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Whispers in the Dark of Night


It was their first mission together after years of separation. A mission that failed and put both of their lives in jeopardy. Will they endure their trials or will they break?

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May 6th, 1999. Savoy Hotel, Moscow, Russia.

Olive stood on the balcony of the hotel room staring out on the vast city of Moscow. The white robe was wrapped tightly around her body to fend off the chill of the spring air. Out of one pocket, she pulled out a carton of cigarettes placed one between her lips. The lighter followed behind to light it up. She was watching a young couple having a yelling match in the middle of the street, totally oblivious eyes of the people around them. The young woman slapped the man as she hollered in his face, while the man was trying to calm her down and trying to tell his side of the story. The man tried to hug the girl and she just pushed him away tears coming down her face. The man grabbed her arms and pulled the young woman towards him while she fists of furry just pounded on his chest. Slowly she grows tired and rested on his chest still sobbing. The man place his hands on the sides of her face and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Olive smiled at the true passion that they were showing as she heard footsteps behind her. She blew out a puff of smoke.

“They must really love each other!” She shared with the tall man who joined her, keeping her eyes on the couple.

“I’ve just talked to Harry, the Home Secretary is becoming impatience.” He said, clearly ignoring her comment. “We are to go ahead with the plan.”

“Why put up such a scene for someone you don’t love? I would never fight that much for someone I don’t care for.” She inhaled the cigarette and blew out the smoke in the direction of her company. “It must be love.” Olive smiled, as ignored the man right back.

“I really don’t know. Look, Olive, this is important.” The man was growing inpatient.

“Lucas would you fight like this with your wife. Would you fight for her love?” Olive turned to face the annoyed piercing blue eyes as she placed her hand on his chest. Her green eyes stared back at him.

“Stop it, Olive. I’ve had enough. We are here to…” Lucas said firmly.

“That’s not what you said last night!” She interrupted him as she bit her lip. “As I recall, you wanted more.”

“For the last time, that was a mistake. Last night was a mistake.” He looks away from the woman. “I am happily married to Elizabeta and…” Olive arms wrapped around him as she puts her hand up his shirt and kissed the back of his neck “…stop it, just stop it. I am not your target.” He pulled her hands down and pushed her away.

“Come on, Lucas, I’m just having a little fun.” She smiled as she walked back into the hotel room and takes off her robe, standing in the middle of the room completely naked. Lucas couldn’t help but watch as Olive slipped on a red backless dress that hugged her body and showed off her long legs. Her long auburn hair tickled down the middle of her back. He stared at her remembering the smooth touch of her skin as he caressed her body. The sweet taste of her lips as he made love to her. His right hand stroked his five o'clock shadow, shaking it off his sexual needs as he remembered his wife waiting for him back home. Guilt ridden he walked over to the sink and poured him self a glass of water.

“Well, don’t you have something for me.” She asked as she pulled on her gold heels. Lucas nodded his head and went through his suitcase and took out some equipment.

“Okay.” Lucas cleared his throat. “Here is your purse. There’s a hidden compartment with a disc. When you reach Isaak Dyachenko’s apartment and once he is asleep just insert the disc in his computer and back up everything. Then we will be able to get access to everything in his involvement with the FSB.” Lucas crossed his arms over his chest. “In the morning, I’ll pick it up at the drop off. Then you can keep on doing whatever it is you are doing with Dyachenko” Lucas paused for a moment “ Are you sure you’re up for this?”

“Why? You don’t think I can do it?” Olive walked over to the mirror and darns some gold droplet earrings. “Let me remind you that I have been apart of Dyachenko’s party for almost two years now. Standing by his side…”

“And in his bed.” Lucas mumbled under his breath, but loud enough for her to hear.

“ Whatever.” She spat. “The man trusts me more then his most of his men.” Olive applies some dark rouge on her lips. “Don’t worry. I will get exactly what you need, errand boy.” She mocked, with a large smile on her face. “Just stay out of my way and let me do my job.”

“Oh yes, your job, the brilliant manipulation of men.” Lucas sneered at the woman.

Olive moved closer to Lucas as her hand reached his belt buckle. His strong hands stopped hers. “Come on, Lucas you seemed to like it.” She bit her bottom lip.

Lucas ran his fingers though her hair then held her face in his hands. His heart was racing; he knew everything about this was wrong. He knew that this was her way to trap men. But he just couldn’t resist. He closed his eyes and planted a passionate kiss on her lips.

A few seconds passed when he realized what he was doing. His eye opened wide as he pushed her away. “For fuck sake, Olive. You see. You are ruthless child, who know nothing but how to bed a man. Nothing, but a glorified whore, selling yourself to the first man you see. That’s all you’ll ever be. Thank god, I came to my senses and ended the relationship when I did.” He tired to catch his breath as he watched Olive staring at him in silence, hiding any signs of hurt she may have. “Look,” He sighed after a few minutes. “I didn’t mean that. I just…” He pinched the bridge of his nose, frustrated with his outburst.

“Of course you did, Lucas.” Olive smiled, as she grabbed the purse off the bed and noticed the time on the clock sitting on the nightstand. “We need to get going. Isaak is expecting me to show up within the hour.”

“Olive. Please.” He whispered as his eyes stayed on her.

“It’s passed. I will not hold your words against you. They’re probably true anyway. But it is done. Now lets go.” Olive coldly stated.

Lucas slowly nodded his head as he walked over and opened the door like a gentleman as Olive walked out of the room and Lucas following behind.

It was a unusually warm May evening in Moscow when Olive made it to the Aurora, the Men’s Club that Dyachenko visited on a weekly bases. Lucas walked passed her to the end of short line as she made her way to the two bouncers that guarded the door. They let her in immediately without a second glance.

Shortly, after Olive made it through the premise Lucas met the same doorman. The husky bouncer examined Lucas head to toe before he smirked at his thin appearance. Lucas then opened his wallet and flashed the abundance of bills in the wallet to show that he was ready to spend on the girls inside. The man smiled and nodded his head and let Lucas into the club.

As soon as he entered he scanned the club for Olive to make sure he maintain eyeball on her the whole time. The club was lively as men drank while they watched half naked women dance. He began to panic when he failed to find the woman. Then, there she was, the far left corner of the club clearly reserved for VIP guest, being escorted by the bouncer and a tall flute of champagne already in hand.

He held his breath as she walked passed men that most likely worked for their target. The men smiled at her and stared as her ass as she walked by. One of them even slapped it. Dyachenko stood up to greet his new guest by pulling her in with his large arms, planting three kisses on her lips and motioned for her to take a seat in the booth next to him. She complied willing.

Lucas made his way to the bar make sure he had visual on her the whole time. After ordering vodka on the rocks, he continued to watch Olive as she interacted with the thickset Russian. Her hands were all over him as she whispered into his ear. She looked over to the bar and made eye contact with her short term partner and gave him a small nod as she continue to caress the man beside her.

Lucas heart was racing curious to what she was saying to the man, as he wished that were he. He couldn’t believe that he was jealous of that man. Especially knowing that she was playing him. He downed his drink and ordered another. Lucas closed his eyes as he pictured his wife, his beautiful Elizabeta. She was at home waiting for him, thinking that he just went to Dublin for a business trip. He hated lying to her, but he only did it to protect her from harm, to allow her to lead a normal life as an elementary school teacher, forever dreaming of having a family. Lucas dreaded starting a family, knowing that his life style was no way to bring up a child.

As if she knew he was thinking about her, Lucas’ mobile phone vibrated in his pocket. “Shit.” He said under his breath and he recognized the number to be his home in London. He let it go to voice mail as he looked up at Olive who was just handed another drink. They didn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. He looked down at his watch and saw that it was just passed midnight.

His phone rang again, Lucas sighed. Everything in his professional career told him to just let it ring, but due to the guilt he was feeling he wanted to hear her voice. He glanced back at Olive who was laughing and a joke the Russian must of told.

Lucas found himself through the front door walking and nodded at the bouncer and showed his phone. He dialed his number. It only rang twice when his wife answered.

“Hello Lucas.” Elizabeta voice gentle voice greeted him.

“Elizabeta. I’m sorry I missed your call.” Lucas said as he kept an eye on the door.

“No need to worry, you are probably just having fun without me.” She joked. “How is the conference going?”

“Oh, you know how these things are same thing every time. How was class today?” He asked wanting to hear her voice.

“It was a good day. We went on a trip to the Zoo. Many of the kids don’t get a chance to go, so they had a blast. We only lost one kid. Josh. He is always getting into trouble…” Lucas continued to listen to the story about the troublemakers, leaning against the wall of the Aurora. It is then he watched as three men walked up to the bouncer, who gave them a nod and they just walked right in. He noticed that one of the men was carrying a folder under his arm. This gave Lucas an uneasy feeling.

“That’s great.” He interrupted his wife. “ Listen, I have to go.” He said quickly.

“Alright.” She sounded hurt. “I love you.”

Lucas hanged up the phone and proceeded to walk back into the club when the bouncer stopped him.

“Where do you think your going?” He smiled.

“Inside. You just saw me come out.” Lucas was frustrated.

“You need to go back to the end of the line.”

“This is ridiculous. I was just in there.”

“Back of the line.” He commanded.

Lucas sighed as he looked at the line that now had twenty or so people. Lucas took out his wallet a py6500 banknote and offered it to the man. “I need to get back inside.” Lucas insisted. The man laughed at Lucas’ desperation and took the banknote from him. Then gestured towards the door.

Lucas rushed in move quickly towards the far left corner, which he discovered was now empty. His heart sank as he franticly scanned club for any sign of Isaak and Olive. Nothing. If anything went wrong and Isaak found out what Olive was up to. All her work would have been for nothing. She was gone. He was such a fool to let her out of his sight. Knowing they didn’t leave by the front door he searched for an emergency exit. There was one close to the VIP corner so that was his best bet. He hastened to the exit.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw a man standing in the middle of the hallway. “Pardon me.” He spoke in the native tongue before he backed up towards the club.

“I would not do that if I were you.” The man spoke in a heavy accent, as a smile formed on his face. Lucas glanced down and saw his hand was ready to draw his gun. “This way, Mr. North.”

Lucas felt a knot formed in his stomach when he heard his name. How did they know who he was? He just arrived yesterday morning and barely left the hotel room. Slowly he made his way towards the Russian, who opened a door for him when he was close enough. “After you.”

As he entered the room he quickly scanned what he was walking into. He noticed several men, including the three he saw enter the club, all of them sitting around a table. At the head, was the one and only Isaak Dyachenko and right behind him was Olive, one hand rested on his shoulders while the other nurse and cigarette. Lucas couldn’t help noticed that she looked stunning and intimidating with a cloud of smoke lingering around her. She blended in with the Russians as if she one of their own. He guessed that’s what happens after being undercover for so long.

“Welcome! Nice of you to join us.” Dyachenko greeted cheerfully. “Please, sit. Lucas? Isn’t it?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” He denied as his stomach turned.

“No use to lie to us, Lucas.” Dyachenko smiled. “Please sit.” Lucas did as he was told and sat at the opposite end of table. He felt uncomfortable as all eyes were on him. The room was silent as the leader of the group stood up. He took Olive’s hand and guided her to the high back leather chair. He lifted her chin up and gave her a kiss. He proceeded to pick up the folder that was on the table.

“Lets not, how do you say it, beat around the bush.” He spoke, slowly walking toward Lucas. “You are Lucas North, Son of Christopher North a Methodist Minister. Born in Cumbria on June 5, 1972. Married to Elizabeta Starkova” The spies’ heart pounded against his chest wondering how they could possibly know all about him. “Current occupation, MI5 junior agent. Working under Harry Pearce.” Lucas slowly locked eyes with Olive across the table. Her jaw clenched as her eye looked away from him.

Lucas jumped in his seat when the folder dropped in front of him. Dyachenko opened the folder and revealed the spies’ mug shot and a shot biography. He flipped the next page, showing a picture of Lucas at the airport. “You arrived yesterday morning, night flight from London.” The next picture. “Looks like you are staying at the Savory Hotel.” Next. “And you appear to be…” The man stopped talking and picked up the rest of the pile to get a better look. Lucas realized that this was his first glance at these photos. His hand rose to his mouth as he gazed once again across the table and noted the worried look in Olives’ eyes as she attempted to keep her composure.

The tension in the air was thick as the man silently walked around the room flipping through the printed images. Dyachenko made his way to the woman he has known as Nina and dropped the pile in front of here. “Nina, I see you took good care of you grandmother over the last couple of days.” Olive didn’t even bother to look down; she knew exactly what was on the piece of paper. Her arms wrapped around the spy that sat across from her.

“It’s nothing, he was trying to turn me against you.” She defended herself as she stood up and put her hand on his chest. “I was just giving him what he wanted. Foolish Brits, thinking they own the world.”

“You forgot to tell me about him then?” He asked suspiciously.

“I didn’t want to ruin the festivities.” She replied quickly.

“I’m sure.” He tightly gripped her wrists and pulled her in close. “You’ll be sorry if you are lying to Me.” The Russian dragged her around the table. “On his knees. Now.” The man shouted. Instantly, two men grab hold of the spy and forced him on his knees in front of Olive. Dyachenko placed a knife in her hand. “If means nothing to you, darling, you wouldn’t mind plugging this in his chest.”

“Don’t you need him?” She asked as her finger tightened around the handle of the blade.

“I can always find another spy.” The man retorted. “Now kill him.”

Olive stepped towards Lucas and gripped onto his clothes, the blade came closer to his heart. They locked eyes. Lucas smiled, he wouldn’t blame her for going through with it after they way he treated her earlier that night. Knowing that his life is about to end made him think about his wife. The tip of the blade kissed his chest. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and waited for the end. The room was silent as they waited for her to make her move. Lucas opened his eyes when he felt the blade leave his chest and looked up at Olive who took a step back.

“I can’t do it.” With just four words the relationship with the Russians that she worked so hard for has gone to a waste, the words that were greeted cheek with a hard blow that almost knocked her over.

“Take them away.” Dyachenko demanded with his booming voice. Immediately, his command was fulfilled and the spies were escorted out of the room, through the emergency exit and shoved into a black SUV.

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