Bet to slave


Boris makes a bet with the Bladebreakers.

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Come on Kai!”




“Ty, I think it’s a no...”

Groaning; Tyson, Max and Ray headed back towards the sea as their captain smirked victoriously relaxing back on his sun bed. Mr Dickinson had decided the Bladebreakers deserved a break after stopping Voltaire and booked them a 3 week holiday in the sun.

Kai took a deep breathe in, the salt air settled on his lips as the sun warmed his sound of the other holidaymakers was drowned out by Kenny muttering to Dizi about the dangers of skin cancer as he applied his seventh coat of suncream.

Only a few minutes passed before the trio returned, Tyson stood over his captain pouting “Come on Kai, we want to play volleyball. We can’t play just three of us!”

Opening one eye Kai glared up at his teammate noting how red the boys nose and cheeks where from the sun. Tyson dropped to his knees, giving his best puppy eyes and holding his hands together.
“Pretty please Kai, just one game.”

With a quick glance towards Ray and Max, who also began to pout, Kai groaned and closed his eye.

Jumping back to his feet in celebration Tyson grinned at Kenny, “Cheif – you can keep score!”

“Sure thing Ty”

The sun beat down on the group as they played, sweat dripping down their faces and backs. It didn’t take long for Kai and Ray to take the lead. Tyson launched himself towards the ball as it flew over the net and landed in a pile face first in sand. The ball bouncing inches from his finger tips.

Sitting up Tyson began spitting out the sand from his mouth. His teammates laughing around him at his actions.

“Okay, I think it’s safe to say Ray and Kai won.” Max offered his hand to Tyson, his blonde hair stuck to his sweaty forehead and pulled the boy to his feet.

“Yeah alright, ” Tyson laughed. Grabbing Ray’s right arm and Kai’s left he lifted them into the air, “I declare Ray Kon and Kai Hiwatari volleyball champs!”

“Don’t forget Beyblade champs too!” Max giggled.

“No i’m the blade champ..”

“I’d really say it was luck that you won...”

The group spun around at the new voice. Before them stood Boris and in his shadow was the Demolition Boys.

Gritting his teeth Kai glared up at the man who haunted his nightmares, dark eye’s locked onto his own. Boring deep into Kai’s soul, a cold shiver ran down his spine at the smirk forming on Boris’s face, Kai dreaded to think what thoughts were currently running in the man’s mind.

“You can’t be here!” Tyson stepped forward.

“This is a free country is it not?” Boris replied, his eyes never leaving Kai’s.

“Well, yeah but...”

“So we can be where ever we want to be” Boris spat, finally looking to boy who spoke.

Kai’s eyes narrowed as he turned to his former team. How could they return back to Boris and Biovault? After everything that happened and they did to help them.
Clenching his teeth Kai directed his glare towards Tala, who was doing his very best to not look in Kai’s direction.

Tala’s heart was racing, he knew what Kai must be thinking. But what choice did they have? Where else could they go?

“And where we choose to be is right here. Now go about your stupid games whilst we settle ourselves” Boris clicked his fingers and the Demolition Boy’s began pulling out towels from their duffel bags and placing them onto the sand. In one swift movement Bryan pulled out and set up a chair which Boris gracefully sat down in – his smirk aimed towards the teens before him.

“You can’t stay here...we were here first!” Tyson jumped into a battle stance as though expecting the elder to leap up and attack him, “We don’t want you here Boris!”

“And being in a free country means I don’t have to care about what you want Boy.”

“How about a bet?” All eyes turned to Kai, who continued to glare at Tala.

“A bet?” Boris arched his eyebrows showing his interest. The Bladebreakers frowned waiting for Kai to continue, unsure of what he was thinking.

“Yes,” Kai finally turned his gaze from Tala towards Boris, “A bet. We win you get lost.”

Boris leaned forward in his chair, his smirk still on his face. Kai waited for a reply as Boris made a show of him thinking. With a sigh he finally spoke,
“What’s the bet? A beyblade match?”

“No,” Kai glanced over the team before him. Boris seemed pretty eager for them to blade, was that his plan to get them to blade? Looking back to the older man Kai said the first thing that came to his mind. “A football match, first to 5 goals wins.”

Tyson opened his mouth to complain but a sharp nudge from Ray stopped him. What was Kai getting them into.
Both teams waited silently as Boris leaned back in his chair, his eyes glued onto Kai before eventually his rose and held out a hand.

“You have a deal”

Kai glanced down to the hand before him, his stomach twisted remembering the touches from it. The feeling as it stroked over his body, the pain from the punches.

Following the arm up to it’s owner Kai’s eyes hardened.

“What do you want if you win?”

“Do you have such little faith in your team Kai?” Boris mocked.

His eyes narrowing at the man before him Kai hated how much of child the man made him feel. He knew he was goading him, knew he was trying to trick him into shaking on a deal without knowing what he was agreeing to. But the childlike feat continued to grow in his chest and Kai hated it.

Without thinking Kai took the hand in front of him.


“Excellent” Boris almost hissed, his grip on Kai’s hand tightened. His desire growing. Quickly Kai ripped his hand away, his heart racing. Turning to his team Kai wasn’t surprised to see the shocked and angry faces of his friends.

“What are you thinking Kai? How could you make a deal with him without knowing what the deal even is?” Tyson exploded, ’And worse why didn’t you agree to a beyblade match? If you didn’t remember I’m the World Beyblade Champ! We beat them before!”

“Yes I remember, I also remember how close we came to loosing to them.”

Clenching his teeth Tyson pushed Kai in the chest, “At least I won my match, you were the one who lost!”

Ray jumped forward grabbing Kai’s arm, he’d seen the flash of anger and knew Tyson had gone too far. Kai’s nails dug into his palm as he glared at Tyson, the realisation of how stupid he’d just acted dawned on him. Shrugging Ray off Kai shot a death glare at Tyson before speaking.

“I chose football because I know how well you can all play, and well we play as a team. Those guys know nothing but how to blade.”

After setting up bags and a couple of tops for goals each of the teams got into position. Kai stepped towards Tala in the centre a ball under his arm.

“You know you’ve made a stupid mistake agreeing to this right Kai? Call off the deal.”

“Who’s taking centre?” Ignoring Tala’s comment Kai placed the ball on the ground.

Sighing Tala waved a hand, ” You take it if you like,” and stepped back.

Ray stepped forward and nodded, ready to win.

Very quickly Ray and Kai sprinted towards the Demolition Boy’s goal, passing between them and avoiding the rivals.

“Ray pass!”

Kai struck the ball and watch as it sailed towards the goal, suddenly Spencer appeared out of nowhere and punched it away and back up to make shift pitch.

Growling in frustrating Kai turned and raced after the ball now in possession of Ian. At that moment Kai felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist stopping him in his tracks. Hot breathe danced on his neck as a voice spoke, “I can’t let you win Kai.”

“Tala,” Kai struggled to get Tala’s arms off him, “Let me go”

Cheers caught his attention, Kai realised that Ian had managed to score. His body going numb Kai’s mind began to race, they couldn’t lose. Only becoming aware that Tala had left him go when Tyson approached him

“Kai! Where were you?”

Returning to the centre Kai leaned towards Ray, “Pass me the ball straight away and keep Tala away from me, got it?”

They continued to play, the sand and sun draining their energy’s fast. It didn’t take long for the Bladebreakers to begin scoring and soon the match was tied at 4-4. Both teams were beginning to breathe heavier, their brows drenched in sweat.

Suddenly Ian seemed to get a second wind of energy and was racing towards the Bladebreakers goal. He easily passed Max and then Ray, without thinking Kai tackled with both feet. The ball headed one way and Ian went the other with a shout.

Kai stood up as Tala marched over to him, “What the hell Kai? You could of broken his legs!”

“It wasn’t that bad...”

“You sent him flying!”

“Penalty!” Boris shouted from his chair, “very reckless young Kai, Tala if you please.”

“Wait...” Kai’s blood ran cold.

“It’s only fair Kai” Tala picked up the ball.

“I got this don’t worry Kai!” Tyson shouted from the goal. A determined look on his face.

Gracefully Tala placed the ball in the correct spot, took three steps back and paused. After a deep breathe he ran forward, the ball went flying through the air,missing the tips of Tyson’s fingers.

“GOAL!” The Demotion Boys cheered.

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