My Alien Girlfriend

Chapter 9

The young Martian couldn’t believe what she was watching on the video tape. It was unbelievable. Ashley was so stunned she didn’t know what to do.

It was two in the morning and Spencer, for some strange reason, could not go to sleep. There was something nagging at her but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was.

She shrugged and slowly headed out of her room. Some heated up orange juice always put her back to bed. Don’t ask why it just does.

On her way past Ashley’s bedroom she saw a neon glow coming from under the door. Spencer was just gonna shrug it off thinking the Alien was just having another conversation with her alien daddy, but her curiosity got the best of her.

Slowly she opened Ashley’s door. Spencer saw the Alien sitting on the edge of the bed staring at the television in disbelief.

“Ashley,” she whispered moving closer. “What are you watching?”

“It’s you,” Ashley replied quietly not tearing her eyes from the television.

The Alien’s tone frightened Spencer slightly. She took another step closer. “It’s me what?” Taking in a deep breath Spencer turned to look at the screen. Her eyes widened.

“Oh my God Ashley turn that off,” Spencer screeched.

“Why?” Ashley questioned.

“Because it’s embarrassing,” Spencer huffed. The video was of a three-year-old miniature Spencer taking a bath, splashing in the water, yelling incoherent words.

“Spencer, I have been trying to figure out what language you are speaking but I can not figure it out,” Ashley informed scratching her head in confusion.

On the video tape…

“Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba!” The little blonde yelled hitting the water with every word. She crossed her little arms and looked up at her mommy.

“What’s the matter my yittle girl,” Paula cooed from behind the camera.

“Mama!” Spencer huffed. Her mommy can clearly see what’s wrong with her why would she ask? “Gimme my Ba Ba!”

“Okay, here you go, but it’s gonna get wet Spencer,” Paula warned as she handed her spoiled daughter her stuffed toy.

Spencer hurriedly hit stop on the DVD player. “You really don’t need to see that next part Ashley okay. Why don’t you go to bed?”

“But I want to watch,” Ashley said moving to hit play again. Spencer blocked her way though much to her frustration. “Spencer, do not make me use it.”

“Use what?” Spencer asked blocking the player.

“This,” the Alien said before pinching her girlfriend’s neck. Spencer was out cold. Now Ashley could watch the rest of the video without any interruptions.

“Okay, here you go, but it’s gonna get wet Spencer,” Paula warned as she handed her spoiled daughter her stuffed toy.

“Yay,” the little blonde cheered jerking the object from her mommy’s hands. In case you didn’t figure it out ba ba means stuffed animal.

This one was different though, this stuffed toy was of a baby Martian. Spencer cuddled up with toy and mumbled, “Luv my Ashy.”

Ashley’s eyes went wide with surprise. Did baby Spencer just say what she thought she just said. The Alien hit rewind and then play.

“Luv my Ashy.”

Ashley couldn’t believe it. Either her ears were playing tricks on her or she just watched her girlfriend say that. She had to get more info on this and quick. With another pinch, Spencer began to awake.

Spencer opened her eyes to Ashley smiling down at her. Spencer groaned at the Alien, “You watched it didn’t you?” she grumbled sitting up.

“Yes I did,” the Alien nodded with a smirk.

Spencer covered her face in embarrassment. “Oh my God,” she whispered. “How did you even get a hold of this,” Spencer questioned looking up at Ashley.

“I um, found it,” Ashley lied quickly.

Spencer shook her head, “This is so awkward.”

“So, you had a stuffed Martian toy named Ashley,” the brunette giggled.

“It was my favorite toy okay,” Spencer replied with a blush. “My parents had given it to me that past birthday and for some reason I named it Ashley. It’s just a coincidence that your name is Ashley and you happen to be a Martian too.”

“I do not think so Spencer,” Ashley replied with a smile. “I think that it was fate that brought me to you.”

“More like a spaceship,” Spencer mumbled.

“Well yes, that is correct.” The Alien nodded. “But it was destined that we be together. You loved me even when you were little and you didn’t even know me!”

Spencer shook her head. “It was just a stuffed animal Ashley. A toy does nothing in determining some one’s fate. Now, I have a busy day tomorrow, or in a few hours, so, I’m going back to bed.”

Ashley took hold of Spencer’s hand. “Sleep with me.”

Spencer’s eyes widened. The Alien shook her head and back peddled. “No, I mean, go to sleep with me here in my bed with me.”

“Oh,” Spencer muttered. “You mean … cuddle with you?”

“Yes,” Ashley smiled. “I want to do as you humans say, spoon!”

“Right,” Spencer stretched out. “Okay … I um guess we can do that.” She stuttered as she slowly made her way under the covers of the bed.

The Alien hopped into bed and quickly snuggled up behind Spencer. Letting out a content sigh she tossed her arm around Spencer’s middle.

Spencer’s eyes shut in bliss. This was actually pretty nice. Ashley’s embrace felt comforting, cozy, protective and …. what was the Alien doing?

Ashley kept wiggling around behind her. Every time she moved she would unknowingly rub her groin provocatively against Spencer’s butt.

“Ashley,” Spencer moaned.


Spencer involuntarily pressed her body closer to the Alien’s moving form. “What … ah …. are you doing?”

“Trying to get comfortable,” the Alien grunted moving a little faster.

“Ugh, you need to stop,” Spencer hissed as she tried to suppress another moan.

Ashley immediately stopped. She looked at her girlfriend in confusion. “Spencer are you okay, you look all sweaty and reddish.”

“I’m fine,” Spencer piped out short of breath. “Let’s get some sleep huh? No more wiggling around.” She ordered shutting her eyes.

“Spencer,” the brunette whispered.


“Whatever happened to that stuffed Martian toy?”

Spencer let out a sad sigh. “I um, we had gone on vacation and I had left it at a hotel room. We were half way out of the state when I noticed I didn’t have it so we turned back. When we got there it was gone.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Ashley murmured.

“Yeah,” Spencer sighed once more. “Um, let’s get some sleep, it’s kind of hard to talk about it you know?”

“Okay,” the Alien nodded. She kissed Spencer’s shoulder. “Goodnight Spencer, I love you.” She whispered before closing her eyes.

Spencer’s eyes shot right back open. There it is again… that guilt feeling. The next morning the feeling had yet to go away. It was almost becoming unbearable and on top of that today was Spencer’s date with Carmen.

“I still do not get where you are going,” Ashley asked confused as she watched her girlfriend put on some finishing touches to her cute little outfit.

“I told you,” Spencer muttered slipping on her shoes. “I’m going out with Madison.”

“How come I can not go with you?”

“Because it’s a best friend day out,” Spencer continued. “We’re not aloud to bring our girlfriends with us. It’s a rule we have.”

“Oh,” Ashley nodded. “So when will you be back?”

“Two hours maybe three,” Spencer replied. A honk sounded from outside. “That’s my dat- I mean that’s my ride. I’ll see you later.”

Ashley skipped over to Spencer and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Have fun on your best friends’ day out. I’ll miss you.”

Spencer gave her a weak smile and rushed outside. As soon as Spencer was in the passenger seat, Carmen peeled away from the house.

“So, what’s up babe,” Carmen asked glancing at Spencer.

“Nothing,” Spencer grinned. “I’m just excited.”

“You should be,” the brunette replied. “You are after all on a date with Carmen.”

Wow that wasn’t cocky and arrogant at all. Spencer brushed it off. “So, um, where are we going?” She asked.

“We’re gonna get some grub,” the brunette replied turning into a Burger King.

“At Burger King,” Spencer asked confused.

“That’s right,” Carmen said stepping out of the car and walking towards the fast food restaurant not even bothering to get the door for Spencer.

“I guess I’ll get it myself then,” Spencer muttered as she exited the car and ran to catch up with Carmen.

The short brunette was already at the counter. “Yeah, I’ll take a whopper and a medium coke.” She ordered before looking over to Spencer.

“Oh, I’ll take the same,” Spencer replied.

“Okay,” the cashier said. “That will be twelve twenty five.”

“Pay for that, why don’t you babe,” Carmen said over her shoulder as she walked over to a vacant table.

Spencer’s jaw dropped. With a few muttered curses she pulled out the money and handed it to the cashier. “Guess she wants me to pick up the food as well,” she growled picking up the trey.

“Finally,” Carmen sighed out. “I’m so fucking hungry!”

And with that the short brunette began to devour her food like a dog.

“This is so good,” she mumbled showing the whole world what chewed up burger looks like. Spencer frowned in disgust and set her burger down. Her appetite was officially gone.

Carmen let out a loud belch and then addressed Spencer. “So, babe, aren’t you happy that Carmen finally asked you out? This must be a dream come true for you.”

“More like a nightmare,” Spencer whispered to her self.

“What was that?” Carmen asked.

“Nothing! Nothing.” Spencer said with a forced smile. “I said—Carmen, what the hell are you doing?!”

The brunette had pickles placed over her eyes and was making weird gagging noises. Spencer looked around embarrassed and kicked Carmen under the table to get attention.

Spencer frowned. “What the hell are you doing?” she saked once more.

“I’m pickle woman blah blah!” Carmen groaned out in her best monster voice. “My eyes are made of pickles.”

“Stop that! Stop.” Spencer cursed as she yanked the pickles off Carmen’s eyes. “Carmen, what the hell?”

Carmen sighed, folding her hands. “You’re no fun,” she pouted. “Anyways, are you ready for the second part of your date with Carmen?”

Ew, why did she keep referring to her self in the third person it was annoying!

“I don’t know,” Spencer sighed. “Where are you taking me next?”

“Somewhere special,” the short brunette replied with a smile.

Fifteen minutes later.

“An arcade,” Spencer asked in disbelief. “You took me to an arcade?”

“That’s right, babe,” Carmen replied with a proud smile. “Race you inside,” she yelled before running off into the arcade.

“She took me to an arcade,” Spencer muttered walking into the childish establishment.

“Hell yes,” the brunette yelled. “They’ve got Pac man!”

Spencer let out a humorless chuckle. “This is all a joke right? Our date really isn’t gonna be spent here…right?”

Carmen didn’t even hear Spencer she was too busy with the game.

“Carmen,” Spencer huffed crossing her arms. “Carmen did you hear me?”

“Right, something about a joke,” the brunette mumbled still into the game.

“This is going to be a long night,” Spencer groaned.

The next day, Spencer vented to Madison in her bedroom.

“It was a complete disaster,” Spencer said with a groan.

“So, what happened?” Madison asked eager for details.

“Well first she took me Burger King. I had to pay and I didn’t even eat my burger because her chewing like a damn cow squashed my appetite. Then she took me to the arcade! For the last hour of our date I was completely ignored!”

“Wow, that sucks,” Madison laughed out.

“It gets worse,” Spencer continued. “At the end of the date when she dropped me off she tried to kiss me. Really? Did she actually think I was having a good time? Plus she had no manners, she ate with her mouth open, she never opened doors for me, she ignored whatever I said, she made me pay! What did I ever see in her?”

“I don’t know, girl,” Madison said with shrug.

“I mean why didn’t you ever tell me I was making a mistake with her?”

“I did!”

Spencer frowned. “You did?”

“Yes I did, several times!” Madison said giving Spencer a disbelieving look. “You were just always so caught up with Carmen’s look and … whatever to ever see how much of a pig Carmen really is.”

Spencer took a seat on her bed and sighed. “Oh my God,” she mumbled. “I’ve been so blind this whole time. Sadly, it took a horrendous date with Carmen to realize this. I mean I’ve never seemed to see how much Ashley really means to me. She’s ten times better than Carmen will ever be. I couldn’t do the right--Ow!” Spencer held her cheek in pain. “Why’d you slap me?”

“Some one needed to,” Madison shrugged. “Plus you were starting to rhyme. I thought you were about to break out in song or something.”

“Thanks Mads,” Spencer deadpanned.

Madison smiled. “I’m your best friend. I’m here to support you, like a bra.”

Spencer frowned confused.

“Are you sure it’s exactly the same, Mrs. Carlin?” Ashley asked for the thousandth time as the stood in the kitchen.

At Ashley’s suggestion, Paula and the Alien had been out hunting for a replica of the Ashley Alien toy Spencer had when she was younger. It took them ten different stores and four hours but they found it.

“Yes, Ashley,” Paula laughed. “Now, why don’t you run upstairs and give it to her? She’ll love it, trust me.”

“Okay,” Ashley nodded and headed for the stairs.

“Oh wait Ashley,” Paula called out.

The Alien turned back to her.

“Um, did a strange dark figure come up to you and hand you a DVD?” The older blonde asked casually.

“Yes,” Ashley said slightly confused.

“Right,” Paula nodded and cleared her throat. “They wanted me to tell you they gave you the wrong dvd.”

“Okay,” the Alien stretched out. “How did you know that I had--”

“Is that the phone,” Paula asked as she hurried out of the room.

Ashley shrugged and ran upstairs.

“So, are you going to tell Ashley the truth,” Madison asked hopefully.

“Yes, I don’t want to use her anymore.” Spencer sighe. “I’m tired of lying to her. I want to be a real girlfriend for her. Not pretend. Kissing Carmen and going out on that date with her was a huge mistake!”

“I think I heard them drive up,” Madison said, looking out the bedroom window. “Why don’t you go tell her right now?”

“Right,” Spencer said determinedly. She opened the door and her eyes widened in shock. “Ashley?”

The Alien had tears falling down her face. Madison muttered a curse and smacked her forehead. This was not happening.

Spencer swallowed. “Um, Ashley, how much of that did you hear?”

“Everything,” Ashley mumbled. “Here,” the Alien sniffled shoving the toy into Spencer’s hands before walking away. “I need to go; I do not feel so good.” She whispered.

“Oh my God…” Spencer gasped. “This isn’t happening.”

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