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Bet to slave

By mistressluckless

Action / Drama

Chapter 1

"Come on Kai!"


"Kai please"


"Ty I think it's a no"

Groaning Tyson, Max and Ray headed back to the sea as their captain smirk victorious and lay back on his sun bed.

Mr Dickinson had decided the blade breakers deserved a break after stopping Voltaire. So he had booked them a plane and hotel in Tenerife for 3 weeks. Right now Kai sat relaxing in his red and black trunks, next to him was Kenny with Dizi. He was applying his seventh coat of sun lotion.

A few minutes later the trio returned, "Kai please we want to play volleyball and we need four people to play it not three,"

Opening one eye Kai glared the best he could at Tyson.

Tyson was wearing, bright yellow trunks, his cheeks and nose were bright red from sunburn. Max was wearing green trunks and was now a golden brown while Ray wore white trunks 'Very brave' Kai had thought.

"Go on Kai one game, you can be on Ray's team." Tyson gave his biggest puppy eyes encouraging Max and Ray to do the same. Groaning Kai muttered a yes and reluctantly got up.

"Chief you keep score"

"K Tyson"

Kai stood next to Ray as Tyson on the other side of the net served the ball. After a few minutes the score was 12-3 to Kai and Ray.

Soon it was 22-4, then it was 34-6 and finally it was 78-7.

"Ok I think Kai and Ray won" Puffing Tyson lifted Ray's right arm and Kai's left arm up, "I declare Ray Kon and Kai Hiwatari volleyball champs"

"Hey don't forget Beyblade champs as well," Giggling Max pointed out.

"No am the blade champ…"

"O is you sure about that?"

Spinning round the teens glared at the purple haired man that had spoken, "I'd really say it was luck you won,"

"Boris," Kai growled under his breath as his glared at the man who killed his Childhood.

"What you doing here?" Tyson stood before his team.

Boris's eyes drifted passed the boy to the one that pleasured his dreams, Kai. O how he had grown from 3 months ago. His muscles seemed bigger and he no longer had pale skin but golden brown that really finished off his sexy aura.

"What are you doing here Boris?" Tyson was now shouting, returning his attention to the cap wearer Boris replied, "This is a free country is it not?"

"Well, yeah but…"

"So we are allowed here,"


From behind Boris came the Demolition boys.

Kai's eyes narrowed as he stared at his former team 'how dare they? How dare they return to biovault? After everything.'

Clenching his teeth Kai directed his glare at Tala who was looking anywhere but at Kai. The rest of the bladebreakers had allowed their mouths to drop.

"I'm so glad you remember my team." Snapping out their trance 8 pairs of eyes turned to the purple-haired man. "So we'll just settle here, you may carry on your stupid games."

"We were here first now go," Tyson stood in a battle stance as though expecting the elder to attack. "We don't want you here Boris,"

"As I said before this is a free country, we have a right to be here." A smirk graced Boris's features as the teenagers thought of something to say.

"How about a bet?" All eyes turned to Kai who continued to glare at Tala.

"A bet?" Boris arched his eyebrows showing his interest while the others frowned unsure of where this was going.

"Yes a bet, a game of football, we win you get lost." For the first time Kai looked at the older, his eyes burning.

"And what if we win?" Boris questioned, enjoying the way the conversation was going and enjoying the excuse for staring at the blue-haired beauty.

"If you win," Pausing Kai raked his brains thinking. 'He won't be happy with just us leaving, so what?'

Soon an awkward silence followed as the stoic teen thought. Frowning Kai chocked his head to the side and asked, "What would you want?"

'I really don't think you would enjoy what I have in mind young Kai,' Mentally smirking Boris replied, "How about this, we win your team becomes my teams personal slaves, one for each person," Boris scanned the other breakers, "And they do everything and anything they are told, and this goes on for, say a week?"

Boris couldn't help but smirk as Kai's eyes widened and the colour from his cheeks drained a little. The others began to moan at their captain.

His eyes flickering to Tala Kai lifted up his head, "Fine, first to 5 wins deal?"

Kai held out his hand, looking at it Boris turned to his team.

Each of them wore a smirk.

-----Tala's pov------

'O great Kai's glaring at me, don't look at him don't look. Damn I looked. God his eyes are wonderful I remember when I first saw them.


Boris held my arm in a vice like grip; I was going to have a huge bruise there in the morning. "Seeing how you're talented in beyblading Tala you'll skip the first 4 years and go straight to black band blading."


Boris sent me a death glare that I was sure could kill. We walked, well Boris did I was just dragged along, for another 10 minutes down a series of brick corridors that were colder than the Russian weather outside.

Soon we stopped outside a large wooden door that had about 4 locks on it, something important must be in there I remember thinking. It didn't take Boris long to unlock them.

Once he swung open the door, I noticed the coldness in his eyes had left and in its place was burning lust.

Frowning I looked in the room, it was a stone room with a small window that not even a cat could squeeze through. There where 2 wooden bed with a pillow and one sheet on each.

Sat on one of the beds was a small boy; his hair had two shades of blue. On his face was two blue shark fins.

"Well young Kai looks like you get to share after all." Boris's voice echoed in the room, slowly I watched as he boy called Kai lifted his head. My mouth fell open as crimson eyes glistened.

At that moment I was captivated by everything Kai did or said. Even thought Kai was two years younger than me I still wanted him.

-------End of flashback-----

"How about a bet?" snapping out my musings Kai's words sunk in. O no Kai's going to get him and his team in trouble. Damn you Kai. Wait did he just say football? Football!

This is bad, very very bad. I listened as Kai gave what they wanted if they were victorious. Then it was Boris's turn, holding my breath I heard his say.

"How about this, we win your team becomes my teams personal slaves, one for each person," a very nice mental image just entered my mind here, but that's very private "And they do everything and anything they are told, and this goes on for, say a week?"

Boris turned to us as Kai agreed, smirking I looked Kai up and down for the first time.

Haven't disappointed me I see.



The breakers watched as their captain shook hands with the slime ball Boris. His angry growing Tyson waited till Kai faced them and Boris had walked a few feet away before exploding.

"What are you think Kai? How could you make a deal with him and make one were we as slaves for no gooders is there? Well Kai?" Kai glared at Tyson who had gone red in the face from his out burst.

Seeing he wasn't affecting Kai, Tyson continued, "Why football? Why not blading? If you hadn't noticed we beat them before,"

"Yes I did notice that but I also noticed how close you came to loosing to them,"

Clenching his teeth Tyson pushed Kai in the chest, "At least I won you lost remember."

His angry raising Kai swung for Tyson but was held back by Ray, "Guys come on we need to stick together and be a team not argue like enemies,"

Shrugging Ray off, Kai sent a death glare at Tyson before speaking, "I chose football because I know you lot can play and are good as well. Ray I think you should be striker, Max defender, Tyson Goalie and me midfielder. Any complaints?"

Slowly each member shook their head, "Great,"

Smirking Kai glanced over at oppositions knowing that if they keep to his game plan there would be no chance of them loosing.

------With Boris-----

"Tala midfielder, Ian defender, Bryan striker and Spenser goalie. You lot better win or I'll make your life hell. I will not loose to those breakers again you hear me."

'Bet that's not all,' Tala thought moodily. Looking over to Kai Tala noticed him staring, Smirking Tala winked at him.


Frowning Kai turned from Tala, 'Did he just wink at me?' Shaking his head mentally Kai thought 'must be all this sun'

Walking up 2 Boris, a ball under his arm, Kai and his team got into positions.(Do not ask how the goals got there their just there ok.)

Tala came to the centre and faced Kai a smirk still gracing his features. "Who takes centre?" Kai looked up at Tala who was a head taller.

"You take it if you like," Tala stepped back while Kai frowned and called over Ray. Kenny had gotten a man who sold ice creams to referee; he placed the whistle to his lips and blew.

It wasn't long till Ray and Kai where running towards the demo boy's goal. "Ray pass!"

Quickly Ray passed to Kai before jumping over Ian. Striking the ball Kai watched as it zoomed towards the back of the net. Suddenly out of nowhere Spencer punched it away.

Blinking Kai watched as Ian passed him with the ball. "Kai!"

Shaking his head Kai raced after the small teen, at that moment Kai felt a pair of arms wrap round his waist stopping him straight away.

Confused Kai could feel hot breathe on his neck, "I can't let you win Kai."

"Tala," Growling under his breath Kai struggled to get Tala's arms off him. "Get off me,"

Suddenly the whistle blew signalling the demo's had scored, Kai felt Tala let go as his body went numb. 'We can't loose.'

"Kai where were you?" Tyson frowned at his captain who slowly walked to the centre, his eyes glazed over. Once walking next to Ray Kai whispered, "Pass me the ball straight away and get Tala away from me got it?"

Nodding Ray looked over at Tala who looked smug with himself, "He stopped you didn't he?"

With no answer Ray faced Kai questions running through his mind, smiling Ray knew exactly how to stop Tala. Again the whistle blew and Ray passed to Kai who was off like a rocket, the ball with him.

Ray ran up to Tala who chased Kai, "You'll never get him you know,"

Tala looked at Ray his eyebrows raised, "What you talking bout kitty?"

Growling at the nickname Ray replied, "He's got a boyfriend,"

Suddenly Tala stopped in his tracks his mouth open.

Kai noticed Tala had stopped chasing, smiling Kai knew Ray had done his job, now all he had to do was do his.

Passing Ian Kai went one on one with Spencer. Doing some fancy footwork Kai made Spencer advance from his line as he dived at Kai.

Swerving him Kai walked the ball into the net.

The whistle blew; Tyson's laughter rang in the demo's ears. Walking back to their side Kai was once again stopped by Tala who gripped his wrist. "Is it true?"

Frowning Kai noticed Ray smirk, "What he say?"

"Are you dating Tyson?" Laughing Kai couldn't believe how sick Ray's mind was

"You're not serious?" Kai was amazed at how serious Tala's eyes were. "You are! Tala I'm not dating Tyson that's just sick." Pulling his wrist away Kai added.

"Why do you care?" Turning Kai left the question hanging.

------With Boris------

'How dare that brat keep on touching him,' Boris had seen everything Tala had done from almost fucking Kai to grabbing his wrist.

His blood boiling Boris noted that if they didn't win Tala was dead. And he meant literally.

----With the Match----

After a few minutes the score went to 3-3 then 2 super goals from Ray and Tala meant it was 4-4.

At that moment Ian had the ball and was heading for Tyson, he passed Ray then Max. As the last man Kai went in, the ball headed one way while Ian went the other.

Getting up, Kai came face to face with Tala, "What was the point in that Kai?"

"Sorry I'm not going to let us loose,"


"What!" Kai turned to the referee who had already placed the ball on the mark.

"O well thanks for making our job a lot easier Kai," Smirking Tala walked off as Kai received glares from his team.

Tala walked up, his smirk still intact.

The whistle blew, Tala ran forwards, the ball went flying thought the air and right passed Tyson into the net.

"Demolition Boys win!"

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