Bet to slave

Chapter 11

The training room was unusually quiet, the moonlight slipped through the only window placed feet above the ground. The soft lighting highlighted the two figures in the centre of the room. The tallest figure of a man was busy fastening his belt, ignoring the small child that lay at his feet. A six year old Kai slowly pushed himself up, his body screamed at him as he was only able to muster the strength to pull himself to his knees, needing the support of his hands in front of his small frame to support him.

"In future I expect my orders to be fulfilled without defiance." Boris's voice echoed in the circular room. Fastening his coat Boris allowed his eyes the pleasure of watching his beloved prey.

Kai could feel the gaze upon him, gritting his teeth Kai cursed himself as a visible shiver ran over his body. Keeping his crimson eyes tightly shut Kai could feel Boris crouch down silently, his stomach twisting in knots as the strong hand gripped his chin lifting his face. Kai knew Boris was waiting to see his eyes. Disgust beat in his heart as he complied. Slowly he was greeted to the sadistic face of his mentor. His eyes burnt from the tears he refused to shed, though blurry Kai could see a triumphant smirk spread over Boris's features.

"You never cry for me anymore Kai," with his other hand Boris ghostly trailed his fingers down Kai's cheeks, almost remembering where tears had fallen, "Such a pity. You do look your best when you cry for me."

Releasing the small boys face Boris rose allowing Kai to drop his head in shame. Still feeling Boris touching his cheek Kai again tightly shut his eyes.

"Until next time my young phoenix." Boris's voice sounded distant, and a large slam informed Kai that the man had now left the room, leaving the boy alone with his thoughts. A quivering sob escaped Kai's lips as a single tear escaped his eyes, obediently following Boris's ghostly line.

Anger built up in the small frame, causing the tortured body to shake. Digging his nails into the concrete floor Kai forced his hands into fists, welcoming the pain that shot through his fingers as his nails snapped under the pressure. Slamming down the small fists Kai screamed. Why him? Why just him? No one else received this 'special' treatment. He knew, he'd asked Tala and Bryan, had them ask the other boys at the abbey.

Unaware of the time Kai slowly regained control of his shivering body. Standing Kai swayed slightly, his body still weakened from the punishment. Wiping the rough tear from his cheek, Kai willed away all his emotions. Suddenly the crimson eyes of the six year old hardened. Taking a deep breath he headed for the double wooden doors, his ears ringing with his screams.

Walking down the corridors of the abbey Kai held his head high. Other students passed, either alone or in groups, everyone knew of Kai's 'special' punishments with Boris. Ignoring a group of boys who towered above him, Kai knew from their hidden glances that they'd heard. Heard his screams as Boris forced himself upon the boy. They all knew that he was with Boris, because the Grandson of the great Voltaire never screamed. Never during a beating from the guards, never during a torture from the guards not even during a beating from Voltaire himself. They all knew Kai was alone with Boris when his blood curdling screams echoed through the grounds.

Reaching his room Kai quickly entered, bored of the sympathetic stares of his peers. Slamming the door behind him Kai collapsed to the floor, his energy finally gone.

"Kai?" Too tired to open his eyes or fight, Kai welcomed the embrace from his best friend.

"Why did you do it Kai?" Tala pulled the boy tighter, "Why didn't you just destroy my blade? They would have fixed it, Wolborg would have been fine. We'd both have forgiven you; a day or so without a blade is worth it to keep you away from that bastard!"

Kai shook his head, "I couldn't do it Tala, he'd have sent you to the cells."

"Kai a beating for me is nothing compared to..." Tala couldn't force himself to finish the sentence, instead leaving it were he had. They both knew of what he spoke of.

"Forget it Tala," Pushing away from the embrace Kai stood up, ignoring the look he received from his friend Kai headed for his bed. Laying down Kai welcomed the much needed comfort it offered.

"I can handle Boris."

-End Flashback—

Kai shook his head, willing the memories away. Why couldn't they stay lost? His knuckles white from his grip of the toilet Kai allowed the bile to rise in his throat. Coughing he wanted to empty everything from inside him, maybe then he'd free himself from his memories.

His tears ran over his cut lip, the salt stinging the wound. Once he was sure he had nothing left to throw up Kai wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Looking down Kai winced as it visibly shook. Reaching up Kai used the sink to pull him up onto his feet.

Wearily crimson orbs rose to meet their reflected twins. The sight disgusted the phoenix, his eyes were even redder and puffy from the tears that still escaped them, and the bruise on his cheek had begun to fade only to be replaced by a graze now dry of blood. Kai was surprised to see the cuts on his face had been cleaned and cared for.

Ray must have done it when I was asleep. Kai's thoughts came to a sudden halt as he stared in horror at his reflection. Had they seen him? He'd tried so hard to not allow them information on what truthfully happened inside that place. Kai's eyes dropped to the dark mark on his neck. Turning his head to get a better look Kai lifted his hand to the mark.

Kai felt sick as his fingers brushed over the indents. Boris had bitten him! Like some sort of possession he'd been marked. His breathing suddenly growing sharp Kai dropped his hand forcing his eyes away from the mark. Boris had marked Kai only once before, the first time he'd taken him. Shame was all Kai could feel, he longed for the security of his scarf, the reason he'd begun to wear it in the first place. To hide the mark and protect his neck from becoming another possession again. His tears fell heavier.


"It's okay to cry Kai; it's nothing to be ashamed of." Tala looked over at the small boy on the bed opposite. Three years had passed since Kai had first stumbled into their room, tears streaming down his face with the horrifying confession of what Boris had done. And since that night the bluenette had promised him he'd never cry for Boris again.

The same boy now sat staring down at his hands, his skin glowing red from the vigorous scrubbing.

"It'll help to cry," Tala sighed; he hadn't seen Kai cry since that night.

"Tears show my weakness Tala," The bluenette snapped his head up, "He wants me to cry! I won't ever cry for him or anyone else!"

-End Flashback—

Sighing Kai turned shutting the bathroom door. How could he stop the tears at such a young age but now he couldn't even prevent his body from shaking let alone control the liquid that rolled over his cheeks. Turning the lock Kai paused. He'd broken the promise to himself, he'd cried for Boris. Was still crying for Boris. Growling Kai turned on the shower and removed the remaining clothing on his lower half.

Stepping in he welcomed the warmth of the water to rush over his aching body, washing away any sign of his broken promise. Picking up the shower gel Kai squired the blue substance into his palm, the smell of Boris still sunk deep into his skin. Got to get him off me! Got to get rid, forget it ever happened.

Kai knew that the Demolition boys were aware of what had happened, he could only pray that they wouldn't mention it. Hope they too would remember the lessons of the abbey, forget you ever saw anything. That way Kai was sure he'd be able to continue lying to his team, he couldn't tell them.


Kai sprinted down the corridor, his heart beating painfully. Whether from excitement, fear or nerves he didn't know. All he knew was that his Grandfather had decided to pay the Abbey a visit. Turning a corridor Kai dodged a group of guards and continued his sprint. He'd decided that today he was going to tell his Grandfather about his special punishments.

After a year since the abuse began Tala had finally convinced him that if anyone could stop the mentor it was his Grandfather. Both the boys knew that Voltaire held power over Boris and where convinced that he would not approve of these special punishments.

Reaching the grand oak doors of the offices Kai paused, catching his breath and straightening his clothes. His Grandfather would not be pleased if Kai looked as common as those he trained with, Kai was expected to hold his head high, and he was representing Voltaire and the Hiwatari name after all.

Forcing the grand doors open Kai nodded at the receptionist who waved him along without even lifting her head. Knowing the way to the Mentor's office well, a little too well for him, Kai quickened his pace his wish to see his Grandfather growing.

Stopping outside of the office Kai quickly patted his hair down, he was about to knock when the voice of the elders travelled to his ears.

"How's he doing?" Voltaire's deep voice reached Kai as though he was stood in front of the boy.

"Very well, top of his group in fact." Kai smirked at the fear clear in the mentor's voice, "We were actually going to move him up two grades, and he is rapidly gaining power and skill."

"Good, see that you push him, I expect nothing less than the best to come from my Grandson." Silence fell between the two men; Kai leaned closer to the door intrigued.

"Has he been following orders?" Kai felt his stomach flicker in fear.

"Yes, although occasionally he has stepped out of line. Though do not worry steps have been taken to ensure his rebellion is squashed. The one you mentioned has been followed and appears to be the most successful." Laughter played in Boris's voice.

Kai stepped away from the door, his heart pounding in his chest. His grandfather knew? His grandfather had told Boris to touch him! Rape him! Dropping his head Kai felt his heart break, the one person he trusted above all, he'd been betrayed his own blood!

Lifting his hand Kai knocked the voices within disappearing. The door opened swiftly revealing his mentor's torturous smile; Kai stared through his bangs to the large figure that was currently seated behind the large desk.

-End Flashback—

Tala stared at his team; their shock was placed upon his own features. Had he really said that out loud? Did he love Kai? He'd never even thought he loved Kai let alone spill that phrase out to his team! Sure he cared for Kai; they'd been best friends for years and gone through so much it was hard not to feel something for the boy. But he always thought it was friendship. He wouldn't deny that he lusted for the boy, but that was to be expected. You only had to take a quick glance at the teen to know that he was sex on legs! Tala would be surprised if there was any man straight or gay that would deny Kai was gorgeous.

Bryan stared at Tala, from the look on the red headed face the teen had only just realised he actually loved the traitor. The entire team knew that Tala had always fancied Kai that much was obvious from the amount of time the blader drooled over him. But to actually love him! Shaking his head Bryan was the first to snap out of the trance state the Russians now appeared to be in.

"You're going to get yourself into trouble Tala, loving him means nothing but bad news. You know better than all of us what Kai means to Boris. We've all seen what happens to those that try taking Boris's stuff."

The demolition boys nodded in agreement, they'd all seen firsthand what happened to guards who tried to give Kai his 'special' punishment.

"Kai isn't a possession Bryan," Tala glared at his friend, it was worrying the effect Boris was having on him.

"As much as we all want to believe that Tala, when Boris is involved you know that isn't true." Spencer said, sorrow filling his voice.

"Grubs up!"

The demolition boys quickly removed the emotions from their faces as the Bladebreakers re-entered the room holding plates and trays full of food. Ruffling his hair Tala turned back to the bedroom door, pulling it open he noticed that Kai's bed was now vacant. Steam escaped under the bathroom door, sitting on the bed Tala watched the door his thoughts clouding his mind.

Stepping out of the shower Kai grabbed one of the fluffy white towels and draped it around his waist. Taking a second towel he began to rub his hair, once he was happy it would no long stick to his face Kai dropped the damp towel in the wash basket the hotel provided. Looking around the room Kai sighed, he'd not brought a change of clothes with him.

Tala was snapped from his thoughts as the bathroom door unlocked and opened. A blush grew on his cheeks as Kai stepped out with a towel loosely wrapped around his slender waist. Tala's eyes watched as a droplet of water ran down Kai's chest, a frown formed as his eyes registered the purple bruises that continued under the towel on his hips. Looking back over Kai's body Tala cursed himself for not causing more injury to Bryan and Spencer as they appeared to have done a heck of a job on Kai. Standing Tala allowed his eyes to look Kai over once again, this time seeing the redness to his skin; a familiar redness that usually appeared from Kai's violent scrubbing. His blue eyes finally resting upon the mark on Kai's neck.

Kai was shocked to see Tala sat waiting for him, just like old times he mused before placing his well known glare onto his features. He watched silently as Tala's eyes roamed over his body taking in the bruises inflicted by his own teammates. Kai kept his eyes focused on the wolf as he stood and moved closer.

"What do you want Ivanovo?"

Tala's brilliantly blue eyes snapped to Kai's eyes. Eyes they were still red and puffy from crying. He was shocked, over ten years had passed since he'd last seen Kai cry, and his time away from the abbey must have truly weakened the phoenix.

"You finally cried," Tala whispered. His eyes widening slightly Kai broke the contact of their stares, he needed to get dressed and just lay down. He didn't have the energy for Tala, curling his hands into fists Kai pushed past Tala to reach his stuff. Hoping to tell the red head the conversation was over. Kai was suddenly thrown back into Tala's chest as the bedroom door slammed opened. He felt Tala's body tense and his arms that were around him tighten. He didn't need to open his eyes to know who had just walked in, his eyelids felt so heavy as the last of his energy was fading. Forcing himself to open his eyes he stared through his lashes at the newcomer.

Boris stood in the door way, a murderous look on his face. It took his whole willpower not to rip Kai from the clutches of Tala and murder the red head for even daring to touch his phoenix. But with the Bladebreakers currently watching he could do no more than stare. His anger grew as Tala pulled Kai closer.

"Tala may I have a word, now!"

Nodding slowly Tala watched as Boris spun on his heels and disappeared into his own room. Glancing down at the teen in his arms Tala couldn't help but hold him tighter as his small frame began to shake. Ray suddenly appeared at the doorway.

"Kai? You okay?" Tala could hear the concern of Kai's teammate. Sighing he motioned for Ray to take Kai, knowing that the phoenix would struggle to keep himself upright.

"He needs rest, typical Kai trying to get up and be independent knowing full well his body can't handle it." Tala watched as the neko-jin nodded in response and helped Kai back to their bed. A smile graced his lips when Kai shot him a wary glare.

Heading back into the living space Tala noticed that the door to Boris's room stood ajar, waiting for him.

"I warned you." Bryan stood beside him his eyes also on the door.

"I can't stand back and watch him do this to Kai any longer. And you shouldn't either."

"Well we'd better move fast, you know who he went to see today." Bryan ran a hand through his hair before heading back to his seat, "Be prepared Tala."

Shrugging Tala headed to the door, replying over his shoulder, "He won't do anything in a hotel room full of Bladebreakers."

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