My Alien Girlfriend

Chapter 6

Ashley stared baffled at Spencer. “What?” she asked.

“What’s the matter E.T.?” Spencer shot Ashley a cheeky smile. Dropping her hands from the Alien’s shoulders, she entered the bedroom and closed the door with soft click. “You’ve got cheese in your ears?” Spencer giggled.

“Uh. I-I do not think so.” Ashley shook her head, thoroughly confused. Tentatively, the Alien reached up and touched the inside of her ears. Nope. There was no cheese in there.

Did humans make a habit of sticking dairy products in their ears?

Spencer teasingly swatted Ashley’s arm with a light laugh. “I was joking, my little hot Martian.” She said with a grin.

Ashley stood frozen as she silently studied Spencer with unmasked bewilderment. What was going on? Spencer had never acted this way around her. Usually, the blonde would be yelling or hitting Ashley. For some strange reason, Spencer was kissing her and bringing the chickens in to dry or as humans say, “flirting.”

Ashley licked her lips nervously. “Um, Spencer?” Assuming this was even the real Spencer she was currently speaking with now. Perhaps “Um, Stranger?” would’ve been more appropriate.

“Yes.” Spencer said, wrapping her arms snuggly around Ashley’s neck as if she did said action on a regular basis. “What is it?”

Ashley felt her hearts reel as Spencer tugged her closer. Instinctively, the Alien’s hands fell on the blonde’s hips. Ashley swallowed hard. She had never felt so many conflicting emotions at once.

Ashley’s brain refused to function correctly as her mouth moved on its own accord, “Do you really want me to be your um…uh--your…you know um--”

“Girlfriend,” Spencer said, through her clenched teeth smile.

“Yes that. Your girlfriend, yes,” Ashley said with a baffled nod. “Are you sure that you want me to be…your girlfriend. Did you really mean to ask me that?”

“Of course I did, Silly.” Spencer smirked, running her hands along Ashley’s arms before turning the Alien around. “I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t mean it,” she said quietly as she backed Ashley into the door.

Ashley gulped as Spencer pressed her body into her own. Every part their bodies made contact felt like fire. Ashley squeaked out a nervous giggle when Spencer leaned in closer still. “Is um, ah, is it suddenly hot in here?”

“You know,” Spencer began brushing her lips against Ashley’s as she spoke with husky layered tone. “You never did answer my question.”

Ashley stared back, hypnotized. “What question?”

Spencer breathed out a laugh. “Will you be my alien girlfriend?”

Snapping out of her daze, Ashley tilted her head back slightly. “But…I thought you were freaked out about me being a Martian.” The Alien began to frown with confusion.

Spencer shrugged, grinning at the Alien. “I had a change of heart,” she purred said, pressing her body closer. She was essentially leaning all of her weight on Ashley. “I thought it over and now, I find it pretty sexy.”

Ashley let out a flustered laugh. “Sexy? Really?”

Spencer nodded slowly. She ran the tip of her finger along Ashley’s collarbone. “So, what’s it gonna be? Yes or no?”

“Yes!” Ashley nodded her head frantically. “Of course! That is all I have ever wanted. That’s all I’ve dreamed about since the first time I saw you.”

Spencer pulled back slightly in genuine surprise. “Wait, really?” She studied the Alien’s face carefully. “You mean like, love at first sight?”

“Of course,” Ashley said with a light blush. She cupped Spencer’s cheek gently in her hand, staring deep into her eyes with bashful confidence. “I love you, Spencer.”

Spencer’s breath hitched in her throat. There was that “love” word again…

Ashley smiled. “I promise to be a good girlfriend to you, Spencer!” She wrapped Spencer in her arms tightly, squeezing her with a gleeful squeal of delight.

Spencer gasped, flailing out her arms. “Oh my God!” She lightly swatted at Ashley’s back. “C-Can’t…breathe! Let go!”

“Oops! Sorry!” Ashley quickly relinquished her hold, holding Spencer out at arm’s length. “I tend to forget that a human’s strength is less than that of a Martian’s. Are you okay?”

Spencer suppressed a groan of annoyance. “Yeah, just fine,” she said, rubbing at her sore arms.

Ashley leaned over and kissed Spencer’s aching appendages. “There!” the Alien smiled at the blonde endearingly. “I heard that your kind does that to loved ones when they’re hurting. You should be all better.”

Spencer stared at the Alien with wide eyes. “Uh…yeah thanks,” she said with an unsure nod. “Feeling a lot better.”

Ashley beamed proudly. She let out a delighted breath, clasping her hands together. “I’m going to tell Arthur, Paula, and Glen the good news!” She bounced on her feet before darting out of the room.

Before Spencer could sigh with relief, Ashley was back in the room standing in front of her with a timid smile on her face.

Spencer looked at her in question. “Something wrong?”

“No,” Ashley said, shaking her head. “I just forgot one thing.”


“This.” Ashley leaned in, pecking Spencer on the lips softly. “There, now I can go,” she said with a smile before leaving the room once again.

Spencer waited a moment before allowing a smile to fall on her face. “This is going to be easier than I thought.” She said with triumph nod.

Ashley practically skipped into the living room. Glen looked up and chuckled at the Alien. “Oh my God, Ashley,” he said, clutching his chest in mock surprise. “You’re still alive.”

Ashley paused, staring at Glen confused. “Why would I not be alive?”

Arthur sent his son a look before turning to Ashley, “Well, we heard yelling upstairs for a while and then it went really quiet. We were just a bit worried. What’s going on?”

Ashley smiled, raising her chin with pride. “Spencer asked me to be her girlfriend and I accepted!”

Everyone’s jaw dropped so low, Ashley was sure they were gonna fall off at any moment. Then again, this is Earth. Jaws only fell off on select planets. It was a nasty thing to clean up when said thing would occur. That’s why the Aliens of Zygot didn’t hold a lot of surprise birthday party.

Paula was unable to contain her shock. “You’re…you’re kidding me, right?”

Arthur gave his wife a reproachful look. “Paula weren’t you the one that said it was possible that maybe they were ‘bonding’? I thought you were being positive.”

“Bullshit.” Paula let loose a belly laugh, shaking her head. “I was just saying that because I’m a mom. I didn’t think they’d get to know each other this well. Holy hell.”

Arthur’s eyebrows rose in surprise.

Glen turned to Ashley with inquisitive eyes. “Spencer like, hates you. How did all of this happen?”

Ashley shrugged. In all seriousness, the Alien had no idea what brought on Spencer’s sudden change. One minute, Spencer hated her guts and the next she’s all over her. Maybe that was how human love worked.

Glen gave Ashley an appreciative nod and wink. “Dude, you must have some serious mojo going for you.” He chuckled, turning his attention back to the television.

Ashley frowned. What on Earth as a ‘mojo’? Was it contagious?

“That she does.” Spencer said, entering the room with a smirk.

Ashley smiled, taking Spencer’s hand into her own and kissing the back of it affectionately. She couldn’t believe it, Spencer was finally her girlfriend. This was the happiest day of her Zygonian life.

“I’ve gotta admit,” Arthur started with a warm grin, crossing his arms. “You two do make a cute couple.”

Paula scoffed loudly, gaining the room’s attention. “This has gotta be a joke.” She looked around the room. “Where’s the hidden cameras? Am I being Spunked?”

Spencer rolled her eyes. “Its punk’d, mom. Punk’d,” said with narrowed eyes as she wrapped an arm around Ashley’s shoulders. “And no, this isn’t a joke.”

Paula shrugged, waving off Spencer’s remark. “My point is how can you just all of a sudden…get with somebody you literally hated an hour ago?”

Spencer grinned. “There’s just something about Ashley I can’t resist,” she said, kissing the Alien’s cheek affectionately. “She’s adorable.”

Paula scrutinized her daughter carefully. Something was very off with this whole picture. The change in demeanor, the public displays of affection. None of this seemed like Spencer. She could feel in her bones, something wasn’t right.

Hands linked, Spencer dragged Ashley over to where Madison sat eating her lunch. The cheerleader, smiled at the sight.

“Aw, look at the school’s cutest couple.” Madison said, making room at the table for the two.

Ashley smiled sweetly, but then she frowned. “Wait, how did you know we were a couple already? We did not tell you yet.”

“Um.” Madison faltered, looking over to her best friend.

Spencer quickly stepped in, slapping on a winning smile. “Oh, I called her last night. I couldn’t wait until school to tell her the good news.”

“Oh.” Ashley nodded with a grin. “Okay, well do you want me to get you something to eat?” she asked, squeezing Spencer’s hand affectionately.

“Yes please,” Spencer said with a smile. “I’ll take whatever’s on today’s menu. Unless it’s meatloaf…just no,” she added with shiver of disgust as she reached for her wallet.

“No need for that, Spencer.” Ashley said, lightly pushing her girlfriend’s money away. “I take care of you now. That means I pay. I will be right back.”

She gave Spencer a kiss on the cheek before rising from her seat and dashing off to the lunchroom. Spencer watched her go with a tentative smile as she put her wallet back into her backpack.

When she turned back to Madison, Spencer was met with a glare. She shifted in her seat uncomfortably. “What?” Spencer said defensively.

“You are such a bitch.” Madison said, crossing her arms.

Spencer scoffed disdainfully. “Excuse me?”

“Ashley is like the perfectist--”

“That’s not a word.”

“I don’t care!” Madison released a groan, leaning forward in her seat with narrowed eyes. “You’re using Ashley and it’s so not cool, Spence.”

Spencer shook her head. “I know what I’m doing.”

“Sure, bitch, and I’m the pope.”

“Shut up. She’s coming back,” Spencer said, turning back on her pleasant demeanor as she smiled at the Alien.

Ashley plopped down next to the blonde with a tray full of—Spencer gasped. That wasn’t the regular school’s lunch. The contents on the tray looked like five-star restaurant quality food.

Madison stared at Ashley wide eyed. “Since when do they serve steak at our school?” She asked, pointing at the tray with amazement.

“They do not,” Ashley said, shaking head. “Which was a little inconvenient, but I made do.”

“Ashley, where did you get this food from?” Spencer asked after she had finally found her voice. She watched as Ashley set down a bundle of silverware in front of her.

Ashley shrugged, handing Spencer a napkin. “I ran over to The Palm and picked it up for you. That’s your favorite restaurant, correct?”

“Uh yeah, but,” Spencer released a shocked breath. “The Palm is like… eight miles away from here.”

“I know,” Ashley said with a small grin. “I only want the best for you. The school doesn’t serve food worthy enough for you…or any human really so, I got this for you.” She pushed the tray towards Spencer. “Enjoy it.”

Spencer swallowed the lump in her throat. “Ashley, you really didn’t need to do this,” she said, shaking her head.

“I wanted to.” Ashley said.

Spencer pursed her lips. “It wasn’t necessary.”

“Yes, it was.”

“Ashley. I can’t take this, okay?” Spencer said as she slid the tray at Ashley.

The Alien pushed it back. “Yes, you can.”

“No, I can’t.”


“Yes, you can.’


“No, I--”

Madison snatched the tray off the table. “I’ll take it. Shit.” She shrugged and walked away, clutching her spoils with delight.

“What the hell was that?” Spencer scoffed, watching Madison go with a slight pout on her face. “I was gonna eat that.”

Ashley tilted her head in question. “But you kept pushing it away from yourself, insisting that you did not want it.”

“Well yeah,” Spencer said with scorn. “I was gonna push it away once more before accepting the gift. It’s called manners.”

“I don’t think that’s how manners work…”

Hands stuffed coolly into her pockets, Carmen sauntered up to their table with her trademark smirk. “What’s up, Ladies?” She asked, winking in Spencer’s direction.

Spencer giggled nervously, twirling a strand of her blond hair. “H-Hey, Carmen.”

Ashley did nothing to hide her dislike towards the short brunette. Growling low in her throat, Ashley wrapped her arm possessively around Spencer’s waist.

She narrowed her eyes in greeting. “Hello, Carmen. I don’t know why you’re asking us ‘what’s up’ when you can clearly look up and see for yourself. That is quite lazy of you,” she said with a disapproving headshake.

Carmen blinked. “Right…” She cleared her throat awkwardly and took in how cozy Spencer and Ashley looked. “Um, is there something you guys aren’t telling me? You look…pretty close.”

“Oh, do we?” Ashley smirked, tugging Spencer closer. “You mean you do not know?”

Carmen frowned. “Know what?”

Ashley smiled boastfully. “Spencer and I are together now.”

“Really?” Carmen’s brows hit her hairline.

“It’s true,” Spencer said, smiling at Ashley. “We’re an item now.” She pressed their foreheads together for good measure.

Carmen’s eyes widened comically. Her usual nonchalant demeanor was nowhere to be found. “Wow, that’s…wow. I would’ve never thought that the two of you would--”

“Wait, what was that Carmen?” Spencer asked, turning to Carmen. She bunched her face up in confusion. “I didn’t hear you. I was too busy getting lost in Ashley’s beautiful brown eyes. Could you repeat that?”

“Uh…” Carmen shifted her wait, feeling uneasy. She cast her eyes towards Ashley who was staring back up at her with an arrogant expression.

Carmen set her jaw, turning back to Spencer. “I’ve gotta go um, do some homework…or something.” She said with a small wave before walking away.

Spencer pumped her fist with a smile. “Yes! I can’t believe it actually worked,” she said, mentally patting herself on the back.

Ashley gave Spencer a look. “What worked?”

“Oh nothing!” Spencer said, shaking her head with a small laugh. She wrapped her arms around Ashley’s neck. “I was just thinking about…a um funny movie I watched the other night.”

“About working?”

“Yes. Yes, that’s exactly what the movie was about.” Spencer nodded her head with an affirmative hum.

Ashley frowned. “Sounds like an odd plot for a movie.” The Alien tilted her head in contemplation. “Then again, half of your kind’s movies have odd plots and do very well at the box office regardless. Our movies are usually about the inner workings of a zygotow and zygoo. Now, that’s entertainment.”

Spencer smiled tightly. “Let’s stop talking now.”

Ms. Caldwell stood in front of the classroom with a giant smile, “Okay, class. It’s time for our acting exercises!” She paused waiting for an applause that never came.

Shaking her body in an effort to loosen up, Ms. Caldwell held her arms up with dramatic flair. “Now follow me. I want you to put your hands up and over to the side in a claw motion, like this. You see?”

The class stood motionless. She continued. “Then I want you to walk two steps to the left. Swish your arms right and left. Very good, now walk two steps to the right with your hands still up--”

Billy raised his hand. “Ms. Caldwell?”

Ms. Caldwell, stopped mid-swish. She narrowed her eyes. “Yes, Bobby?”

“It’s Billy.”

Ms. Caldwell rolled her eyes. “Bobby, Billy, Buddy, who gives a damn? You asked a question, be grateful I’m answering it in the first place.”

Billy frowned. “Um…okay, well, if I’m not mistaken, this ‘exercise’ looks like the dance moves performed in Michael Jackson’s music video ‘Thriller’.”

Ms. Caldwell’s eye began to twitch with irritation. She sighed, placing her hands on her hips. “Well, Donald--”


“That’s what I said.” She shrugged. “I’ll have you know that these are not the same moves. They are very different, very distinct.”

Billy gave her deadpan look. “How is it any different?”

Ms. Caldwell blinked wildly. “In many ways, in fact, there are so many ways…that I don’t have enough time to tell them all to you at this very moment.”

“You have an hour to--”

“Silence!” Ms. Caldwell smacked her hands together. “Now class, let’s get with our partners and rehearse. I will be standing on my head in the corner of the room singing ‘Old McDonald’ if you need me.”

She headed for her corner, but paused when she noticed all of the looks she was receiving from her students. Ms. Caldwell huffed defensively. “What?” she held her chin up. “Don’t act like you all haven’t done it!”

The class remained silent.

Ms. Caldwell shooed at them with her hands. “Just break out into your groups already damn it.” She rolled her eyes and made her way to the corner of the room.

The class finally disbursed into their groups. The last thing they wanted to do was further upset their mental teacher. Ashley quickly zipped over to Spencer and took hold of her hand.

“Ashley, I forgot to tell you,” Spencer began with a sheepish look. “With everything that’s been going on, I haven’t even started on the skit yet. What are we gonna rehearse?”

“No need to worry,” Ashley said, pulling at two papers. “I’ve already written it. I also took the liberty of doing your homework as well. That way we can spend the whole day together work free.” She smiled, bouncing lightly in place.

Spencer took hold of the paper, staring at the Alien in shock. “Ashley…you really did all that? F-For me?”

“Like I said, I take care of you now,” Ashley said with an endearing smile.

“Spencer and Ashley!” Ms. Caldwell said from her special corner. “I may be upside down with blood rushing to my brain so fast that it’s slightly painful but, I am not blind. I can clearly see you two are not rehearsing. You’re chitter chattering. Why are you chitter chattering?”

Spencer frowned, dropping her hands. “Chitter what now?”

“Chitter chattering!” Ms. Caldwell pointed a finger in their general direction nearly losing her balance. “Why are you chitter chattering when you should be acting?”

Ashley tilted her head awkwardly, trying to make eye contact. “Sorry Ms. Caldwell. We’ll begin rehearsing right away.”

“Good.” Ms. Caldwell said. She closed her eyes and cleared her throat. “Old McDonald had a farm…”

Spencer shook her head. “Freaking psycho,” she said under breath.

Ashley held up her piece of paper. “Let’s get started,” she said, moving into position. “Your lines should be highlighted. Are you ready to begin?”

“Yeah. I guess so,” Spencer nodded. She fell into character and began to read her lines. “My parents are not home right now, why don’t you come on in, Romana?”

Spencer frowned, slipping out of character. “Yeah, I can tell you wrote this from the way they’re speaking…”

Ashley looked up curiously. “What was that, Spencer?”

“Nothing,” Spencer said with a tight grin. “Let’s keep going.” She breathed a sigh of relief when Ashley nodded and continued nonplussed.

“Sure Jane.” Ashley pretended to walk inside of a pretend house. “You called me over here in urgency. What is it? Is there something wrong?” Her face morphed to worry.

“No. There is just something that I need to do,” Spencer said as she gazed deeply into Ashley’s brown eyes as per the script.

Ashley batted her eyelashes. “What is it?”

“This.” Spencer moved in slowly, leaning over to kiss Ashley--

“Stop!” Ms. Caldwell yelled, flipping back on to her feet. She struggled to stay upright, flailing out her arms. “Everyone, I feel…sort of light headed like… ’m going to…” suddenly, her eyes rolled upwards and she fell heavily onto her back.

Everyone gasped and quickly huddled around the fallen teacher. A few wayward students cheered in the background, wondering if class was over. Ashley and Spencer rushed over to the scene.

The Alien knelt down, poking the teacher. “Ms. Caldwell? Can you hear me?”

Spencer chanted in succession, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…”

“I think we should call for help.” Ashley said worriedly.

Everything went quiet then--


Screams and gasps filled the room as everyone jumped back from the, now wide-awake and laughing, Ms. Caldwell. Ashley’s face bunched up with confusion. Was this another strange human custom?

Billy stomped his foot. “Why did you scare us like that?”

Ms. Caldwell rose from the ground. “Well it’s simple John--”

“It’s Billy!” The class corrected all at once.

“Oh wow,” the drama teacher said with a scoff. “Gang up on the teacher that’s real nice, people.” She dusted off her flower power dress. “Don’t be surprised when reports come out and you see something you don’t like.”

Ashley stepped forward, placing her hands on her hips. “What was the point of doing this, Ms. Caldwell?”

Ms. Caldwell lifted her hand dramatically. “What I was doing was real acting, my little thespian.” She bowed.

Spencer shook her head with a frown. “Um what?”

“Real acting, believable acting,” Ms. Caldwell began with a wild smile. “I got a rise out of all of you because you believed in my performance. When you act, I shouldn’t be able to tell you’re acting!”

The class gave her a deadpan look. Just when they thought she was done, she continued…“I want to believe it’s real. It’s like fooling somebody. If I can fool all of my boyfriends into thinking I’ve orgasmed then you can too!”

Billy threw up almost immediately.

“Ugh. School is so tiring.” Spencer released a sigh, plopping down to the living room couch.

Ashley nodded taking a seat next to her girlfriend. “It does tend to take a lot out of you, despite being rather easy.”

Spencer lolled her head towards Ashley. “Easy for you.”

“Well, I’m always here if you need help.” Ashley said, placing a comforting hand on Spencer’s thigh. “I want only the best for you.”

Spencer looked away, changing the subject. “I’m bored. We should do something…”

The Alien thought for a moment before grinning. “Do you want to watch a movie? Not one of those working movies you mentioned earlier though.”

Spencer shrugged with a small smile. “Sure.”

Within three minutes, Ashley had popcorn and snacks laid out on the coffee table, a movie propped into the DVD player, and she had changed both of them out of their school clothes and into some comfortable pajamas.

Spencer gasped as she looked down at her new attire. “What the fuck?” she said turning to Ashley with a mixture of shock and intrigue.

“I did not look at you naked, I swear.” Ashley said with assurance. “I had my eyes closed when I changed you. I didn’t see a thing.”

Spencer looked around. “What did you do with my clothes?”

Ashley pointed behind her shoulder. “I put them in the washer machine along with another load of dirty clothes from upstairs.” She scrunched up her face with disgust. “Glen had a lot of sticky socks under his bed.”

Spencer’s jaw dropped. “You did all of that, that fast?”

“Yes.” The Alien said with a nod. “Are you ready to watch the movie?”

Spencer blinked. “Um yeah…what’d you choose to watch?”

Ashley smiled, grabbing the remote. “Finding Nemo.”

“I love Finding Nemo!” Spencer said nearly spilling all of the popcorn. Then, suddenly embarrassed, she blushed she added quietly, “I mean that kid show is alright. It’s not that great or whatever…”

Ashley released a breathy laugh. “Well, I am glad you like the movie, I was not sure which one you wanted to watch.”

Spencer fought back a smile as Ashley hit play.

Twenty minutes into the movie, the Alien decided it was time to make a move. Subtly, she scooted closer to Spencer and slowly put her arm around the blonde’s shoulders.

Spencer, totally engrossed with the movie, instinctively shifted closer to the Alien and rested her head on Ashley’s shoulder. She missed the ten-watt smile that married the Alien’s features.

When the movie was over, Ashley was in tears.

Spencer lifted her head when she heard a sniffle coming from the Alien. Her face turned into a sympathetic pout. “Aw, Ashley. You okay?”

“I am sorry.” Ashley said around another sniffle. “I do not mean to make my eyes leak. They seem to be doing it all by themselves.”

Spencer chuckled lightly. “It’s called crying, Ashley. Humans tend to do that every now and then, some more than others…it’s completely normal.”

“Oh.” Ashley nodded thoughtfully. She waved a hand towards the television as the movie rolled the ending credits. “I am just so happy that the little fish got to see his daddy again. I did not think he was going to make it, but he did.”

Spencer couldn’t help the little smile that creped on her face. Ashley was just so adorable sometimes. Even she had to admit to that. It was endearing in an odd way.

“Here,” Spencer said, using her thumb to brush away a stray tear on the Alien’s cheek. “You’ll be okay.”

Ashley leaned into the touch and smiled. She took hold of her girlfriend’s hand and kissed the back of it tenderly. “Thank you.” She said quietly.

Spencer froze, there’s that tingling feeling again. What was that? It almost felt as if there were electric shock waves shooting through her hand where Ashley’s lips had touched. It felt…good?

Ashley slowly leaned her head in. Spencer, as if in trance, slowly began to lean in as well. She brushed her lips against Ashley’s and her eyes slammed shut. Her heart leapt up into her throat as an intense heat began to build within her. She gasped when she felt Ashley eagerly reciprocate her actions. Spencer ran her tongue along Ashley’s bottom lip before deepening the kiss with a moan.

“Oh come on!” sounded from behind them.

Spencer and Ashley immediately broke away flustered. Twisting around, they saw Paula standing in the doorway with a disbelieving look on her face.

Ashley smiled in greeting. “Hello, Paula.”

“Yeah hi,” Paula said shortly before turning to Spencer. “You and I need to have a talk later on.” She said, sending one last stern look at her daughter before leaving the room.

“Hm.” Ashley said, thoughtfully. “That was weird, huh?”

Spencer stood up from the couch, fidgeting with her hands. “Um, I ah um.”

Ashley watched her girlfriend with concern. “What is it, Spencer?”

“I need to go over to Madison’s place.” Spencer said, grabbing her shoes and slipping them on frantically.

Ashley stood up, “I will go with you.”

“No!” Spencer held up a hand, wincing at her own tone. She lowered her voice, “You stay here. I’m fine. I’ll be back soon okay?”

Ashley nodded dejectedly, taking a seat.

Spencer ran out of the house and headed straight to her car.

“Madison…I just…”

“What is it? What’s going on?” Madison asked as she watched her best friend pace her bedroom floor.

Spencer shook her head. “I can’t believe this…”

“You can’t believe what?”

“I actually felt something…”

Madison let out a frustrated huff. “Felt what, when?”

“And the tingles. There were freaking tingles, Mads.” Spencer said, running a hand through her hair as she continued to pace.

Madison stood in front of her friend, placing both of her hands on Spencer’s shoulders, as she looked her square in the eyes. “Spencer, what happened?”

Spencer took a deep breath and whispered, “I kissed an alien, and I liked it.”

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