Bet to slave

Chapter 12

Tala pushed the door further open giving him a clear view of the room as he entered his eyes finding Boris who stood in front of the balcony doors, his back facing Tala. Daring a glance behind him Tala shifted his weight from foot to foot, minutes past before Boris turned his head to address him.

"Shut the door." His voice was emotionless, unnerving Tala. He'd expected some kind of emotion, heck he'd expected to be attacked as soon as he'd entered the room after seeing the murderous look his mentor had sent him before leaving the phoenix's bedroom. Hesitantly Tala turned his body allowing him to reach out and shut the door. Hiding Bryan's concerned look.

Suddenly Tala was torn backward and pinned down onto the bed, Boris's hands gripped tightly around his thin neck. Tala knew better than to struggle against the hand that held him, particularly with the mood the owner was in. Forcing himself to stay calm, Tala focused on trying to breath.

"You think you can have him?" Boris's breath ghosted against Tala's ear, "You think that he would want you?"

Tala could feel Boris's grip on his neck grow tighter cutting his air supply off, "You think that you can tell him you love him and you both can run off into the sunset?"

Boris's laughter caused a shiver to run up Tala's spine, his head began to spin from the lack of oxygen. Willing himself to concentrate on Boris's words Tala blinked away the black spots forming in front of his eyes.

"You know who I've been to see don't you..."

Kai collapsed onto the pillows, his body completely empty of energy. Never had it taken so much energy just to put boxer shorts on. Ray turned back around upon hearing his captain's relieved sigh; his eyes fell onto the exposed chest covered in purple bruises. His stomach knotted at the sight of bruises shaped like fingers at the slender hips, gritting his teeth Ray ran his eyes back up Kai's body, they again paused this time at the mark on Kai's neck. He'd seen it last night; he'd actually allowed his fingers run over the bite. No matter how much everyone thought it Ray wasn't naive, he knew exactly what Boris had done to punish Kai. Tala's reaction to his question had practically confirmed his thoughts. He'd caught the looks that Boris gave to his captain, the lust filled glances, the ghostly touches.

"I'm fine Ray, there's no need to hang around like I'm incapable of looking after myself." Kai's voice snapped Ray out of his thoughts, smiling down at the scowling teenager Ray shook his head.

"It's not that Kai," He didn't want to leave Kai alone right now; "I just remembered that Mr Dickinson rang yesterday."

Sitting up Kai stared in confusion at the tiger, what would be so important that Mr Dickinson would interrupt their 'relaxing' holiday. "Hn?"

"He wouldn't say what it was about, but I did tell him I'd get you to ring back as soon as possible." Ray waited as Kai scowled to himself before sending him a look which told Ray to fetch the phone.

Collapsing back onto the bed Kai shut his eyes; it felt like days since he'd last slept. Sighing he couldn't believe how bad the beating had been. It was true what Boris and the Demolition boys said, he'd grown weaker since he'd left the abbey.


Forcing his eyes back open Kai raised an eyebrow at Ray who now stood over him, phone in hand. Smiling slightly Kai again lifted his body to a seated position; taking the phone Kai began to dial the familiar number to Mr Dickinson's office.

The phone rang only twice before a cheerful female voice answered, "Hello this is the BBA headquarters, you've reached Mr Dickinson's office, my name's Rachael and how may I help you today?"

Kai rolled his eyes; he could picture the blond woman's toothy grin in his head. Ray laughed at Kai's actions knowing Kai's feelings towards Mr Dickinson's receptionist.

"It's Kai," Straight to the point as always Ray thought as he sat down beside Kai, "Mr Dickinson rang before..."

Kai knew the added information was not needed, Mr Dickinson always informed his receptionist about when he expected Kai's calls. Mainly due to the fact that he wasn't usually present when the old man rang him.

"Oh hello Kai! Are you enjoying your holiday?" Kai closed his eyes in annoyance, why did this woman insist on pointless conversations?

"Is Mr Dickinson there?"

"Yes you just caught him actually, he arrived not only 10 minutes ago, he..."

"Great!" Kai opened his eyes to see Ray smiling to himself, his teammates found Kai's struggles to get through to Mr Dickinson and stop any conversation with the woman on the other line humorous. It was truly amazing how she never got the hint nor believed when told that Kai wasn't a conversation person. Kai sighed as the woman began to continue her ramble about what Mr Dickinson had been doing since their departure, his lack of participant not seeming to deter her.

"Could I please talk to Mr Dickinson? This call is costing quite a bit..." Kai prayed this would shut the woman up!

"Oh, oh of course. I'll buzz you straight through. See you when you get back, tell the others I said hi and enjoy yourselves!" Three beeps informed Kai that he had indeed been sent through to Mr Dickinson's phone. Sitting up straighter Kai waited for the familiar voice of the old man.

"Hello Kai, so glad to hear from you. Are you all well?" Kai frowned, Mr Dickinson's voice wasn't filled with its usual cheer; he sounded tired and defeated.

"Hello sir, what was it you were wanting to talk about last time you rang?" Kai was getting annoyed at all this small talk.

"Never one for small talk was you Kai?" Dickinson sighed, "Glad to hear you haven't changed whilst been in the sun. Yes anyway, quite right not to divert, straight to the point."

Kai rolled his eyes again at Ray; the old man could never get 'straight to the point', always delaying. Out of respect Kai left the man to mumble more to himself that to the teenager. Ray looked away from his captain staring down at his feet as he chewed on the inside of his gum. He couldn't stop staring at the bite mark on Kai's neck, couldn't stop the horrific thoughts and images of Boris on top of Kai. Did Bryan and Spencer know what Boris had done? If yes how could they let him? Or did he do it to them? Ray's attention was again drawn to Kai as his captain sat up straighter. A frown crept onto Ray's features at the wide eyed expression currently on Kai's face. What had Mr Dickinson told him? Kai repeatedly opened and closed his mouth, whatever had been said had left him speechless.

Boris stood up releasing the thin neck of his pupil, a sneer planted on his face. How much he despised the teenager, he'd gladly put a bullet into the red head, happily watch the life leave the blue eyes. But he was needed. Too much time and money had been put into training the wolf.

Tala's hand quickly shot to his own neck, his fingers massaging the forming bruises. He gulped down the much needed oxygen as he stared up at Boris. He knew the man hated him, he'd know since Kai and he had been placed as teammates. Boris hated how close he and Kai once were, other students and employees had disappeared or had been scared away from the precious phoenix once they'd gotten too close for Boris's liking. Only Tala's skill and Kai's continuous praise to Voltaire had saved him.

Silence fell between them; Tala couldn't accept the name that the man had spoken. Yes Bryan had informed him that morning but hearing it from Boris's own lips seemed suddenly impossible. Memories from the abbey replayed in Tala's mind, the same pride in Boris's voice still present then.

"Kai?" Mr Dickinson waited for the reply he knew was likely to be delayed. He'd anxiously been awaiting Kai's call; it always worried him when Kai wasn't there to take his call.

"" Dickinson heard Kai growl, most likely to himself in annoyance rather than directed to the old man.

"When?" Kai's voice was emotionless but sharp.

"Yesterday, I was present in court when the verdict was passed. Your Grandfather has been cleared of all charges; the evidence was not strong enough to charge him with any sentence." Dickinson took off his glasses to rub his eyes, he was exhausted. After not being able to get a hold of the teenager he'd worried over the boy's safety. Voltaire wasn't about to abandon his grandson, not after everything.

"The reason I wanted to talk Kai was to warn you to be careful. You and the team. Voltaire will no doubt be out for revenge, and he'll want to take you back. Especially as Boris has also been released."

"Where is he now?"

"Boris was released over a week ago and the last I heard he was in Russia, but our BBA officials over there lost track of his whereabouts..."

"Not him! Where is my Grandfather?"

"Well Kai...he's..."

"You don't know do you?" Kai's hand tightened around the phone, how stupid was the BBA? They'd lost track of where his grandfather was within a day?

"No," Gritting his teeth Kai pulled the phone away from his ear as Mr Dickinson began to once again ramble on. Pressing the red button Kai cut him off. Handing the phone back to Ray Kai avoided eye contact. His heart pounded painfully in his chest, although he'd never admit it to anyone Kai was scared. Not only for himself but for the teenager who sat before him, for the three kids that were currently in the other room. He had been on the receiving end of his grandfather's wrath, and it wasn't a pleasant experience.

"Your Grandfather was let off then?" Ray spoke slowly, unable to silence his curiosity he hoped he wouldn't anger his captain. Kai's reply was a sharp nod.

"I need to train." Kai pulled back the covers, forcing Ray to stand.

"You can't be serious?" Ray tried to push Kai back down but the phoenix brushed off the weak attempts. "Kai you can hardly stand let alone blade!"

"I can't just lie in bed while you lot are out there with them!" Kai glared at Ray, I can't stay in here leaving you all unprotected Kai thought, unable to speak his worry to his teammate. Pushing his bangs back from his eyes Ray sighed in defeat; it was stupid trying to force Kai to do anything, especially when his mind was set. Walking over to Kai's duffle bag Ray pulled out some shorts and a thin black top, handing them over Ray re-seated himself beside Kai ready to help if needed.

Taking the clothes Kai frowned, Ray shouldn't be worrying over him, he was their captain he was meant to worry over them. They should all be carefree like the teenagers they were. Ray watched as Kai slowly placed the top over his head, a sharp intake of breath made Ray move closer, his hands taking the material and guiding it down Kai's body. A small smile appeared on Kai's lips to show his thanks; Ray forced himself to smile back even though his eyes dropped to the now covered chest.

The punches and kicks Kai had received appeared to have been aimed for his body rather than his arms and legs as the limbs held hardly any mark. Golden orbs stopped on Kai's arm where the finger like bruise from Bryan stood out against the tanned skin. How futile that seemed now. Another sharp intake of breathe caught Ray's attention, Kai had stood up and his face was scrunched up in pain. Ray jumped up upon seeing his captains legs shake, Kai's body crashed into the open arms of his friend.

"Maybe we should get a Doctor?" Ray spoke his thoughts.

"I'm fine Ray, just give me a second." Kai cursed his body, how was he going to protect his team when he couldn't even stand up? Pushing away from Ray, Kai began to walk to the door. Adrenaline ran through him giving him the strength. Kai stopped when he felt Ray's hand rest on his shoulder, turning his head in questioning Kai raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe we should cover up that mark?" Seeing where Ray's eyes had landed Kai felt his face burn. Turning away in embarrassment Kai scanned the room.

"Where's my scarf?"

"You can't wear that!"

"Why not?"

"I think the others will get a bit curious seeing how you haven't worn it all holiday,"

"What do you suggest then?" Kai allowed Ray to lead him back to the bed, his body happy to once again be allowed to relax. Kai watched as Ray began searching through his own bag, pulling out spare clothes and beyblade parts. Eventually Ray pulled out a small black bag, sitting himself next to Kai; Ray emptied the contents onto their shared bed.

"Why do you own make-up Ray?" Kai stared down at the foreign pieces.

"For circumstances such as this," Ray replied a small blush spread across his cheeks as he picked up a bottle named 'Foundation', he refused to meet Kai's stare. "I think will cover it the best," Ray stated more to himself than Kai.

"Again, why do you own make-up?"

"Well you don't spend your life growing up with Mariah on your team without picking up a few tricks," Ray finally met Kai's eyes, his blush deepening. Tilting Kai's head away from him Ray began to apply the required make-up to cover the mark. "She was always messing around in fields with boys from nearby villages, if the elders saw her love-bites..."

"I don't have a love bite!" Kai snapped his head back to glare at Ray.

"I...I didn't mean to imply," Ray down casted his eyes, "Sorry. I know you didn't consent to anything."

"What do you mean?" Kai felt his chest tighten.

"I know what Boris did Kai; you don't have to be ashamed." Ray dared to look up when Kai didn't reply. Biting his lip Kai turned his head away from his teammate; he couldn't help but feel ashamed, especially now Ray knew.

"I got the mark from Boris when he strangled me," Kai prayed Ray would believe him.

"Right and what about those bruises on your hips?" Ray watched as Kai winced at his words. Sighing Ray placed his hand on Kai's that was currently sat between them, "Kai I'm not stupid. I know the signs of when someone has been raped."

Kai tensed as the last word left Ray's lips.

"I know because Kevin was raped by a traveller when he was nine. He tried to hide it just like you, every time it happened. It wasn't until I saw the same bruises on his hips that he finally told the White Tigers."

An uncomfortable silence fell between the two teens as Ray continued to try and cover the mark.

"Has Boris done this before?"

Unable to lie to his friend anymore Kai nodded, he was grateful when Ray said no more. After a few more moments Ray began to pack the makeup back into the tiny bag.

"I've done the best I can, Tyson and the others won't see it so it should do." Smiling Ray again gripped Kai's hand, "I'm here if you ever need to talk."

Squeezing back Kai smiled back. Standing the two bladers headed for the bedroom door. Pulling it open Kai was aware of Ray being close behind, unusually close. Mentally smiling Kai found it amusing how much of a mother hen Ray could be.

Gripping the door frame Kai searched the room before him. Unable to prepare himself for the sight Kai's mouth fell open. He was only barely aware of Ray's arm sliding around his waist as his legs again began to shake, the tigers laugh barely registering.

Max, Tyson and Kenny were still dressed in the maid outfits only now Max had been forced to wear heels. Tyson was stood in a corner of the room swishing his skirt from side to side a grin on his face; Max was stumbling around trying to keep his balance while Kenny was pouring Spencer a drink.

"Finally up then?" Bryan was sat on the chair next to the door were Kai had appeared from. Kai simply ignored the teen, his attention still on his own team who had now looked up their faces growing red. Turning his face to Ray's Kai hoped he'd give him an explanation.

"It was my idea," Everyone turned to look at Ian who sat proudly on the settee, "Seeing how you're our slaves you may as well dress like one. Unfortunately they didn't have your size Kai and I forgot about the kitty, so we don't get to see either of you in a skirt."

"Pity" Spencer chuckled.

Kai could feel his eye twitch, he'd slept in for the first time in his life and his team had been reduced to this! The room all turned as the only door now closed opened Boris walked into the room glaring at its occupants. It quickly disappeared upon seeing Kai, who glared back.

"Recovered from your punishment then?" His smirk grew as he looked over Kai's figure. Kai felt a shiver run down his body as the lust filled eyes wandered over him. He couldn't help but drop his gaze, Kai was silently grateful to Ray who had now pulled their bodies closer in comfort.

Ray gritted his teeth upon seeing the lust fill in Boris's eyes; it disgusted him to think that man had touched Kai at all. He watched Boris's gaze drift slowly over Kai freezing once it reached Kai's waist where Ray's arm still gripped. Suddenly the lust disappeared, once again filled with hate. The orbs jumped up to meet golden.

Tala stepped out beside Boris his gaze also landing on Kai. He could feel the jealousy building inside of him; Kai appeared comfortable with having the tiger touch him so intimately, never had he allowed Tala or any of the Demolition boys to be even that close when he was so weak. It was strange seeing Kai allow another be openly protective over him. Obviously the kitty didn't know of how dangerous Tala and Boris were when jealous. Suddenly Boris turned back into the room slamming the door shut.

"Man is he grouchy!" Tyson commented before returning to his skirt.

"Tyson!" Kai growled, "You and the others get out of those clothes and put some pants on!"

Sulking Tyson headed back into his room, followed by an eager Max and Kenny. Kai watched from the corner of his eye as Ian stood ready to protest only to be silenced by a glare from Tala. Ray could feel Kai shifting more of his weight clearly hinting to Ray that he needed to sit down, taking the hint Ray guided his captain towards the table. Both the teenagers were aware of the Demolition boy's eyes following them.

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