again.

“…so, in that case, I’m gonna talk to the teacher and see if she could switch me partners,” Spencer finished.

“What?” Ashley asked, shaking off her daze.

Spencer scoffed. “Wow. You’re not even listening to me, that’s great. There’s no way we’d even work as partners if you can’t listen to me.”

Ashley shook her head. “I…no! I was not listening because your looks were distracting my line of thinking.”

Spencer rolled her eyes before stomping over to the teacher. “Ms. Caldwell, I would like to change partners please.”

Ms. Caldwell tilted her head sympathetically. “I’m sorry, my sweet little Spencer dear, you can’t do that.”

Spencer’s jaw dropped. “What? Why not?”

“Because the picking of the partner is final,” Ms. Caldwell said with a patient smile. “There is no changing or rearranging of the partners.”


“There are no buts, my dear,” Ms. Caldwell said, shaking her head. “Don’t worry, Spencer. I’m sure Ashley will make a marvelous partner.”

Spencer turned to look over at Ashley just in time to see the Alien sniffing a microphone. Spencer winced. “Yes, a marvelous partner…”

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