Bet to slave

Chapter 20

"Let us out!"

Tala watched as Tyson tried to squeeze his arm through the tight bars, he really was such a thick child. Soon Tyson's yelps of pain at being stuck followed, Max and Kenny sprung from their places on the stone floor to help. Everyone watched as they struggled to free him, once they had Tyson resided to sit back down his arm growing red.

"Who in their right mind builds a dungeon in their basement anyway?" Tyson pouted, his question directed to no one.

"Obviously not been to many Hiwartari house's have you." Bryan muttered from the darkness.

"Obviously not!" Tyson pulled a face as the boy in the shadows.

"What did Voltaire mean when he told Boris to do as he saw fit?" Max asked, his gaze upon the Demolition Boys, his team-mates eyes followed. Growing increasingly uncomfortable the Demolition Boys turned to their captain.

"Surely Voltaire wouldn't have given permission to Boris to...touch Kai?" Tala looked over at Ray, "What Grandfather would tell someone to do that to their family?"


Tala looked up from his book as his bedroom door slammed opened, Kai stormed over to his own bed. Confused Tala watched Kai drop onto the mattress and bury his head into the pillow. A muffled scream followed. Jumping up Tala sat himself beside the smaller boy, his hand hovered above his back in hesitation. Thinking better of it Tala allowed his arm to drop just to the side of Kai. What was wrong with him? Surely he should be happy? Tala remembered their conversation the hour before of how Kai was finally going to tell Voltaire about Boris's punishments. Surely Kai should be bouncing of the walls? Voltaire would have sent Boris away...possibly made the man suddenly disappear? Had Kai chickened out? Or did Boris manage to snake his way out of it?

Slowly the scream died and Kai's face reappeared as he lifted himself up to sit beside Tala.

"What happened?" Tala dared not speak his thoughts, not wanting to risk upsetting the boy.

"He already knew." Kai spoke through gritted teeth.

"What?" Tala blinked, how?

"My Grandfather," Kai spat out the word, "Already knows. It was he who suggested it to Boris."

-End of FlashBack-

"Voltaire is the type of Grandfather to do that to his family. Boris has always had Voltaire's permission." Tala watched the Bladebreaker's faces, horror filled them.

"It's sick," Kenny pulled his legs closer to his chest.

"How long? How long has Boris been doing this to Kai?" Ray continued to stare at Tala.

"Years." Tala replied, his chest tightened as he thought back to the first time. Finally Tala had to turn away, the memory tortured him.

"Years? How old was Kai when it started?" Tyson was in shock.

"Six." Bryan knew that like he, Tala and his team were remembering.

"Six! You all knew and you did nothing?!" Tyson was on his feet, his hands curled into fists.

Rising to their feet also the Demolition Boys, minus their captain, grouped together.

"Nothing? You think we did nothing by choice?" Bryan growled, "You know nothing about the ways of the abbey boy. You find it hard to think about Boris touching Kai? You try sitting in this cell beaten from trying to help an innocent child as Boris ripped his clothes from his body in front of you, you try sitting in this cell when all you can hear are Kai's screams! Kai's screams of pain, his screams of help, hear him begging Boris to stop. You try sitting here when you can hear him scream your name to come protect him!"

"You know nothing about what we've been through. Those screams still haunt us to this day."

"You don't think what we saw today will us?" Tyson shuttered as he remembered Boris kissing Kai. His teammates nodded in agreement.

The door that they'd been forced though hours earlier suddenly opened, silencing the teens. Sunlight raced in, blinding those in the cell. A tall figure walked in, followed closely by three more.

"I believe it is now your turn to receive punishment."

Their eyes adjusting to the light they could see that the four guards in front of them all held rifles, which were now pointed at them. The Demolition Boys quickly registered the uniform as those of the guards back at the abbey. These men where not to be angered.

"I will give you all one warning, and one warning only. Do as we say or we will shoot you." The one that had spoken did not wait for any confirmation from the teenagers, he simply reached for the key that swung by his hip on rope and stepped forwards to unlock the cell.


The Bladebreakers followed behind the Demolition Boys who marched like soldiers back into the large room they'd once been dragged from. The tallest soldier lead them towards the two large doors they'd seen Kai disappear behind. A large corridor followed, multiple doors on either side. Their footsteps echoed through the quiet house. His eyes on the ground Ray could just imagine Kai being dragged down this corridor, fighting to be free. It was then his eyes spotted crimson blood on the white floors, pain stabbed at Ray's heart as he forced himself to gaze straight ahead unable to think about the pain he'd now be in.

They were led down many corridors, each looking like the next as soon they teenagers had forgotten the way back to the entrance. The Demolition Boys knew too well of the mazes Voltaire was able to design and build. They had all been brought up in one, designed to prevent anyone finding something they shouldn't, and if they did unable to leave.

Finally they reached their destination, the guard stopped outside two large oak doors and knocked.

"Come in!" Boris's voice commanded.

The four guards pushed against the heavy doors, revealing the large room behind it. Tala glanced around once, it was an exact replica of the training gym back at the abbey. Four reasonable beydishes occupied the corners of the room, gym equipment had been pushed back against the walls leaving the centre of the room clear where Boris stood watching.

The guards ordered them into a line before the man they all despised. Now dressed in a similar uniform to the guards along with his statement mask the man radiated power, and they boys couldn't help but fear him. They heard the guards shut the doors behind them, a noise that caused the Demolition Boys to straighten their backs, their senses becoming more aware of the positions of the guards. It was at this point Tala realised Boris hadn't been in the room alone, several more guards had emerged from the shadows of the room. Glancing down the line Tala inwardly winced, he knew what was about to come, all his teammates did. Blonde hair caught his eye, there was no way any of the Bladebreakers were going to survive this.


The guards advanced quickly at the command.

Kai collapsed to the ground, he heard a groan of impatience above him with the sudden kick of a boot into his side. Hissing in pain Kai kept his head bowed. Pain raced through his body he knew were now dressed in bruises, his legs continued to shake as though begging him not to force himself back up.

"Get up boy!" The voice growled.

Kai parted his bruised lips trying to get oxygen into his damaged lungs, he knew he needed to get up. He couldn't give Boris a reason,no matter how small, to touch him. His mind betrayed him, flashing images of Boris above him. Shutting his sore eyes Kai tried to stop himself as his mind continued to play the horrid scene, he could feel Boris's tongue against him, feel the man's rough hands as they explored him, rendering him helpless.

Another hand cupped his body and dragged him to his feet snapping Kai back to the corridor. The arms tried to steady Kai, whose legs shook violently against the weight. Gritting his teeth Kai pushed away from the other and with strength he thought he no longer had straightened himself. Turning to the helper Kai frowned, it was the unnamed butler from earlier.

The butler turned from Kai and to the guard.

"I would like to ask you do not treat Master Kai in such a way. He is the heir of the Hiwatari family and therefore you should show him respect. You are no longer in that place."

"I have me orders to take this kid down to the gym. Want no order to treat him like some pampered princess."

"Yes well," The butler glanced at Kai,"I will take him to the gym as requested. You may go."

Before the guard could protest the butler motioned for Kai to follow him. Not really caring who it was that took him to his next punishment Kai followed. The guard had chosen not to follow them, leaving them alone as they walked down the corridor. They walked at a slower pace than the one before, one Kai was grateful for as it meant less stress on his weakened body.

"I've heard a lot about you Master Kai." The butler said over his shoulder. "The servants speak quite highly of you here, such a gifted child. Mischievous but loving years ago, then slowly grew cold and distant. Of course that isn't how your Grandfather tells it, a weak child that grew strong and powerful. Is it true what he says? About you being the only blader able to control the power of Black Dranzer?"

"What do you care?" Kai questioned.

"Oh just curious Master Kai, just curious. Anyway here we are." The butler smiled as he knocked on the simple door without waiting for a reply the butler began heading back down the corridor. Kai eyed the man, he was one of his Grandfathers servants alright.

"Come in."

Kai jumped slightly recognising the voice, staring at the door Kai struggled to find the courage to enter. A pained shout sounded startling Kai. Boris wasn't alone in the for his friends made Kai turn the handle and open the door. Stepping into the room Kai's eyes darted to the group in the centre. Boris turned round, his mask unable to hide the smirk that formed on his face.

"Welcome Kai, you've arrived just in time."

Kai dared to look past Boris. Around fifteen guards began to move off to the sides, giving Kai a clear view of the seven teenagers collapsed to their knees. They'd all been beaten, cuts and bruises covered their faces and no doubt their bodies. Tears stained the faces of his team, unused to the punches they'd received. Guilt built up in Kai as Max turned to look at his captain. One eye closed from the bruise forming beneath it. Never had Kai thought he'd see his team in this state. Moving along the line Kai's eyes landed on his old team. If it was possible they appeared to be in a worse state, no doubt the guards knew their limits and knew how much more they could do.

"What do you think Kai?" Boris's mocking voice echoed around the hall as he stepped closer to the frozen boy. "All this time you tried to protect your team, and look at what they can withstand."

Tala watched as Boris began to circle Kai, taunt him with tales of how Max had broken first crying for his mother. How the Bladebreakers screamed out for their captain, begged for it all to stop. Tala noticed that fresh bruises lay upon Kai's skin, he watched as Kai swayed slightly his legs shaking. Tala could only imagine the pain Kai had been through to be so weak.

"Do you really want to keep denying your Grandfather Kai? Keep denying Black Dranzer?"

"I will never agree." Kai's voice was weak from his ebbing energy.

"Oh but I think you will. You see your Grandfather has given orders, you are to be punished for your refusal. Broken and taught the right way for someone of your blood."

The teens watched as Kai's breathing grew faster, his body tensing at the thought of any punishment at the hands of Boris. However they were surprised how emotionless their captains face remained. His eyes stayed locked on them.

Half of Ray wanted Kai to agree, to take Black Dranzer, do as his Grandfather bided. Save himself from the hands of Boris, Ray knew his team and knew they'd not think bad of him for doing so.

"I still won't..."

"Oh and the other order was, for every time you deny one of your innocent teammates are to be punished also." Boris nodded in the direction of the guards who advanced upon the Bladebreakers.

Kai's emotionless mask dropped, fear spread across his face, "No!"

Kai made to run at his friends to protect them but a hand gripped his arm tightly pulling him back into the strong chest, the other arm snaked around his waist preventing him from advancing. Struggling Kai watched as the guards grabbed all the boys to also prevent them interrupting.

"Now if I recall you denied the request twice just then."

"No please." Kai continued to struggle. Adrenaline providing him with the energy to fight.

Two guards forced Max and Ray forward, Max whimpered as he watched the guards move towards them.

"No stop!" Tyson's voice joined Kai's in protest as the first guard swung his fist and connected with Max's cheek. Unable to stop himself Ray ran at the guard his fists flying. Blocking the attack easily the guard caught Ray in his stomach as two other guards grabbed the boys arms to hold him.

Ray's and Max's screams of pain echoed in the hall as the punches and kicks continued. Tyson's and Kai's protests lost in them.

Feeling Kai's struggle cease Boris ordered the guards to stop, specks of blood covered the floor as the teenagers bodies remained motionless. Kai watched them, never in their lives would they have experienced a beating like this,and it was his fault. Move, Kai begged, show him you're still alive.

"You see Kai, this boys you call friends have made you weak. Surely you should have known this would happen?" Boris's breath danced along Kai's skin, his hand lifted to the boys face, caressing him. Turning away from the beauty in his arms Boris looked over at the beaten teenagers.

"Take the Bladebreakers back to the basement. I think Kai will be more compliant for today's training session."

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