Bet to slave

Chapter 17

Running to the large doors that Kai had disappeared behind Tala dodged the arms of Bryan and Spencer. He cared not for his own safety, a beating was nothing compared to what Kai would have to endure. He was getting closer, "Kai!"

Suddenly he felt fingers entangle in his hair, dragging him backwards. Slamming onto the concrete floor Tala cried out in pain as the fingers again entwined into his hair, the hand lifted him up pulling his head back to look up into the murderous eyes of Boris.

"And where do you think you're going?" He spoke through gritted teeth, his grip tightening causing Tala to wince in pain.

"I'm not going to let you hurt Kai anymore..." Tala's sentence was cut short as Boris pulled him up higher, the red head bit his bottom lip to stop his scream. He was aware of the guards ordering the other boys back inside, leaving only him and Boris.

"You think you're going to stop me? Who do you think you are Tala? You're nothing, you have no power, and nobody gives a flying fuck about you. Do you really think you can save him? Kai is and always will be mine!"

As he spoke Boris lowered his head closer to Tala, his spit hitting the red head in the face. Fear ran through Tala, if this was how Boris was with a student he cared not for how was he with him. The image of Kai's beaten and bruised body floated before his eyes, the pain Kai tried to hide. What he felt now was nothing to what the phoenix would feel. Not really thinking Tala swung his fist hitting the man in the jaw. Releasing Tala Boris staggered back, allowing Tala to rush to his feet. His adrenaline urging him on. Raising his fist again Tala hit Boris in the stomach.

"You are a dirty, disgusting pervert!" Lifting his fist again Tala went to swing for the man before him who was holding his stomach. It happened so fast that Tala wasn't aware Boris had moved until their faces met. Tala gasped for breath, pain shooting from his side to his brain. With a delighted smirk Boris twisted his arm, the pain tripled. Boris pushed the boy before him away, watching as he hit the concrete clutching his side in agony.

Pulling out a cloth Boris wiped the blade now stained with Tala's blood. He made sure that there was no traces of red liquid before placing the blade back beneath his coat.

" bastard!" Tala had dared to glance down at his side, his hands and top now red. Looking away he felt like he was going to be sick, his strength was quickly fading. Watching the boy before him struggle Boris clicked his fingers; two guards marched over to them.

"Bring him with me."

In silence the men lifted Tala from the floor and followed Boris into the Abbey, drips of blood lay behind them. It felt like he was being carried forever, the men's hands roughly gripped his arms making his body ache even further.

"Place him in here."

Tala lifted his head, why did he want him in there? That was the observation room used by the scientist and Boris to watch them train. However his answer was quickly answered as Tala turned his head to the one way mirror. Down below in the training room was guy and his two guards, Kai gave a cry as one of their feet connected with his ribs.

Tala was forced down into a chair and bounded by his feet and arms. He had no energy left to struggle.

"Until I can think up a suitable punishment Tala you shall remain here. Let's hope you won't die from blood loss shall we? " Boris dismissed the guards leaving them alone. Easily Boris manoeuvred the chair and Tala so they sat inches from the window. The movements cause pain to surge through Tala's body, his vision continuously fading in and out. Reaching down to Tala's ear Boris whispered.

"Enjoy the show"

-End of Flashback-

"I'm sorry Kai, if I hadn't tried to save you. He wouldn't have been so..." Tala was unable to finish the sentence as Kai's old screams echoed in his mind. Kai's eyes were still transfixed on Tala's scar, the phoenix's chest rose and fell rapidly. His mind digesting everything Tala was telling him.

"I never got to tell you because you left after that night. And when you returned, you seemed so angry with me and I was angry with you...angry because you left. After everything you just left..."

"I didn't do it to hurt you!" Kai was now looking Tala straight in the eye, "I left because I didn't remember anything. That night while Boris was...when he was...I didn't want to remember anymore. I had nothing left, you'd betrayed me. Left me to him. I blocked my memories, made myself forget. All I remembered was waking up in hospital with a doctor standing over me. He told me I was suffering from trauma and my mind had locked away the memory."

"But I didn't betray you Kai," Tala knew e shouldn't be happy, but finally knowing the reason Kai left meant he could but things back to how they were.

A knock on the door broke the silence that had fallen between the two; Ray popped his head around the door. He immediately looked at Tala who still wasn't wearing a top.

"Yes Kitty?" Folding his arms Tala mentally smirked at the accusing eyes Ray sent between them, was the kitty jealous?

"Boris has told us to pack. Said he can no longer stand being in this hotel and that he is needed elsewhere." Ray stepped into the room and watched as Tala pulled his top over his head. , "Must have something to do with whoever he keeps calling."

Kai nodded in agreement with Ray.

"Who has he been calling?" Kai asked.

Tala paused, what should he say? Tell Kai about his grandfather being released? Or lie? Either was bound to displease him. But wouldn't the BBA have known about Voltaire's release?

"I believe he's been talking to your grandfather." By the little reaction from Kai and Ray other than a shared glance Tala guessed that they'd been informed that Voltaire had escaped jail, "My guess is he needs to meet up with Voltaire for a meeting. You know get the funding back for his 'science projects'"

"So what, he wants us to go to Russia?" Ray exclaimed.

Shaking his finger playfully Tala tutted, "Don't be so foolish little kitty, Voltaire wouldn't return to Russia, and he defiantly wouldn't be seen with Boris there."

Ray glared at Tala, his mocking tone causing him grit his teeth in annoyance.

"I doubt we'll go somewhere public especially with Tyson tagging along."

"It's not like we want to come!" Ray balled his fists by his sides.

"No we're most likely going to be heading to one of Voltaire estates, right Kai?" Both boys turned to Kai who had paled slightly. His body tense

"More than likely knowing Voltaire." Kai suddenly turned reaching for his bag. It was then that Tyson and Max entered the room.

"I can't believe that he wants us to leave! Have you told Kai Ray? Is he going to...Kai? What are you doing?" Tyson watched as Kai began folding up his clothes from the drawer.


"But... we can't leave. Mr Dickinson..." Tyson looked between Ray and Max who both stared at Kai; Tala too stared in disbelief at Kai.

"You can't go with Boris." Tala stepped forward as Kai continued empty his drawers and placing his belongings in his bag.

"You don't know where he's going...Kai stop." Tala grabbed Kai's arm stopping him placing Dranzer's launcher into the bag.

"Boris and my grandfather are up to something. I'm not going to walk away when I have the chance to find something out." Kai mutter to Tala in Russian. His teammates again shared a confused look. Tala however was secretly elated; they hadn't swapped words secretly since before that night. Tala had tried when Kai had returned to the abbey before, but Kai just ignored him.

"You don't know what they've got planned, it could be a trick on you. What about your team?"

Kai looked over at the Bladebreakers who appeared to be growing irritated by the swap in languages. True he didn't know what they had planned; he could be endangering his team by making them go.

"They'll want to come if I come..." Kai sighed.

"You guys stay here." As soon as the words left his lips Kai knew the disagreeing statements would follow.

"No Way!"

"We're not leaving you!"

"You're our captain, we go where you go."

Kai gave Tala a 'told-you-so' look before nodding his head at his team. Tala watched in disbelief as Tyson and Max rushed out of the room no doubt to pack. Ray however wasn't in so much of a rush; he folded his clothes neatly, glancing at Tala and Kai every so often.

Once they were all packed both teams crowded together in the living room where Boris waited impatiently. Leaning into Kai Ray whispered, "Do you think we should ring Mr Dickinson and let him know we're moving?"

Kai turned to Ray thinking about the old man, he'd definitely be worried if he couldn't get hold of them. Maybe they should. Suddenly his thoughts turned to Mr Dickinson's receptionist; it'll take them forever to get through to him.

"It'll be okay."

Ray gave Kai a wary look before nodding. He trusted Kai's judgement. Soon Boris was barking at them to leave, the Demolition Boys used to being rushed and uninformed left as ordered. Tyson however folded his arms and stood before Boris.

"So where exactly are we going?"

"You'll see when we get there." Boris grabbed Tyson's shirt and pushed him aside, he was about to grab Max when Kai's hand grabbed Boris's. Raising an eyebrow Boris turned to Kai who simply shook his head.

Confused by the exchange Max and Tyson watched as Boris sent them a glare before walking out the room.

"Hurry up!"

"What was...?" Tyson began. This time he was pushed by Ray.

"Come on Tyson!"

Huffing Tyson followed Ray, Kenny and Max out the room. Leaving Kai to lock the door. Just as Kai was about to close the door the phone rang. Hesitating he waited for it to click to the answer machine.

"Hello boys," Kai's heart stopped as Mr Dickinson's cheerful voice filled the room, "Hope you're having a great holiday, just rang to see how you all are. Hope Kai hasn't got you training already. Well ring me back when you get this message. Bye!"

Kai glanced down the corridor; his team were waiting patiently at the top of the stairs.

"Kai?" Ray looked up and met Kai's eyes, "Something wrong?"

Shaking his head Kai took a quick glance at the phone before closing the door.

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