Bet to slave

Chapter 18

Kai pulled his satchel back up onto his shoulder as the doors to the lift opened, the Bladebreakers stepped out into the large room. Boris and the Demolition boys waited near the grand doors, Boris searched the streets before turning to them.

"Our ride is here."

The Bladebreakers watched cautiously as Boris opened the door for them to leave first. Slowly they edged forward, the sun shone down on them causing them to blink to adjust their eyes. Once he no longer had to squint Kai looked up at the road, his eyes suddenly widened. Sat waiting was his grandfather's personal limo. Had his Grandfather really come to greet them personally?

"Whoa!" Tyson and the others walked excitedly over to the large vehicle, "Are we really travelling in this?"

Kai's eyes remained fixed on the blacked out window of the rear seats, his heart raced. Was he really in there? Waiting? A hand brushed past Kai's causing the teen to jump slightly. His eyes snapped to the figure passing him. Tala sent him an almost-not-there smile, the tiny contact meaning to comfort him. Their attention quickly turned to the front of the limo where a seemingly frail man in his sixties had stepped out. He was dressed in a smart black uniform were a golden H stood out beneath the Hiwatari crest as a badge. His cap was dipped covering his eyes from view. Seeing this man made Kai's anxiousness grow, Parker was the only person his grandfather allowed to drive him. Wherever his grandfather was, Parker was. Kai's eyes watched as Parker pulled open the door, the limo was empty.

Kai released a sigh of relief and stepped towards the limo. The Bladebreakers had tried to climb into the limo, however Spencer and Bryan had stopped them, pulling them back allowing Kai to enter. Upon reaching Parker Kai could feel the blood rush to his face as the old man bent down into a low bow.

"Master Kai,"

Nodding back Kai rushed into the limo. He'd been in his Grandfather's limo many times so the leather seats and costly decor no longer surprised him. Taking his normal seat at the far side near the window Kai was surprised to see his grandfather had kept the stereo and headphones they'd installed for Kai. The rest of the group quickly seated themselves, the Bladebreakers openly showing their amazement, while the Demolition boys silently looked around.

"Kai how rich is your family?" Tyson popped his head around Max to see Kai, "I knew you had some money but... damn he maybe evil but Voltaire has got style!"

Fidgeting in his seat Kai chewed on the inside of his gum. It wasn't that he was ashamed of being rich, rather more embarrassed at how his grandfather insisted on flaunting it about. Boris finally slipped into the limo silencing the teens. The door snapped shut behind him and soon they heard Parker seat himself in the front.

Kai's discomfort grew as he looked over at Boris; he was staring right at him. In the same seat his grandfather always sat. Voltaire sometimes would stare, Kai realised, lost in thought. It was easy to ignore for it held no emotion, but Boris's he couldn't. Forcing himself to stare out the window Kai blocked out the dull buzzing of the other's voices. After a while Kai could feel his eyelids begin to droop, stifling a yawn he forgot about the company and brought up a hand to rub one of his eyes.

Tala's eyes wandered over the limo for the umpteenth time, the view outside boring him long ago. The limo had grown quiet after the blond and Tyson had fallen asleep, the blonds' head lay on Tyson's shoulder. The computer nerd had his laptop out again and was furiously typing away. Tala turned to the two older bladers, Ray had slumped slightly lower in his chair his eyes slowly closing as his head dropped. Finally looking at their captain Tala cursed himself for not having a camera; Kai hadn't looked that adorable in years. A tiny smile escaped to Tala's lips as he watched Kai fight the beckoning sleep.

Suddenly the limo pulled to a stop, jolting the Bladebreakers awake. Peering outside both teams frowned at the empty field they'd come to.

"Out!" Boris had already climbed out of the limo and is voice floated in behind him. Quickly the teenagers followed his lead. Outside they all again looked around; they must have driven far from the town they had been staying as there were no houses or people in sight.

"Where are we?" Max muttered to Ray. Taking a glance at the Demolition boys Ray realised they too knew nothing of their destination, replying to Max with a shrug Ray crept closer to Kai. They'd come in one of his grandfathers limo's maybe he'd been here before.

"Here's our next ride." Boris was looking up at the sky, shadowing his eyes with his hand. The nine teenagers also looked up when the silence of the field was destroyed by the sound of helicopter blades. Two giant black helicopters approached them; Kai didn't need to check for the Hiwatari crest that he knew was proudly placed on either side of them.

"Tala, you and Ian will be going on the left helicopter with those three," Boris pointed at Tyson, Ray and Kenny, "Bryan and you," Boris pointed at max whose eyes widened in fear, "Will be travelling with me and along with Kai."

Both Tala and Ray shot a glance between Kai and Boris both had prayed that at least one of them would have travelled with Kai. They may not like each other but they trusted that they both wanted to keep Kai safe and away from Boris.

They could only watch as Boris dragged Kai towards the first helicopter, Max rushing to keep up. Kai struggled against the man's hold, his stomach knotting at the thought of being stuck so close to Boris especially as he was unable to prepare himself for the amount of time he'd have to endure him for.

"You first Blondie." Boris ripped open the door to and nodded to the pilot. Kai's eyes slipped past Max, who sat down, to the pilot. The man caught Kai's eyes and bowed his head.

"Master Kai." The voice was husky and familiar. Davis, Kai would recognise his voice anywhere. Like Parker, Davis was the only man Voltaire allowed to fly him, be it helicopter or plane. Why was he here? Kai hissed as he was slammed against the helicopter, pain shot from his side.

"In I said!" Boris pointed at the seat beside Max. Glaring back Kai climbed in, wincing at the pain. That was going to leave a bruise. Max watched Kai worriedly as he seated himself; he noticed Kai had shifted up closer to him leaving a larger space between him and Boris. Max remembered what Ray had told them about Boris's form of punishing Kai, his eyes darting at the small space between Kai and Boris. Edging uncomfortably close to the side Max slyly gripped Kai's top and tugged. Kai turned his head to Max, a questioning frown on his features. Max dropped his eyes to the newly made space and back up Kai before quickly darting to Boris. Kai appeared to pale slightly before he gave a single nod and shifted up even closer to Max. The helicopter began to lift back of the ground, followed by the other. Half an hour past with them sitting in silence, the landscape had long gone and been replaced by ocean.

Kai shifted his body slightly to prevent his bum getting numb when he again felt a tug on his top. Glancing at Max Kai was confused to see the blond staring out the window wide eyed. Kai dropped his gaze to his top; Max's hand still clung to his top. Had he been holding it since they took off? A small smile slipped onto Kai's face, Max truly was still a child. Carefully Kai unhooked Max's hand and took it in his own. Max turned his head to face Kai.

"You okay?" Kai mouthed. They may think him heartless and cold but he was their captain and friend. Kai knew how Max's confidence lessened when neither Tyson nor Ray where around, so he was prepared to be some sort of comfort to the boy.

Max gave a nod before returning a cheerful smile. Kai gave Max's hand a quick squeeze before releasing it, or so he tried. Max had continued to grasp Kai's hand and returned to look back out the window. Rolling his eyes Kai's smile remained as he allowed their hands to rest between them, finding a small comfort in holding Max's hand.

Another hour passed before land came back into view. A small island to be precise. As they grew closer a large mansion surrounded by trees could be seen. At a guess Kai would have said it held no less than 200 rooms, and not including any staff or basement rooms. His grandfather had a habit of buying or building homes with so many rooms he could never fill or occupy them.

As the helicopter prepared to land they were able to see how grand the building was. It was clearly newly built but wines had been artificially placed to give more of a timeless feel. Kai rolled his eyes sarcastically at hi grandfather's taste. Even when there was nobody to see he had to show off. The Helicopter landed with a small bump, the door beside Boris was opened to reveal a tall man dressed in a charcoal suit. His short blond hair was gelled back flat against his head, his green eyes glistened upon seeing the occupants of the helicopter. A smirk spread over his thin lips when his green eyes met Kai's before he bowed his head and stepped out the way for Boris to exit.

Kai shifted up the seat and made to climb out, he moved his hand to grasp the side of the helicopter to steady him. However instead of finding cool metal he met a warm hand. Turning his head Kai's eyes narrowed at the man who held his hand. He wasn't some sort of pathetic damsel who needed help!

"Welcome master Kai" the man's voice was soft, and slimy Kai thought. He watched as the man bowed his head again, this time he brought up Kai's hand to meet his lips in a quick kiss. Angered Kai tried to pull his hand away from the long pale hands but the grip was strong, a small tug on his arm brought Kai flying out of the helicopter. Catching his balance Kai turned to the man, opening his mouth to snap a remark. However his hand was suddenly released and the man turned away to shut the door behind Max.

"Is he inside?" Boris watched as the others left the helicopter and headed over to them before turning to the man.

"Yes sir, he is currently in his office. If you'd like to follow me."Without waiting for confirmation the man strode back towards the house giving them no choice but to follow. Kai dropped back behind the group, rubbing the back of his hand against his top, what was with everyone grabbing him lately.

"You okay?" Kai lifted his head, startled to find Ray on his left and Tala on his right. He hadn't heard or sensed them approach.

"He didn't try anything did he?" Tala nodded at Kai's hand that was still being rubbed against Kai's top.

"No. That butler or whatever he is decided to welcome me with a kiss to the hand."

Ray and Tala both clearly relaxed and looked up at the building.

"Is it one of his then?" Tala asked as they stepped through large French doors. Maid's curtsied either side as they closed the doors behind them.

"I've never been here before," Kai glanced around the room. His ceilings, vintage furniture, a large fireplace and hundreds of servants. It was certainly his grandfather's taste. Voltaire owned numerous houses across the world, many Kai had never visited or known about

"If the boys would like to make themselves comfortable here, my master has requested to speak to you alone first." The man held open a large oak door that lead out to a long corridor. Boris nodded and followed him out, the door shut behind them. Kai took another look around the room as the others sat themselves down on the two large sofas in the centre of the room. Pieces of art decorated the wall. Kai's eyes looked over the large chandelier that hung overhead before stopping at the marble fireplace. A large painting of a black phoenix rising from flames hung above it, cocking his head to the side Kai raised an eyebrow. Not his grandfather's usual thing, normally he had a lion or dragon of sorts above the mantle. Stepping closer Kai's eyes followed down the phoenix to its tails that were entangled in the flames. It was then he noticed a small wooden picture frame faced down. Reaching up Kai hesitated as his fingers stroked the wood, never had his grandfather placed photographs outside of his office, unless they were large portraits of him. Curiosity winning Kai lifted the frame, a black and white photograph of a smiling family stared back at him. The man he recognised as his grandfather, many years younger, the woman his grandmother. He'd seen her only in photographs like these, his eyes then stopped at the child in her arms. Kai stared down in shock; it was like looking at himself when he was three. Kai's grip tightened around the frame, his eyes locked with those of his fathers. He'd never seen his father before, never found a photograph. His memories as a child lost.

"Welcome Bladebreakers to my home."

Kai's head snapped up at the all too familiar voice. The oak doors were wide opening revealing his grandfather. Voltaire stood with his arms open in a friendly manner, a small smile on his face. One that didn't meet his eyes, they remained hard and cold as ever. Boris stood beside him.

Kai quickly hid the frame behind his back as his grandfather turned his gaze to him, the smile grew unnerving Kai.

"Grandson, "Voltaire stepped closer and clasped his hands together.

"Voltaire! Why have you brought us here?" Tyson was up on his feet, quickly followed by Ray and Max. Voltaire turned his gaze slowly away from Kai to the others.

"Impatient and rude as always. I'd have thought you'd have at least managed to teach them some manners Kai."

"You don't deserve manners!" Tyson's hand disappeared into his pocket, clasping Dragoon in preparation.

"Oh please do get out your blades, it'll make this easier." Voltaire raised his hand, his smirk growing. With a sharp click the room as suddenly filled with men wearing black suits. They grabbed both the Blade breakers and Demolition boys. Voltaire laughed as the boys fought in vain. Kai watched in horror, none had made to hold him.

"What do you want?" Kai asked, his eyes never leaving the others. Searching to see if they had been seriously injured.

"From them? I wish only to have their bit beasts..."

"No way!" Tyson's shout was cut off as a gloved hand covered his mouth.

"From you, Black Dranzer!" Voltaire stepped even closer to Kai. His pride winning over his fear Kai stood up straighter.

"I don't have it, I destroyed it."

Voltaire's smile vanished and he stopped in front of Kai. They could now feel each other's breath, their bodies inches apart.

"Liar!" Voltaire hissed. It was Kai's turn to smirk.

"You always taught me never to lie dear grandfather," Kai spat, "I destroyed Black Dranzer, so you and your little science freak could never gain world domination. Never steal another bit beast!"

A slap resounded around the room. Kai fell to the floor, the photo frame slipping from his grasp. Kai lifted his hand to his burning cheek. His eyes stared at the broken glass, his father's innocent eyes gazing up at him.

"Where did you...?" Voltaire blinked. Growling in anger he brought his foot down on the photograph, smashing both the frame and the remaining glass.

"Boris do you still have the data for Black Dranzer?" Voltaire's voice shook with his anger.

"Yes sir, but we don't have the resources or time to rebuild Black Dranzer from scratch."

"We don't need to." Voltaire turned back to look at Kai who had remained on the floor, "We already have a phoenix. We have the original Dranzer."

Kai looked up at his grandfather. Dranzer burned in his pocket. They wouldn't take her, they couldn't. Voltaire bent down and grabbed the front of Kai's shirt, with strength he shouldn't possess he easily lifted Kai from the floor. Kai immediately began to struggle.

Tala struggled harder against the two men holding him. He couldn't let them take Dranzer. He watched as Voltaire held Kai, he looked so scared. So small and fragile.

"You will give me that bit beast boy."

"No!" Kai scratched at the hands on his top, Dranzer burning stronger in his pocket, encouraging him to fight, giving him the courage and strength.

"If you will not willingly give her to me I'll simply take her!" Voltaire threw Kai back down to the floor. Unprepared Kai's head slammed onto the wooden floors. He suddenly became aware of a pair of hands holding him whilst another searched his clothes. Shaking his head Kai kicked out. The hand's that searched him vanished as his foot was stopped before it met its target. Blinking away the stars in his eyes Kai released he was now being held by two men and another had joined to continue searching. He quickly found what he was after, Dranzer's warmth vanished. Kai's struggles stopped as he watched Dranzer's blade be placed in the palm of his grandfather.

"Give Dranzer back!" Tyson suddenly shouted. His shouts were joined by not only the Bladebreakers but the Demolition boys.

Chuckling Voltaire placed Dranzer into his pocket, "I think your team has been hanging around with them too long."

Boris nodded slowly, sending a glare at his team, "Do not worry they will soon forget the habits they've picked up."

Voltaire didn't reply he instead looked back over at his grandson. He was now being held by four men, his struggles growing more violent. Numerous times he released a hand or foot and lashed out. Bruises on the men's faces had already begun to show from the punches they received. His grandson would never agree in this state. He'd changed drastically since they'd last met. The Bladebreakers had brought his personality and emotions out, something Voltaire despised.

"Boris, make sure my grandson is punished. He's forgotten his manners. Do make sure he remembers them." Voltaire had raised his voice so he was heard over the shouts of the teenagers as they too were stripped of their blades. Kai's struggles stopped immediately as his grandfather's words met his ears. The others too stopped.

"Put the others in the basement. Do as you see fit Boris." Voltaire took the bag that held the other's blades and turned to leave the room.

"Grandfather, please!" Kai screamed. Voltaire turned his head slightly before thinking better of it. He continued out the room.

"Grandfather!" Kai could feel tears in his eyes, he didn't care that his voice had shook and broken. He just wanted his grandfather to turn round, order Boris not to touch him. But he didn't.

"Please" Kai whispered, the tears escaping his eyes as slumped into the arms of the men. He blocked out the shouts of his team and ex-team. Instead waiting for Boris to reach him. It didn't take long, Boris's fingers held his chin pulling up his face. A hungry smile greeted him.

"Put the others in the basement, I'll sort out suitable punishments for my team later. But first..."

Boris crushed his lips against Kai's, his tongue darting out. More tears left Kai's eyes as he tried in vain to turn his head away. The room was silent as the other's froze, watching the sight before them. Boris's free hand had disappeared under Kai's t-shirt as he leant closer into the teen.

Ray could see the tears running down Kai's face; see his face scrunched up in disgust and shame. Their eyes met across the room, so many emotions's danced with Kai's. Suddenly he shut them as Boris pulled away.

"Take him up to my room. And I thought I told you to put them in the basement!" Boris strolled out the room without looking at the other bladers. Kai's struggles returned as he was dragged across the room. At the actions of their captain and friend the Bladebreakers and Demolitions boys fought back too as they were dragged to a small door once hidden.

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