The Color of Passion

A Sense of Freedom Through Her Eyes

I never really understood Mikoto. Usually I am pretty good at telling if someone is uncomfortable or stressed out, but with Mikoto… I never knew what he was thinking.

“I suppose I can’t call you virgin anymore…” He said as he held me against him in bed.

I let out a small chuckle.

Ever since Tatara’s funeral, Mikoto and I hadn’t been apart once. I like to think that it was because we were so infatuated with each other that we didn’t want to stray too far away, but in reality I know that it was because Mikoto needed me. With Tatara gone, the one who kept him calm and controlled, it was much harder for him to keep his powers in check.

I wasn’t complaining… I didn’t want to be alone, because I was afraid that my mind my wander off where I’d rather it not go.

Kusanagi thought we might have a lead on Tatara’s killer, so everyone made their way towards a hotel owned by a notorious gang. Mikoto, Anna, and I stayed back while the boys made their way inside. I think Mikoto was getting impatient because he went inside early and even let go of my hand to break down a few doors with his powers, but he always grabbed onto it again.

We made it to the lounge where the boys were, along with the gang.

“Yo!” The boys exclaimed, bowing their heads. They act so formal in public towards Mikoto…

“You’re here too early, Mikoto.” Kusanagi said as he sat on the couch next to the boss who was tied up and beaten pretty bad.

Anna ran up to the boss, got one of her marbles out, and looked through it towards him. We all waited in anticipation for her verdict.

“He doesn’t know.”

We all let out a sigh in disappointment.

“I see… let’s go.” Kusanagi said.

We all made our way downstairs, with Mikoto destroying wall after wall on the way. We were on the second floor when I noticed there were Blues just below. Mikoto did say they would probably come, but I wasn’t prepared to fight. Although I wanted to find Tatara’s killer, I also just wanted to go back home and spend my newfound time with Mikoto.

We all stopped and looked down at them.

“Scepter 4 has entered the building.” Kusanagi said. “What should we do, Mikoto?”

I tightened my grip on him as I watched him crack a bitter smile.

“Burn them.” He said.

Yata smiled and shot his fist in the air. “Yeah! Lets do it guys!”

“Yeah! No blood, no bone, no ash!” They all chanted.

Mikoto leaned down and kissed me on the forehead before letting go of my hand and jumping down to face the blues. I leaned over the railing, worried that something might go wrong. I didn’t want him to fight; I just wanted to go back.

He glowed with red flames and they shot out around him, burning the nearby halls to a crisp. I looked up and there, floating above, was a giant crumbling sword.

“What… is that?” I said, astonished by the sight.

“When a King activates their powers their Sword of Damocles appears. It’s made of energy.” Kusanagi explained. “…Seems like Mikoto isn’t doing so well after all.” He mumbled. I looked over at him in distress. We made our way downstairs and stood our ground behind Mikoto. I held onto Anna in case anything got out of hand.

“Men! Draw your swords!” The blue woman exclaimed.

“Yes!” They all said, followed by them saying their name and announcing they were ready as they drew their sword.

The Blue King did the same, pointed his sword, and shot a burst of blue energy at Mikoto. We all moved out of the way in order not to get burned by our King. I wanted to stay by his side, knowing I could protect him, but I suppose… I could also put him in danger. He blocked the attack with his flames easily. He didn’t look all that worried; in fact, he looked as though he was enjoying himself.

The Blue King put away his sword and said, “I’ll handle this,” proceeding to walk up to Mikoto.

I had a bad feeling.

“In compliance with protocol 120, I am taking you into custody.” The Blue King said.

Mikoto looked as though he was amused.

“Any objections?” The Blue King said.

Mikoto paused for a moment.

He glanced back at me, I gave him a pleading look and he let out a sigh, still holding that bitter smile.

“Seems as though I do. But I doubt it matters to you.”

“You do understand that if you refuse to come quietly I will have to use force.”

“Yeah…” Mikoto’s flames increased as he straightened his posture and let out a sigh. “I can’t just leave her though…”

“…Alright then.” The Blue King reached for his sword and that’s when I lost control.

“No!” I exclaimed as I ran up to Mikoto and tacked him from behind. Something suddenly happened and everyone else around us was thrown back. Mikoto looked back down at me in surprise.

“…Turns out you have more power than it seemed.”

“Please, Mikoto… I don’t want you to fight.” I nestled my face against his back. “Please, lets just go home.”

He paused for a moment as everyone around us started to get up and recover from my apparent blow.

“…Alright.” He turned around and patted me on the head. “You don’t have to get so worked up about it.” I stared up at him in awe before cracking a small smile.

“This doesn’t change the fact that I have to take you in.” The Blue King said.

“Go ahead and try, though I doubt she’ll let you come close enough.” Mikoto said as I gripped onto his arm.

“I have already issued a warning.” He reached for his sword and pointed it towards us; his blue aura came bursting out. I closed my eyes tightly and waited for something to happen, but after a few moments there was nothing. I opened them to see that some invisible shield was holding the energy back.

“Good girl.” Mikoto said. I glanced up at him and back over at the scene before me.

‘Am I… doing that?’

He let out a sigh and grabbed onto my hand, “lets go.”

“Okay…” We started to walk off, back towards our group, when I looked back at the Blue King. “Please don’t follow after us, I doubt you’d like to start any more trouble.” An invisible pulse radiated out towards him, causing him to lose his balance and have to take a step back.

Suddenly I felt empowered, as if I had finally done something right… I had to hold back a smile the whole way home.

After that incident Mikoto and I never really left his bedroom… Honestly if we weren’t having sex we were sleeping. That was our life at the moment.

I didn’t know night from day, I had no idea how much time had passed, it was like we were in our own little world.

Mikoto was everything to me in those endless moments we shared and I think… perhaps it was the same for him.

One night he said something… rather odd. I can’t remember when or how many days had passed, as I said my sense of time was completely shattered, but one night we were taking a bath together.

I sat on his lap in the large tub we had all to ourselves. I knew my face was crimson red due to the warm air and, of course, Mikoto. Rarely was there a moment when he wasn’t holding onto me.

I stared ahead at the white tile walls while we just sat there in silence, as we often did. Talking wasn’t something we did a lot during these past few days, so it was odd when I heard him begin to mumble something out of the blue.

“Who’s going to marry us now?” He said in such a low voice it was barely even a whisper. My eyes widened in surprise and I stared ahead in shock. I said nothing as I brought my knees to my chest and averted my attention to my soaked and pruned feet.

Tatara had always gone on about Mikoto and I getting married and how he would make me a good wife and even perform the ceremony himself but… I never realized that Mikoto was actually listening.

Another night I had woken up suddenly out of hunger. Neither of us had eaten all that much lately, we had been so consumed with each other we had forgotten…

I sneaked out of bed, careful not to wake Mikoto up. He was a heavy sleeper in general, but I had noticed if I left side at night sometimes he becomes instantly aware…

I grabbed one of his shirts and put it on, just in case anyone was downstairs at the time. Though I didn’t really have any pants in his room that I would be able to fit into so I just went down in my underwear, not really caring.

I tiptoed downstairs to see that it was the dead of night from the large window in the bar. I let out a sigh and made my way towards the kitchen, quickly making myself a sandwich, scarfing it down, and hurrying back upstairs to Mikoto.

When I came back something was different… Mikoto wasn’t sleeping as soundly as usual. He seemed restless… He slightly tossed and turned with sweat dripping down his brow. He suddenly called out to me.


“Mikoto…” I started to walk over to him when suddenly his whole body glowed with his red flames. My eyes widened in surprise and I quickly ran over to his side. “Mikoto!” I hesitated for a moment, despite knowing there’s no way his flames could hurt me they were still frightening, but I sucked up and got on top of him. I hugged him tightly as the flames ceased and he woke up in a daze.

“Akane?” He mumbled. I sat up, still on top of him.

“You were having a nightmare weren’t you…?” I looked down and gritted my teeth in anger at myself. “I’m sorry, I just popped down to get a snack, I didn’t think I’d be gone that long…”

He sat up and pulled me into a kiss, as if he hadn’t seen me for years and it was our beloved reunion. We went on to have sex and he held me tightly as we went back to sleep.

I think it was that morning or maybe it was in the afternoon the next day that Kusanagi visited us for the first time in a while.

He knocked on the door and I alertly sat up. I was, of course, naked and for some reason all the blankets were missing.

“One second!” I exclaimed as I hurriedly looked around for something to cover myself up with. “Where the hell did all the blankets go?” I mumbled as I ran around the room. “Where are all the clothes?!”

“Akane?” Kusanagi said.

“Wait one moment!” I exclaimed. I ran over to Mikoto and shook him rather harshly.

“Hmm?” He groaned.

“Give me your shirt.” I demanded. Of course he was wearing some boxers and a shirt and I was the one without any clothes.

“Ugh.” He didn’t move an inch.

“Do you want Kusanagi to see me naked!?” I exclaimed.

“So what?” He mumbled.


“Akane I’m coming in.” Kusanagi said.

“Ah!” I grabbed onto Mikoto and pushed him up so I could hide behind him. He let out a yawn as I grabbed onto his shoulders to keep him up. I peeked out from behind him to see Kusanagi giving us a strange look from the doorway; I started to feel the heat run to my cheeks.

‘Stupid Mikoto!’

“Seems as though the boy is hiding out at Ashinka High School. Yata ran off with Kamamoto to check it out. What do you want to do?”

Mikoto groaned as he rubbed his eyes. “I’ll go.”

“Eh?” Kusanagi and I stared at him in surprise.

“You’re acting a bit out of character, volunteering to help out.” Kusanagi said. Mikoto ignored him as he pushed back his bangs away from his face. After a few moments of silence Kusanagi got the message and left us alone. I crawled over onto his lap and squished his cheeks.

“Why don’t we just stay here? I’m sure Yata will call to tell us if that guy is there.”

He looked up at me with that bored stare of his.

“I just want to go on a walk is all.” He lifted me up, reached down under the bed and pulled out my long lost skirt and t-shirt from who knows how long ago. I cocked my head to the side and leaned over the edge of the bed, peering underneath to see the blanket, a few pieces of clothing and other random things scattered under there, hiding.

“How did you…?” I looked up at him in surprise as I grabbed my bra and started to get dressed.

“You don’t really pay attention to anything when you’re turned on. It’s like your mind goes blank.” He grabbed a cigarette and lit it with the lighter I gave him as I stared up at him, my cheeks burning. “Let’s go.”

He started towards the door and I quickly stumbled over to his side. He grabbed onto my waist and pulled me along as we made our way outside. The sun stung for a moment and the fresh air felt odd.

Instead of taking the train we went the long way. I walked with Mikoto, hoping he knew the way, in silence. Everyone was giving us odd looks, but I didn't notice, the only person I saw at that time was Mikoto.

We walked for a long time and a few cigarettes later there we were in front of the bridge to Ashinka High School. I decided to call Yata before going in.

“Hello?” He answered the phone.

“Yata, Mikoto and I are by the bridge to the school, did you find the boy?” I asked him.

“He ain’t there. We are on our way back now.”

“Oh… alright.”

I hung up the phone and looked up at Mikoto who let out a sigh, grabbed my hand and began to walk again.

“Why did we come out here, Mikoto?”


“We didn’t need to leave Homra, and you’re not the type to do things unless necessary.”

There was a long moment of silence…

“…It’s like a whole other world when I’m with you.”

My eyes widened in surprise. “What did you say?” Mikoto was not one to talk about his feelings. I was absolutely shocked. He squeezed my hand tighter and said nothing more as we started to walk back.

I think to him whenever he was around me or touched me he could see the world as though he was like everyone else, and that mesmerized him. I wondered for a long time rather or not if that was why Mikoto was so comfortable around me, if the reason why I always had be by his side after Tatara died was because he couldn’t control his powers… or if it was because he wanted to see the world through his dead friend’s eyes.

Mikoto… I am afraid…

I grabbed onto his arm tightly and leaned my head against his shoulder.

That one day I will have to let you go.

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