Whispers in the Dark of Night


Day 22

Every muscle in his body was afflicted with pain as he wearily pulled out of unconsciousness. His throat felt like he swallowed a handful of gravel and he had no memory why it would feel this way. He pushed of the floor to lie on his back; his gaze met the gray ceiling as he recalled the last few days. Confined to a pallet as water poured on his face, imitating drowning. Now he remembers why his body ached and his throat was raw. He had no clue of how many days had gone by but it felt like endless hours of anguish. In his training to be a MI5 officer, he had undergone through torture survival training, but there is no training out there that could prepare him for a situation like this. There were some days that his interrogators didn’t say anything at all and it was just a game for their entertainment. He was ashamed that he cried out, begging them to stop. He though he would be stronger then that. He was just glad that Olive wasn’t there to see his weakness. Though his mind often wondered about what she was going through at same moment, if she was being asked about Sugar Horse or perhaps it was something else entirely. Slowly his hand met his face as he rubbed it forcefully.

“Good Morning.” He knew that voice, except it was void of all emotion. He quickly sat up and looked at the woman sitting on the floor with her back resting against the wall and her knees pulled up to her chest. He barely recognized her in her new grey sweat pants and black tank top

“Jesus, Olive. Your hair.” Was the first thing out of his mouth; the lack of hair on her head was what he noticed about her. “Are you alright?” Though he knew that she wasn’t, he could see if on her face.

“It got in the way.” She spat coldly; her glare was just as icy. Her one hand reached up and rubbed the fuzz on her head. Lucas noticed the abrasions on her wrist they looked tender and fresh.

“Are you alright?” He asked again, since she didn’t answer last time. He stood to make his way to her, but he was stopped when he felt a tug on his left leg. He looked down and saw an iron around his leg and it was attached to a chain in the wall behind him. He laughed thinking that this was some kind of medieval joke. Olive whispered something.

“What?” Lucas said not hearing her the first time. He was looking at her ankle and saw the same manacle around her left leg. They clearly wanted them in the same room but still apart.

“You told them.” She said a little louder. “You told them who I was.”

“Yeah, I did.” Her statement took him off guard.

“Why did you?” She asked her gaze was expressionless.

“They were hurting you.”

“You shouldn’t have told them.”

“Olive, they would have found out sooner or later. It’s obvious that they have mole in the UK, someone who clearly knew all about me. There was no way of stopping in finding out about you.” Lucas stated as he found his way to the ground again and leaned against the opposite wall of Olive.

“You should have never come here.” Olive stated plainly as she shifted into a more comfortable position. “Harry shouldn’t have sent you. I was so close to finishing what I came here to do and you just came it fucked it up.”

“Olive, I’m so…” He started to apologize but was interrupted.

“They are very crossed with me. Well, crossed is understatement.” A weak smile grew on her face. “They will never let me go now. Not after everything I found out about them. You should have let him kill me, Lucas.” He could see tears form in her eyes. “It would have been best outcome.” She shifted her position, but this time she winced in pain

“Olive, are you alright?” Lucas sat forward, wanting to go to her but knew her very well.”

‘It’s nothing, Lucas. I’m fine.” She said once she caught her breath while holding her side.

“Let me see it.” Lucas demanded knowing that she wasn’t fine.

“Seriously, I’m okay. It’s just a little bruise.” She said as she composed herself.

“Olive, come on. Let me see what they did to you.” Lucas insisted. Reluctantly, she lifted up her shirt to expose an ugly bruise that took up half of her side. “Jesus, Olive. That’s not a just a little bruise. What did they do?”

She pulled her shirt down, “Punching practice.” She mocked. Her head rested on her knees, once again grunting in pain.

Lucas couldn’t keep his eyes off of her; he knew that she was right. She will suffer for her infiltration. He couldn’t help but feel guilty for blowing her cover. “I’m sorry.” Lucas whispered, interrupting the long period of silence.

“What they did to me wasn’t your fault. It was Harry who sent you” She spoke softly.

“That’s not what I’m sorry about.” His voice was filled with such sorrow.

“Then what?” She asked as she looked back up.

“The awful things I said at the hotel…”

“Lucas…” She tried to interrupt him.

“No, Olive. It was uncalled for. I was an asshole.” He said meeting her eyes.

“You had ever reason to have been crossed with me.” She said quietly. “I let my job become my lifestyle. I have no right to seduce my married partner. No matter how handsome he is.” She smiled.

Lucas smirked at her comment. The spy’s smile faded instantly as he thoughts were now filled with Elizabeta. “You know what the last thing she said to me?” The girl shook her head. “‘I love you’ and I ignored her and hung up. That might be her last memory of me. Hanging up on her.”

“So it’s not only me you hang up on.” Olive gave him a faint smile.

“No.” He said quietly, Lucas made his way to the ground. “I’m going to try to sleep. You should do the same.”

“I will.” She confirmed, but she remained sitting with one around still holding onto her side.

Lucas closed his eyes, but sleep was hard to come by when he was on a hard floor and his body was aching. Hours seem to pass before he finally drifted off.

Day 34

As the sun was setting behind the small window in his cell, Lucas counted another day without seeing a single soul. Twelve days. Almost two weeks staring at these four walls. He kept telling himself that he had endured much worst but the solitude was getting to him. He was grateful to have a window so he could tell when it was night.

He followed a routine everyday to keep from going too crazy. He would rise up with the sun and take his morning leak in the bucket in the corner. Then he proceeded to do a hundred push-ups and sit ups, not always making his goal, but that didn’t matter. After he rested on his bed staring up to the ceiling. Most of the time he thought about his wife and wondered what she was doing at that exact moment. Other times he thought about what he would be doing with his day if he were home. This would depress him and he tried to think of something else. Then we he figured it were midday when food was brought to him through a slot in the door. His day was thrown off, we none came. The afternoons he would pace the small area in the room counting his footsteps. When he lost track he would just start again at one. As the sun would set, he cell would lose its light for there was no other. The nights were the worst, it is the time where the nightmares surfaced, and reliving all horrors he’s had to endure. Tonight his thoughts were of Olive and the last time he saw her.

They were both asleep on either side of the cell, when in the middle of the night two the door swung open and the guards snatched Olive, pulling her off the ground. Her screams ripped through the room in pain from her damaged torso, as they began to bind her wrist behind he back. Lucas’ immediate stood up and wanted to charge towards them but he knew he wouldn’t make it that far with his food chained to the wall. Before he knew it was also at the mercy of two guards who followed suit in tethering his arms behind his back.

They were drag outside in the yard, they were striped with their backs were pushed against a pole as their wrist were bound, once again, keeping them in place. Lucas was thankful that it wasn’t too cold since he believed it was June, but his gratitude was shattered when they threw buckets of ice water on them. Fits of laughter came from the guards as they spat out insult at the two. Then they were left alone shivering in the night.

“Lucas?” He heard her trembling whisper in the dark. “We will survive this, right?” She asked trying to mask her pain. He didn’t want to lie to her and at this point their survival seem bleak. “I don’t know.” was the only thing he could mutter.

It had been twelve days since that night but every time he closed his eyes to find sleep, her scream echoed in his mind as if it she was right beside him. He began to smack his head with both his hands, he hoped to jolt her out of his mind. Only when the scream grew louder, he sat up in his bed when he realized that it was not his nightmare but it was real. Olive’s cry was ringing in halls of the prison.

Lucas found his feet and began pounding against the door with his fist, hoping that it was magically open. His back slid down the door as her scream faded. He heard feet shuffle past his door as well as a soft whimper the he knew belonged to Olive. His head was in his hands as his body shook in a voiceless sob. He felt so helpless.

Lucas was awoken when the jail door slammed into his back. He quickly shuffled away from the door. His body was sore, from his crumpled sleeping position, as he slowly remembered what he heard last night. The two guards shackled his wrist, and placed a hood over his head and pushed him out of the cell. In the dark Lucas was lead blindly through the hallways of the prison.

After walking for ten minutes, Lucas was forced to sit down and his arm wrenched behind his back and his hands were tightly bound. As the hood was removed, his heart started racing when in front of him he saw Olive. Limbs strapped to an arm chair, shoulders hunched over with her head hanging, and her white knuckles turning white as she grasps the arm rest.

“Welcome, Lucas.” greeted Arkardy Katchimov who was standing beside Olive. Lucas scanned the room and noticed a man sitting on chair in the corner of the room with a cigarette in his hands. Lucas immediately recognized him as Nazar Borodin, someone he loathed.

“Our good friend here has some valuable information for us, but it seems she has forgotten how to speak and I thought maybe you could help us loosen her tongue. You convince her to tell us what she knows and your time here will be considerably shorten.” Offered the Russian.

“If I can’t convince her?” Lucas asked.

“If not, Nazar will find a different method of making her talk, that will not be in your favor. Also you will remain here indefinitely ” Arkardy stated plainly. “We’ll leave you to it then Lucas. I hope you can make her come to her senses.” With that, the Russians exited.

“Olive, are you alright?” Lucas asked as soon as the door closed. Olive looks up at him and gave him a soft nod. “I’m fine.” That’s when he noticed a painful gash above her left eyebrow.

“Lucas, they know who my father is.” Olive voice was shaky.

“Shit.” Lucas sighed. “Well, it was only a matter of time before they did.”

“Yes, I know. They have recently found out about my father's involvement in the Cold War. Well, you know the story. I was sent, by my father, to retrieve something that he failed to do before he retired. I was so close to finding it.” Tears filled her eyes. “I’m so sorry, Lucas, but there is no way I can’t tell them what I know or what I came for. It will cause chaos in Russia and the UK.” She muttered.

“You do know what’s going to happen, don’t you?” Lucas stuttered.

“Of course I do.” Her voice shook. “But I will not betray England and I don’t think you would either, if you knew.”

“I understand.” He mumbled weakly as looked around the room trying to soak up the new information. His heart was racing knowing what was coming to himself and Olive would not be pleasant.

“Well, I guess we need to look on the bright side.” Lucas hinted with a faint grin.

“And what is the bright side?” inquired Olive.

“Well, I am in your company again. Being in solitude is so dull.” He chuckled lightly. Olive gave him a weary smile.

They both jumped when the door was opened again and Arckardy and Nazar walk back into the room. “So Olive are you going to tell us what we need to know?”

“No.” she replied as she looked into Lucas’ eyes as he gave her small nod.

“Lucas, you disappointed me.” the Russian place his hands on Lucas shoulders. “I thought you would be more persuasive.”

“Sorry, my skills are out of practice.” Lucas retorted.

“Very well. Nazar, you know what do? Find me when they decide to talk.” Arkardy commanded as he walked out of the room, leaving Olive and Lucas alone with their torturer.

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