Chapter 4

Emerald eyes stared blankly at the crimson drapes that surrounded the figure, a thin barrier protecting him from the outside world. Harry absentmindedly chewed the top of the Wimbourne Wasps top he was wearing. Hermione and Ron had been reluctant to let him keep it let alone wear it. Harry could smell Draco; remember snuggling up in his arms all night, talking about everything and anything. Pulling his knees tighter into his chest Harry shivered as the memories played in his mind, almost as realistic as a memory shown within a pensieve.

"Draco..." Harry's voice was barely audible, "Draco." His hand reached out to the figures before his eyes.

"Harry?" The drapes slowly opened, the moonlight framing the small figure. Hermione climbed next to Harry as Ron stood holding open the drape. Both of their faces were worn from the night of worry. Hermione placed her hand gently on Harry's arm, her thumb rubbing small circles in comfort.

"Hermione?" Harry looked up at his friend, his eyes still red from the tears that had left them. "It hurts so much, it won't stop hurting."

Hermione's eyes glistened as she pulled Harry into a hug. The raven-haired teen gripped her, scared from the pain and of loosing another loved one. Looking over to Ron, Hermione was unable to reply. Ron quickly moved to the opposite side to Hermione, his arms wrapping around his best friend and girlfriend.

And they stayed that way until Harry had fallen asleep finally, just as the sun began to rise.

A familiar smell welcomed Harry as he came back to consciousness. Reaching out to the side of him Harry's hand met an empty bed. Forcing open his heavy eyes Harry was surprised at how much they stung, squinting he couldn't understand why he was seeing a blur of crimson. Hadn't he fallen asleep in the Slytherin dormitory, not the Gryffindor?

Sitting up Harry reached over for his glasses; his hand brushing passed a piece of parchment. Picking them both up and placing his glasses onto his face, Harry began to read. Suddenly the events from yesterday and last night flooded back to Harry's mind.

Tearing his eyes away from the parchment emerald orbs stalked the room, no one was there. The sun was beaming through the window, guessing it was well into the day Harry pulled off his quilt. Taking one last look at the parchment in his hand and at the perfect scrawl Harry began to shred it. Crumbling the remains up into a ball he threw it into the bin.

Standing Harry glanced down at the shirt he was wearing. Knowing who it belonged to Harry's skin tingled. Quickly he pulled it off, ignoring the ache in his arms from the bruises left by the blond; he allowed it to drop at his feet. Turning to his trunk he began to change into his uniform. Moments later he fastened up the golden clasp over his grey jumper. Daring a look in the mirror Harry was pleased the thick rimmed glasses covered the last of the red from his swollen eyes. Reaching down Harry picked up the discarded top from the floor and stuffed it into his bag. Taking his wand from the bedside table he headed over to the door, his heart racing. Pulling it open he paused. With a flick of his wand a smile appeared on his face as the bin burst into flames.

Harry descended the stone steps; the loud common room grew quiet with every step. The majority of his classmates were seated around. Hoping his smile hadn't faltered, Harry strolled over to the chairs were Hermione and Ron sat.

"Hey you're up." Ron grinned, moving to stand.

"How are you feeling? Better?" Hermione's face portrayed the emotion of happiness and worry that battled inside of her.

Nodding Harry motioned to the portrait, "Can you guys come somewhere with me?"

Confused, Hermione and Ron nodded following their friend out into the corridors of Hogwarts. Harry ignored the stares and whispers from students they passed in the hall; he gripped his bag tighter keeping his eyes staring before him. The trio walked in silence, Harry taking them further down Hogwarts into Slytherin territory.

Ron and Hermione stole worried glances at one another; the corridor was empty, only their footsteps on the stone floor echoed around them. Turning into a long corridor Harry stopped, looking up and down it.

"Harry?" Harry quickly halted Hermione's question as a young Slytherin approached, her dark hair pulled tightly into a braid, her defined features resembled the majority of the Slytherin snakes.

"Hey!" Harry raced over to her, "Is Draco Malfoy in your common room?"

The dark haired girl frowned at being approached by the golden trio, looking between them she rose herself to her full height before answering slowly, "Why?"

"Because I need to speak to him." Harry smiled innocently back.

"Harry! Are you sure..." A quick glare stopped Ron.

"I'll go get him," looking them all up and down she quickly turned and disappeared around the corner. Waiting for her footsteps to fade away Hermione stepped closer to her friend.

"Harry what are we doing here?" Hermione watched Harry, his breathing had grown heavy, "Why are you going to him?"

Suddenly the young Slytherin reappeared, a scowl firmly upon her fine features. "He said you can all come in." The Slytherin sneer dripped from her voice.

"Thank you," Harry grinned wider, successfully unnerving the girl. Motioning his friends to follow him Harry held himself taller as they stepped into the cold common room.

Hermione's eyes widened as she roamed the room she had the pleasure of not visiting in her second year. Ron and Harry however stared at the hundred of eyes glaring back at them. Harry quickly found the grey orbs that haunted him. Coaching himself on the grip on his bag grew even tighter, Harry moved swiftly to the leather coach. Praying Hermione and Ron were behind.

Gracefully Draco stood, using his height as an advantage over the teen.

"So what can I do for the golden trio of Hogwarts?" He cocked an eyebrow, a confident smirk grew. Harry stopped before the blond, ensuring he was an arm distant away. He stared down at Draco's crossed arms, unable to see the cold orbs.

He knew the entire houses of green were watching, waiting. Out the corner of his eye he saw Pansy's hand inch towards her pocket. Worried he'd attack their prince.

"Well?" Draco's annoyance had slipped into his voice, his hands dropped to either side of him. Harry still couldn't speak, his throat was so dry. His mind began to replay the words he'd wanted to say, scream at Draco. Suddenly Harry's face was pulled up, his eyes focused on Draco's. The emptiness seemed to go on forever, cold like the wall in the Gryffindor common room, the wall he'd stared at all night after Draco had dumped him.

The grey orbs widened and looked down; Harry's hand gripped the pale wrist, knuckles white as his anger raced through him. A growl ran up Harry's throat, his emotions fuelling his strength. Removing Draco's hand from his face Harry shoved hard into the blonds' chest. Propelling him backwards onto the coach. Draco stared up at Harry shocked.

Harry began to shake from the suppressed anger, "I mean nothing to you Malfoy and you no longer mean anything to me! I hate you!" Pulling out the top that bulged in his bag Harry threw it down, hitting the blond softly in the chest. Withdrawing his wand he aimed for Draco's heart. Ignoring the numerous of wands now pointing at himself Harry continued, his voice strong.

"I hope that one day someone destroys that tiny, loathsome stone of a heart of yours, so that you can feel everything you've forced me to. Stay away Malfoy, I will not hesitate to use your Aunt's old favourite curse."

Lowering his wand, Harry turned to Ron and Hermione who both had their wands gripped tightly by their sides.

"Let's go." Without a backwards glance Harry headed out into the corridor, Hermione and Ron eyed the Slytherins, daring them to cast a spell. Once they entered the Great Hall and seated themselves down at the table the trio began to speak.

"Harry that was so brave, facing up to him." Hermione gripped Harry's hand tightly in hers, a smile wide on her face.

"It was brilliant. Malfoy's face! How great did that feel? In front of the entire Slytherin house! Harry?" Ron frowned, watching his friend drop his head, allowing his hair to block their view of his face. Suddenly a sob escaped from him.

"Harry?" Hermione sent a concerned look towards Ron before lifting Harry's face. Tears glistened in the green orbs.

"I still love him."

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