Chapter 3

Harry ran, fast. Pushing past a group of Hufflepuffs, Harry didn't know where he was going. Not that he really cared, he just needed to get away from the snake that had pierced his heart with its venom and left him as the poison spread over him.

His legs began to grow weak, they couldn't run anymore. Slowing down Harry could feel his hearts rapid pumping, spreading the venom faster through his veins.

Wiping his eyes Harry took in his surroundings, the corridor was empty; everyone was now down at the Great Hall. His stomach knotted thinking about his use of accidental magic. Turning his head to the way he came, Harry considered going back to help fix his mess.

"Harry?" the voice echoed behind him.

Spinning back round Harry frowned at the appearance of Cedric Diggory.

"You're bleeding, are you okay?" Cedric raised his hand to Harry's cheek. The smaller teen watched as Cedric's finger was covered in his blood before turning to look him in the eyes.

"I'm fine, just a cut. Easily done." Harry forced himself to smile, but he knew from the way Cedric looked at him that his red puffy eyes from crying gave away his true feelings.

"Well, if you're sure." Smiling back, Cedric couldn't hide his frown, "See you around Harry, and take care."

Harry watched the Hufflepuff until he'd turned the corner before heading off in the opposite direction.

Staring down at his History of Magic book Harry doodled on the parchment he'd laid over it. He could hear Hermione and Ron muttering to each other, no doubt about how to get him to open up. Sighing Harry grew bored of his doodles, moving the parchment Harry's eyes took in the text below it.

"Harry, lessons over. Time to go." Ron's voice interrupted Harry's concentration, looking up Harry was surprised to see the classroom empty.

Quickly packing away his books and notes Harry followed Hermione and Ron into the corridor. The sea of students seemed to open up as he passed, first, second and third years avoided eye contact, shuffle passed hurriedly.

"What now?" Harry looked curiously at Hermione,

"Well, after what happened in the Great Hall this morning Harry, it's not surprising how they're all a little scared of you. We all know you're a powerful wizard when in control of your magic, but when you're not like this morning, it's quite powerful you actually are."

Harry frowned as they headed down to the dungeons. The crowds grew smaller as they reached the potions classroom. Harry glanced over the group of students already there, fellow Gryffindors' and the odd Slytherin.

Clenching his jaw Harry began to grow uneasy. He knew he'd after see him again now, concentrating on his breathing, closing his emerald eyes, he couldn't lose control again.

Suddenly he felt someone grab his right arm forcing him to turn, emerald orbs snapped open meeting grey. Harry couldn't breathe, his whole body was numb.

Draco smirked, leaning closer to the raven teen, "Well that wasn't very nice was it Harry, covering everyone in glass."

Harry could only blink in response. "But it looks like you injured yourself also,"

Still holding the Gryffindor's arm, Draco raised his free hand, touching Harry's cheek.

"Leave Harry alone Malfoy, don't you think you've tormented him enough for today?" Hermione stepped in between the two boys, pushing the blond away from her friend.

Draco glared at Hermione as the potion classroom door opened up. Harry watched him reach for his discarded bag before sending a wink in his direction.

The trio and fellow Gryffindors' took their usual seats at the back of the classroom; Harry slumped forward onto his desk, covering his face with his arms.

He needed to compose himself, after a few seconds Harry resurfaced. He glanced around the classroom once, mentally noting where the snake was seated Harry opened his book as began taking note of what Snape was saying. His left arm still tingling from where he'd been touched.

The Great Hall contained all students and staff of Hogwarts. The tables filled with the glorious feast it produced every evening. There was no sign of the accident that had occurred early that day.

Harry felt the most relaxed he had all day, being surrounded by his house, his friends.

"So muggle teledision..."

"TeleVIsion Ron,"

"Yeah yeah, television is just like our photographs? But in a box, and you control who is in it?"

Harry and Hermione shared a smile at Ron's puzzled face.

"Muggle's don't have magic but they can do that? That's..." Ron stopped his speech, looking over Harry's shoulder.

Puzzled Harry and Hermione turned; Cedric Diggory was stood over them a friendly smile on his face.

"Hi Harry, Hermione, Ron." The trio smiled back, Ron blushed slightly.

"I just wanted to see if you were feeling better Harry, you seemed a little upset when I bumped into you earlier."

"ER...yeah," Harry blushed also, "A lot better thanks."

"Well...that's good, I better go back..."

"Why don't you sit and have a cupcake?" Hermione moved up the bench leaving a space between her and Harry.

His smile growing Cedric nodded seating, "Yeah sure, sounds good."

The Great Hall began to empty, their plates disappearing except a few containing cakes and other sugary treats.

"Ced, we're heading back to the dorm," A fair haired girl wearing the crest of Hufflepuff smiled at the table of red.

"Right, I'll come now too," Cedric stood, thanking the trio for the cupcake, "Speak to you guys later."

Hermione moved into the empty space left by the badger, "We heading up?"

"Let me just finish these," Ron shoved a cupcake into his open mouth, causing Hermione to raise an eyebrow in disgust.

Harry smiled at the scene, stood and stretched. "I'm going to head up now, need some sleep. Didn't get much last night."

Hermione nodded, "Night Harry."

A grunt was Ron's reply.

"Night guys," Harry headed for the entrance, aware of the sudden movement from the house of Slytherin.

The hallways were fairly empty, the odd student heading back to their dormitory. Harry didn't even have to think about his footsteps, his was so used to walking back to the common room his was second nature.

For the second time that day Harry was grabbed from behind, however this time he was pulled behind a tapestry and into a hidden corridor. A small amount of light leaked through the weave art.

But it wasn't needed, Harry had been in there with this person before, he knew who currently had him pushed against the wall. Although this time it was anger and not lust that the person held him with.

"Didn't take long for you to move on it Potter!" Draco's warm breath tickled Harry's lips.

"What?" Harry willed himself not to freeze again.

"You know what I mean, flirting with Diggory in front of me. It's pathetically obvious he wants you, but I never expected you to move on so quickly," His grip on Harry's arms tightened causing the smaller teen to wince.

"What do you care? You dumped me..." Harry was shocked when he was released, disappointment cried from his heart. From the little amount of light Harry wasn't sure if Draco's eyes were shining with anger or sadness?

"You told me you didn't love me, I was just a bit of fun for you. So why do you care what I do now?" Harry's hurt from the morning began to resurface. Draco just continued to stare at Harry, his face emotionless.

"Why did you play me like that? Why...why did you tell me you loved me and then...dump me like I'm nothing?" Tears now formed in Harry's emerald eyes, but he refused to let them fall. He'd cried enough over the blond teen in front of him.

Again Draco didn't reply. Time passed between the teens, silence passed over them, neither moved. A group of first years passed the tapestry breaking the trance between them.

"Just stay away from Diggory" Draco voice shook. All Harry could do was watch him push aside the tapestry and leave. Collapsing onto the floor Harry began to shake.

The corridor grew darker as the night continued, Harry just started at the stonewall opposite him, his body and mind numb. Unaware of his surroundings Harry didn't see the tapestry move and Ron and Hermione suddenly appear from underneath his invisibility cloak.

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