Chapter 2

"You Bastard!" Harry's wand was raised. Pointing at the table of green. Pointing at their prince.

"Harry!" Hermione shrieked. Gryffindors' jumped to their feet.

The hall was quiet, student and teacher staring at the raven boy. Eyes locked on his face. Full of anger, his eyes burning with courage of the lion, his body radiating his strength and power.

Harry ignored the silence, ignored the eyes, ignored all those around him. His eyes focused on the face of a snake.

Harry watched him sit there, surprise had flashed upon his face. Though now was concealed with his mocking smirk.

He knew what Harry was feeling, knew exactly how to hurt and torture the young lion. And Harry hated him for it.

"You lied," Harry screamed.

Malfoy said nothing. Didn't move. His smirk still intacted.

His blood began to boil. He felt it running through him, racing. Gritting his teeth Harry tightened his grip on his wand. Anger taking over.

Suddenly the glass in the windows exploded from their frames. The china on the tables shattered. Students and teachers covered their heads with their hands, screams echoing in the hall.

Harry ignored it all. Eyes locked upon the snake that now protected himself in fear.

Harry could see how the snakes robes were being torn, how his skin was slashed. See blood form on the pale skin.

His anger faded as the glass settled. Breathing fast Harry looked round the hall.

He could feel the tears building. Feel his strength leave.

And he ran. His tears and blood running down his cheeks.

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