Bet to slave

Chapter 16

Wandering back into the hotel room Tala looked around at the occupants. His own team were currently sat around the dining table whilst the Bladebreakers took up the settees. All eyes turned to him as he entered. Unable to look at the other team Tala stepped over to his own team.

"Where have you been?" Ian whispered, Spencer nodded in agreement.

"I needed a walk." Sighing Tala sat down next to Bryan who rolled he eyes at the reply.

"Guessing Kai found you from the foul mood he's been in since he returned." Spencer gestured his head in the direction of the breakers captain, "Demanded that we keep way from them."

Looking over at said person Tala felt his heart sink, Ray was currently leaning in to Kai whispering something. The tiger's hand sat comfortably on Kai's arm. Sinking down in his seat Tala folded his arms and began to sulk.

"Where's Boris?"

All three members of the Demolition boys shrugged. "Not seen him since he went off earlier." Bryan's eyes wandered to the door, half expecting Boris to stroll through like every time they began talking about him.

"Do you think it has something to do with Voltaire?" Ian asked, earning him a nudge from Spencer as the young boy's words travelled to the breakers who all turned. Kai glared as he looked between them clearly curious to their conversation.

Glaring back until four of the members dropped their stares the Demolition boys moved their heads closer.

"Do you reckon he'll sponsor us again? Boris is going to need someone to fund his science projects."

"Yes but Voltaire only just escaped Prison last time, surely that would have affected his businesses? I can't see him putting them at risk." Spencer pointed out.

"Voltaire only joined Biovolt last time because of the promise to capture bit beast and have the chance for world domination. I doubt now that people know what they had planned they'd be as easily fooled." Tala whispered.

"But Voltaire backed out before,"

Everyone looked at Bryan whose face was scrunched up in thought.

"The only reason he had faith in the project was because of his son."

"Don't you mean grandson? Kai's not his son." Ian smiled cheekily at Tala who shared his smile, clearly finding Bryan's mistake funny.

"Yes I know that! But before you two came to the abbey Kai's father beybladed and Boris trained him. He then became a mentor like Boris; he used to train me and Spencer before he mysteriously disappeared."

"I remember when we were around three/four. We'd just begun to Beyblade."

"It was then that Voltaire withdrew his financial support to Boris. I remember because the abbey almost closed. I overheard some guards talking about it, apparently Kai's father had fallen in love but Voltaire disapproved. So they ran away. Apparently Voltaire had only invested because of his son's ability. About a year later Voltaire had again begun to fund Biovolt, I think it was two years after that that Kai was brought to the abbey."

"So Voltaire only funded because of Kai?" Tala spoke slowly as what Bryan said sunk in.

"Seems that way." Bryan nodded.

"Not surprising everyone always said Kai was perfect." Ian shrugged.

"Even better than his own father," Spencer smiled remembering the first time he'd seen Kai blade.

"But how did Voltaire get Kai if his parents had run off?" All eyes once again looked over at the person centre of the conversation. Never had Kai talked about his parents, they'd never thought to ask how he'd come to be in the care of Voltaire rather than his parents. They themselves were all orphans, picked up off the streets by Boris.

"Did Kai ever say anything to you?" Spencer turned back to Tala, followed by the others.

"Huh? Why would he?"

"Well you two did share a room for almost seven years. Surely you'd have asked about his family."

Tala frowned, his mind trailing through the memories. Surely he must have?


Tala looked up from the book he was reading as he heard the locks turning. The door opened revealing Boris and Kai, the young boy stepped in as the door shut behind him. The sound of the locks closing could be heard.

"How'd it go?" Tala placed the book next to as Kai sat down on his own bed. Kicking off his shoes Kai shrugged, "Alright I guess."

"Why do you always go see the president of Biovolt?"

Kai paused in his actions as he slowly looked up to stare at Tala.

"He's my grandfather. Didn't you know?"

Tala shook his head his eyes wide. Thinking about everything it did explain a lot of things, as to why Kai was always treated differently to the rest of the pupils.

"Must be nice to get to see your family." Tala dropped his gaze suddenly saddened.

"Don't you?" Kai leant forward on his bed, his feet nowhere near touching the floor.

"I don't have any, I'm an orphan."

Silence fell between the two boys, neither able to look at the other. Fidgeting Kai chewed on the inside of his gum as he looked around the room. His eyes fell on the book.

"What you reading?"

-End of Flashback-

Tala mentally slapped himself. That had been the one and only time they'd spoke about family. It never occurred to Tala to question why Kai never had visits from a mother or father.

"It never came up?" Tala sighed as the others shook their heads in disappointment.

Suddenly the door to the room opened, Boris strolled in a smirk on his face. Quickly the Demolition Boys rose from their seats. A nod from Boris allowed them to return to seating. Continuing into the room Boris stopped next to the settees, gazing down at the occupants.

"Did you enjoy your little break down at the pool?" None of them replied, instead only glared up, "I do hope so, seeing how you'll be returning to training and being our slaves tomorrow." Walking around the back of the settee that held Kai and Ray, Boris dropped down so his face came near Kai, "Hope you remember whose slaves you are tomorrow."

Twirling a bit of Kai's hair between his fingers Boris chuckled as Kai snapped his head out of his clutched. The crimson eyes stared straight ahead with no emotion.

Kai could have sworn his heart had stopped, his body was completely numb. He'd dreaded this day coming. Of course he knew whose slave he was tomorrow, and he was positive he knew what was to come. As Boris moved away his hand brushed by Kai's neck, Kai couldn't help his body from shiver. Crimson orbs dashed around the room, everyone was staring at him. They'd all caught Boris's touch, caught the lust that dripped from the voice. His teammates stared, their eyes wide. Kai could only pray they weren't as bright as everyone always pointed out.

But from the way Tyson's eyes darted between Kai and Boris his mind was putting things together. Suddenly Tyson's eyes stopped on Kai, more precisely they appeared to be staring at Kai's next. Panicking Kai stood and quickly walked into his bedroom. Slamming the door behind him he headed for the bathroom. Staring at his reflection Kai paled. Part of the bite was showing. That bastard smudged the makeup!

Ray began to fidget under the stares of his teammates. After Kai had disappeared into their room Tyson, Max and Kenny had demanded to speak privately to Ray in their own room. Ray now sat on one of the double beds whilst the others sat on the other.

"Look guys it's not up to me to tell you. Kai would kill me if he knew I'd told you."

"But we're his teammates too!" Tyson's hand balled up into fists, "We have every right you do to know!"

Max nodded in agreement making Ray sigh.

"There's something going on between Kai and Boris..." Max began only for Tyson to interrupt.

"What was up with that mark on Kai's neck? And that way that Boris was touching Kai?"

"It looked almost like a love bite...but where...?" Kenny repositioned his glasses as he spoke.

"Love bite? Where would Kai get one of those? How would Boris know?"

Ray frowned knowing full well where Kai had gotten the mark.

"Ray please tell us. There's something going on between them, something Kai is clearly not happy about. I've never seen him that tense. Kai is his slave tomorrow so whatever is going on could get worse..."

Ray knew that he should tell them, especially with Kai being a slave for Boris. How could Ray keep an eye on Kai alone? I'm sorry Kai, please don't hate me, Ray prayed.

Yawning Ray headed back for his own room; he was unsure how long he and the others had been talking but at the arrival of Spencer and Ian Ray decided it was best to leave. Opening the door to his room Ray nodded at Bryan who was sat on his own bed holding a book.

Turning his eyes to his own bed Ray was surprised to see Kai's figure laid under the sheets, appearing to be asleep. Quietly he edged round the bed to his bag that sat near Kai's on the floor. Glancing up again Ray could now see Kai's face. The crimson eyes were closed. Suddenly Tala emerged from the bathroom, grabbing his night clothes Ray walked straight into the bathroom ready to change for bed.

Tala lay staring up at the ceiling, the other occupants of the room now asleep. His mind replaying the argument between him and Kai. He felt so far away from the teen, even though they were only in separate beds a few feet away with another between them, Tala had never felt further.

Sitting up silently Tala quickly moved out of the bed. Confident in his ability to not wake the other Tala rose and crept over to the other bed. Without giving the tiger a second glance Tala stared down at the phoenix. Crouching down beside the sleeping figure Tala remembered all those years he had only to glance over at the other's bed to see his angelic face. All those nights he'd fallen asleep with his peaceful face before him. Tala wanted to reach out and just touch him, feel the warm soft skin beneath his fingers. Instead Tala allowed his hand to gently move one of Kai's bangs away from his face, his hair was still as soft has it had been all those years ago.

"How could you believe I never fought for you? I'd die trying to keep you safe."

Kai eyes snapped open, only to quickly shut at the blinding sun. Covering his face with his hand Kai mentally cursed each of the boys sharing the room. He'd not closed the curtains believing them to be smart enough to shut them.

"Obviously not" Kai muttered. Turning round Kai was met with the familiar sight of Ray's long black hair. Yawning Kai sat up and began to stretch. Glancing over at the other bed Kai expected to see it empty. However Bryan still lay sound asleep with his mouth wide open, Kai was sure the pillow was damp with drool. A tiny smile graced his features as he remembered Spencer's insistence that Bryan drooled in his sleep. Never did any of them believe him.

Quickly and silently Kai dressed before exciting the room. As Kai walked into the shared room he was surprised to see Tala walk out of the room currently occupied by Boris. Raising an eyebrow Kai quickly turned his head away, his anger towards the teen resurfacing. They weren't friends any longer, hadn't been for years.


Kai jumped slightly, unaware of Tala having moved near him.

"About what you said yesterday, you have to know that I..."

"Good, my slaves awake." Boris leant against the door frame watching the two boys who had turned to face him.

"I fancy having breakfast in bed today. You are to prepare and bring it into me, no tricks." Boris watched Kai storm off into the kitchen, an evil smirk on his face. Tala waited until Boris had returned back to his room before following Kai.

"I'm busy what do you want?"

"Don't take that food in there." Tala watched as Kai continued to prepare the food.

"I don't have a choice."

"You know what he'll do."

"And you know what he'll do if I don't!"

"I'm not going to let you do this!" Tala reached out his hand to grab Kai, however Kai moved his arm out of the red heads reach as he spun to face him.

"Since when do you give a shit what happens to me?"

"I've always cared..."

"Who are you trying to kid Tala?"

Tala frowned; angered by the way Kai was acting. Refusing to let him explain.

"If I don't go in there, and if I don't go in there alone it will be my team that suffers. You know that." Kai returned back to the breakfast.

"I don't care about them Kai..."

"Well I do!"

"I care about you!" Tala stepped closer to Kai ignoring the fact he'd tried to talk, "I can't watch you do this anymore!" Tala wrapped his arms around Kai who froze. Tala pulled the frame in tighter, Kai's back against his chest.

"I can't do it anymore. I can't let you keep playing the hero, allowing you to keep taking all the pain saving everyone else. It's time you let me save you."

Kai could feel Tala's heartbeat into his back; his own pounded painfully in his chest. Moments passed with neither saying a word, Tala couldn't help but pull Kai even closer to him with the younger teen not protesting. Burying his head into Kai's hair Tala felt like he was in heaven, this just felt so right for Kai to be in his arms. For his to protect his phoenix.

"Why didn't you save me when I asked?" Kai's voice was nothing more than a whisper. He stared blankly at the wall before him, his mind plagued by the memories of that night.

His grip loosening Tala tried to turn Kai around to face him, "I tried..."

"Why do you want to save me now that I don't want you to? Where were you when I was screaming for you Tala? Screaming for you to save me from him"

Kai ripped himself away from the embrace and loaded the final pieces onto the tray.

"I was there Kai," Tala watched as Kai passed him, "I was fighting to save you!"

Kai stopped at the door and turned his head to look at the redhead.

"I saw you Tala. I saw you watching them taking me away. I know you heard me! How couldn't you! But you did nothing." Kai walked out the room leaving Tala alone.

"I did fight Kai" Tala whispered, "I swear I did!"

As Kai stepped into the room he was greeted by the sight of Ray and the rest of the Demolition boys. Dropping his gaze Kai took a deep breath as he headed over to his destination, his grip on the tray tightening as he passed Ray. Placing a hand on Kai's arm Ray waited for the quiet teen to stop,

"Let me come with you."

Without looking up Kai shook his head, "No, I have to go in alone."

"But Kai...?" Ray's hand tightened around Kai's arm.

"No Ray! I can handle this. Please no matter what do not follow me."

Dropping his hand Ray nodded hesitantly as he watched Kai push open the door.

"Shut the door please Kai."

Slowly Kai guided the door shut with his elbow, careful not to spill any of the contents of the breakfast on the tray.

"Put the tray on the side," Boris gestured his hand to the small bedside table next to him. Taking a deep breath Kai ventured deeper into the room, he could feel his hands shaking, it was amazing that the cutlery wasn't clinking together. Reaching the table Kai was unable to keep his eyes on Boris any longer as he carefully placed the tray down. As he released the handles of the tray Kai quickly made to stand up straight and run out of the room, however a hand gripped his wrist and pulled him onto the bed. A small squeak escaped Kai's lips and he was dragged down, closing his eyes tight Kai's heart pounded painfully in his chest. A sudden weight appeared on top of him making him close his eyes even tighter, instinct told him to begin to struggle. But Kai couldn't move, both his hands were pinned above his head and his hips held down by the weight of the other.

A gentle kiss on his neck stopped all of Kai's movements; his eyes snapped open in shock. Boris's breath warmed the now wet spot on his skin as the man laughed at Kai's actions. They both knew that Boris was a lot stronger than Kai, and when Boris held both of Kai's hands with only one of his own this confirmed this knowledge. Kai could feel the man's hand slip under his top, stroking his quivering body.

"Finally I have you all to myself," Boris's voice now appeared close to Kai's ear, his hand now trailed down to Kai's trousers, playing with the waistband. Suddenly the sound of a door opening outside of the small room brought Kai's mind back to the reality of where they were.

"No..." Kai's protest was silenced as Boris crushed his lips against Kai's open mouth. As the tongue explored his mouth Kai had to stop himself from gagging as the familiar taste that was Boris danced over his own tongue. Soon Boris pulled away allowing Kai to gasp for air, though the kindness of oxygen wasn't given for long when Boris's mouth again captured Kai's his hand running again over his body. Ripping his head to the side Kai couldn't help but scream.

"Stop please!"

Boris smirked as his lips returned to sucking on Kai's neck. Kai could now hear the voices of the others, tears pricked his eyes when the realisation that they'd have heard his scream sunk in.

"Please not here," Kai whispered his voice broken. Boris's eyes snapped to Kai's, searching deep into the teenager. Boris's hand had frozen in its exploration of Kai's body. Kai could feel Boris's warm breath against his lips, their noses almost touching. Whispers from outside the room floated in to them; slowly Boris removed his hand from Kai's waist and placed it back in its original position above Kai's head holding the small wrists. Boris continued to look down at the frightened teenager, adoring the way the sun fell over his attractive features.

Kai released the breath he'd been holding once Boris moved off him, staring down at him beside the bed. Suddenly there was a hard knock on the door causing Kai sit up rapidly making his head spin from the head rush.

"Kai are you okay in there?" Tyson's worried voice came immediately after the second knock. His eyes widening Kai looked up at Boris who had turned to look at the door.

"Kai?" Max nervously asked. Boris twisted back to glare at Kai. Unable to look away Kai replied, "I'm fine."

"You sure? We thought we heard you shout." Kai gripped the sheets at the introduction of Ray's voice.

"I said I'm fine!" Kai didn't know why he shouted, it wasn't their fault. He could hear them hesitantly move away from the door. Dropping his head Kai lifted his hands, his fingers twisting into his hair. He could feel his body shaking. He continued to stare down at the bed as he heard Boris moving around him, his skin burnt the shame of Boris's touches caused his chest to tighten. He his anger was growing inside of him as his senses filled with Boris. Swinging his legs off the bed Kai stood gracefully and walked quickly to the door. He hadn't looked or cared about where Boris was he just needed to be out the room. He wasn't surprised when his body was slammed against the wall, trapped underneath Boris's.

Snapping his head up in anger Kai glared at the man that again held him.

"Why can't you just leave me alone?" Kai hissed.

"Why would I want to?"

Ray stared at the television that currently was flicking between channels. The remote in Tyson's hand. They'd all heard Kai's scream, they were sure of it. Kai had been in the room for too long, long enough for anything to happen. Ray knew he wasn't just being paranoid, when Kai had screamed the Demolition boys appeared to react. Tala especially.

Ray looked over at the table were only Spencer and Ian now sat. Bryan had literally dragged Tala back into their bedroom, the red head struggling against him, shutting the door behind them. Though they'd not heard anything from the two since.

Holding his head in his hands Tala gritted his teeth together, "We can't just sit in here with that monster in the next room with Kai!"

Bryan sighed and laid his head back onto the door he was currently leaning against. His eyes travelled around the room, Tala had somehow managed to trash what little objects there were in the room. Now Tala sat on Kai's bed tearing out his hair.

"You can't go in there Tala, he'll kill you!"

"And what about Kai!" Tala jumped up and rushed at Bryan.

"What about him? Kai is no longer a part of our team!" Bryan gripped Tala's shirt holding him away at arm's length. "You almost died for him last time, and he left. I'm not having you do that again only for him leave again."

Kai slipped out of the door, his face covered by his bangs.


Crimson eyes looked up into the worried faces of his team. They all hovered over their seats, wary of rushing to their captain's aid. Standing up straighter Kai gave them a small reassuring smile, which made them all visibly relax as Tyson collapsed back in his seat.

Heading over to his room Kai stopped as Bryan stormed out. Barging into Kai's shoulder Bryan continued on as though Kai had not been there. Sending a glare in the falcon's direction Kai continued into his room, hoping that his team wouldn't follow. He just needed to be alone to regain control. Kai's mouth fell open as he pushed the door closed behind him. The floor was covered in glass and spare bey parts.

"Did he hurt you?"

Kai's eyes snapped to the owner of the voice, Tala sat crouched down on the floor his back leaning against the bed. It was surprising how Kai had overlooked the flaming red hair. Choosing to ignore the question Kai walked over to his bed, he just needed to change. He wouldn't have enough time to have a shower and scrub away the scent of Boris without raising suspicion from his team. He'd instead have to just be happy with changing his clothes in hope to rid him from the senses.

"He tried touch you didn't he. That's why you screamed."

Kai suddenly paled, turning around to look at Tala who was now stood facing him.

"I didn't scream, you're hearing things."

"Oh really? Everyone heard it Kai."

"It wasn't me; you all musta heard someone else."

"Don't treat me like an idiot Kai! I know it was you, I remember that scream. That scream still haunts me, plagues my dreams."

"Because of guilt..."

"I have nothing to be guilty for Kai!" Tala stepped closer to Kai pulling his top off over his head. Panicking Kai stepped backwards, his eyes darting around the room.

"I fought to save you Kai...I even have the scars to prove it to you!" Kai watched as Tala's hand dropped to his side, next to a scar that ran from his waist to his ribs.



Tala watched out of he corner of his eyes as Kai, now 11 stared up defianty at Boris.

"What?" Boris's smirk vanished.

"I said no!"

The row of boys all held their breath, knowing that although what Kai was doing was brave, it was also stupid.

"I'm not going to destroy anymore beyblades, and I'm not going to steal people's bitbeasts!"

Boris's snarled as his hand connected with Kai's cheek, sending the boy to the ground. The slap echoed around the courtyard. Boris glared down at the boy who glared back up at him.

"I've had enough of your mouth Kai! Clearly your earlier punsihments haven't been hard enough,haven't gotten the message through. Maybe it's time I take control of your disipline again."

Tala's hand's clenched together as he remembered Boris's favourite punishments, it had been over 5 months since the last time Boris had touched Kai. Voltaire had decided it was no longer needed. Kai's eyes had widened in horror, knowing exactly what Boris had in planned.

"No please..."

Ignoring Kai's pleads Boris pulled the boy up by his shirt, lifting him off the ground so his feet no longer touched the concrete surface. Motioning for the two guards from the shadows of the building to come forward. Dropping Kai in their waiting arms Boris gave them a single nod. Turning they began to leave with Kai struggling in his arms.

"No Please! Let me go!"

Kai's shouts appeared to have no affect on the men as they continued to drag him. Boris turned back to the waiting line of boys.

"Tala! Tala!" Kai's screams grew louder as his voice broke with his fear.

Tala turned his head to where Kai was bein pulled through the large wooden doors, crimson orbs met blue. All hope appeared to vanish from Kai's eyes as Tala broke the contact. Kai's struggles stopped instantly as the doors slammed shut.

Tala turned back to look at the doors, he couldn't leave Kai. Without thinking Tala broke from the line and ran towards the door. "Kai!"

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