Bet to slave

Chapter 10

Bryan and Spencer quickly rose to their feet upon hearing the approaching footsteps. Shaking his head Spencer tried to clear the haunting screams from his mind, although they'd long died from the owner's voice they echoed continuously inside him.

The wooden door opened revealing Boris holding an unconscious Kai bridal style. It unnerved the teens how protectively and almost lovingly Boris held the phoenix. Kai's bruised torso was now covered by Boris's shirt, the man left wearing only his under shirt.

"Time to head back, no doubt Tala will be worrying." Boris lead them out into the empty road, the sun had long ago set.

Bryan walked stiffly behind Boris, unable to tear his eyes away from Kai's peaceful face. His true innocence showing, Bryan frowned how could he forget that Kai was still just a kid? His frame appeared even smaller, more fragile in the arms of Boris. One of Kai's bang's dropped away from his forehead revealing a deep cut above his eyebrow, the blood long ago dried. Bryan clenched his fists together, burning from the blood of the phoenix.

A hand on his shoulder caused the falcon to jump; turning his head to look his stomach knotted even tighter seeing even more of the pure blood disgracefully dried upon his friend's knuckles. Meet each the other's gaze they knew Tala was going to kill them.

Tala sighed, his fingers twisting his red hair playfully. He was currently seated on the settee beside Ian. The Bladebreakers had long ago prepared their meal and now sat on the remaining seats in the room. The only sound coming from the television set before them.

Ian had insisted on watching the highlights from the Beyblading torment.

"Where's the foot stool in this place?" Ian tore his eyes from the box glaring at the trio.

"There isn't one," Tyson huffed, annoyed at being disturbed as his match against Lee came on the screen.

"If that's the case, get on your knees you can be my foot stool." Ian smirked triumphantly.

Glaring back Tyson bit his lip before doing as he was told, knowing it was Kai that was in danger not him if he gave the midget a piece of his mind.

"Blondie, go fetch me a drink," Max rose, also holding his tongue, "O and a slice of cake."

Shaking his head Tala redirected his attention to the television, the match changing to Kai's match against Spencer. What was Boris doing with him? They'd been gone over 3 hours. Unable to watch the phoenix on the screen Tala silently stood up and headed for his room.

Collapsing onto his bed Tala waited for Ray to shut the door behind them. Honestly for a neko-jin that teen was so heavy footed. Sensing the tiger standing over him Tala looked up, a confused glare on his face.

"What Kon?" He hoped the boy was smart enough to catch the annoyance in his tone, he just wanted to be alone.

"What will Boris do to Kai?"

Sitting up Tala couldn't help but break the eye contact. What was he meant to say? Boris no doubt had taken Kai to release the sexual frustration he'd had built up since the teen had left the abbey? No Kai wouldn't want his teammate's innocent minds to be scarred.

"He's just taken him for a lesson in manners."


"Meaning a beating most likely." The silence forced a curious Tala to raise his gaze; he was taken aback by the burning in Ray's eyes.

"A beating? That's all?"

Tala looked Ray over, what did this kid know? Surely Kai wouldn't have told him? Suddenly the door to the bedroom opened. Max popped his head round sheepishly, holding out the phone.

"Ray its Mr Dickinson, what do I say?" Max shot a glance to Tala before smiling pleadingly at Ray. Reaching out his hand Ray took the handheld, Tala watched as the boy took a few deep breaths before placing the phone to his ear, a smile now gracing his features.

"Hey Mr Dickinson great to hear from you."

Tala raised an eyebrow, impressed at Ray's sudden change. Had he learnt that from Kai? Or was there more to this team than he'd thought.

"Everything's fine... Yeah weathers great... Kai? Oh he's out being Kai...left a couple of hours ago... A talk? Why? I understand...I'll get him to give you a call when he comes back. Okay sir, bye."

Handing the phone back to Max Ray smiled encouragingly at his friend.

"Ray! Max! Get out here!" Tyson shouted. Rushing into the main room Ray was aware of Tala following. All were unprepared for the sight that greeted them.

Bryan and Spencer walked into the room, blood on their fists and clothes, they both kept their gaze on the carpeted floor. Boris stood in the doorway, holding Kai. A victorious smirk spread across his face, it grew upon seeing Tala.

"What the hell did you monsters do to him?" Max ran towards Kai's seemingly lifeless form, only to be pulled viciously back by Ian.

Horror filled Ray; he'd never seen Kai so defenceless, not even when he lay asleep next to him. He always held a powerful aura. The shirt that had been roughly put on Kai slipped open, revealing the bruised torso beneath it. Gasps left three of the Bladebreakers mouths as Kenny collapsed to the floor in shock.

"You see now what the consequence of your weakness. May this be a lesson to you all." Striding past the frozen audience Boris headed for Kai's room. No matter how much he wanted to share a bed with the phoenix he was no idiot, he knew Kai needed rest.

Tala watched as Boris laid Kai down on the bed, pulling the covers roughly over his form. Clenching his jaw it took all his strength not to attack the man. He'd seen the bit mark on Kai's neck, the mark of ownership. A reminder to him that Kai was Boris's and no one, especially him, was to touch.

-The next day -

Light shone through the gap in the curtains, adorning the bed closest to the window. Tala and Bryan had long ago awoken and left the room, leaving the two older bladers of the Bladebreakers to sleep. Ray lay silently next to the unconscious figure of his captain. Kai hadn't awoken nor moved in his slumber. His blood now stained the sheets and shirt he wore. Reaching out Ray brushed aside Kai's hair, allowing him to inspect the cut above his brow.

It was a rare occasion for Ray to witness Kai asleep, normally he would have rejoiced at the opportunity, praying for it to last as long as possible. But now he prayed to see those crimson orbs burn with fire. Sighing Ray decided he should get up.

Without the strength Kai gave his team Ray knew he'd have to take the burden of keeping Tyson's, Max's and Kenny's moral up. Dressing silently Ray looked down at his captain. Walking over to Kai's beside table he opened the top draw. Withdrawing Dranzer Ray placed the phoenix in her master's hand

"Help him Dranzer."

Shutting the bedroom door behind him Ray looked around the room. Tyson, Max and Kenny were once again holding trays of snacks, but were wearing maid outfits? Ray's jaw dropped.

"I knew I forgot someone!" Ian pouted.

"Ah! The chief has awoken," Bryan laughed, "Care to make breakfast?"

Feeling his eye twitch Ray headed towards the kitchen, trying not to make eye contact with his team. "Guys I'm going to need your help."

The demolition boys watched as their slaves retreated to the kitchen, unable to hold their laughter anymore.

"I have to admit that those outfits were a great idea Ian," Spencer ruffled the small boy's hair.

"May as well have some harmless fun with them, especially whilst Boris is gone for the day."

"What. Are. You. Wearing?" Ray had his back to his teammates, knowing he'd be on the floor dying from laughter if he looked at them again.

"It was an order from Ian," Tyson pouted as he looked down at his outfit.

Turning slowly Ray looked each member over, a cheeky smile on his face. "Best hope none of them have a crush on you guys," Winking he doubled over in laughter at the horror on his friends faces.

"Now that you mention it, I did think Spencer was looking at you funny Max."

Max blinked, once, twice. Shaking his head he gaped at Tyson. Was this some cruel joke? Sending a worried look at his best friend Tyson turned back to Ray.

"You don't think they did this to bring to life some twisted fantasy? What if they've wanted this since Russia? What if they've always had a huge crush on us all?" Tyson sunk to knees as he continued to mumble.

Shaking his head Ray began to gather ingredients and pans.

Seeing his opportunity Tala silently lifted himself from his chair, relieved that the neko-jin had finally awoken. Reaching for the door handle Tala's movements was frozen by the sudden silence that had fallen on the room. Curious he turned. His entire sent sympathetic looks towards him.

"What?" Folding his arms Tala frowned at Bryan who had begun to stand. The falcon was now the proud owner of a black eye.


Tala lay in bed, waiting to hear the click of Boris's bedroom door. He could feel Bryan's body tensing next to him; Tala narrowed his eyes his anger rising again at the thought of his teammate. Sitting up Tala swung his legs out of bed, still fully dressed. His ears picking up the click of a lock indicating Boris's departure to his room. Tala began to pull on his shoes, feeling Bryan pull back the covers and climb out of bed. Standing Tala glanced over at the other bed. The moonlight fell over Kai.

His jaw clenching Tala left the bedroom followed by Bryan, noting the golden orbs that shone watching them. Spencer appeared from the other room, silently following his team out of the hotel room. The hotel was currently empty except for the night staff. A single security guard sat in his office watching cartoons on the television supposed to be used for CCTV. A hotel staff member stood at the desk talking on the phone; from her laughter they knew it wasn't a business call.

Passing them Tala, Bryan and Spencer headed towards the door named 'Basement'. They continued down the wooden steps in silence. Upon reaching the bottom they paused. Bryan and Spencer stared at the back of their captain. Both prepared for the explosion that was undoubtedly about to happen.

"Did you leave Boris alone with him?" Tala's voice shook. Silence was the reply. Growling Tala spun round, his fist connecting with the side of Bryan's face.

-End of Flashback—

"Why are you doing this to yourself Tala?"

Dropping his gaze Tala searched the floor hoping it would answer for him. After a few seconds of silence Tala lifted his gaze, his team still stared waiting.

"I love him."

Pain shot through Kai, felt as though he'd been stabbed with hundreds of knifes, his skin felt like it was on fire. His eye lids felt heavier than they had in years. His senses also woke. Sitting bolt up Kai looked frantically around the room. No sign of him, so why could he smell him? It made him feel sick, past memories long buried played in front of him. Why was he in such pain? Looking down at his body Kai's eyes widened in horror. His skin was masked in bruises, when had that happened? Lifting the shirt he wore Kai stared at it, this wasn't his.

Slowly his mind began to piece yesterday's memories together. Ripping the cloth off him Kai threw it to the floor, he felt sick. The memory of those lips against his own, against his neck and body, those lustful touches slammed into his mind. Ignoring the reality that his legs most likely couldn't support him Kai quickly climbed out of bed, only to collapse to the floor.

He could feel Boris all over him, smell him, and taste him on his lips. Gathering all of his strength Kai pulled himself back to his feet, using the bed as support. Slowly he manoeuvred himself to the bathroom. Sliding down the wall Kai gripped the toilet, unable to stop himself from throwing up.

The memory of how Bryan and Spencer, his once close friends, had abandoned him. Knowing what Boris was going to do, they still left him. Kai's eyes began to sting as his mind traitorously replayed the event. Retching again Kai was only partially aware of the blood coming from his mouth, tears now freely flowing from his eyes.

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