Chapter 5

Draco stared at the common room entrance. Blazing emerald eyes burnt into his eyes. you no longer mean anything to me! I hate you! Harry's voice continued to ring in his ears. Blinking his eyes Draco couldn't rid his vision of emerald orbs, shaking his head Harry's words repeated louder in his mind.

"Draco?" A worried voice snapped the Gryffindor from his mind, turning his head Draco came nose to nose with Pansy.

"Jesus Pansy! Personal space." Standing Draco looked around the common room; the students huddled in groups, making a sham of their mock conversations. Curious eyes glanced his direction every few seconds.

"Let's go get some food, I'm hungry." Draco nodded at his friends, the group headed towards the common room door. Going to follow Draco paused, confused by how stone could be so lumpy under his foot. Looking down Draco's mask slipped for a millisecond. His old Wimbourne Wasps. His hand raised slightly to his chest were the Gryffindor had thrown it, his mind realising it was the one Harry enjoyed sleeping in. Disregarding the eyes of his house he bent down to pick up the shirt, surprise ran through his mind at the warmth still in the fabric.

"You coming Drak?" Blaise folded his arms, his eyebrow arched gracefully.

"Yeah." Stuffing the top into his satchel Draco straightened his self and followed the small group of snakes, sending a few death glares at the younger students for good measure. Out in the corridor Draco couldn't shake from his mind the top that was only a slip of leather and silk from his skin.

"I'll catch you guys up in a moment, nature calls." Draco spun on his heels, not waiting for his friends' protests or their acknowledgement. Forcing the heavy door open Draco waved his wand, causing the stall doors to whip open. Reassured of there being no other students Draco flicked his wand towards the heavy oak door. A click of the lock calming his nerves slightly. Leaning against a sink Draco pulled free the top, his fingers running over the worn material. His pale skin tingled at the thought of Harry's body having been protected within it. A small laugh escaped Draco's lips, his fingers tracing over the pulled material around the collar, Harry had a habit of chewing his when he was tired, deep in thought and upset. Guilt stabbed through the blonds' heart.

His mind replayed the last couple of times he'd seen Harry since sending the note ending their relationship. He wasn't handling it very well unleashing accidental magic in the hall, a shiver ran down his spine remembering the emotions that danced in those emerald he adored. Turning to face the large mirror Draco glared at his reflection. He couldn't deny it; he still had feelings for the lion. His thoughts wandered to last night in the great hall. The anger he felt at seeing Diggory so close to Harry, his Harry. Sighing Draco shook his head, he wasn't anymore. He'd messed up, gotten scared by the strength of his feelings for Harry, how quickly Harry had fallen for him, the need they had had for one another. I hate you!

Dropping the top into his bad Draco turned on the cold tap, splashing his face with water lifted his eyes to meet his reflections again. He'd get Harry back, he needed to. He couldn't face seeing Harry with anyone else. Loosening his tie Draco allowed his mind to race, how could he get Harry back? Returning his top to his bag Draco flicked his wand opening the door, still deep in thought he headed to the great hall.

Sitting down between Pansy and Blaise, Draco couldn't stop his gaze from turning to the house of red. No longer did he need to search the table for the raven, he knew exactly where the boy would be seated. Harry was currently in a tight hug with Hermione, the bushy haired girl was looking at the red head, who currently had his back to Draco. He couldn't help but watch, Harry's face was buried in the girl's robes and hair. Was Harry's body shaking? Without averting his gaze Draco lifted his fork to his mouth, not even knowing what Pansy had loaded his plate with. Slowly Harry pulled away from Hermione, Draco suddenly realising the round glasses where lying on the table exposing those brilliant emerald orbs. Harry whipped his eyes as Ron leant closer whispering something Draco couldn't hear. The raven nodded his head, a weak smile forming on his lips, dropping his hand from his eyes in the process.

Draco felt his heart stop. Harry's eyes glistened, showing every emotion the small boy was clearly fighting. Never had he seen Harry's eyes as they were now. Suddenly they grew hard, causing Draco to be aware they were now being directed to him. Draco couldn't stop staring, watching the eyes grow weaker, watching them fill with tears and being wrenched away from him. Harry had hid his face in his hands; his body began to shake vigorously.

"Harry..." Hermione glanced over at the Slytherin table, not at all surprised to see Draco staring over at them. Sighing she pulled the shaking body to her into a tight embrace once again. She could feel her robes grow wet with the silent tears of Harry Potter. Rubbing his back she tried to comfort him, knowing it was in vain.

"He's a twat, an absolute cunt." Ron had twisted round to face the blond. Hermione also sent a glare in his direction, but he continued to watch them.

"He's getting off on hurting Harry, that's how twisted his sick mind is."

"Ron, don't shout." Hermione was aware that they were already earning a few glances from Harry's fragile body shaking in her arms; she knew Harry wouldn't want his private life exposed by the red head before her.

"Come on maybe we should take Harry back to the tower, get him away from prying eyes?" Ron nodded at Hermione's words, still sending a glare at the table of green.

Slowly she pulled Harry away from her, his glistening eyes breaking her heart. Whipping his eyes with her thumb Hermione smiled, "Come on lets go up."

Harry nodded, grabbing his glasses he rose. Placing them in his pocket he couldn't face the stares he knew he was receiving. Gripping Hermione's hand he allowed her to direct him out, keeping his blurred vision on the outline he knew was his feet.

Draco watched them leave, his stomach twisting in guilt. He'd caused Harry to break, caused all the pain trapped in that small body. Dropping his fork back to his plate he too rose and followed the trio out of the hall. Keeping his distance, Draco followed in the shadows. He just wanted to hold the raven, tell him he was sorry, and comfort him. As they walked through the corridors Draco noticed that Harry had relinquished his hold on Hermione. The brunette and red head walked in front of Harry, their heads together as they whispered sending worried glances back to him.

Harry still hadn't put his glasses back on his face, exposing how red and swollen his eyes were. Draco calculated the corridor; he knew that the trio needed to turn left to reach the tower, right next to the hidden corridor behind a statue. Keeping as close to the shadows as he could Draco passed Harry, knowing the teen was too deep in thought to notice. Holding his breath Draco waited for Harry's friends to turn the corner, sending a quick glance at their friend. Knowing it was now or never, Draco shot out his hand grabbing the Gryffindor robes, his other forming around his mouth.

Forcing Harry against the stone wall behind the statue his breathing grew heavy. The raven was struggling at with the hands that held him. Panic ran through Draco, what would Harry do when he realised it was him? Surely his voice would anger the boy. Biting his lip Draco had to release Harry's mouth to restrain him as the smaller boy's struggles grew stronger.

"Get off me!" Harry shouted, his eyes squinting to see who held him. Harry's voice echoed down the long passage way, making Draco panic even more. If Harry continued to shout surely his friends would hear. Leaning closer Draco crushed his lips against Harry who had opened his mouth to once again shout.

The small frame beneath his hands froze. Deepening the kiss Draco released his hold on Harry's arms, and snaked his own around the thin waist.

Harry's mind was numb, his body was numb. If it wasn't for Draco's hand's holding him he knew he'd have collapsed in shock. He could feel Draco's tongue tracing his lips, a moan travelled up his throat. How he loved these lips. Kissing back Harry leant closer to Draco's body, how he loved this body. His heart squealed in delight.

I feel that the fun is drawing to an end.

Snapping his eyes open Harry's mind awakened. Summoning his strength he pushed hard into Draco's chest, sending the taller teen into the wall opposite. Harry's heart beat painfully in his chest, as though wishing to escape and be with Draco. Squinting Harry couldn't make out Draco's face.

"What the fuck Malfoy?"

Silence. Harry growled in frustration, was Draco trying to send him crazy?

Draco shook his head, knew he was making this harder for himself. He could almost hear Harry's mind spinning, trying to figure everything out. Reaching into his bag he pulled out the top, standing straight he closed the gap between him and Harry. Although he was almost blind Harry was aware of the closeness between him and the blond, mentally cursing himself as he stepped backwards, his back hitting the wall. His body again felt weak as Draco took his hand, soft material was placed into his palm.

Squinting down at his hand Harry opened up the material, a top? Why was Draco giving him a top?

"I meant it when I said you could keep it."

Squinting harder Harry could barely make out the Quiddich logo. His frown deepening his head snapped up.

"Why...?" Looking up and down the passage Harry couldn't make out the blurred figure of the blond. Looking back to the top in his hand Harry slid his body down the wall till he hit the floor. Ruffling his hair he again glanced up and down the passage. What was going on?

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