Whispers in the Dark of Night

Sugar Horse

Day 1

Alone. Lucas found himself sitting at table in the middle of the windowless room with his wrist shackled to the metal table. Unsure about how long he had been waiting, a few hours at least, it gave him time to get familiar with his surrounding. The tiled walls that were once clearly white now are a yellow tint. He peaked behind him and saw the brown splatter of old dried blood. His blood ran cold at thought of being shot in the head. In the right corner of the room there was a table with a white sheet on top covering the instruments he was surely to be aquatinted with. Not to far from the table was a chain hanging from the ceiling with a hook on the end. The one thing that was hard not to notice was the large mirror right across from him. Lucas was not new to the function of the one-way window. Wondering who was spying in on him. A lump formed in throat as he rested his head in the nook of his elbow.

His thoughts turned to Olive, wondering where she was. Why she didn’t just go ahead and kill him to save herself. After all, She has been in this world longer then him and knows what they do to their prisoners. The fact that they trusted her for long will surely bring down their wrath upon her.

Lucas lifted his head when he sensed the change of lighting in the room. The room was dark but he saw that there was light on the other side of the mirror. It wasn’t long until the people came into the room, one of them being Olive. They forced her into the lonely chair in the middle of the room. Her limbs were bound to the chair. He could help but notice how beautiful she was despite the tangled hair. She was still wearing the red dress from the night before, though all the flashy accessories were taken away. She blankly stared straight ahead. Refusing to show any sign of emotion.

The spy carefully watched the actions on the three men in the room with her. There was a young man who was finishing the last of the binds on her legs. While another with a slight limp walked back and forth across the one-way mirror and snap photographs of their prisoner. There was a large older man, in a tailored suit, stood by the door waiting patiently. The Russian did not take his eyes off of Olive. Clearly, he was the man in charge.

Once the lackeys were finished what they were doing they took their position on either side of Olive. Slowly, the older man walked around the woman. Lucas could see his lips moving. He wished he could hear what questions he was asking her. Olive didn’t even flinched; if it wasn’t for her blinking every once in a while Lucas thought she could pass off as a statute.

The spy didn’t know how long he was watching, but he felt a sense of pride when she refused to speak. For the first time during the interrogation, the Russian made contact with his prisoner and lifted her chin up so she would look at him in the eyes. He leaned in as if he telling her a secret. Olive finally spoke to the man; there was a large grin on her face. After her comment, he pushed her face down and headed towards. He waved his hand to the other men before he exited.

It was merely seconds when he heard the door to his left being unlocked. He quickly sat up straight in his chair his stare remained on Olive, which didn’t last long as the younger of the two men that remained in the room, covered her head with a black sack

“Good afternoon, Lucas.” The heavyset Russian, entered the room and gingerly walked behind him. Afternoon. Being brought here in the middle of the night, this confirmed the he had spent a great amount of time alone in this holding cell. “She’s a foolish one, that Nina of ours. Of course we both know that’s not her real name.” As the men left the room next door, the light turned back on in Lucas’ cell. Lucas stared coldly at the man before him, determined to not give in to his demands.

“My name Arkardy Katchimov. Welcome to my Home.” He greeted with a smile, making his way around the table in the now lit room. Lucas looked away refusing to respond. “Lucas, Lucas. It is least polite to confirm your own name.” Arkardy said with mocking disappointment.

“You already seem to know it, what does is matter if I confirm it or not?” Lucas spat towards the man across from him.

“It matters.” The man leaned back in his chair. “You been in here for what, over ten hours or so. Surely you are uncomfortable and need to relieve yourself.” Lucas didn’t really give it much thought until it was mentioned. He was so focus about what they were going to do to him and Olive that he didn’t give his bodily functions a second thought. But yes, his bladder was full. He shifted in his hard chair and slowly nodded his head. “Good. That’s what I thought.” Arkardy sat forward with arms resting on the table and his fingers interlocked. “Your name?” Lucas never felt so small until this moment when he needed permission to go to the bathroom. His body betrayed his need to keep dignity. “Take you time, I have no other plans today.” The man stated as he continue stare at the spy in front of him.

“Lucas North.” His voice was caught in his throat. “ My name is Lucas North.” He confirmed with more confidence. They already knew everything about him so there was no point in remaining silent as Olive did, who they knew nothing about.

“Good. Good to hear.” The Russian stood up and went to the door. Soon after he knocked the door was open and he ordered one of the guards to come in.

A tall lean Russian guard walked in with a forty-liter bucket that was placed in the left corner of the cell. He then made way to Lucas and released his from the cuffs that bound his hands. His rough hands pull Lucas to his feet. The spy stumbled slightly, having not used to legs in the last few hours, but he found his bearings as we was escorted the small distance from the table to the corner where the dirty white bucket waited.

Shame came over Lucas aware of the two sets of eye on him as he unzipped his pants and let his full bladder free. The sound of water hitting the empty bucket echoed throughout the room, as a knot tied in his stomach.

As soon as he was finished the guard brought him back to the table a forced him to sit back down, then proceed to put the shackles back on his wrist.

Arkardy beckoned the guard to his side and whispered into his ear. The tall man nodded his head and turned to the door. Arkardy and Lucas sat in silence as the guard left them alone in the room.

“You see, Lucas, this is how our relationship is going to work.” Arkardy smiled with victory. “You give me something I need and I will give you something in return. Plain and simple.” The man paused for a brief moment. Lucas just stared as his hands, hoping, wishing that he were left alone. “Now, tell me who she is?” Silence. “Who is that woman?” He asked again. “MI6? MI5? CIA? Who does she work for?” Lucas refused to say anything. “Don’t be a fool Lucas. We are going to find out one way or another. Just make it easier on yourself and tell me who that woman is.” Silence.

“Nina Mikhailov.”

Day 4

“I told you already. Her name is Nina Mikhailov.” Lucas uttered with frustration, as his interrogator paced behind him. Lucas has been contained in that room for the last four days, still sitting at the same table. His leg ached to be used other then being lead to the bucket that remained in the left corner of his prison; the stench that came from it filled his nostrils.

“Lies.” The Russian yelled as he forcefully slammed Lucas’ head against the table. A painful grunt left Lucas as clenched his teeth. The man pushed his head into the table as he whispered in his ear. “Lucas, You not being honest with me.” The man let go of his head and walked around to the empty chair. They sat in silence as Lucas could feel blood dipping down the side of his face. His eye were heavy, he longed for some rest. “Who is the woman?” the man spat, determined to get an answer out of his detainee.

Lucas groaned at the question and rested his head on the metal table. This new interrogator did no show the same patience as Arkardy did. He actually missed the older Russian who he hasn’t seen in a while. Though all of them were in a frenzy trying to find out who this woman is, the woman who had infiltrated the company of a valuable members’ of the FSB. Lucas was not about to give her up now.

“Fine.” The man slammed his palms on the table as he stood up. Lucas shot up as the table shuddered and looked up at his captor. “I know how I can make you talk.” He walked over to the door and gave it a loud bang with his fist. The door opened and he left Lucas alone.

Lucas stared at the door, as his mind raced wondering what horrors will enter through that door. In his solitude, Lucas placed his hands on the table and pushed himself up. He stretched his sore back and then he moved down to stretch his legs, the best he could anyway. Then he sat back down staring at the mirror in front of him. It was strange to spend his days staring at himself. He watched as the blood trickled down the side of his face.

Twenty minutes must of pass before he heard the door unlock and swing open. Lucas’ heart stopped, as the woman standing there barefoot. Still wearing her red dress that has seen better days. Her cuffed hands rested in front. Her knotted hair fell around her shoulders. Her lips covered by silver tape keeping her from talking to him or anyone in the room. There was a little bit dry blood under her left nostril. Her cheeks stained with black streaks from her mascara. Her eyes widen and jaw clenched as she stared at her partner. Lucas wondered what they have been doing to her the last couple of days. After all, it was her name that they were after.

The guards holding her arms ushered her in to the room and over to the chain hanging from the ceiling. They hoisted her arms above her head and placed the chains between her hands on the hook above her head, leaving her on the balls of her feet. The guard then took their stand on either side of her.

The interrogator walked back in and smiled at Lucas. He pushed the chair under the table and stared down at the man sitting across from him. “Shall we try this again?”

Lucas glared at the man in front of him. His heart pounding in his chest he was feared that his that it would jump out of his body if ribcage wasn’t there to stop it. He imaged himself jumping across the table and strangling him to death.

“Is this woman,” He spat as he pointed at her “your partner?”

Lucas shook his head slowly. “No.” He denied it.

The Russian sighed and shook his head with disappointment. He slowly walked over to Olive. He placed one head on the back of her neck holding her steady while the other proceeded to plug her nose denying her air.

“Stop it.” Lucas yelled as he watched Olive’s hands above her head squeezed into fist turning white. Her whole body tensed up as she longed to take a breath. “Please stop.” Lucas begged as his own body tensed. The man let her go. Olive let out a muffled whimper as she took deep breath through her nose. Her eyes closed as she dropped her head letting it hang.

“Lucas, your eyes say everything, you just need to speak the words.” He walked back over placed his fist on the table and lean in on them. “Who is she?” Lucas looked down at hands, for the first time he saw them shaking. He wasn’t sure if it was because they were cold or if it was nerves betraying him. He looked up at Olive; she had lifted her head when she heard the question. She shook her head in a plea to remain silence, which he did. The interrogator pushed off the table and made his way behind Lucas. He placed his rough hands on his shoulder and leaned into his ears. “So tell me does she work for MI-5?” Chills ran up Lucas’ spine.


Lucas jumped in his seat when the man made his way back to Olive. His hand reaching up as it did before to deny her breath. Her wrist strained against the metal as she tired to wiggle her way out of his hand, but she failed. “You know denying it, won’t help. I can do this all day.” He said looking right at the woman. Olive let out a suppressed scream as she fought back tears.

“Fine, please just stop.” Lucas’ head found his hands as he hid his face in shame. The man smiled a let go of the woman allowing her to breath through he nose once more.

Lucas looked over at his partner and met her eyes. His heart dropped into his stomach as he watched her body shaking, he noticed a small drip of red liquid making its way down her right arm. He turned his head searching for the man behind him. “Olive. Olive Prince. She is my partner.” His voice shook.

“Good.” Lucas could hear the triumph in the interrogators’ voice. He let go of Olive allowing her to breath once more. Her head rested on her hanging arm and took in deep breaths from her nose. The Russian walked back to the table and sat down. “Now that all done with. Tell me about Sugar Horse.” He commanded.

Lucas was stumped by the sudden change in questions. He had never heard anything remotely related to Sugar Horse. He turned to Olive to see how she doing, her eyes were closed and cheeks stained a fresh coat of tears. He turned back to the interrogator who was still waiting for a reply. “I don’t know anything about Sugar Horse.” His voice trembled as he leaned forward. The Russian titled his head staring at his prisoner and let out a vocal sigh. He stood up and slowly walked back to the woman hanging from the ceiling. Her nose was plugged and she was left struggling once more. “I don’t know. I swear it.” Lucas body was trembling as he shouted out. He pulled on his bound hands as if trying to brake free.

“Please. Stop it!” Lucas shouted but to no avail. Lucas banged his fists hoping that it would make a difference, but it didn’t. “Just stop it! I don’t know a thing about Sugar Horse!” The interrogator ignored the screams of the prisoner and just watched Olive grappling to take a breath. Gradually, she began to lose consciousness and it wasn’t long till she passed out. The man let go and let her hang by her wrist. “You fucking bastard.” Lucas hollered as his became heavy with anger.

“Well, you should have told me what you know.” The man motioned to the two standing by her side, immediately they hoisted the woman up and head to the door.

“I told already, I don’t know anything about Sugar Horse.” Lucas watch as Olive dragged out of the room.

“We will see about that.”

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